Suzi Ch. 1

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Pt. I: Suzi

Friday evening didn’t start well at all. Pa fined me five dollars out of my allowance against the window which I had broken when I was showing my sister Lynn’s boyfriend Mike how I had made the winning hit. Not only that, but Lynn collected on the ten I owed her, which left me with the princely sum of eight dollars and fifty cents. Not much for a date, even a blind one!

Mike had arranged it for me, with a friend of his ex-girlfriend Sally. I had to drive across town and pick her up at her uncle’s house. 2473 Holly. A girl called Suzi, Suzi Kendrick. I knew nothing about her except her name and her uncle’s address. Mike said she was attractive but somehow Mike and I had kept missing each other so I hadn’t been able to find out any more. He was due to pick Lynn up at about the time I had to leave to collect Suzi, so I hoped to get some more background from him then.

Unfortunately, Mike was running late. I stayed as long as I dared but I had agreed to pick Suzi up at eight. It was a fifteen minute drive and the clock showed seven forty-three, so I said so long to Ma and Lynn and scooted out to the car. It was nothing to look at, my old Ford, but it was clean, it was sound and the knowledge I had picked up doing holiday jobs helping Mike’s father in their car repair business had enabled me to do some work on the engine. It ran well, hardly used any oil and hadn’t let me down. Yet.

I was on my way down the street when Mike turned the corner in his Mustang on his way to pick up Lynn. They had met because of me. Lynn had driven across with me, just for the ride, when I went to pick up some spares I had ordered. It’s funny the way some people seem to have instant attraction. I guessed they were lovers now, but it was none of my business. I loved my sister, at least I did most of the time, and I liked Mike. Good luck to them. I laughed to myself. Lucky Mike! Lynn’s a good-looker. Tall, slim, blonde. Takes after Ma. Mike grinned at me as he passed, but he didn’t stop.

I reached Suzi’s uncle’s house at one minute to eight and rang the doorbell. I waited anxiously. I had no idea what I expected but the honey-blonde in the blue mini-dress who opened the door was a pleasant sight to my eyes.

“Suzi?” I said.

“No,” she laughed. “I’m her cousin, Karen. You must be Matt. Come in, she won’t be a minute.”

I followed the blonde into the house. She spoke over her shoulder. “My mom and dad are on vacation at the moment. Suzi’s keeping me company while they’re away.”

“Would you like to come with us?” I asked awkwardly.

She smiled crookedly at me. “No, but it’s nice of you to ask. My boyfriend is due back from a trip tonight. You take Suzi, she’ll be glad to get out for a change, instead of keeping me company.”

A sound behind me made me turn. Another girl stood there, a tentative smile on her face. “Matt?” she asked.

“Suzi?” We both relaxed. I flatter myself. I’m not exactly ugly. An even six feet, a hundred and eighty pounds, most of it muscle, mouse coloured hair which Ma keeps telling me to get cut. I had my clean denims on that night, they were only two weeks old, and a sweatshirt. Suzi was tall and slim, about five-eight, going in and out in all the right places. She had long red hair, green eyes, and was wearing a green cotton shirt and a rust-coloured miniskirt. Low-heeled tan shoes completed her outfit. She was a damn’ sight better looking than my last two blind dates!

“Are you ready?” I asked. She nodded. “Let’s go, then.” She turned to her cousin and hugged her.

“I’ll see you later, Kaz.”

“Got your key, honey? I might be in bed.” Karen smiled broadly. Suzi nodded. “Enjoy yourselves,” said Karen. “Don’t keep her out too late, Matt. Midnight deadline, OK?” I smiled. She might be back within the hour if we didn’t hit it off. I hoped we would. She seemed very nice.

She was nice. She chatted amiably as we drove, bright and cheerful, sitting half-turned to face me. She sympathised with my shortage of funds and agreed readily enough to a trip to the drive-in. Not my favourite choice of venue, but we could always duck out. Six dollars later, we found a decent place in line, hooked up the speaker and settled down. As we watched my heart sank.

