Taking Care of Daddy

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Taking Care of Daddy while Mom’s at Work

“Daisy,” Heather grumbled to the dog following her. “I’m horny. Where’s daddy?”

Heather groaned to herself as she stomped her feet, strolling around the house, bored, and naked except for her hair scrunchie and her Ugg boots.

Her mother was at work at the hospital. She had told her daughter to finish a certain number of “job applications and/or college applications.” So far, Heather had completed zero.

She stopped by the window and played with her blonde hair, unconcerned that someone might see her naked.

She kicked the wall and strolled over to the dining room. She touched the edge of the dining table. She scooted closer to that edge and squatted a little, bringing her pussy to the edge of the table. She rubbed herself against it. She giggled at the feeling and closed her eyes.

She thought about Andy, her old boyfriend, high school sweetheart, who left her for the army. She frowned. She pictured a former teacher, strict, mean all the time, pictured him softening for her, disciplining her, punishing her. But he had given her a low grade.

So, she thought about Caledon, her mother’s new husband, and smiled.

She rubbed herself against the hard edge and sang, “Mm.”

She wiggled her hips and held on the edges of the table and grinded into it.

Daisy the dog barked at her. She looked down at Daisy and giggled at him. She leaned back so she could see the lips of her pussy slithering against the edge. She squatted a little so she could glide it against her clit.

“Oh, fuck,” she muttered. “Oh, fuck.”

Daisy ran away behind her. She followed his feet to the door, where Caledon was standing there in his reflective construction worker safety vest, staring at her with his mouth agape.

“Daddy!” she cried out, running to him.

“Bumpkin?” Caledon said, opening his large arms, dropping his toolbox, letting her jump onto him with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. A passerby outside saw them. Caledon kicked the door closed behind him and carried her inside.

“I missed you,” she purred.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked. “Huh? And why are you naked?”

She shrugged and smothered his face with kisses.

“Hmm, I missed you, too, bumpkin. I told you guys I was coming by for some pendik escort lunch.”

She dismounted him and turned around. She took his hands from behind and made him wrap them around her waist.

“Mom must be at work, huh?” he figured.

“Yup. They called her in. And I’m all alone,” she complained.

“And naked.”

She pulled him towards the couch.

“Baby, let me just relax,” he said.

“No,” she said flatly. “I wanna take care of you.”

“Let me get some lunch.”


“Baby, please.”

“I’m bored.”

“Well, watch TV or something but…”

“Kisses first,” she commanded him.

He groaned but plopped himself on the couch anyway. She sat next to him, turned towards him, one booted leg slung over his.

“What’d you do all day?” he asked, glancing at her knees, her breasts, her neck.

“Making videos.”

“Nude? Please tell me no.”

She laughed and stared at his lips. “No. Fashionista videos.”

“What is that?”

“I show off my wardrobe.” She kissed his cheek. “My thigh-highs and my pretty dresses and my cute rompers and my plaid skirts and my sexy tube tops.” She kissed his other cheek. “My last one got almost a hundred thousand views.”

“No shit?”

She kissed his nose. “No shit.”

“Like a channel, huh?”

“Yup.” She kissed his forehead. “Nymphet Fashion by Heather.”

He laughed out loud. “Nymph who the what?”

“Don’t make fun,” she said, slapping his face.

“Ouch. So, you pretend to be a—”

She slapped him again. “Stop it.”

“Ouch. Okay, okay, I won’t make fun. I’d love to see these.”

“No,” she pouted, crossing her arms.

“Bet they’re cute.”

“Screw you,” she said looking away.

“Cause everything you do is cute,” he offered in a soft voice, leaning into her.

She smiled and uncrossed her arms and kissed him twice where she had slapped him.

“Mm. Did you finish your applications?” he asked absently.

Her tongue poked its way into his mouth for a round of wet kissing.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no.’ Then we shouldn’t…” he said weakly.

“We should,” she replied before continuing the kissing.

“Oh, baby, but you’re my….and I’m your….”

“So?” she said, before licking his lips. “Suck my tongue.” She stuck her tongue out at him.



He escort pendik sighed and moved forward, taking her tongue into his mouth and sucking on it.

