Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 7

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Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 7

The ongoing story of Master Frank and his growing number of slaves from within his own family. He never would have believed that his step daughters would ever desire to serve as slaves to their own step father. Sandra changed that when she ask to love and serve him along with her Mom.

Frank sat alone in the den thinking about how everything is so good with his loving family. Janis and Sandra both working hard to prove their love and loyalty to him out of love. Diann anxiously waits for her promised turn to experience the sexual pleasure that both Sandra and her mom experience daily as his slaves. Janis has arranged for her, Sandra and Angela to visit Janis’ mom for the weekend two days from today.

Janis came into the den, knelt, before him. Master I have something very important to tell you so that you can be prepared and not shocked. What is it you think I need to know that is so important? Master, you have not told Diann that she is to be the center of your attention this weekend. Yes, I know you can tell her today so she can be ready or change her mind before Saturday.

Yes, Master that is what I want to inform you about. Diann and Angela discovered our life style, did a lot of on line research about Master/slave relationships, and have been asking about a slaves responsible to a Master. Sandra and I have been explaining what is required and what the rules are in your home as our Master.

Why have you been doing that, Janis. Master when they ask Sandra and I why we serve you unconditionally. The only answer we could give is that you have earned our deepest love by the way you love and teach us. We explained that we serve unconditionally out of the deepest love for a man there is.

Diann is waiting to be told that she will be used this weekend to talk to you with a request. Master Angela wants to talk to you about the same subject as soon as you will allow her to. Master Frank swallowed nervously. Janis, everything is out in the open now. I hope it is a good thing. I will talk to all of you now. Go get the girls and meet me here.

Yes, Master. She smiled and went to gather the three girls. She tapped on Diann and Angela’s door, entered. Girls Daddy Frank wants you both in the den immediately. Yes mam. They both followed her to Sandra’s room on the way to the den. Sandra, Master wishes to see all of us in the den immediately. Sandra rushed from the room to join her mom and sisters.

The two younger sisters entered the den ahead of Sandra and Janis and knelt before Master Frank legs spread, hands behind their back, and head down. Janis and Sandra did the same beside them. Frank looked at them Girls we need to confirm some questions that I just became aware of.

You all may look at me. All four raised their heads opened eyes and smiled. First Diann, your turn has come. You will be alone with me this weekend for two days. Diann could not control a very happy giggle. Also Diann I understand there is something you want to request. Diann took a deep breath and nervously said. Dad, I want the chance to prove my worthiness to love, serve and please you as a slave with Mom and Janis. You are loving enough to let me experience the love and pleasure that Mom and Janis receive as your slaves. Master, if you wish I would like for my training as your slave to begin this weekend.

I understand your request. I also hear you ask for the love and pleasure that my slaves receive from me which is true but there is also some very unpleasant pain when necessary. Diann looked at him. Master you try to make it sound like it is something bad but I know from Mom and Sandra that even though you have to give them or any of your slaves pain for punishment for disappointing you that pain is given by you with love just like pleasure. To me knowing that you will punish me because you love me makes the pain easier to endure to earn your forgiveness. I also know about your loving aftercare that makes the pain go away.

Frank smiled. I see you are well informed and have the right attitude to make some man a very good slave. Diann slumped and a tear ran down her cheek. Dad, I don’t want to be some man’s slave. I love you and want to be your slave. I promise to work hard to be as good as Mom and Sandra. Please Dad let me try. Please train me to serve you. I already love you and I will learn to serve and please you. Pixie, I did not say I would not give you a chance. What I am saying is the happiness of others is involved with a decision like this.

I will give you my decision soon and you will have to accept it. Yes Sir. Now there is another matter before us today. Angela, do you have a request as well. Yes Sir she half whispered dreading the answer she expected of her request. Dad we all have the same deep love for you as you love all of us equally with the exception of Mom who gets and deserves your strongest love. We all know Mom comes first. I also know that your decisions are always with mom’s happiness in mind. That said I wish to present the same request as Diann to be trained as an additional loving slave to love, serve and please you any way possible without question or hesitation. Also to endure any punishment pain you think necessary with love for you knowing that you punish me out of love for me wanting me to be the best person I can.

Angela I will say that I am very impressed with your knowledge and mature attitude. For that reason I will consider your request with the understanding that if I agree. You will serve as a trainee slave with all the duties of a slave with the exception of sex . I will not use you sexually until you are at least seventeen and then I will have to be sure you can handle sex at that age. Other wise I will make you wait until you are eighteen.

Angela this is a very serious commitment that you have ask for. If you agree to accept my terms which will mean that you will have no sexual contact with anyone outside this family without my permission. Now do you still want to do this? Oh yes Master. You have given me more than I had a right to expect and have made me one of the happiest girls alive.

Sandra, You have heard all said here. What do you think about sharing with your two younger sisters accepting them as sister slaves. Meaning you will have to do something you have already been doing in teaching and guiding them. Master, we all know the decision is yours. To answer your question the only way I know how. I love you more than I will ever be able to love any man other than you. Your happiness is my first and only desire and duty Master and I believe with all my heart they will increase your happiness with love in their hearts for you. Also I love my little sisters very much and would feel terrible if I did anything other than to help them be as happy as Mom and me.

Very well said Sandra. I am proud of you. This made her smile happily. Janis, you are all of our number one concern. I agree with the girls your happiness comes before all else. I ask you now and I want a truthful answer even though I know you would never lie to me. What is your feelings about these two teenagers serving as your sister slaves.

Janis cheerfully smiled. Master you know how strong my love is for you and I love all my girls so very much. Judging from how happy Sandra has been serving with me has made me very happy and I think even you have a little bigger smile on your face theses days which pleases me very much. I want all my girls to be as happy as I am and the only way I can see that happening is for you to love and guide them in the same way that you do me. I will be as happy as all of them if you take them as your slaves. She laughed and said the good part of it is you will always have a variety of pussy for your pleasure.

