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Self sacrifice is just self indulgence under another name. I told Marion I had read that somewhere and then stood up and let her help me off with my robe get me on the bed. She fastened my hair back while I applied some body lotion to the more sensitive areas before I let her position me, pushing a pillow under my pelvis and another under my head. She stood back as if inspecting a display and, still staring, went to the door, opened it and called him.

She whispered to him and he walked purposefully towards the bed removing his own robe and showing off his splendid muscles. He certainly had a splendid body. Just looking at the handsome Roger had always awakened the female instincts, stirred the hormones into a frenzy.

I was nervous, shaking. I took a long, deep breath and slowly parted my legs. He lifted himself onto the bed, avoiding eye contact, and put his head between my thighs. Although I had run pictures through my mind in almost nightly sessions, this was not what I was expecting. I gave Marion a pleading look, then moaned as his tongue went from the bottom of my vulva to the top.

I think Marion was surprised. “He likes doing that – it gets him aroused.” She said it quietly as though needing to reassure herself. She leaned across and adjusted the pillow. I lifted my head. All I could see was the top of his head as he sucked my labial lips, slowly pulling them, giving me an electric thrill made up of equal parts of pleasure and pain. I hadn’t been expecting foreplay. I raised my hips off the bed but he put his hands on my thighs and pushed me back down before moving to lick my clitoris. His tongue moved in pleasurable circles until it reached my tiny bud. A flick across the top of it made me hiss. Marion took hold of one of my hands and pressed it in a reassuring grasp. “Sorry, he’s just showing off.”

My look said I wasn’t minding it one bit. My other hand, fingers spread, gripped the top of his head as he played with my clitoris. One of his fingers slid bahis firmaları across my vulva, making me shiver. He twirled it in my wetness, dug through my folds of skin and pushed the finger into my opening. I stared up at Marion and she stared back. She pressed my hand again, more firmly this time, and said something to him – “get on with it” I imagined.

He ignored her. Another finger invaded my hole. He curled both fingers upwards and dragged them along the slick upper walls. I wanted to tell Marion about the incredible sensations he had inspired but stopped myself and instead made muffled noises as I thrashed my head back and forth.

A third finger entered me and it was too much. I pushed hard against his head trying to stop the pleasure, aware that I should be feeling guilty for enjoying this. He held firm and started pumping his fingers into me making me squirm. I looked up at Marion questioning. A long wave of intense feeling flooded me. Finally, he released me and I turned and flung my arms around Marion.

He said something to Marion in a low voice. All I heard was the word “position”. She held me and I let her slowly move me over onto my knees. “Are you ready? He’s fired up and going in.”

I grunted, staring down at the bed. “An injection.”

He knelt behind me, wrapping his arms around me. An erect penis slid against my buttocks and wedged itself between my thighs. His breath was hot on my neck as he moved his hips, pressing forward. Marion took my wrists as his penis probed inwards, making a path between my legs.

His crotch met my arse and sharp pubic hair scraped the skin. He sawed back and forth and I felt the slickness of my juice spreading between my thighs. Marion used one hand to move my left leg; immediately his penis responded by rubbing against my vaginal opening. There was a pause of frightening anticipation. I seemed to have stopped breathing.

I sensed he was bracing himself, moving backwards and then, with a sudden forward kaçak iddaa thrust, he entered the vaginal door. I moaned, opened my eyes and looked at Marion. He pulled back then moved forward again, this time pushing his erection deep within me. I felt my thighs part, making way for his penis. He was all the way in and I could feel the tip against my cervix. He took hold of my breasts and hugged me to him.

Marion was now lying half across the head of the bed, wide-eyed, staring at me. I heard her swallowing saliva, then heard his breath escape him in a rush as he settled within me.

“Not hurting I hope?” He was grunting the words. “Supposed to be… a good position.”

“Just… just get… on with it.”

He began a steady motion, pushing me forward against Marion with each thrust, pulling me back with each withdrawal. Our breathing rose as his tempo increased. He fingered my nipples then he pressed my breasts harder and started panting. His thrusting increased and his crotch slapped my bottom with each incoming plunge. I bucked back against him, twisting, flexing my vulva, and squeezing his penis with my vaginal muscles. Marion took her hands away and reached back grabbing his buttocks, pulling them and him to me. Her voice seemed to come from the end of an echoing tunnel. “He’s going to do…”

She didn’t need to tell me as our movements were getting wilder and wilder. He gripped me tighter and tighter until suddenly he jammed himself deep in me, held still for breath-holding seconds before yanking back. A splash of hot semen hit my cervix. That triggered my orgasm and I pressed my lips together to avoid it being vocal. I pushed back hard into him as he went forward into me, filling me with another stream of semen.

I shook and shivered as spasms tore through my body. His hand clenched and unclenched on my nipples and I felt him bite into my shoulder; a satisfied sigh as he pushed and delivered the last of his cream into me. He rolled backward, his kaçak bahis sticky penis plopping out of me and making me gasp. I heard him draw in a series of heavy breaths then the mattress groaned as he got off the bed and went out of the door.

I lay there, face down into the bed, slowly extending my legs, enjoying the contractions, feeling semen dripping from me and sliding down the inside of my thighs. I rolled over and hugged Marion, nestling my face on her chest. “That’s some husband you’ve got there.”

She nodded.

I smiled at her. “Is he always so passionate?”

She nodded again.

“He certainly enjoys fucking.”

Another nod.

“And he’s fucking good at it; very generous with his sperm.”

There were tears in her eyes and her mouth was trembling.

I pulled myself off the bed and gave her a hug. I patted my stomach. “You’re my best friend and I just hope and pray I can do my part as a best friend.”

She sat on the edge of the bed looking at the carpet. I stroked her hair. “Don’t worry, if there’s no result this time, we’ll try again next month.” I gave her another reassuring hug. “Truly, I’m looking forward to it. You can help me let out my blue dress in the front.”

I put on the robe on and moved, eager to go to the bathroom. She was still sitting there staring down. I rubbed my finger down her back between her slender shoulder blades. “I am sure he was imagining it was you all the time. That’s why he started with that tongue and finger stuff and why he chose that position. He didn’t want to look directly at my face.” I looked at Marion for signs that she might believe me but all I got was a long, sad sigh. “He’s never done it like that with me – but I suppose he’s read somewhere it will…” She didn’t finish the sentence, got up slowly and moved to the window looking out into the garden. “Thank you.”

Thinking about it in the shower, what else could she say? There had been my offer after her doctor’s report and then an agreement. She had her agenda and I had mine. Except my agenda, code named Sexy Randy Roger, was private and still marked top secret. And I thought it best not to tell her it was not the first time he had used that position.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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