The Beach Cottage

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The sea made a dull hissing and thundering noise to give the scene a soundtrack that had a rhythm to it. It was a sound that was born of nature that had a soft soothing quality, one that made life so much easier to bear. We had hired the cottage for a two week vacation some ten or fifteen years earlier and fallen instantly in love with the place, and we had stayed there ever since, as we had first rented, then put in an offer to purchase it, which had been accepted.

We were no longer young like we had been back then, but we had still managed to keep the spice in our love life. You had been the main driver of that, but I always managed to find your desire and insanely stimulating libido incredibly sensual and stimulating to me too.

The cottage was set in a grove of trees on a tree-filled dip in the coastline that was sheltered by the dunes in front, and that led out onto the beach, through a stand of thick mangrove trees and bush. And scattered in amongst them was a handful of banana palm trees. Behind, the driveway from the road came down to the cottage from above and behind a further thicket of trees and thick bush, so the house was totally secluded and hidden away from even the most interested of passerby.

For this reason we had cleared out a large area around the house that gave us some place to park our 4 wheel drive run-around we had bought, and also so that we could put in a large pool and a Jacuzzi on the patio. You loved to be in the water and we both enjoyed to bath together.

You come into the cottage from the patio to find me sitting on a wing-back chair reading a book, and you had a look in your eye that I have come to know… ‘Oh, Sheri, baby… oh… here comes some trouble that I might enjoy…’ I think.

You move over to the CD rack and pull out a CD, flipped it open and insert the disk into the player, then select a song, turn it on and turn up the volume a little… the sounds of your favourite song, “You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you… you’re just like heaven to touch, I want to hold you so much…” as you slowly begin to make your way over to me, swaying slowly to the beat and the look on your face is one of pure love and desire.

You wave your finger at me and mouth, “No hands, teeth and tongue only!”

I know what is coming, and I am instantly hard, and your eye sees it appear in the tent in my linen trousers. You smile. You twirl and you dance over to me, dressed in that amazing see-through sarong that you were wearing outside at the pool earlier, and underneath I can make out the gorgeous shape of your big beautiful tits in that green and blue bikini you love so much. Your hips flare magnificently out under the g-string that is the bottom of the bikini and they sway sensually to the music.

I sit smiling silently, not taking my eyes off your eyes, cause that is how we like this song, I only have eyes for you, babe, I mouth, my tongue flicking out and back in as I motion how I want to lick you…

You sashay up to me, the music filling the room, and all the sounds of the world are drowned out as you fill my senses with that amazing cK1 perfume, my eyes bahis firmaları seeing only you and my taste and touch senses about to be overwhelmed.

The music swells, my senses are filled, the sights before me are intoxicating and my hands are “bound” to my chair. You float and drift around teasing my eyes and senses. You sway in close to me as you slowly undo the sarong and drag it across my face then let it fall to the floor. You bend and push your smoking hot ass towards me, wriggling and writhing it towards me, teasing me and tantalizing me.

I lean forward, watching you and seeing that you are watching me closely, too. You step towards me and rub you bikini wrapped titties over my nose and face, and I kiss and lick them as they go past, and you smile and say, “Ooh, that was nice, baby…”

You turn around and lean back so that I can use my teeth to catch the ties holding the bows in the bikini top and after a few trials and bad attempts, I get it open and the loose bikini top, that was only ever two small pieces of cloth hiding your beautiful nipples anyway, falls away from your shoulders and lands on the floor. I catch a sniff again of the perfume and I say, “Sheri, baby, I love this scent you have on, I absolutely adore it.”

I reach a hand up and run it through your hair, grasping the hair and holding you as I reach over and kiss your neck and then suck on your earlobe and neck some more. You groan with delight and slide over a bit in your dance, sitting down on my lap and grinding your ass into my now raging cock, which is so hard it feels like a rod of steel.

You lay back into me and grind around as I kiss your neck then your lips as you offer them to me. Your hands are now concentrating on sliding up and down over your boobs and making your awesome nipples stand up proudly and stiffly. One hand slides down and disappears into the small triangle of cloth of the g-string and emerges glistening. You suck your fingers and taste yourself. The other hand follows the first into your pussy and emerges, and this one you offer to me. I suck two fingers into my mouth and taste you, “mmmmmm… so sweet and salty, it is heady and rich.”

You stand up and turn to face me, placing one foot up on the arm of the chair I am sitting in. your knee is around my ear, and I can smell you, breath you in and savour every aroma. I kiss your thigh, then trace a line up the inside of your thigh to the g-string and take a deep breath, before flicking my tongue out and touching the thin strip of cloth of the g-string with it.

You make a small mewling sound deep inside your throat and your knees buckle slightly. I feel your hands on my shaved head, as I reach in, and with my teeth I untie the g-string on one side, and then pull it free from your body, revealing the source of our pleasure, for the first time today.

The sounds of the sea and the wind blowing gently through the trees outside and into the open front door bring the warm berg wind inside, making us sweat just a little, but adding the heavenly scents of the day to the scents of the candles that were burning around the room, vanilla, lavender and lemon grass. It also kaçak iddaa allows us a little of that much needed lubrication to continue our quest.

