Tales of Priya, Part 3 Flight of Icarus

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Tales of Priya Part 3


Priya and Bell somewhere in the sky, on an Embracer Legacy 500 Jet, on route to Washington State

I am sitting cross-legged, naked in a black velvet plush robe, on a large velvety-like soft tan sofa. We are up something like 34 000 feet. I am waiting for Bell to return from the bathroom. My body is tingling. My skin is so alive.

We have been in the air for only forty-five minutes. Bell was so horny when we go on the private jet she demanded me to strip my clothes. I didn’t argue and started to do what she wanted, but she attacked me and tore off my clothes.

So now I am in the afterglow of my first-mile high club double orgasm via the tongue of Bell who tore off my jeans and knew I had no panties on and just licked the shit out of my pussy. I came on that magical tongue in no time at all. I thought I was going to scratch Bell’s back to death with her relentless assault on my clit and pussy. She even put a finger in my asshole, which sent me over the edge. She then produced a lovely purple 10-inch vibrator which she cranked all the way up and buzzed the living hell out of my pussy and asshole. I am sure 34 000 feet below people heard me screaming. The co-pilot did come back and check to see if a murder hadn’t taken place.

Bell comes out from the pilot’s cabin, shuts the door and pulls the screen, so we are more private. She drops her robe and sashays over to me. She pulls open my robe and straddles me.

I am confused. “I thought you were taking a shit?”

Her grin is diabolical, and it curls up on both sides like the Joker. “Well, my dear Priya I did, but then I checked out with the pilot if everything was okay, you know smooth sailing and all that. He mentioned a storm, showed it to me on the radar and told me to go and buckle up. I liked the part when he said buckle up because I thought of you being in cuffs and a gag ball in your mouth.”

“So are we entering a storm or not?”

Bell plays with her velvet robe like she is going to drop it any second.

“Perhaps. But what I am concerned with is you.”

My eyebrows, heart rate, goes up several degrees.

I am so over teasing. “I see. Maybe then you should buckle me up?”

“Temptation is the root of the human race and you dear Priya are the juiciest apple in the entire universe.”

“That means you are referring to the fact that I am human.”


“But you told me I’m not.”

“True again.”

“I am so confused.”

“I mixed up my allusion, sorry. It’s just that I am staring at your tits hanging out of that sexy robe.”

I screw my face up and stick my tongue out. Bell smiles at me. “Oh you are so not understanding this whole witch world thing are you?”

I know she is right. I don’t get it. I know I have magic. I know my fucking creates huge energy. I get that my orgasm is so fucking intense it nearly rips my head off every single time.

“Bell I may be a little naïve with all of this, so yes you are right.”

Bell nods. She opens up her black robe and shows off her naked body.

“You dived right in with me. We fucked like rabbits. Actually, we fucked each other without boundaries. We just did it. We, well, you went insane. You embraced the fucking world of “getting your rocks off” to the limit. Your pussy is limitless. I love that. I love that your cunt is always wanting. I am only 147 years old and have been fucked, tied up, beaten, subbed, dommed with both sexes and you are at the top of the fucking pile of horny holy shit, Batman. So we found out that our pussies are so fucking hot together. We found out you have no idea what you are doing. Your magic is just a virgin sputter. But Avcılar Escort holy shit, it exploded. I gave you my body. Oh, did I give you my body! I taught you how to trib, how to do ass to ass, how to enjoy a dildo the right way and l gave you magic sex in all the female way. Don’t you want to keep going or are you bored of all this shit.”

What the? I am rattled. “Shit? What are you talking about, Bell?”

I scrunch up my face. Bell is acting like a bitch. What is up with her?

“Maybe I have a bigger agenda, ever thought of that. Lure you in then give you over to the enemy.”

I am really fucking angry at her. “So fucking you was just an act?”

“You have no idea of the bigger picture, and I cannot give you that.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I blurt out.

She throws away the robe. She walks back to the other sofa. She pulls out a large streamlined glass dildo. She smiles at me and slides it up her tight cunt. She pulls it out and puts it into her mouth. Suddenly, it turns bright blue and starts glowing.

I gulp.

Bell puts the dildo back into her pussy and throws her head back. Her pussy and stomach start glowing. “Oh fuck yeah, Priya. I am pure ecstasy.”

She fucks herself faster and faster.

“Oh hold, mother of God!” she screams. Her arms are moving faster than a bullet train. I am so transfixed at her wild magic self-pleasure.