He chuckled and said that is true and you all have made me very proud and happy. I think I am the luckiest man in the world to be loved so much by four of the most beautiful women in the country. I will promise as your Master to do my best to deserve the love you give me. He looked at Sandra. The only problem I see is that I might have to get Rebel to help me keep you all happy.

Sandra blushed and Janis gasp along with the two younger girls as they all looked at Sandra.

It is settled then. Diann, your training will begin Saturday. Angela your training begins tomorrow unless you think about it tonight and change your mind. Diann squealed. Thank you Master I will not disappoint you I promise. Angela giggled. With a big smile she said. Master I will perform my slave duties and will not ask you for sex until I turn seventeen. I swear to never have sex with anyone other than you without your permission not that I will be wanting to. Janis you stay with me. Girls you all are dismissed. I am sure you have duties to do. Like dinner would be nice. He laughed.

The girls went to the kitchen. Diann and Angela cornered her. Diann ask. Sis did you fuck the dog? Sandra blushed deep red. No I did not fuck the dog. The girls sighed a relief. Sandra told them. He fucked me while Master had me tied to a bench. They groaned. You mean Master tied you up and let the dog fuck you? She had to laugh. Girls don’t think bad of me or Master. The first time was part of my punishment for acting like a bitch toward you Diann.

What!! the first time? You mean he has fucked you more than once?

She smiled saying. You remember last week when you two went to the movies? Yes we remember. Well Master, Mom and I had some fun down in the play room. Really?? Yes really. Well I made the mistake of having an orgasm without Master’s permission so he punished me and part of the punishment was for Rebel to fuck me again denying me the pleasure from Master. OMG!! they both said. Sandra smiled and raised an eye brow looking at them. I have to tell you the first time he mounted me I felt so humiliated I started to cry. After Rebel shoved his hard hot cock in me and started fucking me it felt so good I had the best orgasm I had ever had. Before he got finished with me I was trying to beg for him to fuck me good. Of course I begged for permission to cum before I let lose.

The second time he fucked me I was so aroused and needing to cum so bad I did everything I could to help him fuck me hard. Master gave me permission to cum all I wanted while Rebel drove his hard, hot, big cock deep inside me. Sandra watched the two younger girls squeezing their legs together, rubbing their crotches with their hand and blushing red with desire. I see the two of you are wanting to try dog sex and she laughed. They jerked their hands from their crotches and moaned with embarrassment. All three girls laughed and hugged. Diann said anything to please Master. Oh little sis I tell you if it ever happens to you. You will enjoy it a whole lot more than Master will. Then she thought with concern. I tell you though do not have sex with Rebel without Master’s permission unless you want to suffer some bad pain. Nothing else was mentioned about Rebel.

Saturday morning Janis, Sandra and Angela left about nine o’clock. Frank waved bye to them and went back in the house. Diann knelt on the floor at the foot of her parent’s bed naked, legs spread wide, hands behind her back, head down, pussy twitching and leaking love juice. She could not prevent the arousal thinking about the pleasure Master is about to give her. She can hardly wait for him to take her virginity. Master got a fresh cup of hot coffee, sat at the table reading the paper. After making Diann wait for about twenty minutes anticipating his use of her young body.

When he finally entered the bedroom Diann was so horny she felt her pussy twitch and ooze more juice onto the carpet. A knot formed in her throat and butter flies in her stomach. She did not move as Master stood before her taking in her sexy beauty with her pussy open like a blooming flower and leaking. Her breathing was raspy and fast.

He knelt beside her touching her hair making her moan with the pleasure of his touch. She continued to moan and gasp as his hand moved slowly and lightly down her cheek across her lips. She extended her tongue to lick his fingers as they passed lightly across her lips. She felt an orgasm heating up in her lower body. His hand trailed down her neck across her chest onto her left tit. His tender loving touch had her whole body covered with chill bumps and her orgasm pushing onward seeking release. Oh no. she thought I can’t cum without permission.

She fought the release of the mean orgasm pushing for release each time he touched her naked body. She screamed. No I can’t cum without permission when he squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple between his thumb and finger. Ohhhh….Master may I cum for you? Please Masaaaster! Please Master Pleeeease I can’t hold it much longer. Yes pixie you may cum. She threw her head back, eyes rolled back. Aaaaaaaah Eeeeeeeeeee she screamed as the orgasm blasted through her cunt releasing a flood of cum to the floor. She gasp and sucked in deep breaths of air trying to keep from blacking out.

Yoooooooooooooowwwwwww she yelled as he split her pussy lips with his finger running it from her ass to her clit and pinched it while rolling it between his finger and thumb. The orgasm renewed hard before it ever finished.. She was breathing so hard and fast she hyperventilated making her body go limp, and head drop to her upper chest unconscious. He held her to keep her from falling to the floor. Still unconscious he picked her naked body up laying her back on the bed with her ass on the edge.

He dropped his pants to his knees moving between her legs pushed back resting on his shoulders, ass raised to the perfect angle to take her cheery. He smiled thinking it will not hurt so bad with her passed out. He rubbed his hard cock up and down her cum soaked slit hitting her clit making her grunt and pussy twitch each time he hit the little love nub. Her unconscious body was reacting to his manipulations. He pushed his cock in her love canal to her hymen, held for a few seconds then pushed hard breaking through the virgin barrier. She moaned and her cunt gripped his cock very hard. Her canal was so tight he had to wait for her to acclimate to his size.

Suddenly her eyes flew open. Ooooooooooh she moaned and tried to focus her vision. Looking at him leaning over her with her ankles draped on his shoulders. She said what happened Master. He smiled. Pixie I just took your cheery. Her mouth flew open as she looked down to see his cock buried about half way in her tight little pussy. Did it hurt bad my little pixie. She smiled no Master it is a little uncomfortable but it feels good with your penis inside me. She tried to relax and push Beylikdüzü Escort onto his big hard cock. He started to work in and out of her stuffed little cunt making her grunt with each in stroke. Finally his cock buried all the way in and she felt his cock head pushing on her cervix as his balls press on her ass whole. Oh Master that feels wonderful. Please fuck your slaves brains out.

