Tall Texas Redhead

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We met on-line on one of those popular dating sites. The PG-rated ones, although we quickly escalated our electronic and telephonic conversations into the triple-x genre. In fact, we devised our own plan for our own domain name, designed to put couples together strictly for the purpose of fucking, no pretense or false representations at all. However, I digress.

I had recently relocated back from the Midwest to my hometown on the East Coast, back where I belong. Although, my profile still listed me as living in Ohio. She had relocated, as most people do, for a relationship. She was originally from Texas, but now lived in central Ohio. Talk about culture shock! Besides, what a conundrum between choosing between the Buckeyes and the Longhorns in a football game. Personally, I think orange was more her color than scarlet and gray.

But, geez, again, I digress. Something about her immediately and intuitively told me that she was a creative, daring, articulate, inquisitive, and intelligent woman. Little did I know the pleasant surprises that would await me in those regards, wow! Intelligent women make the best lovers, and she stimulated me intellectually, a tremendous and powerful aphrodisiac. She, in turn, was captivated by my own boldness, a fellow Aries, capturing her imagination instinctively.

Our first e-mails were rather generic, but heightening in flirtatiousness. I decided to hasten the dialogue by asking her if she wanted me to vividly describe why I had such a wild attraction to tall women, and redheads, my favorite combination. Naturally, she was intrigued, and my next e-mail served to completely hook her, she was mine.

“I love the taste of a true redhead,” I wrote. “The taste of a redhead’s pussy is like the sweetest nectar, a fruit, like fresh strawberries, clean, fresh, juicy, intoxicating. I will derive great pleasure my pleasing you with my mouth and tongue and fingers, while we both savor your wonderful flavor. And, your height….statuesque…regal……..it is a tremendous turn-on to me to be with a woman taller than myself. Many men cannot handle it because of their own insecurities. On the other hand, I find it amazingly seductive to know that the beautiful, tall woman on my arm is the object of other mens’ envy as we would walk hand-in-hand. And, knowing that once we reached our private quarters, our ultimate destination, that I would take complete and total control of that long, lean, wonderful body, taking both ankles within my strong hands and gripping them tightly, pulling your legs over my shoulders and spreading them wide, thrusting into you with one hard, deep, knowing stroke, watching your beautiful torso pulsate and writhe and wriggle to the feel of my cock buried within you, fucking you the way you haven’t been in far too long.”

Her reaction to this was palpable, even distinguishable from only an electronic perspective for the time being. We had finally found the unmistakable connection and chemistry that we had both been seeking. it’s so elusive, isn’t it. to find that? Yet, when it is there, the excitement can only culminate in one conclusion. Wild, intense, incredible…..fucking!

It was as if the floodgates had opened. She revealed to me her own many sexual desires, and it was more than I could have hoped for. She looked so innocent, so pure, her classically beautiful face covered in the softest freckles. It’s always those quiet, innocent-looking ones that turn out to be the wildest, isn’t it?

She was bi-sexual, she loved women as well, and she was not hesitant to take the lead and pick up women, in bars, co-workers, neighbors, strangers. She loved to give oral, and described to me the pleasure that she would bring to me by her talents. (Of course, I was skeptical because if I had a nickel for every woman who told me she gave the best blow jobs, well, I’d probably have about forty-five cents or so. But, again, I digress.) She told me that she had no gag reflex, that she could deep-throat anyone or anything. She loved, craved anal sex, loved to be fucked in the ass. Best yet, it had literally been years since she had been with a man. She had been in a loveless marriage without any emotional or physical contact for far too long. She was now more than ready to explore, to lust, to be taken, in every way. Little did she know, at that point, that she had captivated my interest completely as well. Little did I know, though, just how much.

We made our plans to meet

Our mutual parental responsibilities first had to be considered, to clear up a time when we were both free. We decided that an upcoming Wednesday would work best, right before the Christmas holidays. I would fly out that afternoon and fly right back the following morning. She was to make all the arrangements for accommodations, amenities, toys, etc. Turns out, she planned exceedingly well. She was full of pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise. I described the wardrobe that I requested for her to wear to greet me, and she giggled that wonderful, charmingly sinister giggle of hers, and she purred, “How wonderfully decadent.” (Gosh, I think that meant yes.)

