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The next morning, the girls were still asleep by the time Todd and Michelle left for the day. Michelle had a tennis lesson, and Todd took her to lunch and out shopping afterwards.
On their way home, Michelle received a text from Nicole saying that she and Janet were going out that night.
Todd and Michelle enjoyed a quiet evening together, talking and laughing while sharing a bottle of wine.
As the evening wore on, their conversation grew more serious, and Michelle told Todd that her therapist felt that she was close to a breakthrough.
Although Todd had carefully avoided prying into Michelle’s therapy, this gave him quite a bit of hope.
“What kind of breakthrough?”
“He’s not really sure. But I can feel it, that something’s just below the surface, ready to come out.”
“That’s great honey.” Todd embraced her warmly, and they snuggled on the couch while watching one of their favorite movies.

Sometime in the early morning hours Nicole and Janet returned from their night out, and Nicole snuck into Todd and Michelle’s room, quietly shaking him awake and taking him into her bedroom for another bout with the two girls.
They were tipsy and giggly, acting silly the entire time, but the sex was still hot, and Todd thoroughly enjoyed himself before stumbling back to Michelle as dawn was breaking. He was so exhausted he collapsed into bed with her without showering.

Late that morning, Todd was awakened by a soft, warm mouth on his cock.
He blearily shook his head and looked down to see a blonde head bobbing up and down on his shaft.
He was stunned to see Michelle raise her head.
“Sorry, it’s me. Disappointed?”
“No, no!!! I’m just surprised.” Todd couldn’t recall the last time Michelle had engaged in oral sex with him, and he lay back to enjoy it.
Michelle was a little rusty, but her technique was still impressive.
God, I wish she would give Nicole some pointers. Todd thought.
While Nicole was very enthusiastic, Michelle’s technique and experience outshone her. But for some reason, Michelle was sucking with a vigor that he hadn’t ever seen from her.
There was the old expression, “suck the chrome off a trailer hitch”, and Michelle was definitely doing just that.
It was like she was trying to inhale him.
Todd started moaning, and Michelle grabbed his shaft and worked her hand up and down its length furiously, while keeping just the head in her mouth.
Todd cried out and began cumming, as Michelle held her head still.
As soon as he was done, she quickly headed to their bathroom. Todd could hear gagging and spitting sounds, then the water running.
Michelle came out and glared at him.
“You could have let me knowing that you were cumming. That was a bit of a surprise.”
Todd didn’t know what to say.
“Ummm … I’m sorry. It was just … you never minded before. I didn’t think ….”
Her glare softened.
“It’s okay honey. Never mind me. Are you hungry?” And she headed towards the kitchen.
Todd lay back with a goofy grin on his face.
That was awesome. I guess she finally found her breakthrough.
He briefly wondered when she would be ready to start having sex again.
Hopefully it wouldn’t be too long with Nicole headed back to college.
While the weekend with the two girls had been an extraordinary experience, Todd knew that nothing serious would come of it; it was just a romp through fantasy land.
And as much as he may have enjoyed his summer of sex with Nicole, he missed the closeness with Michelle. Although he had never said anything, he could sense that they were slowly growing apart.
Nicole was a lot of fun, but they had nothing in common and no real basis for a serious relationship.

Todd spent the rest of the day lounging around at the pool, enjoying the long weekend. He mixed up a pitcher of margaritas and Michelle came out and joined him.
They spent the day playfully flirting with each other, and Todd was careful not to try and push her too far, lest she retreat back into her shell, but she was definitely pretty forward with him, playfully wrestling with him and sharing a few kisses.
By late afternoon, they had finished the pitcher, and Michelle was feeling no pain. She would wrap her arms around him and giggle, squeezing his ass and groping his cock through his trunks. At one point she untied her bikini top and tossed it away, teasing Todd by jiggling her breasts at him.
Todd swam after her, and she clambered out of the pool, giggling. As she stood on the deck out of his reach, she turned around and pulled her bikini bottoms up into the crack of her ass before doing the same to the front, splitting her vulva with the material, and letting her outer labia hang out on either side.