He smiled and started to fuck her slowly building power and speed in her wanting cunt. She felt the new orgasm heating up in her little body as the pain was replaced by all pleasure and arousal. Her tight gripping pussy worked on his cock to the point he knew he could not hold his own orgasm back for long. His precum and her juices lubricated the passage making it easier to slam his cock in her assaulting the sweet hot young pussy. The brutal fucking he was giving her now pushed a colossal orgasm to the door of release. She gripped the covers of the bed so hard her knuckles turned white.

She humped on his cock and he felt the cum rising though his cock. AaaaaaaYeeeeeeee she screamed as the orgasm banged on the door blocking release. Please Master may I , your loving slave, cum for you. Pleeeeease! You can cum when I do Pixie. She cringed tensed her muscles trying to control the monster orgasm torturing her for release. He slammed deep in her cunt held deep in her and blasted several shots of cum against her cervix. The cum blast inside her kicked her orgasm over the edge. She screamed humped hard into his pelvic, her head slammed into the bed forcing her shoulders and back off the bed as the torturous orgasm forced her to gush cum out around his cock soaking his balls and her ass.

Her body shook like she was having convulsions as he grunted and moaned with the release of his cum emptying his balls to the point they ached. She slumped back on the bed moaning with after shocks of her orgasm. Slowly calming down she looked at the man on top of her with deep love in her eyes. Master you are so very good to me. That was the most fantastic pleasure I have ever experienced my whole life. I love you so very much. I am yours forever. Please use my body for your pleasure anytime you want me. Oh pixie you can count on that. I enjoyed that as much or more than you.

She felt his cock pulling out of her cum soaked cunt releasing a flood of cum from her love canal. She raised her hips and spread her legs as he moved away from her. She reached down scooping cum from her battered little pussy and licked it from her fingers savoring the taste of every drop as it slid over her tongue down her throat. Oh Master we make a very good drink mix. He laughed. Really?? He dropped to his knees pulling her dripping cunt to the edge of the bed and without warning rammed his tongue deep in her love hole. She squealed and humped on his tongue. He worked his hard tongue in her collecting their mix of cum making her pant and moan. When his thumb started pressing her clit rubbing it up and down side to side a hot furnace of an orgasm flew through her sensitive little body. OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! Master may I cum for your again………..pleeeeeeeease Master!!!! He mumbled in her pussy yeeath…..

She released the hardest orgasm yet squirting cum up his nose and into his eyes. He jerked back and clamped the palm of his hand over her cunt lips to contain the long hard squirting orgasm. Her legs kicked out to the sides spreading wider as her body convulsed and she screamed oooooohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooood. As she stopped squirting having difficulty breathing he used his cum coated fingers to lube and finger her ass. The sudden intrusion in her ass felt so good she started screaming and squirting again. About to pass out she begged Mercy Mercy Mercy. Master I can’t cum any more it will kill me.

He let her lie semi-conscious as he went to the kitchen bringing back two large glasses of ice water. Helping her sit up he gave her a glass as he drank the other. She practically gulped the water down. After she finished the water he asked. Are you alright Pixie. Oh yes master I am so happy my heart is about to burst. Thank you Master for forcing me to have so much pleasure. He chuckled. Oh Pixie we are not finished yet. Her mouth flew open. Not finished?? Really there is more??? Master I am not sure I can take any more. I am so sore I hurt all over.

He smiled and evil smile. We shall she what you can endure my little slave. Those words made her heart flutter and gave her renewed energy wanting to please her Master. She smiled and said I am all yours to use as you desire Master even if it kills me. I will die happy knowing that I pleased my Master.

He grinned with pride. I will see that it does not kill you pixie. I have many years of pleasure in store for us.

He stood, slip his hands under her arm pits, picking her up like a rag doll, stood her by the end of the bed. Don’t move. Yes Master. He moved away from her to the head of the bed as she tried to watch him over her shoulder. He came back with rope, blindfold, and a ball gag. Raise your arms to the bed post spread wide and up. She quickly did as told. Spread your legs as wide as you can. She practically did the splits her feet almost reaching the bottom of the bed post. He quickly skillfully tied her wrist and ankles to the bed post top and bottom. Stretching her into a strict standing spread eagle. The legs spread so wide her hips ached and her pussy gaped open letting cum run from her full little cunt onto the floor beneath. He put the blindfold on plunging her into total darkness. She groaned with the pain in her hips, shoulders and the darkness. She has never felt more helpless under someone else’s control.

Open wide. She opened her mouth as wide as possible to receive the ball gag.

He had to squeeze the ball and force it in her mouth stretching her jaw painfully. Aaaagh she moaned at the ache in her jaw. She stood spread eagle, blindfolded, gagged, aching and moaning in discomfort. She screamed behind the gag when he pinched her nipples and pulled them up at the same time. She is tied so tight she cannot raise up to lesson the pain in her little hard nipples. She screamed continuously until he released her nips letting her tits spring back to normal.

She moaned and tried to push her tit into his mouth as he took half her tit in his mouth and played with her sore nipple with his warm wet wonderful tongue. The tongue sent shocks of pleasure racing from her nipple to her clit as he went from one nipple to the other. She felt her juices wetting her pussy once again. He kept licking her nips until she was one long moan of pleasure. He felt the shivers in her body as a new orgasm slowly increased intensity in her lower body. She pulled on the binding ropes and squealed when he pushed two fingers in her pussy and played her clit with his thumb while finger fucking her sloppy hot pussy.

She wiggled her hips trying to get away from the intense pleasure in her cunt as he fingered her pussy, worked her clit and licked her nipple in his warm wet mouth. He continued the pleasure assault on her hot body until she tried to scream for permission to cum again. He let her keep begging until he was sure she was about to lose control and pulled away from her and slapped her tits hard pushing the orgasm back in its shell to wait for release.

