Surviving the Barbas Ch. 01

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Another Christmas at the Barbas complete. I’d been dating Sylvie for over three years and with every holiday her family’s disappointment in me became reduced by about five percent. Her big brothers, Nic and Rudy, were more interested in sports than anything I brought up. Her mother always sighed heavily as she told me I needed to eat more, not accepting the excuse that my metabolism kept me at a lowly one hundred and thirty-five pounds. I admit that her aunt gave me some flirtatious attention, but it was usually accompanied by a knock at my height; at five seven, I was noticeably shorter than any of the Barba men.

And the patriarch of the Barba men was easily the most disappointed in me. Papa Barba sat silently in his lounging chair, clutching a sixty-four ounce growler in one hand and stroking his thick salt-and-pepper beard with the other. He raised the jug to his lips and downed three big gulps before planting it back on his lap and rumbled out a low, deep belch. I took a sip of my gin and tonic and avoided eye contact.

We were all having one last drink after Boxing Day dinner. Sylvie and I were about to head back to the city and she was joking around with her brothers. Niccolo, the oldest, pounded a can of Lucky lager and crushed the empty can in his hand. He pounded a fist into his burly musclegut and let a monstrous belch. The family all laughed. Rudy, the middle child, raised his glass of Guinness until it was drained, and then followed his brother and father by burping out a long gurgling note. His big round belly tremored as he chuckled. Sylvie’s mother applauded her youngest son and I was once again amazed at how my new, inherited family operated.

Not to be outdone, my sweet girlfriend Sylvie downed her glass of red wine and jumped up from the couch. With her feet splayed wide apart and one hand on her hip like some tremendously overweight pop star, she barked out a short loud belch herself. Both brothers acknowledged their little sister’s power; only in the presence of such big men could Sylvie ever be considered ‘little.’

When I’d met Sylvie, she was twenty-two, five foot six, and two hundred and fifty pounds. For me, a virgin at the time, meeting such a big voluptuous woman two years older than me was a godsend. I’d flirted and bought her a drink, she’d reciprocated and grabbed my crotch, and before the night was over, she’d been sitting on my face and grinding me into oblivion. Our one-night stand had turned into a fling, and then a benefits situation, and finally an actual relationship. Over the years we’d been together, she’d slowly gained another hundred pounds.

Like everyone else in her Romanian-Italian family, she had black hair and a round, full physique. Her hips, thighs, and ass were all tremendous, although some triple D breasts atop a big round belly balanced her frame out well. She had a big double chin, thick lips, and big brown eyes. Both her feet and hands were as big as mine, but fatter, a point that her mother would notice more often than I’d like.

“I’m getting another glass,” Sylvie announced. She strode off towards the kitchen and brushed her plump hand along my chest as she passed. I turned and watched that big fat ass wobble, much to my satisfaction. As her frame left my field of view, it revealed her father glaring at me. I quickly made some face scratching motion to cover my actions…and then sipped my gin and tonic and avoided eye contact.

“C’mon Daniel, join in the chorus.” Niccolo suggested I participate in their game of belching, as he did every year. I had to just shrug my shoulders and think of a lame excuse as I always did.

“Sorry Nic…I don’t have the volume. Maybe I just lack the core strength that you have.” I used my drink to gesture down at his wall of solid abdominal fat.

Niccolo was six years older than me and literally more than double my size. He was six three and nearly four hundred pounds. He’d played football and rugby like his brother, sister, and father, and had the hulking physique from those years of college sports. The years of college had also given him the freshman fifteen, several times over. Now sporting the body of a broad, stocky strongman, Nic was somewhat between a dick and a legitimate asshole.

“Oh, he’s got core strength,” said aunt Dahlia. “I’ve seen those modeling photos on Facebook.” Dahlia walked over to where I sat and stood next to me with her own glass of wine. She playfully tousled my hair with her free hand. “Why don’t you go back into modeling, Daniel? You looked so good stripped down like that. Blonde and smooth. Hmm.”

