Teasing Has Its Rewards!

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“Shit,” she cursed under her breath. Traffic was even worse than she thought it would be and she was already late she was sure. She hadn’t confirmed if his flight had landed but it must have by now, she thought. She just hoped she would beat Him to her place. Keeping him waiting would likely NOT be a good idea.

It wasn’t that he was a cruel or harsh man, far from it. But she had teased him unmercifully in their IM exchanges as he waited for his trans-Atlantic flight. She loved making him hard, loved knowing he wanted her, needed her so desperately and she knew exactly how to get him wild. Of course he knew how to do the same to her, she acknowledged, and even now her pussy tingled at the thought of his tongue , his fingers and …oh god, yes…his big thick swollen cock filling her.

Yes, she loved to tease him but her game was not without risk. Once she inflamed his lust he tended to become even more controlling and demanding sexually and more inclined to act out…through her and with her…his dirtiest and most forbidden fantasies.

Topping the hill she saw her driveway ahead. There was nothing to indicate he had already arrived but the taxi could have come and gone and she had no way of knowing. Still, she was relieved. She hoped she was the first and, even if she was not, he couldn’t have been waiting long…but in the state she had brought him to before his flight even a little might be too long.

Turning the key in the door she stepped inside the dimly lit foyer and immediately she sensed she wasn’t alone, However, before she could react or speak or even look she felt a hand on the back of her neck and another on her shoulder as she was turned and pinned against the wall. It was him, she knew. She knew his touch, his scent, the sound of his breathing and knowing it was him only heightened her every sense. Her face pressed against her cold wall. Her bag fallen somewhere near her feet, her breathing rapid and labored not just from the adrenaline rush but from the sudden keen sense of anticipation. Knowing that she was his to use and control now.

His hand in her hair pulled her head back as he kissed her throat and then, pulling her head back further, he put his lips on hers, all the while keeping her pressed against the wall with one hand in the small of her back his groin pressing firmly against her. She could feel his cock through his pants pressing against her ass as his tongue teased hers…as he sucked her tongue, nibbled on her lips.

His breathing was rapid too. She could hear it in his voice. “Did our like it, Sara?” He questioned her. “Did you like teasing me and making me hard? Was it fun? His hand was caressing her ass…squeezing…she felt him force it between her legs open ending her stance and even through her slacks she knew he would feel her heat, her dampness. Her swollen lips and clit wanted to feel that firm touch of his hand. ataşehir escort bayan She moaned. And then she yelped from the stinging slap of his hand on her ass followed immediately by his voice in her ear.

“I asked you a question, Sara…DID YOU LIKE IT? Did it turn you on to act like a naughty little slut? To make me hard knowing it would be hours of traveling ahead as I lusted for you?” Another swat punctuated the questions. Not as hard but hard as the first but enough to keep her attention but also compel Sara’s quickly whispered, “yes, sir.”

“Well, I’m glad you so enjoyed it, Sara…because now it’s my turn to tease and torment.” Keeping her pinned against the wall his hands ran over her body. Over her lush full breasts feeling her erect nipples. Over her flanks her hips, her ass. Standing there in her foyer she felt her slacks being undone and pushed down over her ass and her thighs and her panties with them,. His hand pushing between her cheeks, his index finger probing to find her puckered little asshole. Teasing it. Touching it. She felt his hands cup her now exposed pussy. The cool air of the room paying over what she knew was her steamy wet cunt. There was no hiding her wetness, her arousal. And she knew he knew she would do whatever he wanted. He could make her finger herself to orgasm right there and she would obey. He could order him to tell her her most shameful fantasies and she would. She would service him or anyone he wanted her to…she knew it…and he knew it.

He turned her then,pressing her bared ass against the wall as he pushed her top up, unhooking her bra and pushing it out of the way of his hungry mouth that now devoured her tits. Biting. Licking, sucking. Drawing them one at a time I to his mouth. Sucking her sensitive nipples to even greater hardness and then, as he once again pushed his tongue into her mouth as his hand around her throat kept her pinned against the wall he let his other hand pinch a nipple. Ever more firmly he pinched. And pulled. Hard. Now both nipples as he watched her, watching her face. And she watched his. She knew he loved her but she also knew right now what she would see in his eyes was not his love but his lust. Unadulterated and all consuming.

Her breathing was faster now…a flush on her face and chest. Feeling awkward exposed but constrained by his hands and by the slacks bunched around her knees. She watched as he unzipped his pants . “Don’t move” he ordered. She didn’t. She couldn’t. He dropped his pants. She realized his feet were already bare as he stepped out of his pants that lay on the floor. No underwear…he had been waiting and ready. Her eyes focused on his cock. Swollen dark red head…mushroom shaped and flaring from the thick hard veiny shaft. Her mouth watered as she gasped. She loved sucking cock. She loved sucking his cock!

