Technology can be a curse

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My son Bryn has a gift, he can pretty much do anything with a computer and all the associated parafanalia, he’s not the geek that implies but he is on the geeky side. Lucy, my daughter also has a gift, she could cause a fight in an empty room. Whereas my sons gift developed over the last 4 years my daughter was born with hers! As a family that’s caused more arguments than I like to recall. My wife died in a car accident just over 3 years ago now, it meant financial security, but it also meant raising two teenage kids on my own. We went thought hell for the first 6 months, but things got better, now all I have to overcome are the problems caused by an eighteen year computer whiz-kid and the arguments caused by a 16 year old drama queen.

I don’t know quite when it happened but my daughter stopped being a cow just after he started seeing Cassie on a regular basis, that was almost 3 months ago. I have to be frank Cassie is cute, she’s just 17 which for my 18 year old boy seems like a good age. When she dresses up, WOW, I find it difficult to think straight, fuck knows how my son copes! Cassie and Lucy get on really well, they spend time together even when Bryn is out or away, which is really nice. I think the truth is she looks up to Cassie, hardly an older woman but it makes me wonder if I should have gone looking for somebody to replace my wife. And that’s the problem, how do I replace my wife?

Yes I have needs like anyone else, I’ve tried dating but if Lucy found out I’d have hell to pay, although that might have changed now she’s calmed down a bit. So I turned to the safer and easier option – porn. My brother used to tell me “a bad fuck’s better than a good wank,” I always agreed but as one has been unavailable I’ve learned to live with the other.

As I said maybe it’s the threat of Cassie and Lucy falling out but Bryn seems to have a control over my daughter that amazes me, it’s not bad normally but when Cassie visits she behaves like an angel, consequently that and Cassie being very easy on the eye I’m pleased she comes over as often as she does.

My biggest worry recently has been Bryn, I don’t know how he’s managed to pay for all the computer equipment he’s been buying in the last 3 months, my first though was Cassie, but she’s not got a lot of cash, then I thought it was being paid for designing a website, but how much does that pay? OK I don’t know but Monitors, PC, servers, cameras, he’s paying for his own driving lessons and for a birthday present he bought me a brand new I-phone. We could afford them but I want my kids to learn that you get what you work for, as I don’t know what he’s doing I don’t know how to regard it. So I’m left wondering if it’s drugs, I don’t think he’d take them he’s not that stupid but perhaps he’s found a way to sell them: but how do I prove or disprove that?

On the plus side I really like the I-phone, Bryn showed me how to surf and watch movies, it’s ideal I can even watch porn on my phone when I’n in bed, I simply pop headphones in and it’s silent, far better than risking being caught using the family PC. I do try and see what he’s up to, but there’s just no evidence of anything, bad or otherwise. Last week when I put his bayan escort gaziantep laundry in his room I happened to notice the impression of a web address on his note pad, but when I looked it needed a password, without all I found was a site advertising live sex down-streams. Quite why he’s watching porn when I know he and Cassie are having sex is beyond me, but as I watch porn I can hardly criticise him for doing likewise. Earlier this week, on the floor next to his PC I found a piece of paper with an odd mix of letter and numbers, I put 2 & 2 together and tried it on the site – Hey Presto I was in, I’d found the password and after entering the site a little playing confirmed I could access everything.

After watching the porn site I’d learnt about in Bryn’s room a couple of times it turned out to be young couples fucking live in front of cameras, now I’m not certain but some of them looked like the girls didn’t know they were being watched, which as it was as good as any other porn I found an extra turn on. I was in bed watching one evening with my headphones on, I saw a couple wearing face masks, so obviously the girl knew and although a little reluctant at first after a while she was fine with it. Now I’ve never been one for young girls and whilst she looked barely legal, I did think she was really sexy. I was really turned on and lying in bed thinking about the girl I had a wank. I caught my breath and decided to go for a pee before sleep, walking into the hallway I heard stifled moans, I hadn’t realised Cassie was staying the night but I couldn’t fault Bryn on his desire to fuck her.

When I got back into my room I popped the headphones on started playing some music to drown out the noises and read for a while. I was making breakfast when Bryn wandered in,

“No Cassie or is she still sleeping?”

“Cassie’s not here.”

“You didn’t make her go home did you?”

“Dad, what are you talking about?”

“Look I know Cassie was over here I heard you last night, I just can’t believe you made her go home.”

“You heard her?”

“Well I heard the two of you, in your room about 11 ish, I walked past your room and heard you er, well you know I heard you.”

Bryn looked like a rabbit caught in the glare of some headlights,

“What’s up with you? It’s no surprise you and Cassie are sleeping together, you’re both old enough. Or did you think I didn’t know?

“Well how would you know?”

“I know kids always think they invented it but I know what sex sounds like. All I’m saying is in future if she wants to stay the night she can.”

“I’ll tell her.”

Lucy walked in yawning and looking like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, I watched her stumble around amased that in a half sleep like state she could find anything let alone get cereal into a bowl, pour in milk and actually find her mouth.

“Sleep well?”

“When I finally got to sleep.”

“Yes I heard Bryn last night as well, did he keep you awake?”

Now it was Lucy’s turn to look like a rabbit caught in headlights and she spilled some milk down her front,

“It’s OK Luce Dad told me Cassie could stay over when ever she wanted.”

