Student Painter

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My husband and I have a fairly good marriage. After nearly a decade together, we still didn’t have any children though. We’ve been through all the testing. After eliminating anything on my end as the problem, it was determined that my husband has a low sperm count. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for him to get me pregnant, it just means that it’s going to take some serious effort. I am more than willing to do what it takes, as is my husband. The problem is that his work takes him away so much that it’s hard for us to really put a lot of effort into the task at hand. It’s not like we don’t have sex whenever he’s home, we’re just not seeing the results from it that we’d like to see.

It was a hot summer Friday in July. Joe was out of town attending a convention. We decided that if we are meant to have a baby, it will happen. My friend Sally went through something similar to this and said that it happens when you least expect it. She should know, she has two kids now and she’s expecting a third. This particular day I wasn’t thinking about babies. I was thinking about getting the inside of my house painted. Joe’s not the handy type. He delegates responsibility, which means that he’s more than happy to pay for someone else to do the work. He left me the checkbook and told me to take care of hiring someone to paint while he was out of town since he wasn’t fond of the smell of paint.

I was looking online to try to find a painter when I came across an ad for a company called Student Painters. According to the testimonials, they were supposed to be pretty good. Apparently, the company is run by a bunch of college students. I have to admit that the pics of the hot college guys in overalls and jeans did attract my eye. After recovering from the sight of the hunks of beef, I read further and saw that their prices were really reasonable. Even though my husband can afford to hire painters who charge much more, he still liked to save a buck. So, I figured what the heck and filled out the contact form and clicked. I figured that since it was a Friday I wouldn’t hear from these guys until they had recovered from their weekend parties.

I was in the middle of preparing myself a nice dinner of steak and rice and steamed vegetables when the phone rang. Much to my surprise, it was one of the student painters. He asked what I wanted done and when I wanted it done. I told him that I was looking to get the entire inside of the house painted, but I wanted to do it in stages. So the upstairs would be first and the downstairs and basement would come later. He said that he had a painter who could come over tomorrow and start. Talk about service. I was so surprised at the how quickly they could have somebody over that I just said “okay” and gave the guy the address.

After I got off the phone with Joe, I crawled under the covers and wondered who they would send over. The guy on the phone sounded young and hot, but he sounded more like the guy who makes arrangements rather than one of the actual painters. I decided that I was being silly getting so worked up over the prospect of a hot college painter coming over. I went to sleep and didn’t give it any more thought that night.

I woke up around 7 the next morning. Even though it was a Saturday, I was still used to getting up early. I made myself a bowl of cereal since I didn’t feel like dealing with a major cleanup. It was supposed to be near 100 degrees that day. Even though we had whole house AC, it was still obvious that it was going to be a hot, sticky day. I put on the TV to catch the weather and they said it was already in the 80s. I was just putting away the bowl when there was a knock on the backdoor. I glanced outside of the window above the sink and saw a pickup truck with paint supplies in the alleyway behind the house. “Before 8 on a Saturday. Impressive,” I thought as I answered the door.

“Need some painting done,” a stunning college boy said after I opened the door.

“Yes,” I said trying not to stare at the young man in front of me,” please come in. I didn’t expect you to be this early.”

“It’s so damn hot,” he said carrying a gallon of paint in each hand, “I just wanted to get to work as early as possible.”

“I can’t blame you,” I said while inviting him in.

“I’m Ryan,” he said while taking in the view as he came inside of the house.

Ryan was clad in baggy jeans and a white t-shirt. Even though he was on the skinny side, he was clearly muscular. He had dark brown semi-spiked hair. I also happened to notice that he had an amazing ass. Even through his baggy jeans, the shape was clear. It was a perfect round bubble butt. I told him that he would just be doing the upstairs today. I let him walk up in front of me on purpose. I don’t know what came over me, but I found myself taking more than a few glances at his ass as he walked upstairs with me following behind him.

“You can start here in the hallway and then do the two bedrooms,” I said. “You can save the bathroom and kitchen for next time and then the living room, family room, and basement entertainment room will be last.”

“Got it,” he said with a smile as he put the cans of paint down.

“I’m gonna get the rest of the stuff from my truck,” he said while heading downstairs.

“Okay,” I managed to say as I tried my best to keep my composure.

All kind of thoughts ran through my head, but there was one that kept coming back. If Joe’s little swimmers weren’t strong enough to give me a baby, maybe a one afternoon stand with a hot, muscular college stud would do the trick. Joe wouldn’t have to know. And when Joe came back home on Tuesday I knew we’d have sex, so he would think that it was all him. This was crazy though. I decided to put that thought out of my mind. I figured I would just sit in the living room and watch television or read a book while he did his work. Out of sight, out of mind. Right?

Just as I was getting ready to head back downstairs, Ryan was coming back up the stairs with a ladder with drop cloths stuffed between the rungs and a bucket of painting supplies. There wasn’t anything I could do except back up and stand in the hallway as he put his supplies down and started setting up the drop cloths on the floor.

“I’ll be downstairs,” I said.