She began swinging her hips about, performing a lewd dance that had Todd rock hard.
As she finished her display, she giggled at him, winked, and dropped her bottoms to the deck, before kicking them at him.
“Clean up before you come inside. I’ll be waiting.” And she turned and sauntered into the house, swinging her hips in an exaggerated motion. As she got to the door, she paused and looked back over her shoulder before blowing him a kiss.
As soon as the door shut, Todd scrambled out of the water and gathered up everything he needed to. He hurried inside and dropped their suits in the laundry room before depositing their glasses in the kitchen.
He raced to their bedroom and found Michelle snoring on their bed, passed out.
Shit. How long did that take? I wasn’t even five minutes.
He briefly considered climbing on top of her anyway, but dismissed the idea.
He pulled on a pair of shorts and despondently trudged back to the living room and flipped on the tv before dozing off in front of it.
A few hours later, he was awakened by the sound of Nicole and Janet arriving.
As they entered the living room, they smiled brightly at him.
“Where’s mom?” Nicole asked him.
“Asleep. She had quite a few margaritas today.”
Nicole made a face. “Shit. I wanted to tell her that I’m leaving earlier than I expected tomorrow.”
“That’s okay, sweetie. You can tell her in the morning.” Todd turned his attention to Janet. “And what about you, when do you have to leave?”
“Want to keep me around, huh? I’m a better fuck than Nicole is, go on, admit it.” She exclaimed saucily.
Nicole playfully swatted her on the ass. “You bitch! He loves me; you’re just a piece of ass I picked up on the street corner to keep him entertained!”
Janet giggled and turned back to Todd. “I transferred back here for my last year; I’m still looking for a place to live.”
“And she can’t stay with her parents while she’s having sex with half the football team.” Nicole said as Janet flipped her the bird.
She turned to Todd with a smile.
“We thought we’d do something special tonight since it’s our last one together.” And she held up a black plastic bag.
Todd followed the two giggling girls into Nicole’s bedroom.
“We went shopping today.” Nicole said with a gleam in her eye.
“And what did you get?” Todd asked.
Nicole reached into the bag and pulled out what looked to be a black jockstrap, and tossed it on the bed.
She dipped into the bag again, and came out with a dildo attachment.
“We got a strap on.”
Todd’s eyes widened, and Janet walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him and began rubbing his cock through his shorts.
“My ass is still sore from the other night.” She whispered in his ear. “But we can double team that bitch.” She nodded at Nicole.
Nicole shrieked and put one hand in front of her groin, and another one behind her ass.
“No way! You’re the freak!!”
Janet laughed and began playfully stalking Nicole around the bed.
“You’re gonna’ get it tonight, slut. Both holes at once!!”
Nicole shrieked again and shook her head before she tried to climb over the bed to escape, but Janet grabbed her ankle, and refused to let her go.
She leapt onto the bed Halkalı Escort and began wrestling with Nicole. The two young women were laughing and shrieking while Todd looked on with a huge grin.
Janet began tugging at Nicole’s miniskirt, trying to strip her.
Nicole shrieked loudly and grabbed for her waistband, trying to keep herself clothed.
Janet reached up with one hand and began tickling Nicole, and she shrieked even louder and let go of her skirt, tucking her arms up in an effort to protect herself.
Janet yanked her skirt off, and held it overhead in triumph.
“Oh yeah, you’re my bitch for tonight, I claim you as my trophy!”
Nicole pouted briefly. “No fair, you cheated.”
Janet began crawling across the bed towards her with a lascivious grin on her face.
“No such thing as cheating in this game, slut. Now are you going to submit gracefully, or do I need to claim your panties as well?”
Nicole blew a kiss at her and lay back, spreading her legs wide.
“Come and get them, bitch.”
Janet smiled and crawled between her legs. She looked up at her and smiled.
“You’re already wet.” She looked up at Todd. “Look at this; she’s soaked though her panties.”
Todd peered between Nicole’s legs, and saw a large damp spot on the crotch of her panties.