Dahlia was Sylvie’s mum’s younger sister, making her around forty. She had the jet-black hair like Syvlie’s mum and the huge hips like all the women in their family. More than that, her eye-catching bosom was supported by a gigantic triple F cup bra. Dahlia güvenilir bahis was divorced, flirtatious, and dangerously sexy. She’d once gotten drunk and at a birthday party and told me that if I broke up with Sylvie then she’d be waiting for me and hungry.

Dahlia walked across the room, and my eyes strained not to stare at the only ass that was bigger than Sylvie’s. Papa Barba’s presence across the room provided me with enough motivation to stare down at my drink.

“Did you make good money doing that, Daniel?” Rudy asked.

“Ehh…not really. I made enough to help with school, I guess. But I was kinda too short to get regular contract work. So I went back into dance instead.”

An audible harrumph could be heard from Sylvie’s father, who shook his head at my performance history but offered no actual opinion. It wasn’t the first groan of disapproval from him, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. Rudy threw me a bone though.

“Hey…well…Daniel is a man of many talents. Modeling, dancing, acting, gymnastics, what else…martial arts?” I shrugged and smiled, appreciating Rudy’s effort to help me out.

“Yeah, kickboxing. Keeps me fit.”

“Which is more than I can say. Heh.” He patted his big gut and forced a laugh for my sake.

Rudy was four years older than me and a giant like the others. He wasn’t quite as tall as his brother or as much of a dick, standing at six foot two. He fully exceeded his brother in the weight category however, filling out at a very wide five hundred pounds. Rudy had done all the sports as the others, but just loved the sweets and disliked the gym a bit more, making his early twenties a time of much growth for him. He had the dark brown hair and a full black beard. He also had a girlfriend, but she rarely came out to family events; she was clearly much wiser than I was.

“Nic! Rood! Beer?”

“Yup!” Both brothers affirmed Sylvie’s call, and she marched her lovely self back into the living room with drinks for all three of them. Their father continued to sip from his growler.

Amadeus Barba was a terrifying man, in my estimation. He stood six foot one and appeared to be made of concrete with body hair. He had the physique of working man who’d spent the last fifty years in manual labour. He was in his early sixties, about fifteen years older than his wife, and hailed from the mother country of Romania. He had the stern work ethic of an immigrant and the unshakable suspicion of anything that appeared vaguely homosexual. My background in dance and modeling did not endear me to him. He’d been initially dismayed at the news that I was dating his daughter, but over the years I’d worked hard to change that dismay into nominal tolerance. I’d spoken to him for all of a collective fifteen minutes in the three years I’d known him.

Sylvie passed out the drinks and the belching continued. I was cut off to one because I was the one driving, but Sylvie had no restraint. The kids drank and laughed, the women chatted, and Papa Barba remained silent. I just sipped my single drink and was glad that I had survived without incident.

It wasn’t until nearly ten thirty that we were on our way out. I received two bone crushing hugs from Nic and Rudy, a silent nod from Papa Barba, and a hungry kiss on the cheek from Dalia.

“Sylvie, when are you going to rent him out to me for a weekend?”

“Pff…anytime. Hundred bucks and he’s yours.” The two women laughed and I was briefly both aroused and frightened by that proposal.

Sylvie’s mum, Bruna, gave me a big warm hug. Sharing her daughter’s physique, I always turned my palms up when hugging her. There was just too much shelf to risk grazing.

“You really need to eat more, honey.”

“I know…I’ll try.”

Sylvie and I had about a forty minute drive back to the city, the most of which she perused her Christmas gifts. It seemed that she’d drank just enough to be at the high point before the lull. I figured we were going to be too exhausted to have sex when we got home, so I kinda just zoned out while she rummaged through her new stuff.

“Oh, and this thing! Sounds cool!” I remembered what she was talking about. Some crystal ball thing that Dahlia had given her. Aunt Dahlia was into wicca and gothic things. I was about seventy five percent sure she worked part time as a dominatrix.

Sylvie pulled out the crystal ball, which was about the size of a fist. It was mounted on a wooden pedestal with three prongs to loosely hold it in place. A yin-yang symbol decorated the bottom of the pedestal. The inside of the sphere was speckled with tiny marks.

