Sweet Birthday Surprise

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I’m so excited! I went shopping today and bought some new underthings. I can’t wait to put them on! There’s something about new lingerie that makes me feel sexy.

Today is your birthday and I’m excited to surprise you! As soon as I walk in the door, I wash my new items and set them out to dry. I turn on my music and cook dinner. I smile to myself, thinking about the first time you walked into my house while I was cooking. You stopped short and just watched me chop vegetables while singing and dancing around the kitchen. At first you were looking at me in shock, but you quickly recovered and started dancing with me! I loved it! I’m making your favorite lasagna from scratch and enjoying every second of it.

Once dinner is in the oven, I jump through the shower. I quickly wash thoroughly and shave everything. I love the way my skin feels after shaving, so silky smooth. I fix my hair and put on my new items. When I have the black corset with lace cutouts perfectly fitted, I put on the matching black lace thong, garter belt, nylons, and knee-high heeled boots. Damn I feel sexy! I admire myself in the mirror, I look like a temptress ready for a good fucking.

I hear the timer for dinner and rush downstairs to pull it out of the oven. I take my time setting the table and pouring us each a glass of wine. I change the music to a more quiet and seductive mix. I hear you drive up and a door slam. I’m giddy with delight and anticipation. I hide around the corner, so you don’t see me until I choose.

You walk in the door and glance around, but you don’t see me yet. You close your eyes and inhale deeply.

“Mmmm! Something smells fantastic!” you yell out to me.

“Happy Birthday Dear!” I exclaim as I walk around the corner.

You smile at me for a quick second before your eyes round in shock as you peruse up and down my body. My goodness you’re handsome and that look is arousing by itself. Yep, I caused that reaction, I think to myself. You continue to stare, gaze devouring me.

“Are you hungry?” I ask.

“Famished,” you respond as you stride toward me. You grab me and kiss me fiercely. You taste amazing! I canlı bahis love the way you feast on my mouth, caressing my tongue and sucking on my lips.

When you release me from your grasp I ask, “Are you ready to eat?”

“Absolutely,” you respond as you lift me up onto the kitchen counter and drop to your knees. I grin down at you as you lean forward and swipe your tongue over my thong, teasing my clit in the process.

I moan at the contact and breathily say, “I thought you wanted to eat.”

“I am,” you say as your tongue strokes over me.

You move my thong over and slide two fingers inside me. It feels so good! You rub your fingers over my g-spot in a delicious pattern. I’m so focused on your fingers I don’t notice you moving until you place your lips over my clit and suck…hard. You continue to move your fingers, pressing down once, twice, and on the third stroke my orgasm blasts through my body like a freight train. I yell out as my body clenches your fingers, pulsing uncontrollably. You suck up my wetness, prolonging the waves of pleasure, licking me until the last of my shaking subsides.

You gently kiss my clit, my lower belly, the swell of my breasts, my neck, and finally my lips. I swipe my tongue over your lips and taste me on you. Geez, you’re fantastic with your tongue! And every other body part too! I wrap my arms around you, hugging tight, while we make out. My goodness I love this man. I can feel your erection pressing against me. I want a taste.

We continue to kiss as I unbutton your shirt and push it off your shoulders. I lean forward and slide off the cabinet, skimming down your body until I touch the floor, I then drop to my knees. I undo your pants and your hard cock immediately juts out. You went commando today! Your dick is gorgeous. It’s thick and long, hard and weeping. I immediately lean forward and lick up and down your shaft. I slowly flick my tongue over your slit, tasting your arousal. I moan at the delicious taste of you.

I suck on your head gently before taking your shaft as far into my throat as I can. I can’t take you all in at once, so I grasp the base of your cock bahis siteleri and stroke you with the rhythm of my sucking. You grab my hair and hold on while I suck as I please. I’m able to take you in further as I bob on you. Saliva coats your cock and balls, allowing me to smoothly take more and more of you down my throat. It takes about five deep advances before I’m able to take all of you. You groan as my nose hits your pelvis and my throat contracts around your head.

You start thrusting into my mouth, face fucking me. You go faster and harder with each retreat and advance. I feel your cock thicken even more. “Not yet,” you ground out as you pull me off you abruptly. I feel empty without you in me and I want more. You grab my arms, pulling me up to you and kiss me quickly. You move like a man possessed and I love it.

You yank my thong off and push me back up onto the counter. Your dick is right at my entrance, you grab your thickness and stroke it over my opening. You glide yourself over me from clit to asshole without going in. I squirm, trying to get you inside, but you don’t allow it. You’re frustrating me. You reach down and graze your fingers over my clit, adding more sensations. “Spread wider for me,” you order. Your words invoke even more arousal in me. I feel my wetness drip down my thighs as I spread as wide as I can. God, I need you now!

You continue to tease me, stroking, pinching, and grazing. You’re upping my arousal tenfold. You play my body so well! Every move is deliberate. You know exactly what you’re doing to me. My core clenches with the beginnings of an orgasm but you don’t give me the additional friction I need to allow it to pick up momentum. I’m crying out at the goodness of all of it! You tease relentlessly without giving me the release I crave.

“Please!” I beg. “Oh God Please!!” I yell.

“What do you need Sweetheart, tell me,” you demand.

It takes me a moment to find the words, my mind is a jumbled mess. “Please! Take me! I need you inside!” I scream in desperation.

“That’s my girl,” you respond as you finally push into me in one long thrust. I moan at the goodness bahis şirketleri of your assault. My muscles immediately start to quiver at the added stimulation. You grab my ass and pull me towards you as you impale me completely.

You pull me into you with each stroke. I meet every thrust you give, some short and fast, some long and slow. You grind against my clit with every move. I hold my breath as I reach for release. I can feel it, I can almost reach it. You stop moving and groan in my ear, “Breathe for me Babe, stop trying and relax for me.” I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with as much oxygen as possible. You feel me release a small fraction of tension and you give me your full assault. You take me hard and relentlessly.

We’re both sweating and moaning, losing ourselves in each other. Suddenly you yank my left breast out of the top of my corset and latch on to my nipple, sucking and nibbling. The added sensations have my entire body shaking. I feel you getting bigger, throbbing inside of me. “Come on me, let me feel it Babe!” you groan. Your words release my building pressure, sending me over the edge into ecstasy. I scream as my body pulses and milks your orgasm from you. Your body tenses up and a look of absolute euphoria overtakes your face. You groan out your pleasure as you spill into me. I feel every spurt as my spasms slowly diminish.

We continue to kiss, the heat from moments ago is replaced with affection. Your softening cock remains inside of me as we revel in the connection. Eventually, we separate. You tuck yourself back into your pants and help me put my thong back on. We reheat the now cold lasagna, but neither of us care. I serve us and we take the plates and wine into the other room. You toss a blanket and a few pillows on the floor. We sit on the floor, enjoying our meal, talking, touching, and kissing. We stay there for most of the evening, taking pleasure in the moment.

As it starts getting late, we clean up our dishes and shower together. We gently wash each other, caressing and enjoying each other’s bodies. We can’t seem to keep our hands off each other. You end up taking me from behind as the water rains down on our heated skin until we’re both exhausted and completely satiated. The water begins to run cold as we get out, dry off, and climb into bed. We fall asleep quickly wrapped in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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