Janet hooked her fingers under the waistband and began slowly tugging Nicole’s panties down.
“Just the thought of getting double teamed has you dripping. What’s making you hot? The idea of having one in your pussy and one in your mouth, or do you want it in your pussy and your ass at the same time?”
As Nicole’s pussy was exposed, Janet dipped her head down and gave it a lick, making Nicole groan loudly.
“Mmmmmm, so sweet.” Janet smiled. She pulled Nicole’s panties all the way off and tossed them to Todd. He inhaled deeply, enjoying her aroma. The inside was wet to the touch, Nicole was really excited tonight.
Janet lowered her head back to Nicole’s pussy, and went to work as Nicole sighed. Todd could hear the sounds of licking and sucking mingling with Nicole’s moans and sighs.
He closed his eyes and gently rubbed the front of his shorts, enjoying the sexy sounds as they filled the room.
He briefly wondered about all the sleepovers the two girls had had over the years. What was going on? Had they been up to this under his own roof without him knowing? The thought excited him as he pictured the two of them in high school, experimenting with each other, discovering their sexuality.
Nicole began whimpering, and Todd opened his eyes to see Janet methodically working her fingers in and out of Nicole’s pussy while she planted light kisses around her pubis.
“That’s right baby, cum for me.” She whispered seductively.
Todd stepped to the bed and sat Nicole up to remove her shirt and bra, leaving her naked.
As he gently lowered her back down to the bed, she reached over her head and began undoing his shorts, searching for his cock.
When it sprang free, she tried to crawl up to it, but Janet wrapped her arm around her thigh while she ate her out, holding her back.
Todd leaned forward as he let his shorts fall to the floor, and dangled his cock just out of reach of Nicole’s mouth. She stuck her tongue out, trying to reach him, but all she could manage was a few random licks on the tip of his cock.
She mewled in frustration and reached for him, bringing him close so she could take him into her mouth.
Todd crawled onto the bed, and knelt just above Nicole’s head. From here, Nicole was able to get about half of his cock into her mouth. She leaned her head back and stretched her neck up, reaching as far as she could with her tongue.
Todd leaned down into the 69 position, and began kissing the top of her mound while Janet licked her clit as she finger fucked her.
From this position, Nicole was able to take his entire cock into her mouth.
Todd couldn’t help but compare the blow job he was getting from Nicole to the one he received that morning from Michelle, and in spite of himself, he was disappointed.
Michelle was so much better at this….
Nicole in the meantime was having no such qualms. The stimulation from two mouths on her pussy had her moaning in appreciation, and the feeling of Janet’s fingers mercilessly hammering in and out had her squirming.
Nicole could recognize Janet’s aggressive mood, and knew that she was in for some fierce fucking tonight. She shivered in anticipation of what Janet had in store for her with the strap on.
It wasn’t long before Nicole’s breathing began to quicken, and the rhythm of her blowjob began to falter.
Janet noticed the change and looked up at her.
“Are you ready to cum? So soon??? It’s a long night ahead of us sweetie, I haven’t even begun to fuck you yet.” And she went back down on Nicole with renewed vigor, sucking her clit into her mouth, and flicking it with her tongue.
Nicole’s head dropped to the bed, releasing Todd from her mouth. She bit her bottom lip as her orgasm rolled over her, letting out little whimpers as Janet continued her oral and digital assault.
Todd leaned back and watched the unfolding scene. Nicole grabbed the bed clothes in both hands and pulled them towards her head. She curled her knees back towards her chest. A deep crimson shade spread out over her body from her groin, and she threw her head back, letting out a long, loud moan that seemed to shake the foundations of the house. Her body quaked uncontrollably, and Todd couldn’t stop staring at her as tremors ran through her naked body.
She was absolutely beautiful this way; she looked like a wild animal in its element.
Janet finally released Nicole’s pussy from her mouth and looked up at her with an evil grin.
“Oh yeah, you’re my bitch. Say it.”
Nicole whimpered, and Janet lightly ran her fingernails along Nicole’s inner thighs.