She almost lost control of the orgasm when he slapped her open pussy sending a shock of pain from her cunt to her nipples. Aaaaaaaaheeeeeee she screamed behind the gag from the pleasure/pain in her cunt, tits, and body. Her body shook violently trying to control her torturous orgasm flaming in her pussy. He had mercy on her stepping away to let her calm down. He knew he could force her to orgasm but did not want to have to punish her at this point. His thought was to give her pain and pleasure the first day before moving to the punishment part of her training.

After letting her regain control of her body and orgasm he waited until she was showing signs of trying to locate him. He stood close in front of her. Suddenly she squealed with pinching pain on the side of her left tit followed by a line of twelve pinches down the side of her torso to the top of her left thigh. She was moaning with the increasing pain from the pincers on her body. She moaned and tried to move to avoid more of the same on her right side. The pain was uncomfortable but tolerable making he pussy moisten more.

Suddenly she screamed yeeeeeaaaaaaaah from fire in her left nipple as he released the clover leaf clamp onto her hard sensitive nipple. Then again as her right nipple received the same type of fire. He let her stop screaming before pressing the buzzing Hitachi on her clit. She struggled in her rope restraints attempting to escape the intense even painful pleasure forced on her clit. The renewed orgasm raced through her body to her cunt forcing her to try to beg for permission to cum. Ooowwww please Master may I cum for you. Pleeeeeease Maaaasterrrr. Yes pixie you may cum. Aaaaaaaaaaheeeeeeee she screamed into the ball gag releasing the torturous orgasm slamming through her pussy making her gush cum down her thighs onto the floor. As she started to slow down gushing he ripped the string connected clothes pins from both sides of her body forcing the orgasm to slam her again forcing her to squirt cum out in front of her to the floor with her shaking violently hurting her wrist arms shoulder ankles and hips.

Her body went limp hanging from her restraints semi-conscious as her body continued to shake and her pussy winked like a fish trying to catch a floating bug. Cum continued to run from her cunt. He quickly removed the gag opening her airway giving her a chance to regain complete consciousness.

He untied her ankles but she could not move them. He held her up while he untied her wrist and her body fell limp into him. He carried her around to the side of the bed and gently laid her in the middle of the bed resting her head on a fluffy pillow. She sighed and relaxed onto the pillow and bed. Her body twitched but she did not move from the spot he lay her in. He removed the blindfold and covered her weak body with a soft blanket leaving her to rest and recover. It is now mid after noon and he has been working on her for several hours giving her pain and pleasure.

He let her lie quietly for over an hour before checking on her to find she was sleeping with a smile on her pretty face. He let her sleep contently while he made dinner for the two of them. She had been asleep slightly over two hours when he gently woke her by kissing her cheek and neck. Ooooo she said as she slowly awakened from a deep content sleep. She raised slightly and slid her upper body over to lay her head on his leg. Thank you very much Master you make me so happy.

He smiled and moved the blanket from her naked body, picking her up to sit her on his lap. She snuggled against his body nestling her head into his shoulder and neck. I love you Master with all my heart. Are you alright Pixie. Oh yes, Master you make me so happy thank you for using me. Did I please you Master? Yes pixie you have pleased me very much. She giggled and hugged him tight kissing his neck. Are you hungry pixie. Her stomach rumbled at the question. Yes Master I am starving. I will make dinner for you Master. He laughed. No need pixie I made us dinner while you slept. Oh!! Master I am sorry. You should have made me get up and do my job.

I would rather you rest and recover for out next round. Oh? We are not finished, Master? She said as she looked into his eyes with surprise. No pixie. We will eat and relax for a while then have another round before we call it a night. Do you think you are up for it my little pixie. Master if it pleases you I will do anything for you. I am yours to use any way you desire. I only need and want to please you Master. The more my body pleases you the more pleasure I feel. He smiled turned her head up and kissed her passionately slipping his tongue in her mouth. She opened her mouth to offer her tongue to him. She moaned with a tingle in her body from the loving way he kissed her.

Can you walk pixie. I think so Master. Take a shower and come to the kitchen for dinner. Do not take too long or dinner will dry out in the warmer.

Yes Master. I will hurry. I will only be a few minutes. She slid off his lap and trotted to the bathroom as he went to the kitchen to put their dinner on the table. A few minutes passed and she entered the kitchen naked. Whoops I forgot to put out your shirt. Look in the top drawer of the dresser get a T-shirt and slip it on for dinner. He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. She ran to the bedroom and came back in a couple minutes wearing one of his large T-shirts that covered her bottom down to mid thigh. She sat with him and they ate a cheeseburger french fries and iced cola.

Finished with dinner he moved to the den to watch the evening news as she cleaned the kitchen. Finished in the kitchen she went to him and knelt beside his chair. He softly stroked her damp hair. Mid way through the news she ask Master would you please hold me. He smiled. It would please me very much to hold you. She eagerly jumped onto his lap snuggling against his body and shoulder. She sigh contently as he put his arms around holding her close.

As the news went off he told her. Pixie bring me a beer. Yes Master. She quickly got a cold beer from the frig handing it to him she started to get back on his lap. Pixie, go to the bedroom strip, stack two pillows on the bed, lay face down, pillows under you lower stomach holding your butt up, spread your legs wide and stretch your arms toward the upper corners of the bed and wait for me. Yes Master. She trotted to the bedroom did as she was told and quietly waited. As she lay waiting for him she wondered what he would do to her now. Her pussy started to moisten and twitch as she got aroused with anticipation of pleasing her Master with her holes.

She thought he must want to take me in my virgin ass. Thinking after today I will have no more virgin holes but my Master will be pleased. She tried to mentally prepare for the pain in her ass as her Master fucks her hard. She tensed when he entered the room. She lay very still as she prepared to please Master with her body and heart. She felt the rope on her wrist as he tied it to the corner bed post and tied her other wrist to the opposite post followed by her ankles tied to the post at the bottom corners of the bed. Having her tied in a face down spread eagle tie he put the blindfold over her eyes effectively blinding her. She moaned and felt her pussy leak and twitch from being tied to her Master’s Escort Bayan bed like a sacrificial virgin. Small tremors of pleasure rushed through her body.

