The Assignment

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Authors note:

Three parts of a story told from different points of view. Each a story of their own, tied together for the complete story.

* * * * *

It’s been a hot, long, hard day. All you want to do is finish what you are doing and leave this place, and return to your hotel room. You need a shower and some clean clothes. You’re tired, hot, and sweaty. Maybe a long soak in a tub filled with bubble bath would be better. Your body aches all over. Covering this story for the press has taken it’s toll on your body. You just wish it would end.

Your escort finally says it’s time to leave. You are more than willing. With all the rebel activity in the area, you want nothing more than to be rid of this place before dark. The last thing you need or want is trouble.

Finally on the road to civilization, if you want to call it that. The hotel is okay though, nice rooms, hot tub for their guests, and a small pool. Not quite what you’d expect for this area. You can’t wait to get there, and out of these damn Army fatigues they gave you to wear. That tub sounds more and more inviting. You are so tired, you can’t keep your eyes open. You soon drift off to sleep, knowing it won’t be long until you are back at the hotel.

Suddenly you are pitched forward. You hit your head on the dash of the jeep as it comes to an abrupt stop. You slip out of the jeep on to the ground. You hear gunfire as you slip into unconsciousness. Everything turns fuzzy, then dark.

You come awake feeling like your head is about to fall off your shoulders. You reach for your head to help rub some of the fuzziness from it. But you find you can’t reach very far. You become alarmed as the realization floods over you. You realize you are tied to a bed. What’s happened? What’s going on? Your heart races as you ask yourself these questions. You look around, you’re not in your hotel room! Panic sets in! You want to scream! You can’t, you realize you are gagged. Shivers of fear and panic over take you. You find yourself crying. Tears stream down your cheeks. You try to get free, the ropes only bite deeper into your soft flesh. It’s then you realize you have been tied both hand and foot. More tears, more fear, more panic. Why have they done this to you? You, who are not a soldier, you are just a woman. A woman who was sent here to cover a story. You never wanted this. “Oh God, what’s happening to me?” your mind screams.

You are jolted back to reality, as you hear a door open. You look towards the sound and see two men enter the room. One is tall, just over 6 foot, about 240 lbs., dark wavy hair, dark complexion. The other is older, right at 6 foot, heavier, salt and pepper hair, a scar which runs down his face from his forehead, across his cheek to his jawbone. The approach you. You want to wipe the tears from your face. But you know you can’t. You try to hide your face.

They reach you, see your tears and laugh. They check the ropes which have you bound. Pulling on them roughly, sending pain shooting through your body. You wench and try to escape the pain. Your tears flow even harder. They laugh at you again. When they are satisfied that your bindings will hold, they turn from you to leave. You start to relax a little. As they reach the door, words are spoken between them. The older man turns to look at you, his eyes are cold as stone. Fear grips your heart. The door opens and the younger man leaves. Your heart sinks as you see the older man close the door. He turns and looks up at you again with those cold eyes. You Shiver. Your heart pounds so hard you hear it in your ears. He walks towards you grinning. You catch your breath. Panic over takes you, more tears. “What is he going to do?” “What does he want?” Questions run through your mind.

He’s standing over you, grinning an evil grin. He reaches down to your face, touching your tears. You twist your face away from his touch. He responds by grabbing your jaw and jerking it to him. His smile is gone. He waves his finger in front of you back and forth as if telling a child no. You know he means business. And you know you have been warned. Fear still grips you. Tears still flow. He releases your jaw and stands up. He reaches down to his hip, takes his combat knife from it’s sheath. He grins, his eyes take on a wicked gleam. Your heart pounds faster as you see him reach for the front of your fatigues. Your eyes widen, and your breath catches, as you feel the cold steel of his knife on your throat. You fear this is the end! You gasp for air, trying to get more air past the gag. He laughs a wicked laugh. You feel the cold steel as it moves across your shoulder, and down your sleeve, cutting fabric as he continues down your arm. Cutting through the last of your sleeve, his eyes gleam even stronger. He places the blade on the other shoulder and repeats the process of the first sleeve. You wonder what he has running through his demented mind. He reaches the blade back up to your neck. You flinch. He laughs, starting a downward bahis firmaları slice through the fabric. He continues down past your breast on to your stomach stopping briefly to look up at you and smile again. Down father, past your pelvis, on down the leg, down to your ankle.