“Hey look, it fits.” Sylvie giggled as she plucked the sphere and stuffed it down the sea of her cleavage. “Oh, and there’s instructions…” She began reading them out while my mind wandered. I didn’t really listen, but it was something türkçe bahis about the spirit within us all, connected by the exchange of dual energies. Exchanging dualities…correcting imbalances…the alignment of the sun and stars. I’m paraphrasing.

“Cool. Well, we can put it on the coffee table.” She began rummaging through the rest of our gifts to pass the time. When we got home it was about eleven thirty. We lived in a big apartment building, and our parking spot was way across the lot from the front door.

“Ugh, it’s so cold now.” Sylvie tugged at her jacket to cover her chest and belly. Her shirts usually weren’t quite big enough to cover her big body. We both walked to our front door and waited in the lobby for our elevator. A big group of people were chatting in the lobby where we waited. Sylvie clutched her jacket tight, despite the warmth of our temperature-controlled building.

We waited for our elevator, which took a long time for whatever reason. The gang in the lobby seemed to be a Christmas party dispersing, all waiting for Ubers or something. I glanced at a few of them and met their eye contact until the ding signalled our elevator had arrived.

We stepped onto the elevator and a couple from the lobby joined us on the way up. Sylvie had been all giggles in the car but she’d been as quiet as her father since we entered the building. The other couple in the elevator cuddled and kissed while we traveled up to the fifteenth floor; Sylvie and I just held all our bags of gifts. The guy was tall, head and shoulders above his girlfriend. Once the door opened, we shuffled off, and I offered the couple a merry Christmas.

What just happened was a common scene for us. Sylvie didn’t say a word, but I knew from experience what she was thinking. When the two of us were alone, or when she was with her family or friends, she was bubbly and fun and confident, but as soon as she was in a group, things changed. Her weight gain had changed her from a big girl to a very big woman and equipped her with the social apprehension that stretched clothes and tiny chairs provided. Whenever Sylvie felt thin women’s eyes upon her, she would clam up and internalize things. I thought she was cute as hell, but most of my friends would compliment me on how I ‘didn’t have high standards’ and was able to ‘look beyond the superficial.’ I guess you could say she had slightly mannish features: a big nose and a strong jaw.

And my being short and a fraction of her weight didn’t help. I wasn’t able to wrap a bulky protective arm around her and shield her from other glares. It was something that I was aware of but could do little about. We both just quietly accepted it.

Once we were back in our apartment, we dropped everything and decided to head for bed. She stripped her clothes off and chucked each article on the floor, something I would probably be picking up the next day. I wasn’t a good cook, but I pretty much took care of all laundry, cleaning, and dishwashing duties. I undressed and folded my clothes while Sylvie peed, and by the time I joined her in the bathroom she was brushing her teeth wearing nothing but her bra and panties.

The sight of that big wide ass made me marvel as always. I’d always loved big girls and Sylvie was the perfect shape for me. I liked her at two fifty, but at three fifty she was a goddess. The sight of those big shapely calves, tree trunk thighs, and juicy fat ass got me hard instantly. I approached her from behind as she leaned over the sink and pressed my erection into one big butt cheek.

“Oh, hi there,” she said, just before spitting into the sink. I brushed my teeth with her, dry humping her fat ass all the while. My one free hand ran around her big belly and enjoyed the soft warmth of her skin. She let me touch her, allowing my hands to distract her from any minor frustration the crowd may have caused. “Feeling frisky are we?”

“Always…with you around.”

Sylvie and I had our problems, but man, the sex was good. She was a big, sexually dominant girl who wasn’t afraid to throw her weight around. I was a lifelong lover of ample women, and I had a submissive streak. Our sex always involved lots of facesitting and cunnilingus, since we both loved it. I really enjoyed getting her off several times like that before I would fuck her doggy style and feel those big hips pound into me. Sylvie fucked hard and had dated bigger guys in the past, but my tongue, fingers, and dedication seemed to get her off enough that she always told me she loved it.

Even though we were sleepy, that night was no exception. We started making out in the bathroom and stumbled into the bedroom. She was only one inch shorter than me, so when I held her in my arms, my arms were really full. Once we got to the bed, she employed her usual judo hip toss and easily threw me into bed. güvenilir bahis siteleri Once I was horizontal was when she would get aggressive, and that night was no exception.