It was a low budget horror flick, big on gore and naked tits, sadly short of any redeeming feature, although some of the tits were nice. I glanced at Suzi. She looked bored, bahis firmaları but smiled slightly when I caught her eye. I made the sudden decision to ditch the speaker and dropped it out of the window. I think it broke. I’m good at that sort of thing.

“Sorry, Suzi. It’s a bummer! How about a soda and some popcorn?” I asked. “Then we can go for a drive or something, if you like. At least the gas tank’s full!”

“I’d love a soda, Matt. Diet, please. Don’t bother with the popcorn, not for me.” She patted her flat stomach. “I put weight on thinking about food!” I didn’t believe that for a second. I turned the radio on.

“Find something you like, I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

I climbed out of the car and hurried towards the snack bar at the rear of the lot. It was busy, people everywhere, but service was quick and I soon had two sodas in plastic-capped paper cups.

Outside again, I decided to use the men’s room. I took a leak and washed my hands when a thought struck me. I smiled to myself. Fat chance, with my luck. I had the theory but damned little practice! I glanced around. Sure enough, there was a condom machine. I put a half-dollar in and tucked the little packet in the watch pocket of my jeans. It never hurt to be prepared! I had a dollar left! I picked up the sodas and went back to the car.

Suzi was curled up in the front passenger seat, listening to the radio. She’d found a classical station and a rendering of Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune’ was being played. We both sat in unspokenly agreed silence until it had finished. I passed Suzi a soda.

“Thanks, Matt,” she murmured.

“I don’t consider myself a classical piano fan,” I told her, “In classical, I prefer Russian orchestral, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, those guys, but I do like Clair de Lune. It is a truly beautiful piece of music.”

I sipped my soda and we sat in silence for a few minutes, listening. When we’d finished I took the empty cups and dropped them in a nearby trash can. I climbed back in the car and sat back.

Suzi glanced across at me and smiled. On impulse I took her hand. She squeezed my fingers and slid closer. Encouraged, I put my arm lightly around her shoulders. She slid right across and snuggled against me. I gently stroked her shoulder.

She murmured, wordlessly, almost inaudible. Encouraged, I stroked the back of her neck, massaging. I leaned across and kissed her neck. The scent was faint, flowery, a hint of musk… I kissed her neck again. She sighed contentedly, wordlessly.

“That feels nice,” she murmured, squeezing my knee lightly.

I kissed her behind her ear. She moved her hair out of the way, so I blew lightly in her ear. She surprised me. She blew straight back into mine.

I was feeling definitely encouraged by now. Suzi showed no signs of wanting to leave, or to watch the film. It was full dark outside, so no-one could see into the car unless they came up and peered into the window. I considered. Although there was only a relatively small gap between the front seats, which meant that Suzi could snuggle up close to me without any problems, the steering wheel and floor shift certainly did get in the way.

“Suzi,” I murmured in her ear.


“Shall we get into the back seat? There’s more room.”

She sat up and looked at me in the gloom, then smiled. “OK.”

I climbed through the gap then helped her through, putting my arm around her as we snuggled together. I kissed her throat. Delicious texture.

” ‘S nice,” she murmured.

I took a chance and kissed her lips. She tasted delicious there too. Nice soft lips, warm. I kissed her again. I could do this all night! Again. Her mouth moved and the tip of her tongue lightly touched mine. Again. She pressed her body against me and squeezed me in her arms. Encouraged, I lightly stroked the front of her shirt.

She pulled away slightly. “Please, Matt. Don’t be in such a hurry.”

I stroked her neck again and she relaxed. “Keep doing that, it’s nice after a hard day,” she murmured.

I stroked her back. “And that,” she said. I gently massaged her neck and shoulders, crooning wordlessly in her ear. I could feel the tension easing from her. I kissed her ear again, and then her lips. Her arms tightened around me and she moaned softly, her tongue against mine.

I held my breath and gently stroked her shirt again. Suzi stiffened, then took a deep breath and pressed kaçak iddaa my hand against her breast. It felt nice and soft under her shirt and her breathing deepened as I continued to stroke her, her hands rubbing at my chest and shoulders. I slid my hand down then gently up again under her shirt.