I sat on the plane as it descended bahis firmaları for its landing, and I looked around at the other passengers, mainly weary businessmen either flying to or returning from a long day’s travel, no doubt. I considered how many of them would be met by a beautiful woman whose only intent for the next sixteen hours was to give and receive extreme carnal pleasure to a total stranger. I further considered how many of them would trade places with me right now if only they knew the greeting that awaited me. Every single damned one of them , I concluded.

I felt like the proverbial million dollars as I left the plane, confident and flushed with excitement in anticipation of the evening and morning ahead.

I saw her as soon as I exited the security area. I gasped inwardly, inaudibly. Her face was essentially perfect, at least for my tastes. She was much, much prettier in person than she even was in her photos. I stopped for just a split-second, soaking her in. she was dressed in a long, gray, wool winter’s coat that revealed only a few inches of her lean, tapered ankles, which sat on high heels of about three and a half inches so that she almost towered over me, a full four inches taller than myself. (It is always a good sign when you spot a great ankle on a woman. You know that the higher you get, the better the chances are that the ankles are connected to parts equally alluring.) he rest of her torso was completely covered by the coat buttoned tight across her neck, but I could see a noticeable protrusion from her chest. Wow, added bonus, I thought, big tits, too!

I approached her and she smiled, her lips curling mischievously, her blue-gray eyes sparkling, her auburn hair falling gently over her shoulders, her freckles almost tickling her nose as her face lit up with a mixture of relief, glee, and desire. I reached her and pulled her gently towards me, my arm slipping around her waist, and I had to almost stand on my tip-toes to reach up and find her warm mouth. She sighed gently as we kissed in the midst of the crowd, envious men scurrying by, trying unsuccessfully not to be obvious in their glances towards us. It excited me tremendously to have such a tall, stunning woman in a passionate display of public affection.

I pulled my head back from her mouth. “Why, hello, Becky,” I smiled.

“Hello, yourself, John. You talk too much. Wanna get out of here?”, she asked, taking me by the hand and leading me toward the moving walkway that led outside to the covered garage. “Our chariot awaits.”

We quickly reached her SUV, parked on the top level of the exposed garage, and I again reached for her to pull her towards me and kiss her. However, she pulled back, admonishing me to be patient. I asked her how long is the ride, assuming we were going to her house in Westerville. Her eyes twinkled as she grinned, “About thirty seconds.”

As soon as we left the toll booth to lead out of the garage, she made a sharp right into the Concourse Hotel parking lot. As she cruised to a stop at the side door, she handed me a key. “Room 218. That is the first surprise. I knew I couldn’t wait and longer. God, I am so wet.”

I kissed her on the cheek, flattered that she had taken this extra little step. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could wait, either, such was my eagerness to consummate our fantasy after weeks of electronic and telephonic foreplay. The game was to begin, play ball!

We hastily made our way up the side steps, not wanting to wait for the elevator (although that could have been fun). Despite my anxiousness, I somehow did not fumble with the key, and we entered our little love chalet for the next sixteen hours.

Inside the room now, it was apparent that she had made a stop prior to picking me up. Soft music played on a CD player in the corner of the room, where on the same table a chilled bottle of wine stood in a basket. A small basket of fruit and crackers and cheese were next to the wine, and as my gaze continued, I noticed that two small candles were on either nightstand, dancing mystically from the slight breeze of the heater in the warm air. There was also a small camcorder on the dresser, and at my feet, I felt small metal poles. The tripod. She HAD brought it, just in case. Naughty girl.

I turned to face her, to thank her, to show my gratitude, when I felt a tugging at my waistline. In one sure, swift motion, my belt eased from the straps on my jeans, and I saw that she was now sitting on the bed in front of me, staring intently at my crotch, her eyes blazing now, in complete control of me. She knew it, she craved it and now so did I. I was not used to a woman being so prepared, so creative, so aggressive. I was as hard as steel, every fiber within me oozed with lust for this tigress now on the prowl for her prey, my cock.

With one hand, she pulled at my zipper, and with the other, she adeptly opened the buttons on her full coat, now lounging from her shoulders. For the first time, I saw her attire beneath the winter coat. She was wearing only black lacy thigh-high stockings, attached with garters to a sheer black thong panty, with a push-up black bra. kaçak iddaa From beneath the material of the bra her swollen, taut, pink nipples protruded from the fabric.

