The Assification of Johannah

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Big Tits

“Fuck my ass!” Johannah moaned. “Fuck me hard!” Johannah’s ample ass was slick with baby oil. My cock was impossibly hard and engorged, plunged into her tight starfish. Sweat was dripping off my body. Her ass was up in the air, her head down on the pillow, her blonde hair sprawled out around her. She was grinding her big hips against me, trying to get as much cock as possible inside her. Her fingers were busy circling her dripping wet cunt. I began moaning, feeling the cum about to surge through my shaft, pulsating in her tight asshole. She could feel it, too.

Johannah was my roommate. We used to work together and she needed a place to stay. One thing led to another. She was a gorgeous woman: eyes the color of mountain streams, long, silky golden hair, nice, firm, big tits, a flat belly and a big, bulbous ass. More importantly, she lived to fuck.

“That’s right,” she said. “Let me feel that cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I began pounding her, my hands on either side of her hips. I was ready to explode, my cock throbbing intensely inside the body of this goddess. It was all too unreal, being inside this gorgeous blonde, her sexy moans filling the room. This was it, I thought. I am going to erupt.

I pulled out of her tight asshole, my throbbing cock standing at attention, aching to cum on her. Grabbing her by her long blonde hair, I pulled her up and over. Straddling her face, I took my hard cock in my hand.

“Suck it,” I said. “Taste your ass on my cock.”

Greedily, like a baby bird, she opened her mouth and enveloped me in her soft, red lips. Her head went up and down, working on my stiff shaft. I pulsated in the warmth of her throat. My cock, which had just been in her tight asshole, was now being sucked by her mouth. I was ready.

Pulling out, I rubbed my cock all over her face, slicking her up with her own saliva and my pre-cum. Her mouth was still open, her tongue flicking out to tease me. I took my hard cock in my hand and began stroking it, occasionally dragging it across her unbelievably beautiful face. The cum began to surge through my shaft. In an earth-shattering explosion, my hot white cum burst from the head of my cock. A thick deposit of cum splattered on her face. She licked as much as she could. Another surge sent a stream of steamy cum across the middle of her face, getting into her blonde hair. Finally, I exploded down her open throat. To finish, I dragged my cock across the goddess’s face, smearing her in my cum. She looked utterly beautiful.

I felt a little guilty. My girlfriend Brady would be home in an hour with her friend Naomi, a gorgeous black woman with the hottest ass I had ever seen. Naomi’s ass was jaw-droppingly gorgeous- a perfect, firm, bulbous round collection of meat. It just begged to be worshipped and desired. Just thinking about it was getting me hard again.

At that moment, I heard the front door open.

My heart started beating. Brady didn’t know I was fucking our roommate and I was standing here naked, my cock spent and dripping. My clothes were in my bedroom across the hall. There was no way to leave without Brady and Naomi seeing me dart across the hallway to the room. I was fucking stuck. Johannah looked at me, her hazel eyes wide in surprise, my cum still glistening Ataköy Escort on her beautiful face. “Fuck!” I whispered. “What the hell should we do?!” Johannah shrugged and pulled the sheets up to her neck.

“Steve?”, I heard Brady yell. I could hear the sound of their high heels clicking against the marble floor. “Steve, what are you doing? Come out! Naomi’s here and we’re making drinks!”

The only thing I could do is hope to dart across the hallway while the two girls were in the kitchen and make a dash for my bedroom.

“I’m coming,” I yelled. “Just let me get dressed!”

I took a deep breath, walked to the door, turned the knob and stepped out of Johannah’s room. I got three feet before I realized both Brady and Naomi were standing in the hall way, looking directly at me. I froze.

“What the fuck?” Brady mumbled. I couldn’t say anything. My cock was obviously slimy with Johannah’s ass juice, saliva and my own cum. I was also semi-hard from thinking about Naomi, who stood just five feet away from me, her mouth agape. Brady darted by me, pushing me aside, and opened Johannah’s door.