Everything got quiet and she could detect his slight movement near the bed.

Suddenly she strained against her ropes with the surprise shock of pain on her ass cheek when he slapped her ass with the leather paddle. Yoooooowww she screamed and thrashed and yelled with each painful slap of the paddle on her ass and the back of her upper legs. When her screams of pain turned to grunts and moans of pleasure he stopped with the paddle. He moved on the bed between her legs naked with his hard cock throbbing needing to brutalize one of her holes. She felt a cool slick liquid drip on her ass crack and dribble down her crack over her rosebud down though the lips of her open wet pussy.

She tried to open her legs and pussy for him when she felt the head of his cock enter her cunt sliding deep inside her love canal. She moaned with extreme pleasure as he started to slowly fuck her pussy. She humped on his cock as he fucked her. A warm orgasm started to tingle her body as it moved toward her stuffed cunt. She grunted and humped as he fucked her harder and faster. When she started to moan with pleasure and her cunt squeezed his cock he knew she would be begging to cum very soon. He used the lube on her ass to slip a finger deep in her backdoor. The intrusion of his finger in her ass pushed her orgasm higher to the peak of release. When he slipped a second finger in her ass and fingered her while fucking her pussy she squealed and started to beg. Please Master may I cum for you. Master please may I come for you? I do not know how much longer I can hold it.

He slapped her ass cheek making her grunt. You come when I do. She moaned. Oh please Master. She moaned with frustration when he roughly pulled his big hard throbbing cock from her cunt. She unconsciously tensed when he pulled his fingers out of her ass to push the head of his cock in. She tried to relax to give him easier penetration of her pain filled ass. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fist as her toes curled as he steadily pressed his big cock deeper in her ass stretching her backdoor tunnel painfully. He finally pushed deep in her ass mashing his balls into her pussy and clit. He held still giving her time to adjust to the size of his cock.

She breathed deeply and finally relaxed her ass tunnel letting him move out an inch or two to push back in again. A few short strokes and the pain changed to pleasure and pain. She moaned with each stroke until eventually he was fucking her ass with long slow strokes. He kept the slow pace until she started to moan and hump on his cock then he steadily increased the speed and power of his strokes. A few hard fast stokes fucking her ass made her beg.

Master may I please cum for you please. He slammed deep in her ass shooting cum deep in her bowel. Yes pixie cum for your Master. EeeeeeeeYaaaaaaaa she screamed as her orgasm slammed through her pussy making her gush cum on the pillows under her. Her body shook, fist clenched, toes curled and she humped harder on his cock until the orgasm slowly died down.

He lay on her back moaning and breathing hard until they calmed down and his cock slipped out of her cum filled ass. He left the blindfold on, untied her wrist and ankles. She lay body trembling, moaning and gasping for air. He picked her up to lay her limp body across the foot of the bed. After removing the cum soaked pillows he turned the covers back gently picked her up putting her in the bed. Give me your hands she held her hands out and he tied her wrist together to the head board of the bed.

She moaned as he tied her to the top of the bed thinking. My exhausted sore body cannot take any more pain or pleasure. She did not say anything until he got into the bed with her and rolled her on her side pulling her close to him as he spooned her. When she felt his cock pushing between her legs sliding through her pussy lips. She moaned. Please Master I cannot take any more. My pussy is so sore. I am so sorry Master please let me rest a little while. He chuckled as he pulled back and pushed his cock deep in her ass. She moaned with pain and pleasure waiting for him to fuck her ass again. He pulled the covers over them, slipped his arm around her body over her tits and cupped her tit gently. She felt him relax and say. Good night pixie. Sleep tight. Confused she waited for him to start fucking her. He never moved and shortly relaxed breathing evenly.

Master is going to sleep with his wonderful cock deep in my ass and my breast in his hand. She snuggled against his hard body. She relaxed and slipped into a restful content sleep feeling safe and loved.

Morning came with him still in her ass holding her. She woke when she felt his cock swell in her ass. She wiggled and moaned ready for a morning ass fucking. When she moved he woke and slowly pulled his semi-hard cock from her tight little ass. She moaned feeling empty after having his big cock in her ass all night. He removed her blindfold turned her on her back as she spread her legs thinking he wanted to fuck her cunt. He kissed her passionately. Good morning pixie. Good morning Master. He reached up to untie her wrist.

With permission I will clean up and make you breakfast Master. I would like that pixie. You have permission. She slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom, quickly showered and came back to the bedroom. She laid the wet towel aside and put on the T-shirt asking. Master do you need anything before I start breakfast? He pushed the covers off to reveal a raging hard on, smiled and said yes help me with this problem. She pulled off her shirt with a giggle. How do you want it taken care of Master. Looking at her he said oral. She gulped and move on the bed on her knees. She took his cock in her small hands, spit on it and stroked it until it throbbed in her hands.

She slowly licked it from base to head on all sides lubing it with her saliva. Having it ready she sucked the head into her mouth and using her tongue on the under side she suck and licked him deep in her mouth. She had about six inches in her mouth when the tip pressed against her throat causing her to gag slightly. She could taste her ass and his cum from the nights activity. She back up his shaft and steadily moved back down relaxing her throat and swallowing as the tip entered her throat. She managed to take all of his cock deep in her throat pressing her chin on his ball sack and her nose against his pelvic. She remembered Sandra telling her humming or moaning with his cock deep in her throat pleased Master very much. She started to hum and then moan alternating as she moved her head up and down taking his hard cock in and out of her throat.

Her humming and moaning trick made his balls tighten and he moaned as the cum surged up his shaft. He grabbed her hair, forced her mouth down on his cock chin on his ball sack and shot a powerful spurt of cum down her throat directly into her stomach followed by three more huge shots. She struggle to breath through her nose until he finish shooting globs of cum in her stomach. He released her head letting her pull up his shaft licking, cleaning and swallowing his cum from his cock.