The first sight of a beautiful woman that you had known you were going to take to bed is always one of a man’s greatest pleasures, almost as good as the sex itself. there is something about the chase, the capture, you want to admire the prize. However, in this case, while trying in vain to soak in this vision of loveliness now below me on the bed as I stood above her, my visual tactile sense was clearly taking a back seat to the instantaneous sensation of Becky’s warm, hot, wet tongue, and pale-red-hued lipstick now encircling my cock in one, deep, swift gulp as her left hand pulled my buttocks through my jeans and she rammed my long cock deep into her mouth.Oh…my..fucking..God!….. This woman was not kidding about her oral skills, Jesus H. Christ!!!!

There are a precious few moments in all of all our lives, and certainly isolated smidgens in our sex lives, that we will undoubtedly hold onto forever, indelibly etched in our minds. Kind of like the Kennedy assassinations or when your favorite team wins the championship, when you remember exactly where you were and how you felt. Such was the sensation when Becky took me inside of her throat. It was the blowjob I’d waited my whole life for. I’ll never forget. And, the fun was just beginning. I smiled and watched her masterfully pleasure my entire length, her hand alternating between stroking the base of my shaft and cupping my growing balls. Slight strands of saliva ran down her chin as she moaned between gulps. I pulled her coat off of her shoulders, and as it felt to the floor, I grabbed her lovely hair gently with one hand and tossed the curls aside so I could watch her face swallow me whole, while my other hand tenderly stroked her neck and shoulders, easing the black bra straps down slowly until they fell from her breasts, freeing her ample tits.

Her tongue and mouth worked wonders on my cock. Usually, I have trained myself so that I can endure almost any oral talent for many, many minutes without cumming, until I’ve at least had the chance to fuck the woman providing such pleasure to me. With Becky so expertly sucking me, however, I soon found the unmistakable tingle of pre-cum building up on the head of my cock, and my balls swelled, like a small volcano, gurgling and hissing with an explosion of white, hot, gooey lava that would soon erupt. I’m not a geologist, but I sure know what a volcano feels like.

It didn’t matter at this point anyway, Becky was in complete control of my entire being, and relishing in it. She smiled wickedly at me while now looking deep into my eyes. Is there anything more provocative than a woman who looks you right in the eye while smiling with her cock buried in her mouth. (The answer to that pop quiz, students, is, “NO!!!!”)

No matter how hard I would have tried to prolong the inevitable transfer of semen from my sac to her mouth, it was well beyond my powers to resist. I let myself relax more, if that were possible, and Becky, almost sensing my every thought, pulled me down to the bed so that I sat on the edge, as she turned around, while still on her knees, and accelerated her oral attack on my nuts and throbbing dick while kneeling between my thighs.

My balls tightened further as I desperately and valiantly tried to hold back my seed. Becky would have none of it, though, she now swallowed the entire length into her tight mouth, her pretty face now bouncing against my curly pubic hair and stomach, and sucked wildly and more tightly. There were her lips, tongue, mouth, jaw, fingers, hands, hair, eyes, all working as one in rhythm to make me explode. To paraphrase Ed McMahon, “Heeeerrrre cummmmms Johnnie!!!”

Fireworks, sparks, angels singing, lights flashing, knees weakening. Good God Almighty, I had met my match all right. My dream woman, still sucking eagerly at my cock, cum dripping from her lips, hands feverishly stroking my balls, attempting to milk every last micro-ounce of cum from my twitching cock. I don’t even know if there is an official metric measure of a ‘micro-ounce’, but if there is, by God, Becky swallowed it.

I looked down at her, still on her knees, smiling coquettishly at the pleasure she had just wrought. My cock released from her mouth with an audible pop. I tried to catch my breath, thinking I had just experienced the equivalent of an ultimate thrill ride for penises. (Can I go on it again, puh-leeze?!?) I leaned down and kissed her gently, sharing my cum (hey, not bad, not bad at all!), and took her face in my hands, cupping it between my palms. I grinned at her and she grinned back, obviously proud of her work, as her chest heaved and she gazed at me with a smug, “I told ya so, didn’t I?” look on her face.

I whispered in her ear,”Thank you,” and then, in the next breath, “Your turn,” and I lifted her from the floor and propped her gently on the bed, seeing her long, lean frame stretched out horizontally for the first time, drinking in the sight again, savoring her beauty. I pulled the bra completely off of kaçak bahis her breasts, tugging at each pink, hard nipple playfully, and pulled aside the front of her thong. She instinctively arched her ass off of the bed, anticipating that I would pull her panties off or down, but I gently pushed her stomach downward and said, “They are staying on, for now. I want to play, to tease. I want to taste you. I will take your panties off when you tell me you want my cock, when you want me to fuck you.”