I flick my tongue out again and making it stiff, I scrape it across your pussy from the back to the front ending with the clit, and making your squirm. You move and thrust it out at me, almost begging me for more. I lick the now swollen lips into my mouth and suck on your clit so that you jump and twist, almost pulling away. You push closer, and pull my head in so that it doesn’t lose contact. I rub my nose and then my tongue through your slit, tasting the juices as they flow in the valley between your legs. This is heaven. I have achieved nirvana.

You pull away from me and turn once again. The sounds of Smokie singing “I’ll meet you at midnight…” seem to be ringing around the cottage as we now find ourselves sitting with you on my lap pressing back down again, searching for my hard-on with your butt cheeks. You are grinding into me and my rock hard cock is now pushing out of my trousers because your hands found it and somehow freed it from the linen trousers.

“I want you to fuck me baby, please fuck me, Alan!” you plead with me. Your hands are exploring your body, my body and everything in between…

My cock sticks up between your legs, and you are jacking me off slowly, playing with me and rubbing yourself on my cock. I find that my shirt has gone missing and I can feel your back on my chest, and again I am nibbling, kissing and sucking your neck, your back and your shoulders. My hands now have found work, with no objection from you, and one reaches round and holds, kneads and teases one of your gorgeous titties, making the nipple stand up again then moves over to the other and does the same. The other hand is stretched down and between your legs and is teasing and tweaking your clit, and rubbing the swollen lips of your fantastic pussy. Rubbing those copious amounts of juice that are making you so wet and rubbing them all over the valley between your legs.

You are now moaning and riding my lap so, that the music has long since ceased to mean anything, we are now making our own heavenly symphony as your raise yourself up and then slide your wet, juicy pussy onto my huge cock. Slowly at first as your pussy adjusts to my size, but soon you are riding up and down making all sorts of delicious noises as you growl your appreciation and enjoyment.

You bounce and frolic on my pole as you ride your wave upon wave of ecstasy until you can take no more and you can’t keep control any longer, “Oh, Alan, I am cumming! Ooh,.. OOOH… God I am cumming! I’ve never cum like this before! My God!”

I raise myself up into your now wet and drenched pussy for one or two more thrusts before I too, start cumming and I shoot my cum deep inside you, and at that, you have another smaller orgasm on feeling the hot jism hit the back of your vagina.

You fall back gently onto me and we sit there in the chair, slowly coming back to reality, the sounds of the surf through the trees, the wind IN the trees… the music softly playing… “I’ve got you… under my skin, so deep in the heart of me, kaçak bahis so deep in my heart…”

You kiss my head, then turn a little, kiss me full on the lips and cuddle in so that I can hold you, and I whisper in your ear… “I’ve got you…”

You reply… “under my skin…. And I really am glad I do”


Rising up from the chair we had almost fallen asleep in, well, I had, and when you heard my change of breathing, you pulled me up and got me going towards the patio. On your way inside you had turned on the Jacuzzi.

As you were naked, you simply stepped up and over giving me a glimpse of your wet, glistening pussy as you did. I stopped and removed my trousers. My shirt had mysteriously disappeared in the house earlier. I stepped out of my pants and then up to, and into the Jacuzzi that was now warm and bubbling nicely, steaming into the night air.

You had already taken a seat and your eyes were almost dreamily closed already as you sat in front of a jet of water that was now washing you and giving you an immense pleasure at the same time. I reached over and poured us both a glass of rosé wine, already chilling on the deck in a wine cooler.

“Good God, Sheri, you had this all planned out, didn’t you?”

“I did. Regrets?”

“I’ve had a few, but then again… TOO FEW TO MENTION….” We both chorus together…

“I love you so much, babe.” I say, reaching over and kissing you, open mouthed on the lips for a little longer than mouth to mouth takes… and Sheri sticks her tongue back in my mouth, as we let our tongues writhe and battle for supremacy in the small battleground of our mouths.

Eventually, though, it becomes a little more than evident that neither of us is going to ‘win’ and that we both really like kissing, so we back off and take another sip of wine.

My hands by now have found her beautiful breasts and were again caressing and stroking them to firmness and a hard tipped attitude that could put out the eye of a peeping tom. “Oh Alan, that is so incredible, babe. I love it.” Sheri cooed.

Her use of the jets and my hands were making her a little more aware again, and she now moved her position in the tub, by leaning forward and lying on top of me, all the while reacquiring that kiss that we had started. Her hands, too now, were active, finding my now hard again hard-on under the water and stroking him harder. She straddled me and clamped her hips around my cock, teasing the tip with her pussy.

We lay there kissing like that for a long time again. Did I say we liked kissing? Our hands are busy doing a whole lot of exploring but not much more than that. We knew each other well enough by now to know that there was no hurry, the fuck fairy would be by again very soon.

We drank a little wine, chatted nonsense for a while and then just as our finger tips were getting wrinkled and prune like, we climbed out of the Jacuzzi, refreshed and revived. I toweled Sheri dry, and she made sure I was extremely dry, checking all the parts carefully.

We walk inside, closing the doors behind us, and blowing out all the candles, the smell of hot wax and snuffed wick fill the air momentarily, as we go through to the bedroom. We are clean and dry as we climb onto the bed and as we snuggle together under the duvet… holding each other tightly and falling asleep, naked in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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