She sat back on her heels, licked her lips, and smiled. Did I please you Master? Yes pixie you pleased me very much as he smiled at her. You are a very good cock sucker my little pixie. She giggle happily. Sandra is a good teacher. He looked at her. She taught you how to suck cock. Yes Master she told me how to do it to please you. I have never had a cock in my mouth until this morning. Shit he said. That is amazing that this was your first blow job and you did it like an experienced pro. Oh Master I am so happy that you are pleased with me. He laughed at her eagerness. Pixie you are a keeper for sure.

She jumped from the bed, grabbed her shirt and ran to the kitchen squealing with joy in her heart that she pleased her Master and he told her that she is a keeper. She made sausage, eggs, buttered toast, jelly and fresh coffee. Putting it on a tray to take it to Master she met him in the hall as he came from the bedroom on his way to the kitchen. He smiled, kissed her forehead. Lets eat in the kitchen. She turned and led the way back to the kitchen placing his breakfast on the table. She made a plate for herself and they ate quietly.

Diann slowly ate her breakfast thinking about all Master has given her. Master has opened a whole new world for me. I realize that pain and pleasure can be a very wonderful thing. I love Master ten times more than I did before last nights fun. Master Frank observed Diann in deep thought. Pixie, are you alright. She snapped out of her thoughts. Yes Master, I am very good. Just thinking about how wonderful my first day with you was and thinking about what else you will do to make it even better. He grinned. Pixie, I am sure I will think of something. Pixie you know this weekend is for you to experience the feelings and things that your Mom and Sandra have. That does not mean that you have to be my slave. If you want to change your mind I will release you.

Diann, smiled. Master that is not what I want. I guess I am concerned about the things you are allowing me to experience. There is one thing that makes me feel weird, Master. He chuckled, What might that be, pixie? Master I know that you let Rebel fuck Sandra. She told me all about it. Are you going to let the dog fuck me Master?

Pixie, it is clear that you do not understand why you have a safe word. We all have our limits. Even a Master has his limits. Things that he cannot do or will not do. That is why you were given a safe word. If there is something that you cannot make yourself endure you will use your safe word. If you cannot handle having a dog fuck you then you use your safe word.

Diann said. Master that is not the problem. I feel weird because I know a woman should not want any animal to fuck her but I think I want you to let Rebel rape me. Ha Ha Ha. He laughed Pixie that makes me very happy because I really got hard watching Rebel fuck Sandra when she turned out to enjoy it. Pixie, clean the kitchen and wait for me in the play room. She giggled and rushed to clean the kitchen. Master unlocked the play room door and went out the back door as Diann headed to the play room.

She went down the stairs slowly feeling very nervous. She stood at the bottom of the stairs looking at all the bondage equipment and furniture. She thought oh my. This is more like a dungeon than a play room. She moved to the center of the room stripped naked and assumed her slave position.

Frank came in with Rebel. He smiled when he saw beautiful young Diann kneeling naked, knees spread, pussy glistening with her juices, hands behind her back and head down smiling. She opened her eyes when she heard Rebel near. She tried to look for him without raising her head but could not see.

He took her chin in his hand raising her head up to face him. Pixie, stand at the end of that short bench. She followed his line of sight, located the bench and move to stand as he told her. Kneel and lie down on the bench. She quickly obeyed. Master put a blindfold on her, ball gagged her, tied her wrist to the front legs of the bench, strapped her body to the bench, and attached the three foot spreader bar between her ankles spreading her knees apart. To finish her bondage in preparation for the dog he tied her knees to the bench legs.

Diann moaned with the wonderful feeling of being bound totally helpless. She felt the heat and moisture in her pussy anticipating being fucked by Master and Rebel. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaEeeeeeeeeeee she screamed from shock and pain when he lashed her ass with a flogger. He flogged her ass, legs and back four more times with the same results. She screamed and struggled in her bondage with each blow as he beat her. He rubbed her burning whelped ass gently moving his hand over the burning flesh down to her sopping wet pussy lips. She moaned and wiggled her butt to his gentle touch.

She squealed into the gag when he pushed two fingers deep in her cunt. She wiggled and humped his hand as the orgasm heated up in her body. He felt her orgasm approaching release and thumbed her clit. You may cum at will pixie he said as he pushed a finger knuckle deep in her ass. Her body shook as she screamed AaaaaaaaaaaaaaYeeeaaaaeeeeeee gushing cum on his hand and humping hard on his fingers in her cunt and ass. I kept fingering her prolonging the powerful orgasm in her cunt. Before she could calm down he rammed his hard cock deep in her ass making her scream from the pain of the sudden intrusion stretching her tight little ass painfully.

He fucked her ass as he thumbed her clit forcing her to have one orgasm after the other or maybe one continuous orgasm. She could not really determine which. She knows the pain and pleasure mix is driving her crazy. It became difficult for her to breath with the ball gag restricting her air passage. He quickly pulled his cock from her ass before he shot his wad. He rammed deep in her pussy fucking her hard, deep and fast making her orgasm hard again. He pulled out and her body melted into the bench with her head hanging over the end.

Master called Rebel to her and he shoved his nose between her cunt lips licking the sweet nectar off and from inside her. She threw her head back and screamed with another colossal orgasm forcing her to squirt coating his nose and face with copious amount of cum. Master stood near her head stroking his hard cock as Rebel feasted on her pussy juices and cum.

Up Rebel he commanded. Rebel needed no further encouragement. He quickly mounted her backside with his front paws either side of her and humped at her with his hard hot red cock. She grunted each time he humped missing his mark. She tried to move her cunt to allow him access to her love tunnel craving the new experience of dog rape. Rebel hit his mark ramming his cock balls deep on the first thrust. Diann screamed with pain when his cock hit her cervix stretching her love canal. She continued to scream with the perfect mix of pain and pleasure as he fucked her like a jack hammer brutalizing her tight little pussy.

