The Armory

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I pulled my car into the driveway of the armory and parked by the back door. Checking my watch, I realized that the meeting was almost over. I shuddered with anticipation. I was planning a surprise for my husband, one I hoped he would be receptive to.

He knew about my little fantasy, at least part of it. When he came home in uniform, well, I was always ready for him. It had started from a scene in a movie.

On one of our early dates, before we were married, he had taken me to an x-rated movie – at my request. I had never seen one, and wanted to know what it was like. The movie we saw was very erotic, and quite graphic. I had never watched anyone else fucking, and was completely turned on by it.

In one scene, at an army base, a woman and a soldier were fucking each other energetically, and around them in a circle stood more soldiers – each dressed in camouflage, with his hard cock sticking out through his unbuttoned fly. The soldiers were stroking their dicks as they watched the couple, and it seemed as though everyone came at once, with cum flying through the room.

I shivered, remembering how hot watching that movie had made me. When we left the movie that night, on the way home we drove into a pull-off, and fucked like minks. I smiled as I thought about it, my smile deepening in anticipation of tonight’s game.

I got out of the car, walked to the door of the square brick building, and entered the armory. Although the evening was still very hot on that summer day, the inside of the building was cool. My footsteps echoed on the cement floor of the large, empty room. I could hear voices murmuring in the supply room.

“Must be the meeting isn’t quite over,” I thought. I looked down to check my clothes, wondering if the other men would notice that I wasn’t wearing a bra.

“They’ll only notice if they look,” I giggled to myself. With D-cup breasts, it was pretty obvious there was no bra under my sweater – and my nipples were rock-hard. I made sure the buttons on my skirt were bahis firmaları closed enough to cover my pussy, and checked to see that everything was in place.

Taking a deep breath, I entered the supply room. The room was filled with shelves of equipment. A long counter stood in front of one wall, and by the vault door was a table covered with paperwork. Five men were standing with my husband at the counter. They looked up when I entered the room.

“Hey, there, ma’am,” they chorused. I smiled at them, and said, “Hi, guys. Am I early?” I could see my husband’s eyes widen as he looked at me. His gaze dropped to my nipples, which were so hard I thought they would explode. “Um, I guess that’s all,” he said to the men.

The other men gathered their papers and folders. “Good night,” they said as they filed out. I deliberately stood close to the door, and as they brushed past me, I could feel their eyes on my tits. One man dropped a piece of paper, and as he picked it up he very casually brushed against my ass. My nipples got even harder, and I could see my husband’s eyes darken.

I smiled at him. “How was your meeting,” I said.

“OK,” he replied, moving closer to me. He reached out and touched my breasts. I almost came on the spot. “What… you aren’t wearing a bra,” he said, almost accusingly.

“I’m not wearing any underwear,” I said. “Do you think they noticed?”

“Kind of hard not to notice the nipples,” he said.

I slowly pulled my sweater over my head, and stood in front of him only wearing my skirt.

He swallowed, and said, “What are you doing? Someone might come in.”

I said, “Lock the door.”

He protested, “We can’t….” but I could see the outline of his hard cock under his uniform pants.

“Oh, we can…” I said. “I thought it would be fun…” I unbuttoned the rest of my skirt, leaving only the top 2 buttons fastened. Spreading my legs a little, I reached down and stroked my pussy.

“When we get home…” he mumbled.

“Right here – right kaçak iddaa now,” I said, as I reached out and stroked his cock through the fabric of his pants.

Quickly, he looked out the doorway into the empty building. “Just a minute,” he said, going to the door and locking it. He came back to the supply room, and looked around. “Where?” he asked.

“On the table, right there,” I said. “I want you to remember this and think of me every time you sit at that table. Your cock will get rock hard, and you won’t even be able to think about work.”

He put his arms around me, rubbing his cock against me. I could feel the starched fabric of his uniform shirt against my nipples, and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

“You are really hot about this, aren’t you,” he said, reaching down and running a finger along the crack of my pussy. He put his dripping finger in his mouth, and sucked it greedily. “Mmm,” he said.

Putting his hands on my waist, he lifted me and set me on the table, my ass on the very edge. Bending down, he slowly licked the lips of my cunt, gently putting his tongue between them every few strokes.

“Yes, yes…” I murmured frantically. I couldn’t remember ever being this hot before. The smell of my arousal permeated the supply room, mingling with the smells of canvas and gun oil. I could feel the hard table under my ass, and his exquisitely stroking tongue on my pussy.

He stood up, and rubbing my hard nipples with one hand, unbuttoned his fly with the other. He pulled his hard cock through the opening in his pants, and I could see the pre-cum dripping from the head. As I lay there on the table, with his hand he touched the head of his cock to my dripping slit. Rubbing just a little, he said, “You know they were all staring at your tits. Is that what you wanted?”

“I want you,” I gasped.

“Do you really,” he said softly, as he teased my clit with his cock. “How bad do you want me?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, “Fuck me… put your cock in me…. now.”

“Now?” kaçak bahis he asked, still teasing.

“Yes,” I gasped, and screamed as he thrust his cock into my dripping pussy. I could feel his balls against my ass, and I wrapped my legs around his hips to draw him in deeper. He slowly withdrew his cock, and slammed it in again. And again, as I moaned in ecstacy.

“Oh, God, that feels so good…. Will you think about this tomorrow, as you sit here doing your paperwork? Maybe you’ll still be able to smell me here….” I said as he continued to fuck me, varying the speed of his thrusts, hard and fast, and then slowly, oh so slowly.

The thought of him sitting at the table with an enormous erection, thinking about fucking me here, almost sent me over the edge. He could feel that I was close to cumming, and when he pulled out he paused. “Not yet,” he said with a low laugh. “I’m not ready for you to cum yet.”

He reached up and rubbed my nipples, pinching ever so gently.

“Do you think those guys knew that we were going to fuck here?” I asked him.

He laughed softly. “With those hard nipples and big tits, and the way you were moving, it was pretty clear you wanted to be fucked. I think they probably guessed. Do you like that idea?”

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, wiggling to get closer to his erect cock.

“You want more?” he asked.

“Please, give me more,” I begged.

“You got it baby,” he said, and with that began slamming his cock in my pussy, hard and fast. After about five strokes, I started to cum. He continued to fuck me, as my pussy milked his cock, until he slammed it in one last time and flooded my cunt with his cum. I came again, dripping with our combined juices, and we stayed locked together until his cock softened and slipped out.

He reached for some tissues, and wiped us both off gently. I could only lie there, totally inert, still shivering from the force of my orgasm.

“I love you,” he said as he rubbed my arms and stomach until I was still, and then helped me off the table.

“I love you, too,” I said tenderly. We hugged, and he bent down and gave me an incredibly tender kiss.

“What a good day I’ve had,” he smiled.

“Me too,” I said.

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