“Say it, baby.” She cooed. “For me? Please?”
Todd was intrigued by Janet’s change in personality. She went from being a domineering bitch to a sensitive lover in one heartbeat.
“I’m your bitch.” Nicole gasped out between ragged breaths. “Tonight, I am so your bitch.”
Janet smiled triumphantly and began slowly crawling up the bed, her hair trailing along Nicole’s naked body.
She looked like a jungle cat, stalking its’ prey.
As she drew even with Nicole, she grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her face up towards her own. Nicole sighed and opened her mouth as Janet’s tongue descended towards her own. Their lips pressed together, and Todd could tell that Janet was pushing her tongue deep into Nicole’s mouth, asserting her dominance over her. Nicole began whimpering, and Todd decided to get in on the action.
He walked around behind Janet and began undoing her shorts, pulling them down to discover a dark stain on the crotch of her panties. She hadn’t even been touched yet, and she was already gushing.
As the two girls made out, Todd retrieved a condom from the nightstand and tore it open. As he walked back around behind Janet, Nicole reached for Janet’s panties and began pushing them over her hips.
Todd grasped them and pulled them down to her knees before climbing up on the bed and positioning himself behind her.
Nicole had already begun stroking Janet’s clit, and was playing with her hair with her other hand while Janet continued making out with her.
Todd prodded at Janet’s opening for a bit until he located her hole, then slowly sank his length into her.
She moaned into Nicole’s mouth, and began rolling her hips back at him.
Shit, she was hot, and so wet.
Todd began pumping in and out of her, slamming his cock balls deep on each stroke.
Janet may have been intent on making Nicole her bitch tonight, Todd thought, but Janet’s going to be mine.
Janet began to moan from the forceful battering of her pussy.
Todd examined her tiny rosebud, and could see it was a little red.
He lightly traced his thumb around it, making her flinch.
“Maybe another Escort Bayan good ass-fucking is in store for you tonight, Janet.”
Janet moaned while still kissing Nicole.
Nicole broke their kiss and looked up at Todd.
“We don’t want to hurt her. Isn’t that right baby?” She asked Janet.
Janet scowled at her.
“Don’t think that acting concerned for me is going to make me go easy on you tonight, slut. I told you that you were getting double teamed.”
Todd slammed in hard and deep at that remark, making Janet yelp.
“Janet, you’re our guest, you need to behave.”
Janet turned and glared at him.
“Yes, Mr. Chandler.” She sneered at him.
Todd gathered her hair in his hand and tugged her up into an upright position as he pressed his lips against her ear and whispered in a menacing voice.
“Maybe you need a lesson in manners. It could just as easily be you getting double teamed tonight.”
Janet snarled at him, and Nicole scrambled up to her knees and wrapped her in a protective embrace.
“Oh please Mr. Chandler, don’t be angry with her, she doesn’t mean any harm, do you baby?”
She tenderly kissed Janet, and then looked at Todd with an innocent expression that would melt even the coldest heart.
Todd grinned to himself. This little game of theirs was an interesting twist. He kept rolling his hips while he held Janet up by her hair. With his free hand, he reached down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. From this position, Todd was able to stimulate her G-spot with his dick and her clit with his fingers. Janet inhaled sharply and reached around behind herself, fondling his buttocks.
She was making animalistic grunting noises, sounds of pure passion and arousal.
Nicole grinned and lowered her head to Janet’s large breasts, sucking on her nipples.
Janet inhaled sharply and began whimpering, surrendering to their sexual onslaught.
Under Nicole’s loving licks on her breasts, and Todd’s attention to her genital region, Janet soon orgasmed, screaming loud enough to bring the house down.
Todd pushed her off of his cock and stepped back. Although he could no longer cum several times a night, he was able to prolong sex by focusing on his partner rather than himself, something that Nicole had really come to enjoy over the past few weeks, and something that Janet was discovering as a welcome change from the college guys she normally slept with.
Nicole lightly stroked and kissed Janet as she lay on the bed in a post-orgasmic daze.