She crawled over top of me, her long black hair hanging down in my face. She had a confident, powerful smile on her face, which I’d gotten quite used to.

“It’s punishment time.”

“Oh yeah? What is it this time?” I queried.

“Well…it’s been cold out so it’s not like I’ve worn shorts lately.” We hadn’t been intimate for the three nights we’d stayed at her parents’, so the coarse hair on her shin was a touch surprising to me as she rubbed it against my thigh. She would often skip out on shaving her legs despite my requests for it. I didn’t really mind.

“That’s only a minor punishment,” I joked. This was foreplay to us.

“Hm, there’s more. Nic and Rudy were hogging the shower this today so…I haven’t had a wash since yesterday morning.” She giggled some more, understanding that this was more of a challenge for me.

Sylvie would often go without a shower for a day or two; she worked in a construction office with labourers, so her personal presentation wasn’t really of great concern most of the time. It had taken me a while to get used to it, but her dominant nature had taught me to enjoy the ripe smell of her unwashed pussy. I’d actually started to get a little high off it.

“And the alcohol always makes me really warm, too. Hope you don’t mind a sweaty sauna tonight.” Sylvie giggled some more and she turned around to position herself so that her shins were pinning down my arms and her monstrous hips loomed above my face. She pulled her pink panties down to her knees to remove the final barrier between us. “Let’s hear you say it.”

I stared up into the abyss of Sylvie’s big, hairy unwashed ass, considering the size and crushing weight of her hips and smelling the musk from her moistening, bushy, fat pussy.

“I want it.”

“Really? How much?”

“So bad. I need it, please.” Sylvie played with my cock while she teased me.

“Hmm, begging. I like it. How about some more to really get my wet.” I took a deep breath, letting the wind from her intoxicate me where my single gin and tonic had left off.

“Please goddess, I need you. I can’t live without your pussy lips sucking on my face. Tasting you and pleasing you is the only thing that gives me meaning. So sit on me, own me, use me as your toy. I’m begging you, goddess. Please.”

That was enough make Sylvie let out a pleasured squeal as she plopped her big self down on my face. She pushed her hips forward so that her huge thighs and ass pressed into me while the weight of her big belly smothered my torso. Her big tits squashed my abdomen, still bound in her pink bra, as her thick lips planted down on my hard, circumcised cock and began to suck.

I was floored by the smell of her pussy and smothered by the big furry muff. Her labia suctioned on my face while ample juices began to flow. She was already so wet that my tongue was swimming inside her. Our well-practiced rhythm of humping hips and desperate nose breathing commenced, and we were off to the races.

Our top heavy sixty-nine was pure heaven for me, the feeling of being owned by this big goddess bringing me to come almost instantly. It was just shy of the stroke of midnight when I blew in her mouth and she hungrily gulped down my load. I felt the thrill of climaxing while I fought not to suffocate inside her. Sylvie was good at giving me just enough air to continue breathing and pleasuring her. It was as if she could feel me inside of her while my load traveled down to her stomach.

I couldn’t tell if it was her smell or the Christmas spirit or what, but something about that sixty-nine felt downright magical. I’d already come, but Sylvie kept sucking, and it felt like I reached some new dimension of the male orgasm. Sylvie sucked harder and harder and I almost thought she was going to swallow my entire abdominal cavity with those thick hungry lips. I couldn’t believe how intense it felt; it literally hurt. Sylvie seemed to feel the same way, because she was moaning like I’d never heard her.

Meanwhile, Sylvie was gushing so hard that I needed to swallow and sputter against the waves of her juice. She’d always been a bit of a gusher, but I was getting her jizz in my eyes, my nose, and even dripping down into my ears. I swallowed three or four times and it felt like I was chugging ass flavoured Gatorade. I really couldn’t believe what was happening.

After a few minutes of this unreal climax, the main thrust of her hips stopped and she released my crotch from her jaws. I felt her shift her weight upwards, which was normal for us, as she fully sat on my face. Her three hundred and fifty pound body shifted slightly forward and gave me nearly full weight as my tongue entered the crack of her hairy ass. I heard some gentle moans now from this goddess above me. A slow little rhythm kept me working for another ten or fifteen minutes before she finally released me from the prison of her asshole.

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