He played with it almost languidly. escort kadıöy Teasing her with the sight of it. “Do you like it, Sara. Want it”. He took his hand from his cock to feel her pretty pink pussy…that’s how he always described it…a pretty creamy pink pussy. He caressed her pussy. He played with the swollen nub of her clit. He pushed his fingers inside her as if he owned her and started to fuck her cunt with his fingers. He liked to watch her cum on his fingers. Closer. She started to push herself onto his hand like a ” good little slut” he said. And the he stopped. Her face, now flushed, her breathing hard, her mouth open, her eyes begging to cum found his. He loved her hunger. It matched his own desire. But not yet. Not yet was he going to,give her the satisfaction of cumming. The release of an orgasm. No…not yet.

She watched his hand again grab his cock…his fingers wet with her juices stroked that swollen member that filled her so completely and she moaned again as he masturbated himself with the head of his cock sliding against her clit…as he slid it repeatedly through her lips, as he pushed the tip of the head inside her and let his hand, pumping the shaft ever faster hit her clit on each upstroke.

Was he going to cum? Cream all over her pussy? Not yet, she realized as he forced himself to pull back. She also realized that as he teased her he was teasing himself too. Delaying his own gratification but taking, perhaps, even more pleasure in using her,arousing her…making her need him so desperately. He knew that the point would come when he would lose control,when he would cum explosively and pull her to him…calling her name and sharing in a love and passion hard to fathom for those who have not felt it but, for now, it was still about control and about giving naughty little Sara exactly what she needed.

Suddenly, he pushed Sara into the living room,she tried to step out of her slacks and panties but he slapped her bare ass again…clearly she needed to bereminded that she was not in charge now. That it was his turn to tease and control. He pushed her to her knees in the middle of the room. He rubbed his big thick cock, wet with her juices, over her face. He tapped it against her lips. “You know what I want, Sara…don’t you.” “Yes, sir” she replied. He waited…she quickly added “you want me to be your good little cocksucker, daddy.” He smiled. His cock twitched. She knew “daddy” would get to him. He had confessed fantasizing about fucking and using his daughter…how she had aroused him as a teenager. And she had told him of having seen he’d father’s big cock and her brother’s. Of the erotic and naughty fantasies in college of daddy and his big cock.

She opened her mouth and took him in. “No hands!” He ordered. “Just that sweet mouth.” She took him. Letting her tongue tease it as she sucked him. She felt him taking maltepe escort hold of the back of her head…he wanted to control…he wanted her to feel it, taste it, and pleasure him as he forced it deeper into her throat. He wanted his balls against her chin. Her eyes teared, her mouth was dripping and as he would pull his cock out it glistened with her saliva and then he would thrust it in again sucking…hungry. He wondered if she had fantasized about her daddy using her mouth like this…if she fantasized about her son’s friends cocks in her mouth,…about her son’s.

He drove his cock deeper and faster…he realized he was about to lose control. He stopped. Pulled out. Panting he told here to strip. “I want you naked…now.” She looked at he clock as she did so…soon her son might be coming back. Or her daughters. As young adults their timing and schedules were unpredictable. “Let’s go upstairs?” she asked.

He knew that part of him…perhaps part of her – might relish being seen…mommy being such a hot little fuck…he wondered if the girls would look at his cock…if they might wonder how it would feel. It made him want Sara even more. This, he thought, is what happens when you tease me and get me crazy. Ignoring the plea to go upstairs for the moment her pushed her into an armchair. He had to eat her…taste her…now. He loved her taste…loved sucking her cunt and her clit. .loved teasing her tight puckered little asshole knowing she loved him eating her…loved him being dirty…loved him making her cum that way as other men had not in her past.

He realized he was bringing her to climax. To orgasm. He paused. “Do you want it, Sara? You have to cum here before I let you go upstairs I don’t care who comes in you have to cum first before I let you go upstairs. And I am going to cum too…going to bury my cock inside you,do you understand? Tell me.”

In her head she knew anyone might come home soon but the need was too great. To submit, to please him, to cum for him, “Do it…do whatever you need to” she urged as he again plunged he fingers into her dripping pussy while he sucked her clit. “Cum” he ordered and she did…so,hard. As he sucked and fingered her she writhed and moaned her sensitive clit pulsating wildly her muscles spamming,

Even as she continued to cum he rose and flipped her over on to her hands and knees. Mounting her doggy style he held her hips as he entered her. He took care knowing how he filled her tight pussy so fully but quickly he started to,pound her…faster, deeper, harder…she continued to moan and spasm …wanting him to fill her…to use her for his cum…the orgasm that had been building for days,deep he fucked her. Harder. Slapping her ass as he took her …pushing his thumb into her ass even as he filled her pussy…opening her. Where to cum? Her pussy or her ass? He continued to finger her ass as he fucked her.

His breathing now out of control,he can think only of cumming…he needs to cum…desperately and urgently and Sara’s spasming pink pussy, her throaty moans as he fucks both her holes, and the knowledge that she is his are too much. His orgasm is shattering. So is hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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