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You are a typical married guy, you sex life has -become practically non- existent and when you can convince your wife to have sex with you she just lays there looking bored waiting for you to get your rocks off so she can roll over and fall asleep.

You have always fantasized about joining a swingers club but your wife would hear nothing of it. You bring it up every once and a while and are shocked that one day she finally gives in and says she will go with you to a party that one of your neighbours is having for laughs.

You can hardly believe it because you have wanted this for so long, you shower and can already feel you cock coming to life as you picture what is going to happen. You reach a soapy hand down to your hardening cock and let the water run down your body as you gently stroke your cock. You stop suddenly because you want to save yourself for what is to come. You turn off the water and towel yourself dry and rush to get dressed, you are like a kid at Christmas.

You and your wife show up at the party and there are already a few guests there, you both mingle and make small talk all the while scoping out the crowd to see which couple looks the most promising. You see a couple of potentials, but then you hear a laugh and turn to see who has just arrived. My husband and I have just walked in, you cannot take your eyes off of me. He removes my coat and you see I am wearing a short black dress that is clinging to every curve, the top of the dress is low cut and it accentuates the fullness of my breasts. My hair is piled on top of my head and loose tendrils hang by my face, I have on black stockings that you assume are just pantyhose but when I bend over to pick up my purse the skirt rides up just enough that you see the tops of the stockings and the garter belt that goes with it. You feel the stirring in your groin and suppress a groan.

You play it cool and wait for the host and hostess canlı bahis to make the rounds introducing us. When we are introduced I reach my hand towards you to shake it and as soon as our eyes lock we know that we will be seeing more of each other very soon.

So the deal is that you each get a card and you right the names of three couples on it and then the host and hostess match up all of the couples and you go off and play for the night. You play it cool and put two couples names above mine so it looks like I am not the person who you want to be with more that you can stand.

The couples start to get matched up and you don’t know it but you are at the top of my list so we end up together and we go off into a room off the basement rec room. There are candles lit in the room and there is a large bed in the center with a small couch off to one side. We all step into the room and we sit down on the bed and start to go over the ground rules. We will start out by being with our own spouses and then we will swap and see where things go from there.

You choose the couch and we get the bed to start off with. You take your wife’s hand and you lead her to the couch and you start to kiss her, you run your lips down her neck and start to unbutton her blouse. You notice that she is not really paying attention to you, she is looking over your shoulder to what my husband and I are doing. You both go through the motions for a little while longer and we decide to switch partners.

My husband gets up off the bed and joins your wife on the couch, you stand up and come to me on the bed , I can see the desire in your eyes as you lay down beside me on the bed. You run your hands up my thighs and slip you hand under the hem of my skirt so you can feel the garter, you unhook my stockings and you slide your hand up my dress further to discover that I am not wearing panties, just a garter belt and stockings, you groan bahis siteleri in my ear and bring your lips to mine. You start to kiss me gently at first, then more insistently as you pull me towards you.

You bring your hands to my breasts and start to rub them, you feel my nipples respond almost immediately and you push my dress down over my shoulders and you draw my bra straps down my arms so you can free my breasts. You lean down and start to suck on my breasts, rolling my nipples between your teeth and massaging the other breast with your warm hands.

I reach down to your crotch and feel the bulge in your pants and you push your hips into my hands, you are begging me with your eyes to release you from your prison and bring you to life with my mouth and hands. We sneak a peek at our spouses, suddenly remembering that we are not alone in the room and they are just as engrossed in each other as we have been so we keep going.

I roll you onto your back and kneel beside you, I unzip your pants and pull them off your hips. I grab your cock through your underwear and start to massage the hardness, you groan louder and I know what you want me to do. I remove your underwear and I grab your cock with my hands and start to stroke you, up and down, up and down, with each stroke my grip tightens on your cock. I bend my head and lick the head of your cock, I flick my tongue all around it until it is glistening with my saliva. I take you deep into my mouth, my hands are running up and down your thighs, my nails digging into you slightly. Your eyes are closed and you are moving your hips to the rhythm of my sucking.

It has been so long since you have been treated this way and you are worried that you will cum too quickly if you let me continue so you sit up and grab me and pull me into another passionate kiss. You unzip my dress and lower it over my hips and throw it on the floor. You pull the fabric bahis şirketleri of my bra down far enough that my breasts pop out over the top. You lie me on my back and you crawl towards the bottom of the bed. You spread my thighs until you have a full view of my glistening shaved pussy, you can see each fold and cannot wait to taste me. You spread my lips and you lick my pussy with soft gentle licks until I am squirming and have my hands in your hair keeping your head exactly where I want it. You run your tongue up to the top of my pussy and you start to suck on my swollen clit, you slip a couple of fingers inside my wetness and you continue to suck my clit while I pant and moan loving every fucking second of what your tongue is doing to me.

I grab your head and pull you back up towards my face, I want to taste my juice on your lips and tongue so we kiss passionately. I whisper in your ear that I need to feel your cock inside me that instant so you kneel in between my legs and I spread my thighs and you guide your cock into my waiting hot pussy. I gasp as your full length enters me and fills me up. You start to plunge deep inside me, bringing your cock out each time so that your next thrust opens me up over and over. I wrap my legs around your hips and start to grind with you. You are looking deep into my eyes and our passion is like nothing we have ever felt before. Our pace quickens and you tell me you are so close to cumming that you can’t stand it. I tell you that I am ready too and you fuck me like I have never been fucked before, we are both drenched in sweat and are moving as one person…we are moaning and just when we think we can’t take anymore you fill my pussy with your hot cum. You stop moving but are still inside me, my hips are still wrapped around your hips and we just lie there spent, your head is resting on my heaving breasts and eventually we cool down and our heartbeats become normal again. You pull up on your arms and look down at me and tell me that you have never felt so satisfied in your life. I pull your lip to my ear and whisper that I feel the same way and that I think we will be very very good friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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