Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 6_(1)

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Step Daughters’ Desire chapter 6

Chapter 5 ended with Sandra resting in a tub of hot water and bath oil. Her body sore from being beaten with a cane, flogger, leather paddle and a crop. Master Frank punished her severely with the instruments of pain with a vibrator in her pussy and ass. Her tits tied painfully tight and clamped. He had forced her to orgasm multiple times before letting Rusty, the family German Shepard dog, fuck her cunt while she was securely tied to a bench.

When he untied her she was too weak to stand or walk on her own volition. He carried her to her room and put her in the tub.

Slave Sandra lay in the tub of hot soothing water while Frank went to the kitchen for a cold beer. As he sat in the den sipping his beer he called Slave Janis who had the two younger daughters away from the house shopping while Frank punished slave Sandra. Janis answered the cell phone when she saw that it was Master calling.

Hello Master, is it clear for us to come home when we finish shopping. His reply. Yes Sweetie you can come home as soon as you want to now. Master how did it go with Sandra. He grunted. Better than I expected. Yes sir. We will be home in time to prepare dinner for you or is there something carry out that you would like for dinner? Frank thought for a few seconds. I will leave that up to you and the girls. Get what ever the three of you want for dinner.

He finished his beer and went back to slave Sandra still in the tub. Can you get out of the tub slave or do you need help. She opened her eyes and smiled at him and attempted to climb from the tub of cool water. She moaned from pain and hesitated. He reached under her arms and lifted her from the tub and sat her on the toilet. He tenderly dried her with a large soft towel before wrapping it around her body. Thank you Master.

He carried her to the bed and lay her face down. He picked up the pile of rope that he had removed from her breast. Hands behind your back. She moaned as she crossed her wrist behind her. He put three wraps of double rope on her wrist and tied it leaving it just lose enough to allow blood circulation. Spread your legs. She obeyed enduring the pain from the whelps and bruises resulting from the beating of her punishment. He he pulled her ankles up toward her hips, crossed her ankles and tied them together. With the ends of the rope left he tied her ankles to her wrist securing her in a tight hogtie.

Master? Yes baby what do you need to say. She moaned and said. Am I still being punished? I thought I was forgiven. Yes baby you are forgiven but I will let you know when your punishment is complete. He smiled when he saw the pussy juice coating her cunt lips.

He blindfolded her and put a ball gag in her mouth. You will not speak to anyone unless I give you permission and you will stay in your room until I tell you different even when you are not tied. Do you understand. Yes Master she sobbed behind the gag and slumped into the bed. He could hear her sobbing as he left the room closing the door behind her.

He left her hogtied in her room waiting for the rest of the family to get home. After about three hours Janis and the girls came through the door. The two younger girls ran to him each sitting on his legs and took turns hugging and kissing him as they thank him for the shopping.

He returned their affection telling them your are very welcome. Now go put your new things away and be ready to show them to me later. Janis stood watching her Master and the two young ones with a big smile. When they rushed off to their room she held up two bags. The girls thought you would like bar-b-Que brisket, potato salad and pinto beans for dinner. He chuckled. They know me pretty well. A very good choice.

Sweetie, I want you to go to Sandra. She has been tied for the past three hours. Untie her and tell her she can speak now. I will set dinner out while you do that for me. Yes Master as she went to set the food on the table and headed to Sandra’s room. She entered the room closing the door behind her. Her heart ached for her sweet daughter when she saw that Sandra lay face down on her bed, hogtied, blindfolded, gagged and crying.

Janis removed the blindfold and gag and Sandra looked up to she her mom not her Master and a flood of tears flowed as she started to cry uncontrollably. It’s alright baby Janis said as she untied her hogtie, ankles and wrist. Master sent me to untie you and tell you that you can speak now.

Sandra looked at her mom with tear filled eyes and hugged her. Are you alright baby. Sandra nodded her head but did not speak.

Janis held her until she was able to stop crying. After she calmed down. Janis headed for the door telling her to come to dinner and left the room expecting Sandra to follow. A few steps down the hall she looked back to discover Sandra was not behind her. She went back in Sandra’s room and found her still sitting on the bed sobbing. Baby are you sure you are alright? Sandra nodded yes but did not speak. Are you coming to dinner? Janis ask. Sandra shook her head no sobbing harder.