With that, I pulled her lips apart and smelled the essence of sweet perfume emanating from inside of her cunt. Her lips were already soaked, oozing white juices, and I flattened my tongue down hard and firm on her pussy, licking the outside, grazing and nibbling on her inner thighs, my hand reaching beneath her and caressing her buttocks, lifting her from the bed a few inches, and then, slowly, flicked the very tip of my tongue over the side of her clit, watching the hood pop out completely, her bright pink lips glistening, trembling, and I poked my middle finger deep inside of her in one unexpected motion, and the response was a long, loud, deep, guttural, primal grunt from her, followed by low, repeated squeals and moans. My lips now took her clit and sucked, and sucked, and pulled, now two fingers snugly inside of her cunt.

My mission with Becky now was to reciprocate and hopefully present her with even a fraction of the pleasure that she had just given to me. From the sound and looks of things, I was succeeding. That fresh strawberry taste that I had imagined for so long was actually even better than I could have ever hoped for. It had been years since I had savored a strawberry milkshake, but that was all I could think of as an accurate analogy as I drank her juices as they gushed from within her walls. Her stomach heaved and the frequency and intensity of her moans were like music to my ears (which were now being squeezed tightly by her long, milky thighs). She was LOUD, another supreme turn-on, indicating her enjoyment. She was writhing and groaning like a woman who hadn’t been licked in years..because she hadn’t been. Timing is everything, right? And, boy, was this fortuitous timing.

I stroked my own cock as I savored her sweet cunt. My cock had stayed hard from the moment she had drained me, it never softened, such was my complete ecstasy with this beautiful vixen, now my sex kitten, my slut. I knew she would do anything, and we soon would.

I raised my head ever so slightly away from her muff and managed to mutter, “Do you want me to fuck you now?” She laughed and said, “I’ll let you decide.” I took that as a yes.

I stood up on the floor next to the bed. There would be a much time later in the evening for tender and explorative love-making, but this wasn’t it. This was fucking time, hard and rough and fast. When a woman is that aroused, she is not interested in being taken gently, she wants to be fucked. Hard. I swiftly undid her bra and pulled her panties down which were dangling on the side of her sopping twat, and tossed them aside. I took her long legs over my shoulders and grabbed her ankles, exactly as I had written to her and promised would do, and with one deep, manic thrust, rammed my entire stiff log deep into her.

“Oooohhhhhhhh,” she groaned, head now tossing from side to side, eyes half closed, lifting her ass off the bed to match my frantic thrusts. I was a man possessed, I had fucked so many women but can truly say that I had never so desired one such as this beautiful creature who was now firmly surrounding my long dick with her tight, soaking pussy, groaning and heaving and screaming, her muscles within gripping me, grabbing for me, lunging for my cock, ever deeper.

We continued this frantic fucking with her on her back until I had to feel different parts of her insides. I first rolled her on her side and criss-crossed her legs, caressing her lovely, round ass as I did so. As she wobbled slightly, I next pushed her onto her knees and raised her ass high in the air, giving me perfect access to fuck her from behind. Her cascading hair flowed back onto her back, and I grabbed the reddish-brown manes between my fingers, using her locks for leverage and support as I fucked her as hard as I humanly could, using my other hand to grab her tight buttocks. She moaned over her shoulder, “It feels like you are up to my throat, you are so fucking hard, so deep, pound me, fuck me, God, yes.” My cock snapped against her cervix, bending slightly with each thrust, yet never wavering. I felt her thighs tremble and her cunt begin to rumble even tighter around my shaft, and I next heard her screams, the intensity and quickness of her shuddering orgasm surprising me. it was all I could do to hold onto the ass of this wild vixen, now my little slut, as she bucked and rode my cock from behind while she gasped for air in small gulps. I slowed my pace mercifully, mainly from my own exhaustion, which despite my complete desire now gripped my body. I collapsed on top of her as she also fell to the mattress, the two of us still deeply entwined, still connected at the genitals, completely and utterly sated yet also on the verge of simultaneous black-outs. If there was a pictionary for the phrase ‘fucking each other’s brains out’ this would have been the photo for the caption. (Hey, that tripod might come in handy after all.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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