The Cheating Girlfriend

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“Yeah,” Mark said to his friend David, “I get what’re saying. You think she used to ride the cock carousel, right? That she was a college slut, going to parties, getting drunk and being used by the frat. Like Amy, remember? Oh, god. She was a total slut. She jerked my cock in class one time with her boyfriend next to her. I still don’t know how he didn’t see what she was doing.” He laughed at the memory. “Oh, good times.”

Mark and his friend David were at a house party. David’s girlfriend, Jennifer, was a few feet away talking with her friends. She was a very attractive woman. She had a tight ass and big tits, Mark could tell. No wonder his friend was worried about her. That type of woman is always a slut, he thought.

He looked shocked. “No, no, no… it’s nothing like that… I hope so…” he said. “It’s just that an attractive woman like her… I don’t know. I mean… I’m not ugly. But I’m not attractive, I know that. I don’t have women throwing themselves to me. I mean, look at me,” he said and Mark understood perfectly well what he meant.

David was average. Average height, average body, neither fat nor skinny. He was forgettable. And he certainly wasn’t big down there. Mark, on the other hand, was a stud. He was tall, had an athletic build due to his years at the gym and a seductive smile. And that’s without mentioning his package. His eight inches cock. He was confident. He knew he was attractive and women knew it too. It wasn’t hard for him to get laid. He had a constant number of women ready to be fucked a phone call away. Women were attracted to him.

They were both looking at her as she was talking to her friends. Jennifer noticed their looks and decided to go back to his boyfriend.

“Wow,” Mark said as she came over them, gazing at her tits. “You’re really hot.”

A shocked expression across her face told him that she wasn’t pleased by the compliment. She turned to face his boyfriend expecting him to defend her. Instead, his boyfriend laughed.

“Excuse me?” she said. “Who are you?”

“I’m Mark,” he said and went for a hug. He put his arms around her back and pulled her body to his, feeling her tits with his chest. She didn’t hug him back.

“I know him from the gym,” her boyfriend said. “I told you about him.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yeah, you know…” he said, “yesterday.”

Oh, that guy! she thought. Now she remembered. His boyfriend had told her last night as he came back from the gym how there was a guy at the showers that was hung like a donkey; he was really big he told her. He’d said it as if he was impressed that someone could be that big. He’d laughed as he said that, talking about how this guy had told him that girls were scared of his size. She hadn’t laughed as she didn’t find it funny. His boyfriend didn’t tell her the hung guy was his friend.

“Dude, how did you end up with someone like that?” he asked David. “She’s way out of your league.”

Was he complimenting her or dissing his boyfriend? She felt confused. She knew she was attractive. And she was aware that his boyfriend was not a looker. He wasn’t an outdoor type of person. He didn’t go to the gym. And his eating habits left a lot to desire. But he was smart and listened to her. That’s what is important in a man. So what if sex was not amazing? This is real life, not porn.

She used to date other types of men when in college. The type that never returned a phone call. The ones that prefered to hang out with their buddies getting drunk than stay with her at home watching a movie. Assholes. That type of guys.

She was way over that. She couldn’t start a family with those men. Sex wasn’t on her priority list anymore. No more would she compare her lover size against her girlfriend’s and brag about it. No more marathon sex session fucking all night. No more getting drilled by two guys at the same time. That was the old Jennifer. The new Jennifer wanted something else. A good man who took care of her, that would cuddle her after having sex, that would make love, not fuck her like some cheap whore.

As they talked Mark kept looking at her cleavage once in a while. It seems the presence of his friend David there didn’t affect him. She too wasn’t worried by her boyfriend, as she look down at his friend’s bulge, unable to forget his boyfriend’s words about his size.

David went to the bathroom and left both his friend and girlfriend alone. The party was still on going on. Couples were getting together, kissing and touching each other. The music was loud so David got closer to Jennifer to talk to her. He put his hand on her lower back and move his head closer to hers, whispering in her ear as he kept gazing into her cleavage.

“Your tits are great, you know that?,” he said.

“My boyfriend is in the bathroom, you know. He’s coming back anytime soon.”