Janis puzzled went back to the kitchen to speak to Master. The two younger girls was setting the dinner table. Where is your Dad. Angela pointed to the den. He was going to set dinner out and we took over and told him we would call him when ready. Janis smiled. What good girls you are and went to the den.

Master, I untied Sandra and told her what you said and she will not leave her room or speak to me. He looked up with a concerned look. Is she alright? Janis replied. I don’t think so. She can’t stop crying. Frank moaned. Damn I might have gone too far with her and jumped up from his chair. Come with me Janis I might need your help. They went to Sandra together. Janis closed the door as Frank knelt in front of Sandra sitting on the edge of the bed where he Mom had left her.

Frank took her hands in his lovingly. Sandra are you alright. She nodded her head yes. He told her. You can speak. She smiled at him. Did mom tell you that you could speak when she untied you? Yes Master but you told me not to speak again until you gave me permission. He smiled and picked her up holding her on his lap as he sat on the bed. She put her arms around his neck and nestled her head on his shoulder next to his ear. Am I to assume you did not come to dinner because I had not given permission to leave your room? Yes Master. I never want to do anything to disappoint you and make you angry at me again. Knowing that I did that broke my heart and made me feel worse than I have ever felt in my life.

Why were you crying baby girl? Because you are still angry with me Master. I need your forgiveness so badly. Frank swallowed a lump in his throat to keep from crying himself. He took her face in his big strong hands, kissed her passionately, looked into her beautiful swollen eyes. Baby girl I love you very much and I am so proud of you I can’t describe it. You are totally forgiven.

She smiled big wrap her arms around his neck and hugged him very hard. Thank you Master. Thank you with all my heart. He ask. All is good now? Yes Master. May I speak to Mom now? He looked at Janis standing near the door crying with happiness. Yes you may talk to your Mom. She rushed to her Mom and hugged her. Mom, please forgive me for acting like a spoiled little bitch. I promise it will never happen again. Janis hugged her. Baby I forgive you with all my heart. Now can we eat? I am starved. Frank opened the door took one of them under each arm and walked them to the dinner table.

As they sat to eat Frank looked at the two younger girls. Thank you ladies for picking one of my favorite meals for dinner. I love you and thank you very much. They giggled. We love you too Dad. They enjoyed dinner as the cheerful happy family they were before this awful day happened. Dinner complete Sandra stood and said I will clean the kitchen so you all can relax. Diann said we will help you sis. Thank you little sister but I owe the whole family for the problems I caused today. I especially owe you Diann for being such a bitch. I love you too much to push my chores on you. I promise it will never happen again. Punishment or not. I will join the family in the den when I am finished. They spent the rest of the evening as a happy family together.

The girls hugged and kissed Dad and Mom good night and headed to bed. As Sandra gave them a kiss Frank ask if she needs to be tucked in for the night. She smiled and said. I would like that very much Master. When she left the room Janis sat on his lap, kissed him and hugged him. Master do you feel like slave Sandra could use a little more after care to night? She did take her actions very hard. What do you mean, Sweetie? It will not hurt me to be the one you tuck in tonight if it pleases you. Oh! I understand what you are suggesting. How did you get so smart my little slave? From loving you Master.

They went to their room hand in hand. Janis went into the bathroom to return wearing only a bath robe. Frank did the same. Janis was under the covers naked when he returned to her. She had laid out rope, blindfold, butt plug and lube. When he approached her side of the bed she smiled and extended her hands to him wrist together. He tied her wrist to the head board, blindfolded her, pulling the covers from her naked body he roll her onto her stomach. He generously lubed her ass and the plug. He slowly pressed it into her ass making her moan with pleasure. Patted her butt, kissed her and said goodnight, love. As she lay on her side under the covers. She said. Master do you think we could get a duplicate of your wonderful cock as a plug for tuck in nights. He laughed. We will have to look into that possibility.

He entered Sandra’s room. The light was on and she lay naked with the covers turned back. She looked into his captivating blue eyes and her heart fluttered as she said thank you master for your love. Are you still in pain, baby girl. No master my physical pain went away when you took the pain in my heart away.

He picked up the rope she had laid out with the blindfold, butt plug and lube. She held her hands up together for him to tie her. He tied her wrist to the head board and put the blindfold on. She rolled onto her stomach spreading her legs ready for the plug. He got between her legs, lubed her ass as she moaned with pleasure from his touch. He lubed his cock, pulled her hips lightly up to align his cock to her pussy. He slowly pushed his rock hard cock deep in her hot wet pussy. Ooooooh……. she cooed until his cock bottomed out in her tight horny cunt. That is so very nice Master thank you.