No bra! My hand was lost in a warm softness as Suzi turned her body slightly to help me. I could feel her nipple becoming erect as I continued to stroke her. I dropped my head and sucked her nipple through the cloth. Suzi moaned and made no protest as I unbuttoned her shirt. She moved to let me open it and slid down slightly in the seat as I stroked her belly. I could see her breasts only dimly in the darkness but I knew from touching them that they were full and firm, filling my hand beautifully.

I stroked her belly and could feel the muscles moving under her skin as her body rose to meet my hand. Her tongue twined around mine as I kissed her again, a sharp intake of breath as my fingers found her navel. Her skin felt smooth and silky under my hand. I dropped my head and kissed her belly.

She moaned, whispering in my ear. “I love that… ” She ran her fingers through my hair then slid her hands into my sweatshirt and drew her fingernails lightly across my back.

My tongue played across her fragrant skin and she slid further down in the seat to make it easier for me. I kissed her breasts and she began kissing my throat and neck. Her breasts felt wonderful, soft and warm, the nipples erect against my lips. Suzi’s breathing was becoming ragged. She squeezed my biceps and moaned softly. I stroked her thigh and she slid down further and pulled me on top of her.

“Ohh! That feels good! That fee-e-e-l-s goo-o-o-o-d!” she moaned.

Her thighs rubbed against mine and she grabbed my ass and squeezed it as I continued to stroke her thigh. Her chest heaved as she kissed me deeply, her tongue twining with mine, saliva mixing.

I stroked her ass, squeezing gently, feeling the softness and warmth.

“Oh my god! You know how to turn me on, you bastard!” she hiccuped. Her hands were moving all over my ass and thighs and I held on as she rocked her hips into mine. I could feel her heart beating wildly as she held me tight and I began gently to stroke her again. She moved under me and moaned very quietly.

“Don’t stop, Matt! Please! Don’t stop!”

I could feel her hips quivering through the material. She was running her hands up and down along my thighs, moaning wordlessly. I could feel her pelvis bump up against mine. I moved slightly and slid my hand into the top of her miniskirt, down to her panties. My hand was enveloped in a moist warmth as she moved to help me, her hips slowly pulsing as she held me tight.

I slid the zipper of her miniskirt down and she raised her bottom so that I could slide it off her. I stroked her panties, the material silky under my fingers, a gasp from her as I slid my fingernails across her belly just above the elastic. I slid my hand into her panties, easing it down until my fingers reached her pussy.

“Ohhh! Matt!” she moaned softly.

I slid my finger up and down across her clitoris, gently, gently. She squeezed my crotch and her hips pushed against my hand. I pulled gently at her panties and she lifted her ass to let me slide them off. I gently fingered her pussy. My finger was quickly lost in her wetness and she pulled me closer, squirming with delight. Her thighs squeezed together, trapping my hand in softness, her hips pumping slowly against my finger. I kissed her again and she took my face between her hands and put her whole being into returning that kiss. She pulled back and smiled at me, then she pushed my head down and spread her legs.

“Eat me a little, please, Matt,” she whispered.

Surprised, but pleased, for this was something I had never dared hope would happen, I slid down, kissing my way down her belly, then let my tongue lap the whole length of her cleft, from the pucker of her anus to the little pink finger of her clitoris, poking from its hood. She was wet with her own desire and I lapped at her greedily.

“Oh, Matt! That… is… s-o-o-o g-o-o-o-o-o-o-d-d!” She stroked my head, mewing. “Ohhh!!! Yes… yes… yes…”

I raised my head and she stared at me, eyes glazed. I struggled out of my sweatshirt and jeans. I think she liked what she saw. When I took off my undershorts she took one kaçak bahis look at my erection, hot and hard enough to bore concrete, smiled broadly and licked her lips. I knelt carefully and was just about to enter her when she squirmed wildly away from me.

“Matt! Have you got a rubber?” she asked frantically.