Her cunt exploded with another powerful orgasm lubing her love canal. Suddenly she gasp and held her breath with the stretching pain in her pussy entrance when his knot forced in her. Now knotted with the dog knot swelling bigger in her cunt the pain eased up and she took a long breath and moaned with pleasure. Rebel started pumping in her with the knot assaulting her G-spot at the same time the tip of his cock istanbul Escort forced into her cervix forcing her to orgasm again gushing cum past his swollen cock. He abruptly stopped humping and she felt the hot doggy cum shoot into her womb each time his cock pulsed forcing yet another orgasm raging through her body.

Master removed her gag and shoved his cock deep her mouth using her hair to control her mouth. He fucked her throat like a pussy while Rebel forced her to moan when he tried to pull his knot from her tight gripping pussy.

Rebel rested on her back panting and drooling on her back and neck. She shook and moaned on Master’s cock while her body had mini shocks of orgasms forced on her. Another orgasm hit her each time Rebel attempted to pull his knot from her tight cunt mashing her G-spot. Master fucked her throat feeling the vibration of her moans pulling his cum from his balls out through the slit at the end of his throbbing cock. She gulped and swallowed as his cum shot deep in her throat. She licked and sucked on his cock until he finish shooting cum down her throat into her stomach.

He pulled from her mouth wiping his cock on her cheeks. She moaned and extended her tongue so he can wipe his cum coated cock on it. He did and she moaned in pleasure with the feel of his wonderful cock. Rebel pulled out of her cunt with a loud pop and gushing cum. She squealed from the empty feeling in her pussy as the cum flooded from her gaping cunt hole.

Rebel moved away to lick his cock. Diann said. Master, thank you. That was incredible. She giggled. Only I got a big surprise when his dick swelled and locked in my pussy. Sandra failed to tell me about that part of a fabulous fucking experience. I think I am hooked on dog fucking Master. You have a willing dog slut if it pleases you. He chuckled. Pixie I think we will both enjoy you having sex with the dog.

Diann lay still on the bench recovering from the hardest longest orgasm she ever had. Without warning a shock shot from her clit to her nipples when Master pushed a vibrating Hitachi on her pussy into her swollen sensitive clit.

She screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh as he held the Hitachi tight on her clit forcing another tremendous orgasm to swell deep in her guts. She continuously grunted and moaned as the orgasm rushed through her body erupting in her cunt forcing her to gush cum down her leg. She still shook and moaned from the great orgasm but felt exhausted and drained of all energy.

She yelled Ooooowwch when the clamps bit into her nipples. She breathed deep and tried to relax in an effort to embrace the pain in her nipples forcing her to have another small orgasm sending more cum down her thighs. She is about to recover from her forced orgasms when she realized the dildo slip deep in her pussy sending yet more shocks of pleasure through her body. Her nipples hardened more and hurt even more. She squealed with increasing pleasure as the dildo moved in and out of her pussy slowly get faster with each stroke.

She felt another torturous orgasm rolling through he body about to release through her cunt when the Hitachi pressed on her clit. The sudden vibration on her clit accompanied by the incessant fast fucking of the dildo driven in and out her cunt by the fucking machine forced the most powerful orgasm yet. When it slammed through her cunt she screamed from the burning pain in her pussy. Master stopped the fucking machine pulling the dildo from her over used abused body.

She kept trembling and moaning laying limp on the hard bench as he untied her wrist, body, and legs. She moaned and blinked trying to adjust to the light after being in darkness for so long. He knelt beside her gently stroking her soft beautiful hair. She pressed her head into his gentle hand needing the love.

Pixie are you alright. She did not move and weakly smiled. Yes, Master. I am very happy even though I am extremely exhausted and drained. Please Master do not force me to cum again. I think I am too dry. That last orgasm hurt very bad. I ask for Mercy. If it pleases Master to use me more I will happily do my best to please you.

There is no need for you to endure more, pixie. You have used your safe word so we will stop for now. Can you get up? She attempted to rise from the bench but her weak, sore, painful muscles refused to support her. Master picked her up cradling her lovingly in his arms as he sat on the bench with her on his lap. She pressed her naked body against his hugging his neck. She weakly whispered. Thank you Master for giving me the pain and pleasure I craved. I hope with all my heart and love for you that I pleased my loving Master.

Pixie, I am extremely proud of you for enduring everything I did to you without question or hesitation and I love you more than anyone else could love you. She broke down crying with tremendous joy in her heart. Master? He smiled. Yes Pixie? Master will you keep me as your loving slave for as long as I live? Sweet little pixie I will keep you, love you, protect you, provide for and care for you until the day that I die if that is what you want.

She squealed with joy and hugged him very tight as she cried tears of happiness. She said. Great Master I will stay home to serve you now that I have no need for college. He smacked her open handed on her sore butt. Young lady you will not only go to college but you will be an honor student.

She yelped from the smack on her butt. Yes Master I will be an honor student just for my loving Master. Master what are you going to do to me now. He smiled and said. Well pixie I am going to carry my new little slave to my bed room lay her on my bed, run her a bath with bath oil, put her in the nice relaxing warm water and let her recover from a hard day while I make dinner.

Master, I will be very happy to fix dinner for you. He smiled. No pixie you better rest for a while. I will be wanting another piece of that fantastic ass before bed time. Diann hugged him. What ever pleases you, Master. All this slaves holes are yours to use any time you wish.

Diann relaxed in the bath as her Master made dinner for them. They ate dinner talking, she cleaned the kitchen, as he relaxed in the den. She finished the cleaning and joined him. She stood beside him careful not to block his view of the television. Master may I please hold you. He laughed. No but I will hold you. She snickered as she sat on his lap nestling against his body with her head on his shoulder.

A few minutes in his arms she relaxed and her breathing became steady as she fell asleep feeling safe and very happy. He felt her relax in her sleep. He kissed her on the cheek and held her for almost an hour. He moved her enough that her head fell back so he could kiss her lips. He tenderly kissed her until she awakened with a loving smile and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him passionately.

Master are you ready for that piece of this slave ass now. He hugged her. Are you up for it. She said. I am not sure Master but your little slave’s pussy is wet from that wonderful kiss. He slid his hand between her thighs to feel her pussy. She moaned at his touch on her hot wet pussy and leaked more love juice on his hand. Oooooo she moaned as he rubbed her clit. Master your new slave is definitely up to it now.

