Summer Night

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I like to write in the first and second person because I find it more personal and stimulating.

These summer nights are some of our favorite times. The weather is still warm, but as the sun goes down, a light breeze often comes up and helps to cool it down a little. We love to have a light dinner out on the patio and then relax and enjoy ourselves, and each other. Tonight, we are going to have New York strip steaks, con on the cob, Caesar salad and fresh strawberries for desert. The coals are already to go, so you and I are inside preparing the corn and the salad. We have been looking forward to this night all week. We want to be comfortable and casual and yet stimulating and exciting to each other. I am wearing the shorts and polo shirt that you like so well (you will have to let me know what you like) and my sneakers. You have really planned for this night. Because you know they turn me on so much, you are wearing your white shorts and triangular top that ties around your neck and around the waste.

Underneath the shorts, you are wearing pantyhose and finish everything off with four inch heals. When I come into the kitchen and see you, I start getting hard immediately. I’m about ready to forget dinner, but you won’t let me. I’m just going to have to wait. So I come up behind you and wrap my arms around your waist and squeeze you tight. You continue to get the corn ready while I kind of rock us back and forth. While you try to concentrate on what you are doing, I slip my hands inside your top and start to caress your breasts and play with your nipples. This makes you squirm a little bit, so I move up even closer and you can feel my hard cock sticking through my shorts against your beautiful firm ass. You finally decide that you had better put a stop to this or we won’t eat, so you push me away. I do take a couple of steps back and look at you. I can’t help admiring you. You are so beautiful, trim and firm. Your legs are so fantastic in those pantyhose and are accentuated to perfection canlı bahis by your heals. The way your nipples are poking out through the material of your top is enough to drive any man wild. You are such a tease, because you make me go out and put the steaks on while you get the corn and salad on.

The sun has just gone down below the horizon while we are eating, so the temperature is perfect and we haven’t to turn on any lights that might attract bugs. The dinner is just perfect. We have enjoyed everything up to the dessert. I go into the house and bring out the strawberries. They are so ripe and red and just the right size. Now, you start to tease me again. You take the first strawberry and just barely put it to your lips. You start out gently sucking on it and running your tongue around it. Oh, you are such a tantalizing vixen. I have never seen any woman eat strawberries as erotically as you do. It seems to me like dessert lasts forever, but we do finally finish. Since it is still fairly light, we move over and sit on the porch swing. We sit there with our arms around each other and enjoy the closeness. The swing has always been one of our favorite places in the evening. We sit there gently swinging and then you turn and kiss my ear. That feels so good and I want to do the same for you, but your ears are covered by your beautiful hair, so I kiss your neck. I use my tongue to make little circles on your neck and it causes a little shiver to go through you. Now, you turn and kiss me passionately. We hold and kiss each other for a long time, but it seems like is has only been seconds. However, we notice that the sun has gone down and it is getting dark. Flowers may bloom in the sunlight, but romance blooms at night, especially one like tonight with a full moon.

We are feeling so good. We have a blanket on the swing and we take it off and spread it out on the lawn. You sit down on the blanket and pull me down to you. As I sit down, you lay back and I lay down with you. We start caressing each bahis siteleri other. You feel so good to me. Your back is bare and so smooth and as I move my hand down, your ass feels so good in you tight shorts. And you know how much I like the feel of your firm thighs in pantyhose. I may think that this is perfect, but there is more. You reach up to your neck and untie your top and pull it down. Now your bare breasts are pushing against me. I want to feel them, so I pull off my shirt so that our bare skin is pressed firmly together. I can feel your hard nipples pressing into me. Once again we kiss passionately.

We explore each other’s mouths with our tongues and then you nibble on mine. I want to nibble on something else. I slide down and start to kiss your nipples. They are so hard. I suck them into my mouth, first one and then the other. Your tits are so naturally firm and well shaped, that I can’t believe how lucky I am. I kiss them all over and enjoy the taste of them. You reach down and pull my head down into the valley between your heavenly mountains. I get lost there and think that I am going to suffocate, but what a way to go. Now you start moving your hips and I move my hot tongue and lips down your magnificent belly with a short stop while I tickle your navel with my tongue. I reach down and take the waistband of your shorts in shaking fingers and slowly pull them down as you lift up your hips. This is when you give me a surprise for the night. I didn’t know that your pantyhose did not have a crotch in them and you didn’t have any panties on under them.

Now, I know what you want and I am ready to give it to you. I start out by running my tongue along the crease between your leg and your body. This is one of your most sensitive spots and you start to squirm. I continue to lick your thighs and then up around your pussy. You are getting so hot and wet. Your pussy is just waiting for my tongue, but I am not ready yet. I lick your lips to more and taste your juices flowing. Your bahis şirketleri clit is getting harder and bigger. First I tease it with my tongue and then suck it into my mouth. You are so hot, you are begging me to eat you. And that is something that I gladly do. I stick my tongue as far into your pussy as far as I can and wiggle it around. Your hips start bucking and bouncing that I can hardly keep up with you. I keep shooting my tongue inside of you until you explode with your first orgasm. I can feel you cum on my face.

Now, you want to get in on the action. You come up and kiss me hard on the lips and then move down to my neck on your way down to my chest. You return my favor by running your tongue around my nipples and gently nipping them. You have such a way of turning me on even more than I already was. You keep moving down and remove my shorts so that you can have access to your prize. My cock is standing straight up at attention for your inspection. You caress it and then cup my balls and caress them. Slowly, you lick my balls and suck them, one by one into your mouth. You move them around your mouth with your tongue, until you feel them starting to expand, then you kiss the head of my cock. You lick around the head and get a little taste of the pre-cum that is starting to emerge. Now, you are ready to make me feel really good and you slide your mouth down over the length of my cock shaft.

When you start running your tongue around it, I can’t hold still. I start moving back and forth, and up and down. As my pace picks up you continue to suck on my cock. You know that I am about ready to cum and you want it inside of you, so after a quick kiss on the head of my cock, you move up and slide your dripping cunt down on top of it. You start to rock back and forth and start riding me like a wild stallion. I can see you tits swaying above me and you lean forward so that I can suck on your nipples while you fuck me. We are both so hot by this time that we both explode. First I cum with what seems like buckets and when you feel it, you cum with your second, and bigger orgasm. We are tired but feeling so good. You lay down on top of me and we hold each other and kiss as we come down from our incredible high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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