“Alright,” Ryan said as he bent down to open a can of paint.

I wish he hadn’t done that since it gave me an excellent view of his ass. It also made it clear that he was wearing a pair of 2Xist briefs under his baggy jeans. Here I was a 40 year old married woman completely turned on by a hot college boy who I only knew by his first name. I slowly worked my way downstairs and decided to make another attempt to turn my mind to other things besides that young man’s perfect ass and muscular body.

About an hour later, I smelled the paint and wondered if everything was alright up there since I hadn’t seen Ryan since he got to work. It wouldn’t hurt to bring him up a bottle of water, so I went to the kitchen to get one. That’s when I ran into Ryan coming in from the backdoor.

“Oh, I thought you were still upstairs,” I said.

“I’ve been up and down a few times,” he said. “I guess you were caught up in your book.”

“Stephen King,” I said, trying to keep our conversation as safe as possible.

“Yeah, I like his stuff too,” Ryan said.

“How’s it going up there,” I asked.

“I’m done with the hallway and I just moved the furniture into the middle of the two bedrooms so I’m gonna get started with that and I’ll be done for the day,” he said while whipping sweat from his face.

“Hot out,” I said before I realized how stupid it was to state the obvious.

“Here,” I said, handing him a bottle of water.

“Thanks,” he said while running the ice cold bottle over his face and neck before opening it to take a sip.

As Ryan was drinking the water, I glanced down and noticed that his face wasn’t the only thing sweaty. Apparently, while I was reading Ryan had been going back and forth from his truck to get supplies so he had definitely experienced the heat and humidity. This is a long way of saying that it was clear that his t-shirt was soaked through. Even his baggy jeans were clinging to his body. He was skinny, but clearly muscular. For the first time, I noticed the outline of a bulge in the front of his jeans. I tried not to make it too obvious that I was checking him out as I handed him some paper towels to sop up some of the sweat on his face.

“That shirt looks like it’s soaked through,” I said, “Why don’t you let me put it in the dryer?”

“Sure, thanks,” he said while putting down the half empty bottle of water and peeling off the drenched t-shirt that clung to his chest and abs.

“I’m gonna get back to work,” Ryan said with a smile.

“Wait,” I said, “I have a t-shirt you can wear.”

“Um,” was all Ryan could say before I dashed upstairs to get one of my husband’s t-shirts that he hardly ever wore.

“It’s my husbands,” I said while tossing him the t-shirt.

“Thanks,” he said as he rolled the t-shirt onto his amazing body.

“How old are you,” I blurted out, “I mean, I was just wondering since you seem so disciplined to come over early on a Saturday.”

“Yeah, I’m like that,” he said while heading back upstairs.

I figured he was dodging the question so I went back into living room. Then I heard him say that he was 21 as he went upstairs to get back to work. I was determined to put any more thoughts about what he might have under those jeans out of my mind as I picked up my Stephen King book from the coffee table.

I found my mind wandering as I starred at the book without reading a single word. Could I tempt Ryan out of his clothes all together? Maybe I can can convince him to take a break and have a little adult fun. He was certainly young enough to be able to get the job done. He was on the skinny side, but he did have great arms and an amazing chest and abs. How big was his cock? I did catch a glimpse of a bulge in his jeans, so he must be packing something substantial. These are just a few of the thoughts that were running through my mind.

I made one final attempt to get back into my Stephen King book and forget about trying to seduce the hot college boy painting upstairs. After about five minutes, I put down the book and made my way upstairs. So much for willpower.

I got upstairs and the hallway was all done. I walked into the guest bedroom and that too was all finished. I walked into the master bedroom and found Ryan. He was up on a ladder working on the corner of one wall. Before saying anything, I took a good look at his ass. It looked so damn perfect in those baggy jeans.

“How’s it coming,” I asked.

“Great,” he said, “I’ll be done soon.”

“Take your time,” I said, “No need to rush.”

“Got ya,” Ryan said.

I wasn’t even sure he noticed me beyond me being the lady who was going to pay him when he was done. I decided to be bold and go for it.

“So, do you have a girlfriend,” I asked.

“Yep,” he said as he took a glance down at me from the ladder.

“I’m sure you keep her happy,” I said, getting a little bolder.

“Yeah, no complaints,” he said while getting down from the ladder and touching up the rest of the wall with the roller in his hand.

“Make her scream,” I asked.

“Sometimes,” Ryan said while crouching down to take care of the trim.

I glanced at the waistband of his 2Xist briefs that was visible as his baggy jeans eased down while he was in a crouching position. As I starred at his amazing ass, I gave up all thoughts of being remotely coy.

“When’s the last time you took care of her,” I asked.

“This morning before I came over here,” he said, still focused on finishing up the trim.

I was surprised at how naturally he was answering my questions. I guess he was used to getting hit on. I wondered how many other housewives he fucked since doing this painting business.

“I’m surprised you managed to get over here so early then,” I said.

Ryan Aksaray Escort just laughed and eased his way over some to get the rest of the trim along the wall. He was now on his knees in a more comfortable position as he painted around an electrical outlet on the bottom of the wall.