He carried her to the bedroom, sitting her on the side of the bed while he pulled her shirt over her head. She sat quietly waiting for his next command. Pixie on your hands and knees on the middle of the bed. She immediately moved onto the bed. He pulled her hands back to her ankles forcing her head down and her butt up. He tied her wrist to each of her ankles, blindfolded her and stepped away. She started wiggling her cute little ass and breathing faster with anticipation of the forth coming fucking she is about to get from her Master.

Diann jerked and squealed when his open hand landed on her right butt cheek. She grunted and jerked with each slap until her butt cheeks burned red with his hand prints. He could see her pussy twitching and leaking. She felt the cool liquid drip on her ass crack and knows he is going to fuck her ass again. She smiled thinking I will enjoy him fucking my ass if it pleases him. She spread her knees more when she felt his weight on the bed between her feet. She moaned as he rubbed his cock head between her pussy lips coating it with her love juices she pushed back on his cock trying to get him to push deep in her hot twitching pussy.

She felt his cock move up her ass crack to her rose bud and relaxed her ass muscles to give him easy entry to her ass. She groaned and smiled when his cock slipped deep in her ass. He fucked her hard and deep making her grunt and hump on his cock squeezing with her ass muscles trying to please her Master. Suddenly her orgasm heated up inside her pushing for release. She started begging for permission to cum. He told her. You may cum without permission pixie. Cum all you can for me tonight.

Aaaauuugh she yelled as she released her hard orgasm letting her cum flood from her cunt. She moaned and shook from the power of her orgasm. Before she finished with the orgasm he pulled from her ass and rammed his cock deep in her pussy. His balls slapped her clit as the tip of his cock punched on her cervix and bumped on her G-spot. The hard fucking prolonged the orgasm already in her cunt making her gush more cum on his cock. He fucked her tight hot little pussy making her cum one orgasm after another.

He fucked her hard, deep and fast until he felt he could not hold back his cum much longer and pulled out with his cock coated with her cum. He picked her up and laid her on her back with her head bent back on the edge of the bed. Open your mouth pixie she opened wide to accept his cock and he pushed into her mouth pressing the opening to her throat She relaxed and swallowed letting his cock deep in her throat. She licked her cum off his cock making him moan with pleasure. He pushed hard into her throat pressing his balls on her nose and shot spurt after spurt down her throat into her stomach as she struggled for air. He pulled out and she coughed and sucked hard to fill her lungs with precious air. She licked cum from her lips and smiled happy that master had just fucked all three of her holes giving her glorious pleasure.

After fucking her in all three holes he untied her and helped her in bed after turning the covers back. She lay content as he tied her wrist together above her head to the head board. She groaned with pleasure as he turned out the light and slipped naked into bed behind her. She moved her hips slightly to make it easy to slide his cock between her pussy lips to lube it with her cum. He pulled back and pressed the point of his cock to her rose bud. She relaxed as his cocked pushed easily deep in her ass as she moaned with pleasure. He put his arm over her tits cupping her left tit in his hand. She snuggled closer to him as he spooned her. She said. Thank you Master. I am a very happy new slave and I love you very much. I love you to pixie. Good night.

She moaned but did not wake when he slowly pulled his cock from her tight little ass. Janis, Sandra and Angela arrived home at nine o’clock. Master had left for work leaving Diann tied and blindfolded asleep. Janis and Sandra went to the kitchen while Angela went to her room looking for Diann not finding her in their room she went back to the kitchen. Mom, Diann is not in our room. Janis and Sandra looked at each other and smiled. Janis told her I think we know where she is. Angela you wait here and we will check on her.

They giggled when they found her still tied and asleep. Sandra said. Mom it appears there will be two slaves for Master to tuck in each night now.

Diann woke when she felt her hands being untied. Master? Janis said. No little one Master is at work. Diann said. Mom? Oh mom he told me I am his new slave and smiled big. He made me so happy. Sandra removed her blindfold. Diann looked at her. Sis you forgot to tell me about Rebel’s knot. Sandra laughed hard and said. Sorry little sis I did not want to ruin the surprise. Diann giggled and said. Well it was a BIG surprise. He was stuck in me for at least 20 minutes. Janis looked with surprise at her and then Sandra. Are you saying that he let the dog fuck you. Why would he do something so disgusting to someone he loves. Sandra and Diann laughed. Sandra said Mom, it sounds disgusting until it happens to you. I promise you if Rebel ever fucks your brains out you will want it again.

You will have multiple orgasm back to back or one continuous orgasm. Janis jaw dropped. I suspected he let the dog fuck you for punishment and now you are telling me you liked it. Diann said. Yes mom we liked it. After Sandra told me about him letting Rebel rape her and how good it was I ask Master if he would let Rebel rape me. Master tied me up and fucked my mouth while Rebel fucked my pussy. I had the most glorious orgasm in my life and got treated to Master’s cum in my mouth and Rebel filled my pussy with the best feeling hot cum I can imagine.

Janis heard Angela step in the bedroom and turned to look at her. She ask. Angela did you know about the dog fucking? Angela replied. Yes mam Sandra told me about it. Janis ask. You would not want the dog to fuck you? Angela said. Mom, if Master had not made me promise to refrain from sex with anyone without his permission I would be giving rebel my virginity. Sandra made it sound so exciting I cannot wait to try it to see if it is good as she says.

Janis looked at Sandra and Diann. Do you two girls think it is that great. They both answered. Yes mam. Diann told her. Mom, we strongly suggest that you ask Master to let Rebel rape you. You have no idea what you are missing. We say rape you because it is so fantastic being tied unable to move or prevent the dog fucking you. Janis said. Well I will have to think about that. She smiled and said, I have to admit the way you girls talk about it has made me wet. They all laughed and Diann said. Me getting wet and aroused from Sandra telling me about it is why I ask Master to let Rebel rape me. He did it for me because he loves me and it excites him watching Rebel fuck the shit out of me.


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Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 7

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