“My God” you think “He’s undressing Me.”… Your mind goes into overdrive as visions of what will happen next flash through it. He brings the knife back up to your pelvis, slicing down the other leg of your fatigues. You curse yourself for not wearing any underwear beneath your fatigues. “Damn, this hot arid place. Damn this man for making you feel ashamed” your face turns red, as this monster takes each piece of fabric and lays it off you on the bed. He saves the middle part of the fabric for last. A wicked grin crosses his face as he slowly lays each piece to the side. He looks upon your nakedness and licks his lips. His eyes are glassy and evil to look at. You feel shame and disgust for what is happening.

He steps back from you a step or two. Looking at you, licking his lips. You see a bulge in his pants. Your mind races. You see him reach down to unzip his pants, taking his cock in his hand, stroking it. Your eyes get wide as he moves forward towards you. He climbs on the bed between your legs. Your heart pounds, your breath catches as you realize that this bastard is going to rape you. You try to scream, nothing makes it past the gag. You feel so helpless, so vulnerable.

He places his cock against your pussy. “Why? Why me?” You think.

Suddenly you hear a single gun shot! You watch as this bastards eyes go dim. He collapses on top of you, dead. “What is happening?” Your mind tries to find the answer.

You see a shadow of another man through your tears. It’s the younger of the two men. “How did he get here? You didn’t hear the door open.” You think about what just happened as the young man rolls the lifeless body off you.

He takes the knife the older man used, you think “Not again!” The knife cuts through the ropes holding you down. You are free!… “What’s going on? What’s happening?” Questions, always questions. Always running through your mind.

The young man reaches for a blanket and covers you. As he takes the gag from your mouth, he explains that he is really a spy working for your side. He then picks you up and carries you towards the door, explaining that he’s taking you to safety. You wrap your arms around his neck, as you lay your head on his shoulder, you take one last look at your prison. It is over, finally over. OR IS IT?

The Rescue

The civil war in this area has taken it’s toll on the population of the area. I’d been sent in to infiltrate the enemy command. I was under very deep cover when the young woman captive was brought to our camp. She was taken into a house used by the commanding officer and tied to a bed. Knowing how this sick bastards mind works has my stomach turning. Anything could happen to her. I have to think of something.

I meet the commander at the door to his house. He opens the door and we step inside talking. I see her on a bed in the corner. She’s bound and gagged. She’s a pretty thing. Why would she want to be in the army and in this fighting to boot? I need to work fast if I am to save her. We check her bindings and laugh. I mustn’t blow my cover.

The commander orders me to stand guard at the door. He doesn’t want any interruptions as he interrogates the captive. Interrogation, is that what torture is called here?

Minutes later I open the door, silently stepping inside. I see her naked body with the sick bastard on top of her. He’s raping her. I ease my 45 auto from it’s holster, take aim, and squeeze the trigger. My shot rings true. His lifeless body falls on top of her.

I walk to her side, throwing the lifeless corpse of her attacker onto the floor. Taking his knife and cutting the ropes which have her bound. I explain who I am as I untie the gag. Reaching for a blanket I cover her nakedness. Taking her in my arms we leave the building. She hugs my neck tightly. I feel her head resting on my shoulder. We have to reach safety before we are caught. I’m almost certain my shot was heard.

I head deep into the forest packing this sweet thing in my arms. I need to stop and rest, but fear pushes me on. I finally reach a spot where a small canyon heads up the mountain. It looks like a place that can be easily defended. I must stop and rest. I need to check on this young woman. She fainted shortly after leaving the compound. She hasn’t made a sound since.

I lay her down on the grass by a small stream. At least we’ll have water to drink and bathe with. I set about setting traps back a ways along the trail. I ease back into the canyon. She is still laying where I left her. I notice a large bump on her forehead, and her blanket has slipped, exposing her womanhood. I notice the inside of her thighs are raw open wounds, as if she were skinned. Anger flares through me as I picture kaçak iddaa that bastard torturing her. Calming down some I realize in this heat and humidity her wounds need cleaned and dressed to prevent infection. I take a small med-kit from a pouch on my belt. I have most everything I need. I take my bandana from my pocket and wet it in the stream. I use it to make a compress for her forehead. She stirs and moans softly. I look through the pockets of my fatigues for anything which might be useful in our present efforts to reach safety.