“Don’t be modest,” I said, “If you got some skills, be proud of it.”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t proud of my skills,” he said while still focusing on his work.

“Did you leave your girlfriend wanting more,” I asked in a further attempt to be as bold as I could get.

“Not really,” Ryan said.

“Took care of her needs, huh?”

“Pretty much”

“How many times you take care of her?”

“Twice this morning and five times last night,” Ryan said as he got up and adjusted his baggy jeans.

“I’m all done,” Ryan said as he started putting his painting supplies back in the bucket.

“Alright then,” I said.

“I’ll stick around and wait for the paint to dry so I can put the stuff back,” he said.

“You know, you are really nice, but you don’t have to lie to impress me,” I said.

“Lie about what?”

“Come on. Five times last night? I’m sure you have skills, but nobody can fuck that much.”

“Believe what you want,” Ryan said as he flexed his arm while picking up the ladder in one hand and the bucket with the supplies in the other.

“I’m just gonna take this out to my truck,” he added.

This wasn’t going at all like I had planned. It’s not like I had ever tried to flirt with a young man like this before. Joe was good in bed. Plus I wasn’t trying to get laid for the sake of getting some dick. I did want to get some young seed inside of me and see if I could have a baby. I had my serious doubts anything was going to happen anyway since Ryan wasn’t taking the not-so-subtle hints. I decided to step up my efforts.

“I’ll just get the drop cloths and then I’ll put your furniture back in place,” Ryan said as he came back upstairs.

“Hey, wait,” I said, “I challenged your skills and you didn’t even say anything.”

“What do you want me to do? You’re gonna believe what you’re gonna believe,” he said.

“Is that how you act when somebody questions your skills in that area,” I said, in another effort to be bold.

“I know it’s not fuckin true, so what’s the big deal,” he said, clearly irritated.

“Alright, whatever you say. Put the furniture back and go then.”

“I can make you fuckin scream if I wanted to,” Ryan said as he picked up a bookcase and put it back in the corner.

“Make me scream with what? You think that tiny prick of yours can get the job done.”

“You have no fuckin idea what you’re talking about,” he said as he pushed the dresser back up against the wall.

“Fuckin prove it,” I said as he turned around with a noticeable bulge in his baggy jeans.

“You have no fuckin idea what you’re asking for,” he said with a cocky smile.

“Here,” he said as he took off the t-shirt I gave him before, “Give this back to your fuckin husband.”

“Got no balls, I see,” I said as Ryan intensified his stare.

“I got more than you can fuckin handle,” he said.

“Prove it. Unless you’re all talk and no action.”

Ryan didn’t say a word as he reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. He turned around and spread his legs. I heard the sound of his zipper coming down as he let his baggy jeans slip past his ass. He turned around and let his jeans fall all the way to the floor. He stood in front of me in a pair of 2Xist briefs that were clearly stuffed to their limit..

“Yeah, right,” I said, trying not to act like I wasn’t horny as hell, “That’s probably a fuckin pair of socks in there.”

Ryan grabbed me and pulled me right up against his skinny, but muscular body. I could clearly tell that he was all natural in his briefs as I glanced down and saw the outline of his circumcised mushroom head. He let out a gasp as I reached down and cupped his balls, which were barely contained in his briefs.

“Satisfied,” he said as sweat glistened on his chest and stomach.

“Not yet,” I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him down on the bed with me.

The bed was still in the middle of the floor, but that wasn’t exactly a priority right now. Ryan immediately took control of the situation and positioned himself on top of me. He pulled my top off and unhooked my bra with very little effort. It wasn’t long before he pulled my white shorts. I was about to take my panties off when he pushed me down on the bed and used his teeth to perform the task.

At this point, his briefs were stretched to their limit. He got up on his knees and reached down into his briefs and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be close to 10-11 inches. It was nearly twice as big as what Joe had between his legs.

“You know how to use that thing,” I said.

Just then, he reached over to get his jeans from the floor and pulled out an XXL condom from his front pocket. He quickly ripped it open and repositioned himself between my legs in a kneeling position. He was about to slide it on when I grabbed it out of his hands.

“Let me,” I said while licking my lips.

I did want him to fuck me raw, but there wasn’t anything I could do about that right now. He closed his eyes as I slid the rubber down his huge, thick shaft. After I was done, he quickly pulled his briefs off and threw them onto the floor and got on top of me.

Without saying a word, he rammed his condom-covered cock inside of me. He showed no mercy as he pounded me so hard that the bed started moving. I couldn’t believe how he filled me up. My hands, which were on his back, found their way down to the tight, round bubble butt I admired when I first met him. He didn’t say a word as he continued to pump his huge cock inside of me.

I had half a dozen earth-shattered orgasms by the time he was ready to blow. His entire body was dripping with sweat as he gritted his teeth to force himself to hold back. After a few more frantic pumps, Ryan blasted a huge load into the XXL rubber that covered his young dick. I had one more orgasm as he pumped out a few more streams of cum into the stretched condom.

“Don’t ever fuckin question my skills again babe,” Ryan said with a cocky smile.