She explodes in a swirl of the blue, red, and purple electric storm of smoke. All I see is her legs and arms thrashing about but I cannot work out how that works. The smoke/mist blocks the insane view that I am so keen to see.

The smoke dissipates, and she is sitting spread-eagle on the sofa, smiling at me.

“So what do you think?”

I get it. Bell cannot give me sex magick, my body needs to earn it. “You cannot give me that, right?”

Bell nods. “Right.”

I look at her body. It’s so fucking hot, tight athletic, and such a wicked ass woman. I am turned on beyond belief. I notice she is newly shaved, which is such a turn on for me. Mind you, I am cleanly shaved because Bell loves my cunt shaved.

Bell rubs her pussy, her labia, her mound, and her ass. She smiles the whole time. When she speaks it’s demanding. “I want you on your fucking knees, hands out.”

I toss away the robe and get down on my knees and put my hands out.

“Priya to take this to the next level. You have to submit to me.”

I nod. “I will.”

Bell smiles.

“Prove it.”

“Take me for fuck’s sake, Bell.”

She approaches me and wraps the black rope around me, bounding my legs and arms.

“Bell, I want you to punish me. I am a bad girl.”

“Face forward. Don’t talk.”

I feel her hand on my ass. She starts to slide the side of her index finger up my slit. I feel cold wetness dribble down my ass cheeks.

Smack! – it’s gentle but good.

Smack! – oh, she is fucking good, harder

Smack! – fuck that hurt.

I groan.

I feel my pussy so wet it’s like five thousand suns.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“I am your mistress. I control your fucking ass. Tell me.”

“Oh, you complete me. You are my mistress!”

Bell whacks me and laughs. “Oh god, good answer.”

I can tell Bell is pleasuring herself, most likely, with a vibrator in her cunt.

This time Bell lifts the intensity. Oh damn, oh fuck, my ass stings like shit and I love it. My pussy is trembling. I feel my juices oozing down my legs.




Really hard this time. Really fucking hard. Oh my lord! I groan. My pussy is rocking out, I need another whack to make me cum.

“Mistress Escort Bayan hit me again, I’m going to cum.”

“Good slave. Feel this.”


Way too much. I cum like a bucking animal. I thrust my ass up and scream. “Oh, fuck Bell, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkk.”

I hear a laugh from Bell. My legs are useless and I shake with orgasm aftershocks.

Then I feel something probing my soaking pussy lips. Is it a dildo?

Bell laughs again. She rubs my ass cheeks. “Next step, Priya. Dildo pleasure.”

I groan.

Bell grabs my hair and swirls it into a fist and pulls me closer, my back feels like jelly. My pussy is an inferno.

Bell chuckles. “Oh, so wet for me. You pussy knows no boundaries. It just wants to keep wanting. So feel this dildo, my babe.”

She starts fucking me with the dildo.

One, two, three, four strokes then stop. Cold wetness on my ass. Then the dildo into my pussy again, six strokes. Oh, I am going insane. Then at the same time, I feel another dildo enter my ass. Holy shit.

“Take it in both holes, bitch!”

I am going to die right here right now in a blissful explosion of sex. Bell is in full DP mode, and I fucking love it.

I feel the roar, but this time it’s like a tank barreling down a hill all guns blazing, taking over my all my senses. I moan and moan and moan. The energy is powerful. I want it to envelop Bell and me. I start screaming. Then the tank breaks in half, and I explode in a massive ball of sex and energy as I am double fucked.

Bell falls off me, the ropes dissolve off m, and I collapse. A large pool of my pussy juice is all over the plane’s floor.

All Bell can do is mumble, “You are so naughty, naughty newborn,” she grunts.

I feel so alive. I jump up and spin around. Bell is lying down, legs partly open and her hands behind her. The robe is gone. I spy the glass dildo and lick it. I slither quickly over to Bell and slide the head of the dildo into her cunt. Bell arches her back again, this time it’s because of me. I start to move quicker with my right arm while I use my left to rub her clit.

“I am right there…. Oh, don’t you stop ….!”

I move the dildo faster and drop my head down and lick her clit. Bell grabs my head and calls out my name and punches the ground of the plane. She moans and moans and cascades into a bucking crazy girl calling out my name. She grabs my hand on the dildo, and we both pull it out together. I give her tummy a kiss and jump up.

“What’s to eat? I’m starving!”

Bell falls back. “Two fucking OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD shattering orgasms and you want to eat!”