I find some small diameter cord, could be useful for building snares. I also find a couple of M.R.E.’s which will help satisfy our hunger. And I find various other objects which might come in handy some where down the line.

I look back at her and realize she needs something more than a blanket wrapped around her naked body. She needs some sort of clothing if we are to continue our journey. I ponder how to come up with some sort of covering for her body, when I notice the cord and med-kit lying on the ground, I have an idea. I retrieve a triangular bandage from the med-kit and then attach some cord in the appropriate places as to form a crude bikini bottom with which to cover her gorgeous looking lower section. Better cover her womanhood or I’ll be tempted to sample her wares. That done, I take the edge of the blanket and cut a strip about two inches wide from it’s width. Then I cut another stripe about a foot wide from the same edge as the first strip. Next I need to remove the remaining blanket from around her, so I can cut a slit in the center of it to create a poncho. As I remove the blanket from around her, she stirs again. I cut the slit in the center and look over at her naked body. I marvel at how beautiful she is lying there in the grass. Temptation rises in me. I shake it off. I have a job to do.

As I’m watching her, she opens her eyes and site upright. Alarm crosses her face as she realizes she’s naked in front of me. I calm her fears, as I explain why. She turns red as she blushes in her shame and vulnerability. I hand her the blanket and explain how to use it to cover her body. I then hand her the two inch strip to use as a belt. When she has finished with that, I hand her the make shift bikini. She needs no explanations on how to put it on. With her naked body covered now I can relax to a point and finish fixing covers for her feet with the remaining piece of blanket.

I explain to her that we need to apply some medication from my med-kit to her wounds, and to lightly cover them with some gauze, which is in a small roll in the med-kit. She applies the medication and then covers the wounds with gauze. As she does this she explains how she received them. She blushes as she gets to the part of not wearing panties the day she went into the field. I shake my head in disbelief.

Everything done, we must move on before we are located by our pursuers. We hurry along the trail as we work our way farther up the canyon. As long as our enemies don’t get on the canyon rims we should be safe.

I hear explosions from down the canyon. I can only hope my traps have taken enough of the enemy out so as to slow them down and make them more cautious as they chase after us. We move father into the canyon. I search along it’s walls for a safe escape route. Nothing.

As we round a small bend in the canyon, my heart sinks. We have reached it’s end. A small waterfall cascades down it’s walls. We’re trapped, no way out. Looking around for some cover which I can defend us from, I spy some boulders near the waterfall, maybe I can hide us there. I know our chances of making it out alive are slim. We move to the boulders. I look at my companion, she is frightened, I have her get behind me. At least with the boulders and my body as protection, she just might stand a chance of surviving. We settle in for our wait.

I take stock of my weapons, 45 auto, automatic rifle, combat knife, 3 clips of ammo for the 45, and 3 clips for the rifle. Not the best odds, but if I try not to waste my shots, we might just have a chance. I’ll have to rely on my training, and the back woods skills my father taught me long ago. I hand my 45 auto to my beautiful companion. She takes it as I explain to use it only if something should happen to me. We wait, tension builds.

I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. The wait is over. Here they come. I raise the rifle and take aim. I watch as they search for us. There must be at least a dozen and a half of them. I squeeze the trigger, with this burst I’ve taken at least three of them out. I continue to shoot short bursts as the rest scatter for cover. I switch from auto to semi-auto as I reload. One clip down, two left. I scan the area for movement. My first volley took them by surprise, I won’t be so lucky now. Three down, maybe four. At least two more wounded. That leaves at least a dozen to contend with. More movement, I spot a figure hiding near some boulders. He’s left enough kaçak bahis of his body showing for a shot. I take aim and fire, another one down.

All hell breaks loose as they now have our position located. Bullets splatter against the rocks surrounding our location. I worry about stray bullets hitting one of us as they splatter and bounce off the rocks. I continue to take pot shots at our would be captors. My supply of ammo is dwindling fast, as I put in my last clip. It won’t be long until I run out.