“So we canlı bahis better hurry up, then,” he said. He lower his head and kissed her. A small kiss in her lower lips. She didn’t stop him. She couldn’t stop him. She put her hand on his chest, feeling his muscles, his hard pecs and abs. He lowered his hand slowly from her back down to her ass, groping her as if she didn’t had a boyfriend. Or as he didn’t care that she had.

She wanted to tell him to stop it. To treat her right. To respect the fact that she was taken but she knew that she couldn’t do it. He turned her body around and put both of his hands on her hips. She didn’t protest. He moved closer to her body, letting her ass feel his bulge. She kept quiet, looking ahead.

“Do you like it?” he whispered to her left ear, “Can you feel how hard I am? It’s all your fault. You made me this hard.” She didn’t answered him.

She wanted him to take her. To ravish her. To make her his slut. The old Jennifer was coming back. It was his boyfriend’s fault. He shouldn’t have mention his friend’s size. She wanted to see him naked, but she had a boyfriend and she knew that she couldn’t. She had to resist him. To stop his game before it were too late.

“You know we can’t do this, right?” she told him.

“I know…” he said. She was disappointed. He expected him to insist, to be more persistent, to lie to her, to tell her that everything would be alright, that they weren’t doing anything wrong. She just wanted an excuse, any reason for letting him fuck her but he wasn’t giving it to her.

His boyfriend would be back anytime soon, she realized. She has to put an end to his kissing.

“You need to stop,” she said.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Well, you are stronger than me,” she had to admit. “Much bigger than me. I can’t stop you if you want to take advantage of me.”

“Is that what you want?” He said smiling, pushing his hard cock harder against her ass. “I know you have a boyfriend. I know that you shouldn’t be letting me do this. I know that you shouldn’t…”

“It doesn’t matter what I want. All that matters is what YOU want. I wouldn’t be able to stop you if you want to take me. If you decide to take out your cock and order me to suck, I have to get down on my knees and suck you. If that’s what you want, I have to do it. I can’t do anything, you see. With your big muscles and strength I’m no match for you.

Even if I were to scream, no one would hear me around here. We’re alone. I’m at your mercy.”

“So, what you’re saying is that I could tell to suck my cock and you’ll do it, that I could tell you to go down on all fours and show me your pussy and you won’t complain if I stick my hard cock inside you? Is that it?” He said, not completely convinced he understood her.

“Yeah, kind of,” she said. “I would try to resist, of course. Not that it would make much of a difference but I’ve got to try. I have a boyfriend, you know. I’m a good girl.”

A look of disbelief showed on his face. She didn’t looked like a good girl at all. The more she talked the more sense she made. His boyfriend didn’t seem the kind of man that would stand up to him. He could do it. He could take her. And she wouldn’t stop him.

He took her hand and led her through the crowd up the stairs. She knew that she had to stop him but she didn’t. They entered a room and Mark closed the door. It was a bedroom.

She pull down her dress and let it slide down her body. Her breast were bare for him to look at, for him to touch. He moved closer, his eyes fixed on her tits. He raised his hand up to her left breast and touched it. She closed her eyes, feeling his strong, manly hand on her, touching her like she was his, not his best friend’s girlfriend. But she didn’t care about his boyfriend now. And neither did Mark.

He bent down a little and put her right nipple inside his mouth. His tongue was playful, moving in circles around her sensitive nipple. She started moaning, unable to stop the sensations running through her body. She wanted this. She needed this.

He removed his mouth from her tit and went down on his knees, his hands slowly moving down her body. He was right in front of her pussy. He looked at it and he smiled. She was glad that it was of his liking. He put his hand on her bare buttocks, massaging her ass, his eyes still fixed on her pelvis. He moved closer to her, pulling her body with his hands until his nose was right on her. He was smelling her. She’d shaved that morning, so that her pussy was completely bare. She had prepared for this moment.

He moved closer and kiss her in her outer lips. Her legs gave away at the sensation and she put her hands on his head and shoulder to prevent falling down. He licked her lips, at first with the point of his tongue and later with all of it. She was moaning, enjoying his ability bahis siteleri at oral sex, something her boyfriend has never tried on her. He kept licking her along her lips as he pulled her ass closer and closer to his face.