“Is that all you got,” I said, pretending not to be all that impressed.

“I’m gonna grab a shower and go,” he said as he got up from the bed.

He pulled the rubber off of his still-hard cock and tossed it in the bucket with the supplies. I have to admit that I was still horny as hell watching his buck naked body as he went to get a shower. He didn’t even ask me if he could use my shower. I would be pissed if I wasn’t so turned on. I took another good look at his muscular ass as he went to get a shower.

I decided that it was now or never as I went into the bathroom. I waited until I was sure that he was in the shower. I was still naked as I glanced over and saw that he was facing the other direction. I slipped into the other side of the shower and smacked his ass to get his attention.

“What the fuck.” he said.

“Exactly,” I said as I got down on my knees and started sucking his cock.

Ryan just closed his eyes as I took nearly all of his tool down my throat. I grabbed onto his sexy ass as I swallowed nearly all of his cock. I kept going until he was about to blow, then I slide my mouth off of his throbbing cock.

“Wha???,” was all he managed to say.

“Finish inside of me,” I said as I wrapped my arms around him.

Without hesitating, Ryan picked me up and pushed me against the shower wall. I wrapped my legs around him as he shoved his hard cock back inside of my moist flesh. He was so horny at this point that he just went at it. He was about to pull out and shoot when I tightened my grip around him with my legs. Before he could pull out, he shot a load inside of me. I gave him a kiss with plenty of tongue as he eased his cock out and shot the rest of his load onto my stomach.

After finishing the shower, we both got dressed. He finished putting the furniture back and took the rest of the stuff back to his truck. He acted as if nothing happened and said he’d be back tomorrow to do the downstairs and entertainment room. I just nodded as he waved at me before getting into his truck and leaving. I wondered if I had gotten enough of his young seed inside of me to get the job done.

The next day, Ryan came over bright and early to get the rest of the work done. I had talked to Joe some last night. I told him about the painter I hired. Well, I gave him the G-rated version anyway. He was pleased that I was saving money. He had no idea about the extra service he had performed. I still wasn’t sure the young stud had done the deed, so I had some work of my own to get done that day.

It was another hot and humid day. I just finished getting a quick shower when there was a knock on the kitchen door. I knew that it had to be Ryan since company never dropped by this early. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a tight top and went to answer the door. I was still wet from my shower. When I opened the door and saw Ryan standing there in baggy jeans and a grey t-shirt, I was getting wet in other ways too. Yesterday at this time, I had only guessed what he had under those jeans. Today, I knew all too well what he was working with.

“Morning,” he said with the ladder in one hand and bucket of supplies in the other.

“Good morning,” I said, “It’s gonna be another hot one today.”

“Yeah, I know,” he said.

“Take care of your girlfriend this morning again,” I said casually as he started setting up in the kitchen.

“Nope,” he said, “I took care of her last night.”

“I see,” I said while handing him a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Yep,” he said, “Made her scream. It was so fuckin hot.”

“Let me guess,” I said while glancing at his ass as he set up the ladder, “five times again.”

“Six,” he said as turned around and grabbed his dick through his jeans.

This was about as playful as Ryan got at the moment. He was soon busy painting the kitchen. Since my attempts at small talk weren’t working, I decided to do some laundry. I went upstairs to empty the hamper. I came downstairs with a bushel and walked past Ryan, who was up on a ladder painting the ceiling.

“Got anything you needed washed,” I asked while looking up at his amazing body.

“You can wash my tee,” he said, putting his paint roller down on the upper step of the ladder and peeling off his tight t-shirt and tossing it down into the bushel I was holding.

It was hard to tell if he was getting bold in return or just showing off for the sake of showing off, but Ryan was definitely not as guarded as he was yesterday. He continue to paint without a shirt as I went ahead and did some laundry. When he was into work, I perched myself off of the kitchen by the laundry area and starred at his amazing ass as he did his work. Even with the AC on, I was still getting hot watching him work without a shirt in those jeans.

I kept busy with little tasks around the house while Ryan finished the kitchen and got to work in the living room. Since the couch was in the middle of the living room, I parked myself there and watched Ryan do the painting. I figured that I might as well enjoy the view. I did find myself wondering if our brief moment of unprotected fun yesterday was enough to do to trick. It was hard to think all that clearly while watching a shirtless Ryan paint the living room ceiling.

I found myself taking quick glances at every part of his body as he moved around the living room doing his job. I realized that there was no way I was going to even finish that Stephen King book I had picked up in an attempt to look distracted since there was now considerable moisture between my legs. I politely excused myself to go to the kitchen to get some water. I brought back a bottle for Ryan.

“Thanks,” he said as I handed him the cold bottle.

I saw sweat Escort Bayan starting to glisten off of Ryan’s chest and washboard abs. The temperature had noticeably gone up as he continued to work.

“Hey,” Ryan said “Is there something wrong with the AC?”

“Not sure,” I said, “Let me go check.”

