Target Audience Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Part 1:


Negar and I chatted a little about school as she drove me to pick up my car. She asked what I was studying and was interested in what I thought of the math department. Since she was in grad school I didn’t know most of her professors but we commiserated about the statistics classes which we agreed were poorly taught. She was hoping to get a job offer before graduation but completion was stiff and she wanted something here in the city which limited her choices. I asked if she had a boyfriend and she laughed and said no and that like me she was too busy to worry about it at the moment.

“You are lucky you found Anna at your work.”

“Yes, sometimes chance brings what we weren’t expecting. Or maybe fate.”

“Yes, maybe fate. I will come tomorrow at 9:30 Jake.”

We said goodbye and I drove home to prepare for class wondering where fate was leading me.

I arrived a little early to find Negar already waiting. She greeted me with a warm smile.

“Good morning Jake. Did you sleep well?”

“I had a lot of studying to do. I need to be sure I keep up with all my classes.”

“You need to keep your strength up too. Good rest is important.”

She was looking at me and smiling as she offered this advice. I returned the smile. “Seeing Anna always makes me forget how much sleep I’ve had.” I grinned and she laughed.

“Yes, love has its own energy.”

“How long have you been in this country Negar?”

“Five years now, sometimes it seems like I’ve always lived here and sometimes like I just arrived yesterday. Anna came two years ago with her family. I was so happy when she came. I was very lonely before that.”

“What does Anna’s husband do?”

“His work is about trade – importing and exporting I think. I really don’t know much about it. He is always traveling for business and I used to worry about Anna. It’s hard to be married to a man like that. I could never do it. He is much older than her too. The marriage was arranged by our parents.”

I had many more questions, especially as I had not been reprimanded for asking, but we had arrived at the apartment.

Negar let us in and ushering me to the kitchen said she would make tea. Anna had not arrived yet as we were a little early. I sat at the counter and watched as Negar worked. The sisters were so similar in looks and manner that if it hadn’t been for their difference in figure it might have been hard to tell them apart.

“Did you have an Iranian girlfriend before Jake?”

She set our cups on the counter and sat down with me.

I laughed “No.”

“So what do you think?”

The question caused me to flush and stutter for an answer and thankfully Anna arrived as I was still trying to formulate my answer. Negar went to answer the door and the two women returned with Negar holding Hassan. Anna came over and put her arms around me, kissing my face.

“Good morning dear Jake. I see my sister has made you welcome.”

She poured herself some tea and sat down close by me, kissing me again and pressing her thigh against mine.

“I dreamed about you last night.” she said between kisses.

“Tell me.”

“I think I must show you.” she laughed. “Come.”

She pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall to the bedroom. “Wait for me dear.”

She disappeared for a few minutes and returned wearing only a sheer nightie and panties. Her breasts, visible through the thin fabric, swayed as she moved, the erect nipples pressed out making little mounds. It was a vision out of an erotic dream.

“Sit güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Jake, I will do all.”

She unbuttoned my shirt and then knelt in front of me and unbuckled my pants and worked first them and then my shorts down to my ankles. Taking my semi-erect cock into her mouth she began to suck it and massage my balls. Her hair draped over my lap as she sucked in a perfumed cascade and in a couple of minutes I was rock hard. Removing her mouth she pressed her breasts against the shaft and massaged it between them. The silky fabric and soft warm flesh of her breasts soon had me so horny I could hardly stand it.

Pushing me back on the bed she sat astride me again, and pulling the crotch of her panties aside she placed the head of my dick against her pussy opening and sat down against me. She was very wet and slippery and my cock slid all the way in to the root in one smooth motion.

I groaned with pleasure at the sensation. “Oh Anna, you are so wet!”

My hands were on her breasts, kneading and playing with the nipples which had begun to leak milk.

“Yes love, I am ready for you.”

She began to move, slowly at first, rising up and settling back down, and the sensation was exquisite. I could feel my cock reaching the very depths of her pussy and the entrance to her womb each time she settled down against me.

I reached beneath her nightie taking a breast in each hand and she leaned forward so I could suck on first one and then the other.

She increased her pace and moaned as milk began to flow from her breasts and I started to thrust against her with increasing urgency.

Her eyes were fixed on my face as my orgasm approached and I was drawn to return her gaze. Our eyes locked together as my cock began to jerk deep within her and she moaned, her voice full of desire “Oh Jake! Oh my love. Oh YES!!”

I began to cum with great force and she moaned and cried as I filled her, flooded her, until semen was leaking out between us and our motion was making wet exclamations with each thrust.

Anna collapsed on top of me, kissing my lips and hugging me to her breasts and then rolled, pulling me on top of her, her pussy still squeezing my swollen shaft.

“Don’t pull out love, stay inside me, lie with me here.”

I pulled her close, kissing her, and then rose up on my arms to gaze at her. She was so beautiful I thought, long dark hair framing her face, her eyes, large, dark, and bright gazing back at me.

There was a slight rustle from the direction of the door which I realized had been left open. Negar must have been watching us I thought. I was too full of the afterglow of sex to dwell on this though, and laid back down against Anna’s breasts and nuzzled her neck and ears before kissing her again and she sighed in complete contentment.

We must have laid there for fifteen minutes or longer with neither of us speaking, basking in the feel of our bodies pressed against each other. She played with my hair and kissed my eyes and face and I nearly dozed off.

Finally Negar appeared at the doorway holding Hassan in her arms.

“I think you are hungry now Jake. You may take a shower if you wish and come to the kitchen when you are dressed. Anna will feed her son who is also very hungry.”

She withdrew to give us privacy and I let my now slack organ slide from Anna’s warm embrace and her panties to slip back in place. I kissed her once more and, gathering my clothes, headed across the hall to the shower.