And then it hit her. The first orgasm she had in years with a man. A man that wasn’t his boyfriend of three years. A man that took less than two minutes to give her pleasure like she’d never experienced before. This time she couldn’t stand still. Her whole body gave up. Mark noticed it and stood up as she was falling down and pushed her down on the bed.

She was smiling. She couldn’t remember the last time she was this happy. She’d thought sex didn’t matter but now she realized she was wrong. Sex was the only thing that mattered. Pleasure like this wouldn’t come from his boyfriend. He was sweet and nice, but unable to give her what she wanted. What she needed.

Mark moved next to her, watching her smile. He smiled back and kissed her. She opened her mouth and let his tongue move inside. He placed his hand over her stomach, caressing her like a lover. She stopped kissing. He looked surprised for a moment but then, as she push him down on the bed, he knew what she was doing. She was going to return the favour. She was going down on him.

He settled his head over the pillows so that he could see her. She slid down, slowly kissing his nipples and his abs until she found herself where she wanted to be. Next to her shaft. She could smell it. That manly smell of a stud, that fragrance that only a big cock could release. She kissed around his trimmed pubes.

His cock was bigger, much bigger than she thought. She was afraid of it. What would she do if she let him inside her? What would she do WHEN she let him inside her?

She placed his hand on his balls. They were also big as his cock. They were full of semen waiting to be released. In her face? In her tits? Inside her? She touched them gently, fondling them, knowing them.

She brought her hand up to his shaft and touched it for the first time. She could feel his pulse running through his veins. His cock was hard and it was throbbing, and she knew it was because of her. She felt proud that a big cock like this has chosen her. That after all these years in a sexless relationship she still had what it took to make a man hard.

She looked up to Mark, who was now with his hands behind his head, looking back at her. With his eyes still fixed on him, she gave a little kiss to his cock’s head. Then she moved her tongue in little circles around his slit and watched as he closed his eyes and moaned. She returned her full attention to his cock, as she looked at it once again and saw it harder and redder than before. Her hand still on his shaft she now decided to remove it and lick it, from top to bottom, savoring each and every inch of his meat.

She could hear him moaning faster and faster and knew that he was going to cum anytime soon. She was ready for it.

He shot his semen inside her mouth, hitting her throat with his sweet seed. She kept his meat inside her mouth, not letting him out, sucking him dry. He exhaled hard and she knew it was over. She took all of him inside her. His semen was now deep in her belly.

She removed his cock out of her mouth and licked his slit again, in case she’d miss a drop of his.

She saw him grinning and she felt satisfied at being such a good cocksucker. She crawled back to him and kissed him again in the mouth. She then put her head on his chest and rested, enjoying the afterglow of their orgasms.

She placed her hand on his abs, feeling his hard muscles, moving her fingers along his six-pack. She was watching his still hard cock and was astonished at his stamina when Mark suddenly pushed her away and climbed over her.

“You didn’t think this was over, right?” he said.

She wasn’t expecting this, to be honest. She looked down and saw that he was hard again. No more than five minutes had passed since he came. And now he was ready for round two. He was a stud, no doubt about it.

“Already hard again…? I guess I should feel honoured that I’ve got you hard again.”

“Well, you’re a hot fuck. Your tits are great and you have beautiful cocksucking lips,” he said. “And your pussy tasted great.”

She blushed at his compliment and smiled. “Go ahead, then. Do what you have to do.”

He positioned his swollen monster over her pussy. His head teasing her lips. She tried to raise her hips to have him inside her but he moved away. He was going to enter her when he wanted.

“Be nice. You’re too big for me.”

“I will,” he lied but still didn’t entered her.

“Put it in,” she told him.

“Eh? Put WHAT in?”

“Your… thing… put inside me,” she moaned. “Please.”

A smile formed in his face. “Sorry, babe. I don’t understand what you’re bahis şirketleri asking. You should be more clear.”

What a jerk!, she thought. He knew perfectly well what she meant. She wanted him to put his cock inside her pussy and fuck with all his might. But he wanted her to say it, to put in words what her body was asking for.