“Mm,” she said with a smile.

Her hand was on his muscled chest and abs but sliding down his shirt to his pants.

“Wait, wait, wait,” he said.

“Let me take care of you,” she whined.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he muttered as she placed her hands on his crotch.

“Poor thing. It’s uncomfortable in there,” she cooed, patting his hardening cock.

“Yeah,” he said, shifting uncomfortably.

“Wee-lease it.”


She did it for him. She undid his pants and reached inside without a word, grabbed a hold of his cock, and pulled it out into the open. She smiled a victorious smile and began stroking it while beaming at him. He pulled down and kicked off the pants and boxers and his boots.

He threw his head back on the couch.

“Oh, fuck, I’m going to hell,” he said.

And he groaned as the cock disappeared into her mouth.

He ran his fingers through her ponytailed hair over and over while she sucked. She let out a lot of saliva onto his cock and slurped on it.

When it was hard enough for her, she stood up, pulled off her scrunchie letting her hair fall to her shoulders and then straddled him.

“Jumpin’ Jeeeeeesus,” he groaned as she slowly slid his cock into her.

She put her arms around him and hugged him, putting her lips to his ear. “Go ahead, fuck me.”

“Right,” he said, wrapping his arms around her and pumping his cock into her.

She threw her head back and cried out.

“Am I too big for you, bumpkin?” he asked.

She laughed at that and started bouncing up and down on him, her hair trying to catch up.

The house phone began to ring.

“Shit,” he said.

“Forget it,” she ordered him, pushing him back on the couch and jumping up and down on him, panting.

“It…might…be…your mom…”

“Fuck her.”

“Hey!” he chided her.

He relaxed his own body and let her do the work for a while.

“Ah, yes,” he said, but the phone started ringing again. “Ah, shit.”

He picked her up and continued pumping into her. She kept one arm around his neck, while the other arm dangled. With her legs firmly pendik escort bayan around him and his cock firmly inside her, he trudged and struggled over to a side table where the phone was. He looked at who was calling.

“Your mom.”

“Shit,” Heather said.

“Time out, baby, time out.”

“No…” she whined.

“Just a second!” he pleaded.

She clicked her tongue in anger as she dismounted him.

He answered the phone.

“Hey, honey, how are you—shit!”

He looked down to see Heather had slid down to her knees and taken his cock into her mouth again.

“Sorry, no, I, uh, dropped something. What’s up? Yeah, she’s here. No, she’s not naked. Why would she be? She’s working on those job applications… Yes, I told her… What do you mean? I can be firm with her when I have to be!”

He extended the phone away from his mouth. “Ugh,” he said as she sucked harder. “Baby, please…”

“What?” he said to the receiver. “Yeah, I saw the sandwich. Thanks. Love you, too. Yes…Yes, I’ll put my foot down with her if I have to. Jeez.”

He tried to put the phone back on the charger, but it fell to the floor instead. He staggered back away from her. She crawled towards him with a devious smile on her face, licking her lips.

“Okay, I told her you were working on those applications. At least pretend you did, huh?”

She continued crawling towards him.

“You’ve got to grow up, bumpkin. You’re out of high school.”

He backed into the couch and fell on it. She spread his knees apart and licked the front of his cock.

“Oh, fuck.”

She licked the other side from shaft to tip.

“Holy fuck,” Caledon droned.

She licked the opposite side and then wiggled her face onto him, taking as much cock into her mouth as she could.

“Heavenly fuck!” he said, grabbing at her hair.

She was sucking, licking and biting into him. He squirmed.

She pulled out but kept her lips on the tip. She kept a firm grip as she stroked until he winced and ejaculated with a long, loud growling groan.

When he opened his eyes, she knelt there between his legs, with a sweet grin on her face, and his cum dripping from her lips and cheek.

She kissed his cock very gently.

He sighed. “Thanks, daddy. I mean, baby. I mean…”

She laughed at him and jumped to her feet and kissed his lips three times.

“Told you I’d take care of you. You’re welcome.”

She slinked back to her room, letting him admire her body as she walked away, before he fell over and dozed off.

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