He fucked her cunt slowly building speed and power as she grunted and pushed onto his cock with each stroke until he was slamming hard, fast and deep in her. He felt her Beylikdüzü Escort cunt muscle gripping his cock hard and her juices flowing as her orgasm started slamming at the door for release. Please Master may I cum pleeeeease Master she screamed. Yes baby cum for me. She screamed forcing him to clamp a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream as the gigantic orgasm slammed through her body making her squirt around his ramming cock. He grabbed the towel near him shoving it under her to keep the bed from getting soaked. Her orgasm and her cunt gripping his cock made him erupt cum deep in her pussy. He collapsed on her body as they shook and tried to calm down.

As she started to relax he pulled his semi-hard cock from her pussy and slipped it into her lubed ass balls deep. She squealed happily as his cock buried in her tight ass. He wiped the cum from her legs and pussy with the towel, pitched it toward the bathroom. He rolled off her pulling her with him, pulled the covers over them, spooning her with his cock in her ass and put his arm over her tits. Oh…. Master. Really? Are you staying with me tonight. Yes baby you earned it. She squealed with pleasure and pulled his arm tighter on her tits.

She lay content feeling safe and loved and relaxed against her Master. They were settling in for the night when suddenly she squealed. Master what about Mom. He chuckled. Don’t worry about mom. I tucked her in and she is very happy for tonight. Sandra wiggled on his cock, pressed his arm tighter on her tits and sighed with relief. Thank you Master. I love you very much. Good night baby girl. They drifted into a restful sleep.

Early morning. Sandra woke happy tied, blindfolded, with her Master’s cock in her ass. A shiver ran through her body feeling so deeply loved by her Master and Mom. Frank slowly woke when she shivered and giggled. Good morning baby girl. Good morning Master. Sorry I woke you. I could not control my happiness. He smiled. That’s fine baby. Master now that you are awake would you untie me so that I can make breakfast.

He pulled his semi-hard cock from her tight little ass making her moan. He untied her and pushed the covers back as he got out of bed slipping on his bath robe. Master if you want to stay in bed I will bring your breakfast or call you when it is ready. He smiled at her. Thank you baby but I need to take care of your mom first. She giggled. Right. I’m sure she could use some attention after being alone last night.

Frank went to his room as Sandra slipped on a long T-shirt and went to the kitchen to start breakfast. As she neared the kitchen she smelled fresh coffee. She entered the kitchen and her younger sisters smiled at her. Good morning sleepy head. Sorry I was occupied. They laughed. We know we checked on you to see if you wanted us to untie you to find Dad was holding you in bed. Did you have a good night? Sandra smiled happily. I had a wonderful night, thank you. They all laughed and hugged.

What are my sweet little sisters making for breakfast. Diann said. Egg omelets, buttered toast, milk, coffee and orange juice. Sandra smiled. Sounds good. What can I do to help. Angela said. Sis you just relax. You had a very hard day yesterday. Thank you sis but I deserved every bit of it and more. I am just happy that I am loved so much or I would still be suffering instead of standing here happier than I have ever been. If I can’t help with breakfast I will take out the trash like I should have done yesterday.

Janis rolled onto her back with a moan when it drove the butt plug deeper in her ass as she heard Frank enter the bedroom. Good morning Master.

Good morning sweetie. Have a good night? She smiled. I have had much better but I can take it occasionally. He chuckled. And ask Sex or breakfast? She moaned and smiled. May I have both with sex first. He chuckled. Since you are such a considerate caring wife and mother I think we can work together to make that happen. Ooooh …. that sounds great. She felt a tingle in her pussy and moisture there.

She squealed and spread her legs wide for him when he yanked the covers off her naked body. She opened her mouth wide as she felt his weight on the bed next to her head and his hard cock lay across her lips. She turned her head to take his cock and licked it with her soft wet tongue making him moan with pleasure before she plunged her mouth on his cock taking it all with the first stroke. Her throat engulfed his dick gripping the head as she licked his shaft under side. He moaned with surprising pleasure. He slowly fucked in and out of her throat.