“Bryn your room is right next to your sisters, if I heard you over this side of the house if must have been terrible for her. Look at the state she’s in!”

“Sorry Sis.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

That night I found myself drawn to the porn site night after night hoping to see the young girl in the mask again, she wasn’t on for 3 nights then when I opened up the site on the 4th there she was. I watched as she played with herself, she inserted a vibrator into her pussy and groaned as she pushed it home, pulling it out and licking it, then returning it to her ever wetter pussy. She was just about to come when a young man entered and stopped her, he started played with her, using the vibrator on her clit, pushing it inside her hard, then more gently, then hard again. At his nod she knelt down and he thrust it inside her again before pulling it out and pushing it into her arse. She might be young but she had experience, she gripped the pillows or the bedding and cryed out into them keeping the noise down, with the vibrator all but inside her arse she rolled onto her back and he fingered her, one, two then three finger, hard and fast, his hand slapping against her pussy lips.

All the while she kept her hands away either biting her fingers or gripping the duvet covers, then he pulled his fingers out and dropped down to start licking her pussy. Almost immediately he made her come, but he kept on licking, her body arching as he kept her in the throws of orgasm he made her come twice more before he raised himself up, knelt on the bed, lifted her legs and thrust into her. He was a bit smaller than me but it still caused her to cry out as his hips slammed into hers he was a man on a mission he was fucking her like a machine, slamming his cock all the way home, fast and furious. He pulled out and rolled her over, I watched as the shot changed realising he must have flicked onto another camera, he took hold of her hips and started the fast and furious fucking again. Again I watched the girl grab the duvet and bite it as a muffled scream escaped her lips. As she came he stopped thrusting, holding his prick deep inside her and I was jealous, pointlessly wishing I could feel that sexy creatures pussy wrapped around my cock.

He let her catch her breath before starting again slowly then building up speed, It was then something tugged at my mind, I couldn’t quite get it but there was something odd about this. I could hear her grunts as he slapped his hips against hers, she was taking a serious pounding. There it was again, that distraction, what was it about this scene that was wrong. The young man pulled her hair back and continued to thrust hard into her, she started to cry out, his hand clamping over her mouth to stop the noise. The room! It was the room that was wrong, on the table behind him I could see a computer monitor, is showed what I could see, him fucking her hard, but next to that was a pile of clothes.

I took off the headphones and got out of bed, I silently walked around the house and stood listening at Bryn’s door, sure enough he was fucking Cassie, I looked down at the screen and I knew I was watching my son fucking his girlfriend on the internet. I opened the door and saw the door open on the screen in my hand, blocking out the camera.

Bryn looked straight at me, he stopped fucking Cassie who moaned no doubt ready to come again,


“What are you doing son, I’ve been watching you on the internet.”

It was obvious I’d been watching, my prick was poking out of my short, he reached over grabbed a mask and through it to me,

“Put that on and come and fuck her, we’ll spit roast the bitch.”

Cassie groaned as Bryn walked in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth, it must have gone right into her throat because his balls were knocking against her chin,

“Well go on she won’t mind, it’s her fantasy, 2 men at once, and close the door there are people paying to watch this.”

I didn’t know if I should stop them, leave them to it or join in. My cock knew and I followed it into position behind her, I took hold of her hips guided the head of my aching cock to her pussy lips and thrust hard, it must have caught her off guard because my thrust pushed her forward onto my sons cock. Her tight young pussy felt wonderful so hot and wet, I remembered what I’d been missing out on for 3 years. I started fucking long slow and deep,

“Fuck her hard she loves it hard.”


“Go on.”

So I did I slammed into her hard and deep, as I got more worked up I got faster, and I slammed into her as hard as I could, she seemed to love it. Bryn was telling her he was going to come in her mouth and she’d better swallow it all, I didn’t care about Bryn I was getting close to coming in his girlfriends pussy and nothing was going to stop me. I could hear her grunt and groan as Father and son got into a rhythm both thrust in unison, filling her pussy and her mouth at the same time. Her pussy clasped my cock in an orgasm, and for me that was enough to push me over the edge, I thrust hard and deep and held her hips as my cum spewed into her, I groaned loud my first orgasm inside a woman for 3 years was incredible. I looked at Bryn and realised he was squirting him cum into her mouth, holding her head making her taste and then swallow it.

He reached over for something, picked up a remote control and pressed a button.

“Dad that was fucking brilliant, she loved taking 2 cocks at once.”

I didn’t know quite what to say,

“Don’t you mind being seen fucking like this?”

“We wear masks nobody knows it’s us.”

Cassie groaned

“Can I get up now?”

“Sorry I forgot you were there.”

As she stood up she pulled off her mask, I nearly fell off the bed,

“You still don’t get it do you?”Bryn said “Cassie isn’t my girlfriend she’s Lucy’s.”

I stared at Bryn trying to understand but just not getting it at all.

“I caught them having sex about 3 months ago, and filmed it on my phone.”

“And why’s it on the internet?”

“People want to watch it and I get paid for it.”

I felt it was bad enough fucking my sons girlfriend, I thought it was awful fucking her in front of a camera, how should I feel upon discovering that tonight I’d not been fucking my sons girlfriend I been fucking and cum inside my daughter.

Be nice

The Penguin

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