“What the fuck?!” She said again, “Is that fucking cum all over your face? My boyfriend’s cum??”

I ran back into the room, and went towards Brady. I held her by her arms, between her and Johannah, who was in the bed with a shit-eating grin on her cum-covered face.

“Get the fuck off me,” Brady said, shrugging me away. “That bitch thinks she can fuck? She thinks she can fuck my boyfriend while I’m out at fucking work?”

She looked at me. “Come here, you fucking asshole,” she said. I approached. With a scowl on her face, she reached down with her long-nailed fingers and took my shaft in her hand. “You’re gonna get hard and your gonna show that little bitch how to really fuck.”

Brady began pulling hard on my cock. It didn’t take long for me to respond, growing harder and harder in her deft grip. Brady was an elegant, gorgeous woman. A 5’10”, she towered over Johannah. She had long brown hair that framed high cheek bones, beautiful eyes and a face that could start wars. She liked to wear hoop earrings which framed her face perfectly. She had on a tight grey t-shirt that hugged her firm breasts and flat stomach, a pair of faded jeans over long legs and a pair of high-heel sandals. She was entirely focused on my cock, jerking me off with both hands. I was hard as a fucking rock.
“Let me suck this thing,” she said. She dropped to her knees, continuing to jerk my cock, opened her mouth wide and took my shaft into her warm mouth. She sucked deep and hard a couple of times before coming up, a thin string of spit between her lips and the head of my cock, breathing heavily.

“What the fuck?” she said, my cock throbbing inches from her face. “You taste like ass! Did you fuck her in the ass? Did he fuck you in the ass, you little whore?”

“Yes,” Johannah purred, almost so low you couldn’t hear her. “Oh, yeah.”
“Did you like it? Did you like his cock in your ass?”
“Fuck yeah, I liked it. It was fucking hot.”

Without commenting, Brady opened up her mouth and started sucking me again. I looked over my shoulders at Johannah, her face still dripping in my Escort Bayan cum. She had removed the sheets and her legs were spread wide, her fingers busily searching her pink pussy. I held Brady’s head between my hands. Brady was completely focused, my cock moving in and out of her throat, caressing the underside of my shaft with her tongue. I watched as Johannah writhed in the bed, frigging herself to the ultimate height of ecstasy. I was so involved in the moment, so caught up in Brady’s mouth and Johannah’s cum-covered face, that I had forgotten all about Naomi.

She was standing in the doorway. I don’t think Brady or Johannah realized she was there. I glanced over at her and she met my gaze, looking directly into my eyes. She was stunning. Her hair was pulled back in long braids that went to the middle of her back. Her deep brown eyes were accented with black eye-liner and long fake eyelashes. Her big, luscious lips were shiny with gloss and teasingly out-lined with black lipstick. She looked sinister and sexy. She wore a tight suit, black corduroy pants that flared at the end and tall three inch stilettos. Her legs were thick and powerful and her ass was pure majesty, literally the most amazing butt I had ever seen. And she was staring at me, watching Brady slurp on my cock and the blonde about to lose her shit on the bed. She realized I noticed her and I could see the absolute lust in her eyes. I saw her hand go down beneath the top of her pants, searching her pussy for just the right spot. I wanted to cum down Brady’s throat right that instant, wanted to send a stream of hot, white gushing cum into her mouth, but I was hoping for more. I was hoping to fuck that black ass.

Brady pulled back, gasping for breath. My cock was slimy with her spit and rock hard. It was throbbing in the air, pulsating, looking for a tight hole to fill. Precum oozed from my head and dripped onto the floor. Johannah continued frigging herself and Naomi stood in the doorway, her hand down her pants.

“Shit,” said Brady. “You think you can fuck this big dick, you little slut? You think you can fuck this big dick with your ass?”

Johannah didn’t respond. I stroked my cock admiring these three gorgeous women.