When she eventually recovered her senses, Janet crawled towards the strap on and began pulling it up her legs.
Todd gently stroked his cock and walked to Nicole, wrapping his arms around her in a tender embrace.
“Are you ready for this?” He asked her.
She bit her lip, looking unsure. Janet pulled the harness tight around her waist, and secured the dildo to the front of it.
“You better get ready slut, because it’s coming.” Janet said, back in bitch mode.
Something about that part of her personality triggered a reaction in Todd. Janet had always been a little full of herself, and he felt the urge to dominate her, to break her to his will, to show his authority over her.
“Now Janet, play nice.” He warned her.
Janet sneered at him. “No way. I’m defiling that little bitch tonight, and you can’t stop me.” She taunted.
Todd knew that she was purposefully trying to push his buttons now, and part of him wondered if she was just showing off for Nicole’s sake.
“Maybe we should play a different game tonight. How about I play ‘break the bitch’?”
Janet’s eyes widened slightly, and she grinned at him. “I’d like to see you try.”
Nicole looked at Janet and spoke with concern in a little girl voice.
“Baby, you shouldn’t tease Mr. Chandler that way, he doesn’t play.”
“Quiet, whore!” Janet snapped at her, causing her to recoil and hide her face in Todd’s chest. “Nobody tells me what to do!!”
Todd calmly climbed off the bed and began walking around to the other side where Janet was perched on her knees, stroking the dildo in her hand and eye-fucking him.
“I’ve got the big balls now.” She said.
As Todd walked behind her, she began to turn towards him, but he grabbed the back of her neck and forced her forward. Janet yelped, and Todd pulled her hips to the edge of the bed.
“Last chance Janet, what’s it going to be?”
“This bitch can’t be broken.” She taunted.
“We’ll see. A hard ass fucking should teach you your place.” Todd saw the little shiver that ran through her body as he said that. He looked up at Nicole to see her smiling lewdly at the two of them while she ran her finger up and down her pussy lips.
“Last chance. Either we lube you, or I go in dry.”
From her position in front of them, Nicole had a perfect view of the conflicting emotions on Janet’s face. Despite her aggressive bitch persona tonight, she was scared at the thought of Todd fucking her ass again, especially dry. But she didn’t want to admit it and lose control of the game.
Nicole grabbed the bottle of lube off the nightstand and poured some into her hand before she started rubbing it up and down the dildo Janet was wearing. Once she had it coated, she lay down in front of Janet and spread her legs for her, tugging her hips forward, urging Janet to penetrate her with her rubber cock.
As Janet pushed into her, Nicole started rubbing her lube covered hand up and down Janet’s asscrack and dipping her fingers into her asshole.
Todd climbed up behind Janet, and Nicole reached for his cock, rubbing the remaining lube up and down his shaft.
Janet smiled down at Nicole and kissed her tenderly while pumping in and out of her with her strap on. As they broke their kiss, Janet looked into Nicole’s eyes and took a deep breath before she spoke.
“You can’t break me, Mr. Chandler.”
Todd grinned behind her and grabbed her hips, holding her still. He placed his cockhead against her asshole. Oh, she was asking for it all right. He gave a mighty shove and forced his cock into Janet’s ass.
She screamed at the sudden invasion of her still-tender passage, and began begging him to take it out.
Todd ignored her hysterical crying and started pushing in and out of her, forcing her into Nicole with each thrust.
On the bottom of the pile, Nicole was getting fucked by Janet with the strap on, while she held her face in her hands and kissed her tenderly.
In the middle, Janet was impaled on Todd’s cock, trying to match his in and out motion to lessen the friction in her ass. At the same time, that drove her in and out of Nicole.
And on the top, Todd was enjoying the feel of Janet’s asshole. Her sphincter clung to his cock tightly, but once past the ring of muscle, her ass was warm and inviting. Todd pushed back and forth, and realized that Janet was moving with him, fucking Nicole in the process of easing her own discomfort.
He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Are you willing to submit to me, and admit that you’re my bitch?”