When I emerged Anna was still on the bed with the baby nestled in her arms and sucking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hungrily away. Her eyes were closed and she was humming softly to him. I stood watching quietly for a minute before heading to the kitchen.

Negar had a plate of sandwiches set out on the table along with a middle eastern salad and fresh cups of tea. She was right, as I felt famished and took a seat while she served me before sitting herself.

The food was delicious and I ate hungrily, oblivious until Negar spoke.

“You like Iranian food?”

I smiled and nodded, my mouth full.

She laughed. “It’s good!”

I nodded again and then realized she was approving my taste in cuisine.

“You like to cook? Prepare food I mean?”

“Yes, of course, but Anna is a much better cook than I. When she will be able to prepare food for you you will see. I don’t have guests so often and am out of practice. Anna always cooks for us when she is here.”

“Perhaps I should take her some food now?”

Negar smiled. “Yes, I will prepare a plate for her.”

I headed to the bedroom to find Anna dozing, the baby asleep at her breast. I sat down on the bed and kissed her. “Anna, are you hungry?”

She opened her eyes and smiled and pulled my face to her lips.

“Thank you Jake. I must go soon.”

She took the plate and ate while I sat next to her. When she had finished I took the plate and she leaned her head against me.

“You will come tomorrow?”

I nodded and kissed her before heading back to the kitchen.

Negar already had everything put away. “I will help Anna with the baby and then take you to your car Jake.”

I waited in the living room while Anna showered quickly and dressed and Negar settled Hassan in the tote, still asleep.

We left together, Negar and I heading to her car. We chatted about school some more as she drove and agreed that she would pick me up again at the same time. I gave her my cell number and suggested we meet on campus sometime when our schedules allowed. She smiled and flushed slightly I thought as I handed her my number.

As I drove to campus for afternoon classes I wondered how long she had been watching Anna and I. Oh well, I didn’t mind I thought, and Anna clearly didn’t.

Negar picked me up the next morning and we drove quietly to her apartment this time. We were a little later and Anna was already there waiting for us. We sat in the kitchen and had tea, the women chatting about the baby and how quickly he was growing and how Anna would need to go shopping for new clothes for him soon. It all felt very relaxed and domestic.

We finished our tea and Anna led me to the bedroom where I consciously noted that she left the door ajar as we undressed and laid down on the bed. We made love with me on top this time and again laid there locked together when we finished till Negar brought Hassan for his meal.

It felt so comfortable lying there with Anna that I stayed while she nursed him until Negar returned and scolded me that my food was waiting and I should hurry up or she would put it away.

I quickly showered and hurried to the kitchen where Negar scolded me again as she served me. The food was delicious and I ate two helpings which seemed to mollify and please the cook who smiled brightly at my complements.

Anna finished nursing and came out to sit with us before I had finished. We set up a loose schedule for my visits, a few times a week and always in the morning when Anna could come.

Negar’s apartment began to seem like a second home, actually more of a home than güvenilir bahis şirketleri my shared apartment. It always felt clean and wholesome and I found myself enjoying the domestic feel more with each visit. Anna and I didn’t always make love now, sometimes we would just visit with Negar and they would play with the baby and cook something for us to eat before I returned to my world.

While I often had tried to find out more details about Anna’s family situation she always dismissed my queries with an admonition not to worry and that she didn’t want this house troubled by the problems of another. It was during one of these mornings spent in the kitchen that the conversation drifted to these matters. Both women were interested my background and in what I thought of Iran and Iranian people.

I had grown up in the fairly conservative community of a small town outside of Springfield, one in which everyone knew everyone else’s business. I had felt stifled as a teenager and took attending university as my ticket out. I enjoyed the social freedom and anonymity of the city. Negar instinctively understood this and sympathized overtly. While I understood that Anna felt similarly she did not say so out loud.

“What about your parents?” was her question. “Do they approve?”

“They are pleased I am attending University Anna. Is that what you were asking?”

“Do they approve of you Jake?”

“They were relieved when I moved out I think. I don’t get along with my father and it was difficult at home when I was in high school. My mother always asks if I am attending church. I tell her I have to work and study on weekends. It is different than for your people I think Anna.”

“Family is very important for our people. Children cannot go against the wishes of their parents without causing much trouble. Because our parents are dead I could come to America on my own, but Anna became part of her husband’s family when she married. It was happy fate that his business brought them here also.”

“Our great grandparents were Zoroastrians, the ancient religion of Persia, but life for them became very difficult and our grandparents joined the Muslim faith. We are very happy to be here in America where women have more power outside of the house and religion is considered a personal matter, but Anna still must be very careful neither her family nor their friends suspect she is seeing you Jake. If they found out she could lose everything. I think she is very brave.”

Negar was gazing at her sister who was following the conversation with the help of interspersed explanations from Negar.

This statement brought a slight flush to Anna’s cheeks as well as to mine. “Every day I thank God for my sister Jake. Without her I would be alone with my son in this world. Her home is our haven here.”

I agreed that Negar’s apartment was a special place and that I always felt at peace here. “But do you miss your home country?”

“Yes, of course, we miss our beautiful city and the mountains and the sea. Mostly we miss our parents home that was often full of guests and conversation. Here I do not entertain and the house is empty when Anna and Hassan are not here, and now we have your visits as well.” she smiled at me.

“Why did your parents choose Anna’s husband?”

“They wanted security for her and our household Jake, and our mother thought it a good match. At first it was OK, but when our parents were killed things changed. I will speak no more about it. Here we should speak of the future, not the past.”

I let the subject go and Negar steered the conversation toward my studies, what kinds of food I liked, and where my favorite places in the city were. We drank more tea and ate before it was time for Negar to take me back to my car.

As the days went by both work and School were going well and I felt at peace with the world, but of course there are inevitably complications.

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