I went over to the thermostat and made a couple of adjustments and then tapped it a few times before declaring that it must not be working. I told Ryan I’d go into the kitchen and call a repair guy to fix it. I came back and told him that it would be a while since the guy was backed up in his appointments.

“Damn, it is getting hot in here,” I said while taking off my top.

“Hope you don’t mind,” I asked coyly.

“Not at all,” Ryan said with the first genuine smile I’d seen on his face that day.

I just sat there in a pair of pink shorts and a black lace-trimmed bra as Ryan finished up the last wall. I found myself licking my lips while starring at his firm, muscular bubble butt as he painted. I decided to just go for it and take off my shorts too. I was laying back on the couch in my black bra and panties just watching Ryan diligently do his work.

“You know, you can get more comfortable too,” I said as Ryan turned around to see that I was just clad in my bra and panties.

“I’m actually done,” he said.

“I just have to wait for shit to dry and then I can put stuff back and that’s it.”

“What about the entertainment room,” I asked.

“It’s already done,” he said with a smile while looking me up and down.

“Aren’t you productive?”

“Yep,” he said while gathering up his painting supplies.

“Relax for a minute,” I said.

“I should get going. I’m just gonna take this stuff out to my truck and then put your stuff back,” he said while carrying the ladder through the kitchen and out the backdoor.

While he was taking the ladder and some other supplies back to his truck, I poured us some iced tea. I had it on the coffee table in the living room when he came back in.

“Take a break to have some iced tea with me,” I said, “I don’t bite.”

“Alright,” he said as he sat next to me on the couch and grabbed a glass of cold iced tea.

“Any plans for tonight,” I asked.

“Not really,” he said while taking a big sip.

“Not gonna fuck that girlfriend of yours?”

“She’s not home again until tomorrow.”

“Too bad,” I said while looking at the sweat dripping down Ryan’s chest and stomach.

“I’m a big boy,” he said, “I can handle it.”

“I know you’re a big boy,” I said with a naughty smile on my face.

“I should have known you’d seize the opportunity,” he said.

“You were amazing yesterday,” I said.

“Thanks,” he said while taking another big sip.

“I still find it hard to believe that you can go for five or six rounds though, but I guess boys like to exaggerate, so I forgive you.”

“Believe what you want to believe,” he said.

The heat was getting to Ryan as he spread his legs and polished off the rest of his iced tea. I was fascinated by a drop of sweat that ran down his chest and stomach and landed at the top of the waistband of his briefs, which was now exposed as Ryan shifted on the couch in a way that inched his jeans down some.

“It’s alright,” I said, “You’re just a boy. I totally get it.”

“What the fuck are you talking about,” Ryan said while taking an ice cube from the pitcher of iced tea and running it down his chest.

“I just mean that you fucked yesterday like a hot boy with some decent equipment, but I understand that you have to hone your skills.”

Ryan just looked at me and took the ice cube and slipped it into his briefs without even flinching. I have to give Ryan credit for having incredible self control. Here I was horny as fuck and he was still playing it cool.

“Want some more iced tea little boy,” I said while pouring him another glass.

“That’s it,” Ryan said.

He slammed the glass down on the tray on the coffee table and stood up in front of me. He quickly unbuckled his jeans and let them fall. The ice cube he stuffed down his brief had melted and left him with a pair of moist briefs. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch and picked me up and carried me into the kitchen and put me on top of the kitchen table.

“I’ll show you who’s a fuckin man,” Ryan growled as yanked my panties off and shoved his tongue inside of my drenched pussy.

It didn’t take long for his penis to inflate inside of his briefs as he swirled his tongue around in little circles. I wasn’t able to say a word as Ryan jammed his tongue in and out over and over. When he pinched my clit gently with his teeth I went over the edge and squirted on his face. This only turned Ryan on more.

He pushed me down on the kitchen table and quickly fiddled with my bra until it was soon tossed onto the floor along with my soaked panties. I ran my hands down Ryan’s back and slipped my hands into his white 2Xist briefs and cupped his ass cheeks. I let out a gasp as I felt his hard cock press against me through the fabric of his well-stretched briefs.

“Impressive, but you can do better boy,” I said in an attempt to get him going again.

That was all the incentive Ryan needed. He hoped off the table and pulled his briefs off. His hard cock smacked against his equally hard abs. He picked me up and carried me up stairs. My legs were wrapped around Ryan as he carried me into the bed where we first fucked. He threw me down on the bed and got on top of me and rammed his cock inside of me without warning.

Both of our bodies were dripping with sweat as Ryan showed no mercy. He was pumping so hard that the bed was shaking. I was worried that the bed might collapse, but didn’t give it much thought since I was filled up with nearly a foot of cock. The only sound in the room was the sound of Ryan’s shaved balls smacking against me. I managed to grab the top sheet and pull it over us as Ryan keep up a frantic pace.

“Getting better boy,” I managed to say as Ryan intensified his thrusts.

He didn’t even seem to care that he was fucking me without a rubber. He was totally into the moment. It was hot raw sex and I sure as hell wasn’t complaining. I wasn’t even thinking about getting Ryan to knock me up. I just wanted to feel his huge cock deep inside of me. I was as much into the moment as he was. We connected in a way we hadn’t the first time we fucked the day before. This time he was more intense than ever. He was clearly determined to prove that he was all man.

