Succubus Challenge

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Merik was walking through the busy streets of his small village, trying not to bump into any of the busy villagers going about their days work. Due to his rather large build this was a difficult challenge for him, which brought a few dirty glances, and under-the-breath curses. He stood a good head taller than most of the villagers, standing at six foot six inches. If that were not enough her was also rather build, having been chosen to be the Blacksmiths’ apprentice.

He had just finished his work at the forges and was now on his way home from work, his stomach growling, and tightening from the long day of work without food. Today had been extremely busy, which left him with no time for lunch.

It was getting dark and as time went on his pace quickened. There had been mysterious killings around his village the past few weeks. Men found bloodied, and broken in the streets. The weirdest thing about it is that they had a smile upon their faces, even in death they seemed happy.

His small house, more of a shack, came into view, and his shoulders dropped some from relief. He opened the door, and shut it behind him. Finally feeling at ease he strips off his shirt and throws it in the corner, and sitting down at his table, rubbing his fingers through his hair.

He could not help the feeling of unease set in the atmosphere but he quickly brushed it off, he was just being paranoid. He walked to his room, sleep already beginning to take him, but his stomach growled angrily. With a small scoff of annoyance he walked to the kitchen for some bread and cheese.

As he ate, he continued to think he heard sounds from his room, but after checking it for the fourth time he gave up on his attempted and began to ignore it. Once he had eaten enough to stop the growling he made his way to his room. As he stepped in he through he saw a dark flash across the side of the room, but when he looked nothing was there.

His brows furrowed, and he walked to his bed, laid down, and let sleep overtake him. He opened his eyes in the middle of the night, shivering, his arms curled around his body for warmth. He leaned up, and searched for his blanket, unable to find it.

He stood, searching around his bed for the blanket and finally found it underneath his bed. He grabbed it and set it on the bed, then looked to the window. No wonder he was freezing, the window was wide open. He stepped to the window, shut it, made sure it was secure and laid back down to rest. Once again, sleep overtook him.

Waking at the break of dawn, he leaned up and stretched, stifling a yawn as he did so. He stood up and stopped abruptly, he slowly lowered his hand to his groin, feeling the grainy textures of dried semen. He had not had a wet dream for years, he was eighteen.

He was not sexually frustrated, he could practically get any girl in the village to bed with him. He had not gone to bed thinking of it, nor had he actually even wanted it at the time. This unnerved him. He quickly cleaned, and changed, before heading off to work.

Throughout the day he was scolded for making minor mistakes, and taking too long on his work. He could not focus, what had happened last night to force him to have a “wet” Halkalı Escort dream? He tried to shake it and simply convince himself it was a one time thing, but he wasn’t sure.

Being sent home early had never happened before, he had never frustrated the Blacksmith so that wanted him out. He was worried that the Smith would search for someone else if this continued. As he got home he decided perhaps a nap would settle his nerves. He crawled into the bed and let sleep take him.

He had horrible nightmares, nightmares of screaming torture, hot needles, chained victims, distorted faces…He woke with a start and quickly looked about his room for anything out of the ordinary. Once his heart had finally settled he laid back on his back, his eyes shutting before his head hit he pillow.

Sleep was gone for him, but he needed to relax. Slowly he opened his eyes, and his body froze. Upon the ceiling was a woman, gazing down at him with what looked to be a sadistic grin. His entire body was frozen to the bed, and his eyes widened with fear.

She was gorgeous..He had never seen such fine crimson hair. Most women with that sort of hair, although not as beautiful, were covered from head to toe in freckles. Her face was blemish-less. So smooth, and full of color. Her hair seemed silky smooth, and all he wanted was to run his fingers through it.

That is, until he noticed she was completely naked. He had seen his fair share of women, but none of them even came close to comparing to this girl. She had curves exactly where they should be, and she was smooth where sh should. Her belly button had a small metalic looking ring through it, something he had never seen before.

His eyes continued to travel down her body. Between her legs was a trimmed, neatly kept busy, the only hair noticeable was above her womanhood, and trimmed nicely. He also noted that the carpet did match the drapes. He did not need to look at her legs to know they were perfection as well.

Because of her natural beauty, he had not noticed the inhuman characteristics of her. The small horns the erected from her forehead, or the playful tail behind her swaying back and forth as if she were simply teasing him. He caught a small glimpse of what he figured were wings upon her back. He also just barely thought that it was odd she was on the ceiling, simply connected to the wall to not fall.

All these thoughts rushed through his mind in a matter of seconds, and his mind was still taking in characteristics. The pale whiteness of her skin, the well kept fingernails on her hands, the whitest smile he had ever seen, and what unnerved him most..the blood red eyes.

All these played a factor in his paralysis. Her digits relaxed, formerly having been tensed to cling to the wall he assumed, and she fell right on top of him, her legs straddling him, and her arms falling on either side of his head to stop her from crashing into him.

She leaned down, and slowly dragged her tongue up along he neck to his jaw, he felt the cool metalic feeling of another ring up on her tongue. He still could not move, knowing exactly what faced him. He was going to die. She was going to use him for sex, and then Escort Bayan kill him. This is what Succubi did.