Janet turned her head towards him and smiled. “Never!” She hissed defiantly.
“Then I guess I’ll have to break you.” Todd replied.
He pushed forward slowly until Janet was laying flat on top of Nicole, with the dildo buried all the way in her pussy. Nicole whimpered at the feeling and grabbed Janet’s ass, squeezing and kneading her ass cheeks.
Todd placed his hands against Janet’s ass, holding her in place, and began to pull back out of her ass. Janet hissed sharply, and Todd pushed back in, forcing her to shove into Nicole, making the both of them cry out. He repeated this several times, before sitting back on his knees and grabbing the straps of the harness Janet was wearing around her hips. From here, he began pulling Janet back onto his cock, making her cry sharply each time.
Finally, after a half dozen strokes, she gave up the fight.
“Okay, okay!!! I give up. I’m your bitch!!”
Todd wasn’t willing to let her off the hook just yet, and gave her another couple istanbul Escort of hard thrusts.
“I’m your bitch!!!! I’m your bitch!!!!!” Janet screamed.
Satisfied with her surrender, Todd gently removed his cock from her ass, and she lay atop Nicole, her rubber cock still embedded in Nicole’s pussy, and whimpered for a bit.
Nicole stroked her hair. “Are you okay?” She asked her.
Janet nodded. “I think I’ve been broken.” She said.
Nicole grinned up at her. “I warned you not to mess with him.”
Janet grinned back down at her. “Well he may have made me his bitch, but you’re still mine.” And she leaned for another kiss as she began rolling her hips, fucking Nicole with the strap on.
Todd lay on the bed to admire the view. From where he was, he was eye level with the two girls pussy’s. On the top was Janet, with her pussy lips pushed together by the leg straps of her harness. And underneath her was Nicole, with her little pussy stuffed with the large rubber cock. Every time Janet would roll her hips back, the cock would slide out of Nicole’s pussy, and her inner lips would stretch out, trying to hold onto it. When Janet would push back in, Nicole’s lips would be pushed back inside her vagina, disappearing from view.
Janet rolled Nicole over so that Nicole was on top of her, and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them wide and exposing her butthole.
Todd crawled over to where the two girls lay and opened a new condom as he lubed up and prepared to fuck Nicole in her ass. He was shaking in anticipation; this was way beyond anything he had ever imagined.
Janet held Nicole still as Todd began pushing his cock against her asshole. At first, he didn’t think that it would work, she was just too tight. But then the head of his cock popped through, and he sank into her.
Nicole gasped and squealed as the two cocks invaded her holes simultaneously.
Janet was still getting used to how to fuck with a dildo, so it took a little bit before they could establish a rhythm.
Finally, Todd grabbed hold of Nicole’s hips and began controlling her motion, pushing her back and forth as he and Janet remained in place, impaling Nicole on their shafts.
Todd could feel Janet’s rubber cock through the thin membrane separating Nicole’s two channels, rubbing along the underside of his cock, and he gnashed his teeth in painful ecstasy.
Nicole was like a rag doll between her two lovers, letting Todd bounce her back and forth on the twin cocks, while she felt her orgasm building up in her loins. She always enjoyed great orgasms from anal, but with both her holes being fucked, she expected nothing less than rapture.
It started in her ass, then spread to her pussy. Nicole wasn’t even able to form coherent words, but instead just cried out in pleasure. Todd and Janet kept pumping away, and Nicole could feel Todd’s cock starting to twitch inside her ass.
As Nicole came, her asshole clamped down on Todd’s cock, and he exploded. All of the build up from the night had driven him wild, and he wasn’t able to hold back, no matter how hard he tried.
Underneath the two of them, Janet watched as Nicole’s lovely face turned deep red and she began shuddering before climaxing with a loud scream. Todd cried out on top of Nicole, then rolled off of her to the side. Janet gently rolled Nicole over onto her back, and slowly extricated her rubber cock from Nicole’s twitching pussy.
As she looked at the two lovers coming down from their climaxes, she pulled off the strap on and spoke up.