“Oh God,” I said as I ran my fingers through Ryan’s soaked hair.

He just kept pumping like a machine. I eased my hands down his sweaty back and smacked his ass so that the sound of the smack echoed throughout the room. I had another orgasm all over Ryan’s huge dick as he continued to drill me. Our eyes looked and for the first time I noticed that he had deep blue eyes. Just as our eyes locked, Ryan let out a loud moan and blasted his seed deep inside of my drenched pussy. He eased his cock out of me even as cum still flowed from the head. He was still hard.

“Get up on all fours bitch,” Ryan demanded.

He had such a force in his voice I hadn’t heard before that made me do as he said. I let out a scream as Ryan shoved his huge cock into my pussy and fucked me doggy style. He worked himself back up to a frantic pace. He started smacking my ass as he pumped in and out. Even after I had two more orgasms on his cock, he kept pumping his tool in and out. Just when I thought that he was ready to cum, he pulled his cock out and grabbed me and pushed me onto my back.

“Suck it,” Ryan demanded as he pressed his swollen mushroom head against my lips.

I looked up into his eyes and licked a few drops off of his piss slit before wrapping my lips around his head. Ryan had this look of total satisfaction mixed with a kind of mad determination on his face as he eased more of his cock down my throat. I couldn’t believe how fuckin thick this stud was as I struggled to take more of him. In a few minutes, I felt his heavy balls smacking against my chin. He started fucking my mouth with his cock. It wasn’t long before he let out a loud moan and blasted his load down my throat. He pulled it out while he was still in the middle of cumming and rubbed the rest of his jizz all over my face and lips.

Ryan laid down on the bed next to me. The sheets were drenched with the sweat from our bodies. Without thinking, I ran my fingers over his chest and stomach.

“You were pretty damn good,” I said.

“I’m not done,” Ryan said with a sheepish grin as he positioned himself back on top of me.

I was surprised that he managed to get hard again, but it was obvious that he was fully erect again as I felt the head of his cock against my pussy lips. I found myself starring into his deep blue eyes as he slowly eased his huge cock back inside of me.

This time, Ryan went slower. His strokes were more deliberate and intense. I felt every inch of his shaft as he eased in and out. I pulled the top sheet back up over us. Ryan slowly build up the pace. I glanced up at the mirror above the bed and noticed that the sheet had inched its way back down to the point where it was only covering part of Ryan’s sexy ass. In all the commotion, I had forgotten about the mirror above the bed. I was getting turned on even more by watching Ryan fuck me and by glancing up at his perfectly shaped ass reflected in the mirror.

“Damn,” was all I could say before Ryan slipped his tongue into my mouth and kissed me.

He intensified the pace as I dug my nails into his back. It didn’t take much longer to send Ryan over the edge. I closed my eyes as I felt the rush of his hot semen flow inside of me.

“I wanna watch you ride it” Ryan growled as he pulled out rolled over onto his back.

I realized that since he had painted this room, he obviously already knew about the mirror above the bed. I glanced down at his cock, which was still semi-hard.

“You think you’re up for it boy,” I said.

That was all the prompting he needed. Ryan reached down and stroked himself back to full hardness as I got on top of him and eased myself down on his massive cock. I involuntarily shivered as Ryan grabbed my hips and eased me down on his big mother fucker. I looked him right in the eyes and started bouncing up and down on his cock. I loved the feel of his plump balls as I slammed myself up and down. I reached down and felt his muscular pecs and pinched his nipples as I bounced up and down at a steady pace.

We were both covered in sweat as I picked up the pace and slammed down as hard as I could. Ryan reached up and squeezed my bouncing tits as I grinding my pussy down on his throbbing monster. After a few more hard slams down on his cock, Ryan couldn’t hold back anymore. With a loud groan, his cum blasted up inside of me. He had a look of total satisfaction mixed in with surprise on his face as I continued to slam down on his cock and milk it dry.

“Holy fuck,” was all Ryan managed to say as I eased myself off of his dwindling cock.

Even soft, Ryan had an impressive package. I observed this fact when he got out of bed to take a piss. It was almost 10pm and Ryan was ready to get a shower and go home.

“I thought you didn’t have anything planned for tonight,” I asked as Ryan started to walk to the shower.

“I don’t,” he said.

“Then stay the night. I’ll make us breakfast in the morning and then you can go home. I’ll add a little bonus onto your check.”

“Alright,” Ryan said with a smile as he walked into the bathroom to get a shower.

I took another good look at his ass and took a moment to catch my breath. It was too hot to just lay there, so I joined Ryan in the shower. He didn’t seem to mind when I go in and smacked his ass. He grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat. It wasn’t long before his cock started to swell to its full size.

Before we did anything, I took the soap and ran istanbul Escort it over Ryan’s shoulders and chest. He just starred at me with his deep blue eyes as I ran the soap over his pecks and over his eight-pack abs. I stopped just short of easing down to his now-hard cock.