She let out a low giggle, one of the most cute he had ever heard, which he relaxed a bit. She leaned down, and slowly breathed outward, he inhaled, his mind fogging as he passed out. He awoke, he was not sure how much later, but it was now night. He tried to rub his eyes, but found his hands were chained to the bed, and the same for his legs.

His heart jump started, pounding against his rib cage almost furiously. He cast his gaze around, looking for the succubus. He found it, although it was not alone. A smaller, more petite succubus stood beside her, almost the same exact figure, just on a smaller scale. Her hair was also a dark green, her eyes a less intense red, and the colors of her rings green.

He gazed at them in horror. He gazed to what he figured the elder, wondering if they were not as bad as they seemed, remember the giggle, and her eyes narrowed, her teeth baring, and her hand quickly shooting out to slap him.

His head was viciously slammed to the side, and he gazed at the floor stunned by her power. His head slowly turned to gaze at the younger of the two, unsure of how she would react to his gaze. She seemed indifferent, although there was a twinkle of amusement within her eyes. This furrowed his brows, and burned at him. His pain, and humiliation amused this demon.

It was now that he realized that he was completely naked, and his eyes widened. This was it. This was the end of his life. He gazed at them, no fear within his eyes, only acceptance. He stared at the younger for a moment, before raising it to gaze at the elder. “Well? Get on with it.” She must have understood this, because a flash of surprise, then annoyance passed through her features.

She again swung at him, although this time she grabbed his head and slammed it back against the bed frame. He saw in tunnel vision, threatening to pass out. The elder let out a low hiss, before turning to the younger, and doing their silent communication. Once they finished, the elder walked to the window, and dove out. He heard no noise that she had landed.

His gaze shifted to the younger, and he frowned. “Well, it’s just you and me.” She rolled her eyes, and walked to him, straddling him, and slowly rubbing her dripping wet pussy over his flaccid cock. He closed his eyes, and thought of the disturbing dreams he had the night before, hoping that this would stop him from getting an erection.

It seemed to work from the annoyed scoffs the succubus made. After a minute of so she seemed to give up on her grinding, and sat up slightly. He figured she was going to hit him or something, but that was not the case. He felt something wrap around his cock, it was not her hand, or her pussy, it was something else.

Curiosity overtook him, and he opened his eyes. Sliding from within her pussy was a rather long, skinny, pointed tongue. It had wrapped itself around his cock and began to slowly squeeze, and rub against it. There was nothing he could do now, his cock began to harden, and harden quickly.

She gave a pleased smile, seeming to be proud of herself, before she sunk istanbul Escort down on him, sliding him into the tightest pussy he’d ever been inside. His entire body wanted to thrust within her, but he fought it. His digits wrapped around the ropes that held his wrists, pulling on them.

As he pulled, he felt the pain of the rope dig, and burn into his skin, giving him some relief from the pleasure she was trying to force out of him. If he was going to die, she was going to have to work for it. She began to moan, and bounce on top of him, sliding her hands up her body and squeezing her tits, gently tweeking her nipples.

He glared at her, even the rope burns were not enough to stop the pleasure she was forcing upon him. She ground, and gyrated, bouncing up and down while doing so, squeezing her insides, and also rubbing the tongue around his cock, milking him for him semen.

There was no way he could fight this, and soon he just gave up. He pulled up on the ropes, forcing his hips upward when she came down on him, slamming his cock deeper into the girls body. A surprised gasp was forced from her lips, followed by a long drawn out moan.

He grinned, slamming as hard as he could in the position he was in. Soon she was sitting still, groping her tits, pinching her nipples, and moaning as he slammed into her. “Unbind me, witch” he ordered, and her eyes opened, fires of anger filled them. He pulled out of her, and stopped, his glare matching her own.

Although her “other” tongue was still holding him, he made it very difficult for her to put him back in her, and finally she gave up and cut the ropes with a swift movement of her hand. He leaned up, and pushed her onto her back, placing himself between her legs.

He began to pound into her as hard as he could, having never been able to do this to a village girl without hurting her. The succubus eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her tits bounced up and down as she was fucked.

He felt his orgasm drawing near, and he quickly bit his tongue hoping the pain would be enough to hold back his orgasm long enough. Finally he heard he cry out and arch her back, her pussy tightening to the point where it began to hurt.

This did not slow him, and he slammed into her. His orgasm was now quickly approaching. He grinned, and decided for his last act, he would degrade, and infuriate this succubus. Just as he was about to cum, he quickly pulled out of her.

Her eyes open, and a whine parted her lips. This was perfect for his plan. He forced his cock within her mouth, his semen erupted from his tip. Her eyes widened with confusion and shock, this obviously having not been the plan. She glared at him, before slowly she began to suck upon his tip, while swallowing what was filling her mouth.

Once finished, he thrust into her throat once, before pulling out and leaning against the bed frame, ready to defend himself if she were to attack. She lay still for a moment, before leaning up and gazing at him. She let out a ferocious growl, and lunged forward, biting into his neck. He grabbed the girl and tried to pull her away from him.

She slowly pulled her teeth from her neck, and with a grin she spoke quietly. “You will become an Incubus now…you will die unless you search for our help. It is your decision.” Then she dove out of the window.

End of part 1 (If good reviews there will be more

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