I kick Bell’s shimmering leg. I notice sweat and pussy juice.

“I worked up a real sweat woman.”

Bell rolls her eyes at me and gets up. Instead of putting the robe back on, she looks for her jeans.

“Where did you put my red panties and my bra and my jeans and my converses, fuck where are my clothes?”

I ignore her. I raid the fridge. Pesto Dip. Yum. Toasted tortilla strips. Yum. I give it a go. Super yum. “I don’t know I just threw all your clothes off you, didn’t care where they went.”

“Maybe help?”

I leave the fridge with a dollop of pesto on my finger. I come up to the naked Bell looking underneath a leather seat. I tap her on the shoulder, and she turns around. I plunge my finger into her mouth. “Suck on this.”

She muffles something, twirls her tongue and sucks my finger dry. She pulls out my finger slowly looking into my eyes.

“Wench,” she says. “Not fair.”

“Why we can go round four thousand, y’know.”

“Christ Priya you are a sex demon.”

“Damn right I am, you created me, istanbul Escort remember.”

“Ha, it was there all along, I just unleashed the beast. Your submission now puts you into the sex magick realm. Well done.” Bell kisses me hard and sucks my breath out. Her hands are on my ass. Then she let’s go.

“Come on and get dressed missy. We got serious stuff to do.”

I find my things and start dressing quickly. Bell manages to find her things and does the same.

“Why is that red light flashing behind that screen?” I ask Bell as I start tying my shoes.

“Fuck, it’s serious. I can feel it. Can you?” She shouts at me.

More red lights go off. Above us, a large panel where the pilots are lights up “Emergency.”

I do I feel chaos swirling around. I am not quite sure what chaos exactly feels like if you asked me, but I feel an uneasy air. I reach over to the sofa and put on a black hoodie and the windcheater that Bell said we needed to wear. I grab my satchel, sling it over my shoulder and strap on my wicked sword.

Bell is fully dressed now and has put on a black windcheater and a purple beanie and a black backpack. She pulls the screen aside.

“Holy shit, we are going down, Priya.”

A massive bang is heard behind me. Did I just hear metal tearing? I am suddenly thrown sideways. I hit the wall with a hard crash. I notice Bell pinned to the wall, struggling. The plane flips over, and we hit the roof, the furniture, the everything not nailed down goes haywire. I feel the plane nose-diving fast. My heart hammers like it is about to fly out of my body. The plane is facing directly down. I hear a colossal zooming noise behind me. I grip onto a leather chair to stop me from flying down to the cockpit. Bell is just down from me, gripping a chair except she has her hands underneath the seat.

“Get the parachute, underneath!” she yells. I barely hear her.

I reach underneath my seat and find a bulky looking backpack with straps. I instinctively put it on and click the buckle. I slide my satchel to the side. It goes on fine and does not interfere with my sword. I notice Bell has put on her parachute. She points to the other side of the plane. Emergency exit. Bell throws herself at the door and pulls on the handle. Nothing. I move closer and do the same. Bell holds on to me. We both pull the handle, and the door flies off at some ridiculous speed.

“We got to jump, babe.”

I nod. I am so scared. I kiss Bell on lips. “Let’s do it.”Bell looks white. Then I am right behind her.

Flying fast.

Downwards we travel, air smashing at my face, my hair a total chaotic mess. We are in a cloud or clouds. I can barely see anything. Things are speeding so fast my eyes can’t get a grip on anything. I instinctively pull the cord. I feel my whole body snap. I hear a puffing sound and look up at the open parachute. I grab the sides and start floating down to the ground. I look around for Bell, but I cannot see her or her parachute. I look down and see the ground coming up fast. It seems like we are in the mountains.

The Rockies, maybe?

I float fast. Strange feeling.

Steady, steady. My heart wobbles, but I breathe to calm myself. I want to reach out and grab Bell’s hand, but she is gone.

Floating. I look to my left and see an explosion near the side of a large mountain. Fuck that must have been the plane.

Floating down, I see I am heading down to a rocky outcrop. Oh, this is not going great.

Then I see a smooth bit of rock. I sort of shift my body that way.

I grip the sides of my parachute, and with running feet, I hit a rocky landing that leads to the forest. I stare at a pine tree like a foot from me.

Fuck, from mile-high club times five hundred to plane crash and losing Bell.

How do I process that?

Maybe Icarus shouldn’t have been painted on the side of the plane?

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