“Do it,” Ryan muttered as warm water poured over his young body.

I ran the bar of soap over his huge shaft and marveled at the incredibly length and thickness of his meat. My eyes looked down at Ryan’s massive cock as I eased the bar of soap between his shaved balls. I took a moment to grab his balls in my hand and I was fascinated by how heavy they were. He let out a soft moan as I stuck my finger right between his nuts.

I put the soap back in the soap dish and grabbed the shower spray nozzle. I looked right into Ryan’s blue eyes and sprayed his muscular body with water. I watched as the soap slowly washed of of every inch of his hot body. It was unreal how turned on I was at this very moment. I watched with fascination as his cock stayed hard while I sprayed it with a big blast of water. I loved how the water cascaded along his shaft and over his massive head, which was about the size of a lime.

“My turn,” Ryan said with a mischievous smile as he grabbed the spray nozzle out of my hand.

“Turn around,” he said calmly.

I did as requested. I let out an “ooh” as I felt the spray of water hit my back. I closed my eyes as Ryan aimed the direction of the spray from my back down to my ass. I let out of a gasp as he playfully directed the force of the spray to my pussy lips. I turned around and looked intently into his eyes as he sprayed the water from the nozzle slowly over my body. He paused to spray one tit and then the other. He then grabbed the bar of soap I had used on him and lathered my entire body from head to toe. He took his time lathering me up; so much so that I was on the verge of having a massive orgasm just from the stimulation.

Ryan then grabbed the shower spray nozzle and washed the soap off of my body. I was surprised when he put the nozzle back and put his hands on my sides and pulled me towards him and gave me a long, deep kiss. With his tongue buried down my throat, I felt the head of Ryan’s still-hard cock pressing against me. While we were still kissing, I reached around and grabbed his perfect ass. At first, I didn’t realize that I was massaging his ass cheeks in my hands while we were kissing.

After he eased his tongue out of my mouth, Ryan looked me right in the eye and reached down to position his hard cock right against my pussy lips. He kept looking into my eyes as he eased his huge cock inside of me again. He shoved his tongue back into my mouth and kissed me hard and deep as he started pumping in and out. We had been in the shower so long that the water was starting to get cold, but neither one of us cared.

Ryan picked me up with cock still inside of me. I wrapped my legs around him as he started to pump with more force. The now-cold water rushed over our bodies as Ryan kept fucking me. I dug my nails into his lower back while his hips continued to buck. He shoved his tongue back down my throat just before he came inside of me. My whole body shivered as Ryan’s cum spewed inside of me. I could literally feel the first few splashes against my pussy walls. Even after we both came, Ryan left his cock inside of me until his massive erection started to subside. He then eased me down and turned off the cold shower water. We were soon laying in bed together, both of us still naked.

“I’m on the pill,” I said, “Just so you know.”

“That’s good to know,” Ryan said.

I didn’t want him to worry that he might have knocked me up, even though that was a lie. I really did hope that our weekend of hot sex was productive in more ways than one. Telling him that I was on the pill seemed to relax him. After making small talk for a while, Ryan got up to take a piss and came back to bed with a semi-hard cock between his legs. It wasn’t long before he was back on top of me and inside of me.

The room was completely dark, except for a small beam of light from the moon that came in through the one window with a blind that was still slightly up. I ran my hands up and down Ryan’s back as he continued to pump his throbbing cock in and out. The AC was still off, but it wasn’t all that hot this particular night. It was too hot to sleep with clothes on, but it wasn’t uncomfortably hot though. After half a dozen orgasms, I realized that I had spoken too soon. By the time Ryan finally came inside of me again, we were both drenched in sweat.

It was the kind of night where neither one of us were tired. I was recovering from our latest round when I noticed that Ryan had crawled up on top of me so that his cock was touching my lips. With little prompting, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his head. I licked my pussy juices and his cum off the mushroom head that I had my lips wrapped around.

With no warning, Ryan pulled his head out of my mouth. He then started jerking off with his cock positioned just above my face. He shifted some so that his balls were bouncing against my lips as he jerked off.

“That’s it babe,” Ryan growled as I stuck my tongue up to lick his balls as he jacked off.

Ryan eased himself down some and pointed the head of his massive cock at my tits. He intensified his strokes as his breathing became heavier. With a loud grunt, he shot a few streams of hot cum all over my tits. Before he could blast off another rope, he clenched his cock head in his hand and positioned it towards my lips and let it go. A thick, creamy blast of cums landed on my lips. Instinctively, I stuck out my tongue and licked it up. This was the first time I really paid attention to the taste of his young cum. It tasted slightly salty, but oddly it had a taste that I liked.

Ryan was kind of soft-spoken and shy, except for when he was horny. After lying together and nodding off to sleep now and then, Ryan got up to go downstairs to get a bottle of water out of the fridge. I woke up and saw he was gone. I thought maybe he had enough and left, but then I saw his naked body bathed in the moonlight as he stood there sipping water. I took a minute to really look at his body. I started with his face and let my eyes wander over his chest and abs and down to the soft cock between his legs.