“No fair, I didn’t get to cum.”
Nicole gazed at her through her post-orgasmic bliss, and pushed her over on her back before crawling between her legs and going to work on her pussy with her mouth. Janet lay back to enjoy the gentle licking, and closed her eyes, reveling in the sexuality of the evening.
Todd was exhausted, and lay back to enjoy the sight in front of him. The two girls were covered in sweat, and pussy juice ran down both their legs. Nicole’s rosebud was bright pink from the recent double penetration, and both girls seemed to glow.
Janet was flat on her back, her hands cupping her large breasts and her head tossed back as Nicole played with her pussy. Her stomach rippled as her breathing sped up, and her hips began to jerk wildly.
Todd was slowly stroking his cock as he watched the two of them when he was awakened from his reverie by the sound of the door opening.
He looked up to see Michelle standing in the doorway, staring at the three of them. Janet and Nicole were lost to the world, and completely unaware of her presence.
Todd felt a little awkward, although Michelle was completely aware of what was going on and had been the instigator or the whole set up, she had never actually seen them in this state.
Michelle stared at the scene in front of her, and marched to the bed as if in a trance. Todd sat up and began to worry. Was she going to freak out?
Her next move stunned him. She grabbed Janet’s face and turned it towards her and began passionately kissing her while her other hand reached between Janet’s legs and started furiously rubbing her clit.
Todd stared at her in shock. Her hand glistened with moisture, and Todd caught another whiff of the same scent he had noticed in their bedroom the first night he had a threesome with the two girls.
It had been so long he hadn’t recognized it at first, but now with the context, he was able to place it.
The smell was Michelle.
Michelle had been masturbating while he was fucking Nicole and Janet.
Nicole sat up and stared as her mother made out with her best friend while furiously working her clit.
Janet was mewling, and flexing her legs as Michelle expertly brought her to a climax.
As Michelle broke their kiss Janet stared up at her in a lustful daze, while Michelle stared back down at her with pure desire in her eyes.
She eventually looked up at Todd and Nicole as they gaped at her, open mouthed.
“Why don’t you two take our room tonight?” She said “And Janet and I will stay here.” And she and Janet resumed their make-out session.
Todd and Nicole were too shocked to move at first, but eventually climbed off the bed and headed out the door. As Todd shut the door behind him, he caught a glimpse of Michelle removing her nightgown and pulling Janet’s head toward her breast.

Out in the hallway, he and Nicole stared at each other, too stunned to speak.
Finally Nicole found her voice. “What the fuck was that????”
The wheels were turning in Todd’s head. “I think …. Your mother just found her breakthrough.”
Nicole gaped for a moment before finally sputtering. “You mean mom is gay?!?!?!?”
“I don’t know …. But it makes sense…”
Todd barely slept that night, his evening of passion with Nicole and Janet was completely forgotten as he tried to wrap his mind around the situation with Michelle.
Nicole seemed to have no trouble at all; she curled up against Todd and fell asleep right away, totally satiated.
The next morning, Todd slowly awakened from his slumber to the feel of a pair of lips running up and down his cock. He lay still as a tongue swirled around his crown, before the lips engulfed him and swallowed him whole. A second pair of lips joined the first, and started sucking on one of his balls.
Todd opened his eyes to see Nicole and Janet crouched down at his crotch, sharing his cock.
Nicole looked up at him and smiled as she took his cock out of her mouth.
“I have to leave in a little bit, so I thought that I’d say goodbye before I go.” And she put her mouth back on his cock.
Janet pulled her head up from his balls and smiled seductively.
“And I wanted to say thanks for this weekend. I had a blast, and I want to keep doing it.”
As she began to lower her mouth to Todd’s balls again, she suddenly started whimpering and shuddering for a few moments before smiling again and throwing a wink at Todd as she resumed bathing his testicles with her tongue.
Michelle peeked out from behind Janet, her mouth and chin shiny with pussy juice.
“Todd, I want to talk to you about having Janet move in with us.” And she put her head back between Janet’s legs, resuming her feast.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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