“Naomi!” Brady yelled, looking at the blonde on the bed. “Come here and show Johannah a real ass!”

“Really?” Naomi squeaked, “You want me to show her my ass?”

“That’s what I said,” Brady responded.

Naomi came into the bedroom and sat at the foot of the bed. She undid her stilettos and stood up, slipping out of her tight black pants. She had on a pair to tiny orange thongs and her hand went immediately between her thighs. She didn’t bother to take off her shirt. Slipping out of the panties, she crawled over to Johannah.

“Sit on her face, Naomi,” Brady said, grabbing my cock in her hands. “Smother her with your ass.”

Johannah lay on her back as Naomi straddled her blonde face. She lowered her butt onto Johannah’s face and began fucking her with her pussy. Johannah licked greedily,
hurriedly rubbing her clit. Naomi squealed in delight. My cock was painfully hard in Brady’s hands, throbbing and aching to fill a hole.

“You like that don’t you?” Brady asked, looking up at me istanbul Escort with her big brown eyes. “Should I eat her pussy? Should I?”

Without waiting for an answer, Brady relieved me of her tight grip and crawled into the bed. Still fully clothed, she wasted no time in diving between the blonde’s legs. Johannah’s face was buried in Naomi’s ample ass, so she didn’t see Brady going for her dripping pink cunt, but when she felt her tongue searching the folds of her pussy, her deafening moan was absorbed by Naomi’s flesh. Three beautiful bodies entwined on the bed, their moans a chorus of sex, my cock throbbing as I watched them in disbelief; it was unbelieveable.

I wanted every hole- all nine: their wet mouths, their pink pussies, their puckered assholes. I wanted to fill every single one with my cock and fuck them until every ounce of cum in my body was drained. I wanted to worship all of them. And I would.


Stacy could hear the neighbors through the thin walls of her house, the incessant pounding and passionate moans, gutterral and thick. She tried to sleep, but when she heard the girl screaming Let me feel that cock Fuck me fuck me fuck me, it was as if she was whispering it into her ear and she instinctively reached down between her legs. She felt her hot, moist clit, the sheer pinkness of it and began to rub her fingers quickly over her clitoris, slipping three long-nailed digits into her cunt. In and out she did this until she heard the baritone scream of the man, an explosive, unhindered screaming. She thought the walls would cave in. She wanted that screaming in her bed, that cock deep inside her. She wanted to feel that hot cum surging through her body. As she heard him explode through the thin walls, she, too, reached a level of ecstasy, her fingers a circular blur against an aching pussy, her breathing fast and deep. The orgasm almost ripped her tight young body in half.

Her olive skin glistened in a sheen of sweat as she tried to control her breathing. Her chest heaved with the intensity of the orgasm. She ran her fingers up her side, gently cupping her breasts. Instinctively, she sucked the pussy juice off her fingers, sighing deeply. Then she heard the fighting. It was hard to make out the words, but she heard very clearly: Is that fucking cum all over your face?! The thought made her hot again, as if her pussy was on fire. She had never had cum on her face. She had never had a thick cock in her tight, little asshole. But now she wanted it more than ever. She wanted to feel the hot stickiness dripping down her cheeks. She wanted to rub it into her face, feel the cum between her fingers, taste it on her tongue. She wanted her ass filled with huge cock, pummeling her, bringing tears to her eyes as if she felt her entire body would be torn apart by the sheer girth, the magnitude of a thick, pulsating cock.

She liked big things: big cars and big televisions, big beds and big houses. As a tiny girl, they made her feel protected. And she loved big cocks the best. So what if she’d never had a man explode onto her pretty Greek face, getting cum into her shiny black hair. So what if she’d never had a man in her ass. She was sexually adventuress and for reasons beyond her comprehension, she had never been so determined in her life until then, hearing the voices and the moaning through the paper thin walls. Yes, she thought, I will have that man’s cock before the end of the day. I will have him.

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