“Hey,” he said while getting back into bed with me.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” he said.

“It’s okay,” I said, running my fingers over his chest and eight-pack abs.

“So, what’s your major,” I asked.

“Business,” he said.

“Wow, a great body and a mind,” I said while running my hands over Ryan’s stomach as he let out a laugh.

“You’re ticklish, huh,” I said while tickling his stomach again.

“No fair,” he said.

“What are you doing,” I asked as I felt Ryan running his fingers down my body.

“Just trying to find your spot,” he said.

Right before he was about to give up, he tickled the bottom of my right foot and I let out a laugh. I then tickled his stomach back in return. It wasn’t long before we were both turned on again and ready for action. I lost count of how many rounds we had already gone through.

“I wish you luck with your major,” I said as my hands smacked his sexy ass.

“Thanks babe,” Ryan said as he buried his huge cock back inside of me.

This time, I kept my hands on his bubble butt the entire time he was fucking me. I once again found myself massaging his ass cheeks with my fingers as he pounded me with his manhood. I felt every inch of his thick shaft as he went balls deep. Neither one of us was in a particular hurry for this night to end. Ryan kept up a steady pace for what felt like an eternity.

My body rocked with one orgasm after another as Ryan continued to drill his throbbing cock in and out of my womanhood. He increased the pace, making sure that he went balls deep with each thrust. It wasn’t long before we were both drenched with sweat again. I was playfully smacking Ryan’s ass as he kept ramming me over and over. I still found it hard to believe that I had nearly a dozen inches of hot cock inside of me. I could clearly feel how thick and massive it was. Even his balls felt heavy with cum.

The moonlight shifted to the point where it was shining over Ryan’s face. This allowed me to get a good look at his sexy blue eyes right before the moment when he was about ready to blow. With one final deep thrust, Ryan’s body shuddered and he spewed a massive load of cum inside of me. I soon fell asleep with Ryan’s cock still inside of me.

When I woke up around 7 the next morning, Ryan was already up. I looked up and saw him come back into the room carrying a tray with bacon and eggs and toast and a cup of coffee. He had slipped back into his briefs at this point. I have to admit that he looked sexy as hell.

“What are you doing,” I asked.

“Breakfast in bed,” he said while pulling down the legs on the tray as I propped myself up against the headboard.

“You made all this,” I asked.

“Yep,” he said with a smile, “Why? Did you think I was all cock and no skills?”

“Of course not,” I said while taking a sip of coffee.

“Come have some with me,” I said.

“I’m good.”

“Come on,” I said.

Finally, he gave in and got in bed with me as we shared the breakfast he made. After taking the tray away after we finished, Ryan crawled back into bed with me.

“Thanks for breakfast,” I said as Ryan positioned himself back on top of me.

“You’re more than welcome babe,” he said while propping himself with his muscular arms.

It wasn’t long before I felt his hard cock through his briefs. I reached down and pulled his cock and balls out of his briefs. He was about to get up and take them all the way off when I stopped him and told him to leave them on. I glanced up the mirror above the bed and watched as Ryan ease his cock inside of me. He looked so hot with his white briefs on with his cock pulled out so he could get down to business, so to speak.

“Oh fuck,” I said as Ryan worked himself up to a frantic pace.

He was pumping so hard that the headboard was banging against the wall. I had never had this much sex in such as short period of time. Joe was good, but the most he went was three times, and he had to be really horny to accomplish that milestone. I closed my eyes and focused on the feeling of Ryan’s huge cock deep inside of me. By the time we were drenched in sweat again, Ryan was getting ready to come. Judging by the contorted look on his face, he wanted to make it really last this time. I felt Ryan’s entire body tighten as he struggled to make it last. I lost track of how many times he had already sent me over the edge.

“Take that cock bitch,” Ryan shouted as he rammed his meat inside of me with as much force as he could muster.

I dug my nails into Ryan’s shoulders as he finally erupted inside of me. He was like a man possessed as he continued to ram his cock in and out until he shot every drop of his load. After he was done, Ryan got up and yanked his drenched briefs off and went to get a quick shower. I took one last look at his amazing ass before getting dressed myself.

I went downstairs to write out the check for the work he did. I added a generous hundred dollar bonus to it. Just as I was finishing with the check, Ryan came downstairs. He had on the baggy jeans he wore yesterday and his grey t-shirt. It was fairly obvious that he was going commando since his bulge was more pronounced.

“Here, keep them” Ryan said as he reached into back pocked and tossed me his soaked briefs.

“Gee, thanks,” I said, pretending to be irritated.

“Wow, thanks,” Ryan said as he looked at the check I gave him.

“You earned it,” I said with a smile.

“See ya,” he said while taking the rest of his supplies to his truck.

I took one last look at his ass as I watched him walk to his truck from the back door. I stayed there until he drove off in his truck. He stuck his hand out of the window and waved to me as he drove off. I never saw Ryan again, but nine months later Joe and I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our lives. He had the most amazing deep blue eyes.

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