Relieved, I nodded and reached into my jeans, taking out the little foil packet and ripping it open with my teeth. She reached out her hand for it and beckoned me forward. She bent forward suddenly and licked the head of my cock, then straightened and smiled at me.

“Another time, maybe!”

She carefully unrolled the condom onto my rigid cock, then lay back, spread her legs wide and smiled at me.

“Eat me again, first, Matt, please! I’m so close!”

I bent and licked her cunt again. Hot and salty, her juices flowing freely. As I licked her, she began to pant. I chewed gently at her clitoris and thought for a moment she was going into orbit!

“Matt!” she moaned. “Do it to me, baby, do it now! Fuck me, lover, fuck me!”

She was so wet with her own excitement that I sank straight into her. Her cunt was tight, elastic, yielding to my thrusts. We were both very excited and we came very soon, almost simultaneously, the whole car shaking to the results of our climax.

Afterwards, we lay entwined. Outside, the drive-in parking lot was almost deserted except for one or two cars like mine, dark, windows steamy. Absently, I stroked her nipple. She sighed happily and pressed my hand against herself.

“Matt?” she murmured.

“Yeah, baby?” I said.

“Thank you, Matt, that was wonderful.” She took my hand from her breast and kissed it, then carefully replaced it. “Was I good?” Her voice was anxious, surprising me.

I sat up and took both of her hands in mine, kissing her knuckles. “The most incredible experience of my life,” I said earnestly and honestly. “You were fantastic!”

She sighed. “I wish my first time had been you.”

“Too late for that, sweetheart.” I hugged her tightly. “But please, Suzi, let there be another time for me!”

“Oh, yes, Matt! Yes! There will be.” She hugged me, hard, then pulled back. “Matt?”

“Yes, honey?”

“There’s a dance on at college next week. I wasn’t planning to go, as I don’t have a partner.”

“You have now, if you want one.”


“You’re on! Formal?”

“Yes.” She grimaced. “Never mind, I have a lovely dress. It shows most of my tits!” She laughed. “You haven’t seen them yet. It’s too dark in here. I’m quite proud of them.”

“I can put the light on.” I’d sure like to see you, Suzi.

“No!” she said quickly. “Someone might see.”

“They felt and tasted good to me!” I rubbed a hole in the steam on the window and peered out. All was dark.

“What time is it, Matt?”

“Five to twelve.” I stifled a yawn.

“You’d better take me home,” she murmured sadly.

When we got back to Suzi’s uncle’s house about fifteen minutes later, all appeared to be quiet, but when we went in Karen’s voice came out of the darkness.

“Enjoy yourselves?” A lamp was switched on and Karen blinked owlishly at us from the couch.

“Yes, we did,” said Suzi. “Jimmy get home OK?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Karen smiled reminiscently. “He left about quarter to twelve. Poor baby was all in. He’d been driving for ten hours.” She yawned hugely, like a cat, then covered her mouth, embarrassed. “Sorry. I’m tired. I guess I’ll turn in. Don’t sit up too long.” She stood, sketched a wave to me and went out towards the stairs.

“Excuse me, Matt,” said Suzi. “I’ll be right back.” She hurried after Karen. I heard muffled conversation from the foot of the stairs, then Karen’s giggle. Suzi came back grinning.

“What’s the joke?” I asked. She glanced back over her shoulder to make sure that Karen had gone upstairs.

“Jimmy. He was so tired that he fell asleep in mid-fuck! Karen says she had to put him on his back and finish it off herself. She reckons he came in his sleep!” Suzi laughed. “It must have been fun!” She sobered. “I guess you’d better go home now, Matt. I promised Karen I’d be up soon.”

“When can I see you again.”

“Tomorrow?” She smiled, her eyebrows raised.

“In the morning?”

“Sure. What time?”

“About nine? Or is that too early? It is Saturday, after all.”

“See you at nine, then.” She smiled happily. “I’ll cook you breakfast, if you want?”

“Great! Now come here, I want a goodnight kiss!” It was a long one and she didn’t object to my hand under her shirt again. She couldn’t really. Her hand was inside my jeans.

To Be Continued…

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