“I want your… cock… inside me” she told him.

“Inside where?” he kept teasing her, his cock hovering over her pussy. “Where do you want my cock?

“God, I hate you!” she said and throwed her head back. “Just fuck me, you teasing asshole! Put your cock inside my pussy…just do it. I need it. I need to feel you inside me.”

He smirked. He knew he had won. She was his. He was going to give her his cock, if that’s what she wanted. She deserved a good fucking. He’d teased her too much.

He lined his cock along her pussy and lower it until his head touched her lips. He moved his throbbing cock up and down along her pussy and then threw his weight down on her.

“Ahhhhhh,” she screamed.

“You like it, eh? You like how it feels?”

“Yeah… oh yeah,” she moaned. This was worth the wait. His big cock was now inside her. Fucking her like she deserved.

He put his hands down on the bed and she let him raise her legs up to his shoulder. She was giving her a fucking to remember. A fucking that his boyfriend could’d never given her. At his moment she realized that she was wrong. Sex was important. The most important aspect of a relationship. She had forgotten this truth that she’d knew when she was younger. She would never make this mistake again.

His boyfriend gone from her mind, she was now the old Jennifer. The slutty Jennifer, the easy Jennifer, the Jennifer that didn’t care about anything but having a big hard cock inside her pussy. She fixed her gaze on him…

“More,” she said. “I want more.”

“You little slut. You said size didn’t matter. Now you want more?”

“Please,” she insisted.

“Well, if that’s what you want,” he said, “then that’s what you’ll get”.

In one swift movement he pushed the rest of his throbbing meat down inside her pussy.

She screamed in pain but he didn’t care. That’s what she wanted, he thought. There’s no turning back. After stroking his cock a few times inside her tight pussy her screams turned into a soft moaning. Now she wasn’t asking for more.

“Harder,” she ordered him. “Go harder”

He laughed at her sluttiness but complied. His hips moved faster to satisfy her request. In and out his cock went while he breathed harder.

“You like that, eh?” he asked her, pounding her pussy with all his strength.

“Yeah…” she said in a weak voice.

“I knew your were a slut the first time I saw you. You acted like some innocent girl but I knew that deep down you were a slut. The way you were dressed, showing that pair of tits of yours through your cleavage. No good girl dresses like that. Especially a girl with a boyfriend.”

“Yeah…” she moaned, “you’re right. I’m a slut.”

He would keep pounding her with his hard cock until she asked for mercy.

“Come on,” she said. “Fuck me harder… harder”

“Ohhh, god, you’re such a slut,” He fucked her hard, throwing all his weight down on her, pushing his enlarged cock deep inside her pussy. Once and again he fuck her, going faster and faster like she demanded him. He was closer to cumming, he could feel it. He was going to cum inside. He couldn’t pull out now. No. He wanted to cum inside her, to give her his sperm. It was too late to stop now.

“Ohhhh… I’m coming”

Her eyes opened wide. “Pull out,” she told him but she kept her hands around his back, not letting him go. She didn’t want this to end.

He came inside her. One, two, three long and powerful shots that she could feel. His hands gave up and he ended up over her.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” she reprimanded him. “You shouldn’t have cum inside me.”

“I would do it again,” he told her.

She felt empty now that he was out of her. That something was missing inside her. Something that her boyfriend wouldn’t be able to fill. A space that could only be for Mark cock. That he deserved it. And that he would get again and again, whenever he asked for it. She wouldn’t broke with his boyfriend. She loved him too much to hurt him. It would kill him if she left him. They were made for each other.

She waited for him to stand up and leave but he didn’t. He stayed on his back looking at the ceiling. She put her hand on his abs and moved it up and down along his hard muscles. She moved her head over his chest, feeling his heart beat. He placed his hand around her back and pushed her closer to him and they kissed.

His boyfriend had pushed her to Mark. It wasn’t her fault. If only he had paid more attention to her. She didn’t felt guilty. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. This felt too good for it to be wrong. And even if this were wrong, she would keep doing it. No one would stop her now. She would fuck Mark again. Whenever and wherever he wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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