I feel the stinging bite of a stray bullet as it passes through my flesh. I’ve been hit in my lower thigh. No time to take care of it now. I must continue my assault on our enemy. I feel fingers deftly working as they work to bandage my leg. I look down and she is wrapping the make shift belt she wore, around my leg as to slow the bleeding down. She looks up at me and smiles.

I see an enemy reel and fall to the ground. I can’t seem to understand why. I wasn’t even shooting in his direction. Our enemies start retreating. I’m confused, then I notice movement on the canyon rim. I look down the canyon and watch what is left of our enemies fleeing. I hear automatic gun fire as it echoes off the canyon walls.

Soon the shooting stops and I hear a voice calling out to us. It seems a patrol of our forces were in the general area when they heard explosions and minutes later heard weapons fire. So they came to investigate. As luck would have it, they became our rescuers.

As they lower a rope down to us over the canyon wall, I pull the clip from my rifle. Seems these boys made it just in the nick of time. I have three bullets left in my clip and three clips for the 45 auto. It wouldn’t have been much longer and we both would have been dead or captured.

The rope reaches us and I tie it around the woman, making sure it is secured with a bowline knot. I yell to the men on top of the canyon. They start pulling her up. I smile as I watch her accent to the top. Dressed in a blanket and a make shift bikini, she reminds me of an orphan child, a rag-a-muffin if you will. But even at that she is still a beautiful sight to watch. I watch as they help her over the edge and out of sight. The rope lowers a few minutes later. As I tie it around me I think to myself, I rescue her, now they rescue me. What a turn of events.

Reaching the top, a medic checks and bandages my leg. The woman is sitting near, drinking from a canteen. When she is finished, she looks in my direction. Our eyes meet and we smile. I haven’t even learned her name yet.

Safe at last. We head for headquarters. These fine young men, my rag-a-muffin, and me. I smile.

The Final Chapter

It’s been a long ordeal. First the fact I didn’t wear any panties in this heat and I turn the insides of my thighs to hamburger. Then the jeep wrecks and I get a nice goose egg on my forehead, which is now turning different shades of black and blue. Then I get kidnapped, almost raped, and then rescued. Just to find myself waking up again in the middle of the forest naked and this man making me clothing. I was so embarrassed to open my eyes and see him staring at my pussy. Then he acts like it doesn’t even faze him. Like I’m not even naked. Then he has the audacity to hand me a bikini he had made out of medical supplies. Quite ingenious though. I think I’ll keep it. The next thing I know I’m dressed in rags and we’re being shot at. And to top it all off he gets shot and he acts like it was a mosquito bite.

I don’t understand why he bothers me so much. He’s good looking enough, tall, dark complexion, and quiet. Come to think of it he didn’t talk much at all. And when he did, it was matter of fact and to the point. He never once tried to take advantage of the fact I was naked. Or at least not to my knowledge, hmmm. Humph, he’s driving me crazy.

I’ve been in this infirmary now for three days. Dehydration is what they call it. But I think these Doctors haven’t had a woman to poke and prod for so long that they are making up excuses to see me naked, as they examine me. Their constantly checking the damp moist areas of my body. Men! I’ll be so glad when I can get out of here. Maybe this afternoon, if the Doctor’s satisfied I haven’t got fungus. One good thing about being here is my inner thighs are healing good. Still can’t believe I went without panties. I should have known better. Damn it itches down around there. After being shaved so the medicine would work, the hair must be growing back. I sure wish it would hurry, or better yet maybe a little privacy so I could shave it myself.

Well, I just visited with the Doctor and he wants to keep me one more day. But he did say I could go take a shower and could shave my itchy crotch by myself. So I guess I’ll go and take a shower and shave.

Well now, this is going to be interesting, Coed showers. Just what I need. Well at least there isn’t anyone here, and I hope it stays that way. Now to get out of this gown and start the water.

Oh yummy, this feels great. Water temperature is just right. Now to lather up and wash my hair. So far so good, no one else here. My hair really needs washed. Then I can wash and shave down around my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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