He move his leg to straddle her head without taking his cock from her mouth. She moaned long on his cock as he opened his mouth wide to take her juicing little pussy in like he was going to eat her like a piece of steak. His cock pulsed when she moan causing a vibration on his throbbing tool. He sucked her juices into his mouth as his tongue attack her clit. He felt his orgasm coming at the same time hers rushed to his mouth. He shot cum in her throat making her thrash and try to scream with a colossal orgasm squirting in his mouth as he sucked and swallowed every drop. His cum finally stopped shooting in her throat and she started to slow down on her orgasm. Feeling this he thought what would happen if I bite her pussy lips while I tongue her clit.

He lightly bit her whole outer pussy lips and pushed his tongue hard on her clit. She tensed, screamed and bit his cock lightly as another orgasm assaulted her mind and body making her convulse uncontrollably through a long hard orgasm. Frank pulled his cock from her mouth but kept up his attack on her pussy. She screamed. Mercy ………..pleeeeeasssss Master. I can’t take any more.

He pulled away from her twitching cum covered pussy turned with his head next to hers and kissed her passionately. He broke the kiss as she moaned trying to keep it going. He giggled. I guess you want me to fuck you with my cock now. She moaned and giggle. That sounds great but if you don’t mind Master. Rain Check? He laughed as he untied her removing the butt plug.

They took a long relaxing shower together and dressed for breakfast.

The girls had breakfast ready and Sandra was about to knock on her parents door when she heard the moans and screams of pure pleasure. She quietly laughed, turned and went back to the kitchen. Diann looked up to she Sandra come back smiling. Do we take them breakfast or are they eating with us. Sandra giggled. I think it might be awhile before they come for breakfast. It sounds like mom is getting the works this morning. All three laughed and hugged.

Diann said. I envy mom so much. I wish Dad would decide it is my time soon. You and Mom stay so happy all the time. I can’t wait to be that happy. Sandra smiled. Little sis I love you very much and can’t tell you when it will happen but I do know that Mom, Angela and I are going to visit Grams next weekend for a couple of days. Diann bit her fist to suppress a scream of joy and instantly soaked her panties with pussy juice. She jumped up and down hugging Sandra. Whoa girl I did not tell you it will be your time with Dad. Diann smiled from ear to ear. Don’t you mean with Master.

What do you mean, Diann? Well big sis. Angela and I have figured out what is going on in our family and we did some research on line. We know about the Master/slave life style and know that is what you, Mom and Dad have going on. At first we were confused when you or mom slipped and called Dad Master. We suspected what is happening and researched it. When Dad punished you like he did yesterday that confirmed what we suspected. You know as well as we do. Dad would never punished you so severely for what you did. You broke a very important rule for the harmony of a Master/slave relationship. So he had to punish you accordingly to keep the harmony.

Sandra blushed and smiled. You two young ladies are too smart for your own good. What do you mean for our own good. We both would give anything to have the happiness you and mom have. In fact when Dad decides to take me I am going to beg him to train me for his third slave. If I can be as happy as you I will give up everything and serve him for the rest of my life. My goodness what more could any woman young or old wish for.

Sandra looked at Angela. She smiled. I know I have to wait until I turn eighteen but unless something happens to Dad I am going to be number four slave for him. Seriously do you know of a more wonderful dedicated man than Dad. Sandra smiled. No. Because there is not one.

Have either of you considered the fact if all of us horn in on Mom’s territory that it will reduce the time she has with Dad. Diann looked at her. Did not seem to bother you. Sandra grimaced. It was mom’s idea. Well we will just have to discuss it with Mom and get her feelings about sharing her slave duties with three instead of one. Sandra had to laugh. You are right. Mom always comes up with a right solution.

Well one thing I know either way I am going to enjoy my weekend with Dad. We will see if after next weekend I will be calling him Master or Dad. This line of conversation had Sandra leaking pussy juice. Then she had an idea just to see what might happen. Girls have you seen that new movie in town? I hear it is very good. Angela said no we haven’t but would like to. Well if Dad will let you go Diann has her license and I will loan you my car for the afternoon. Can’t you take us said Diann. No sis I still have some making up to do for my behavior.

They heard Mom and Dad coming from their bedroom and rushed to take the food from the oven and pour coffee for them. The girls sat at the table as Frank and Mom ate breakfast. Diann could not help herself. Mom did you enjoy your wake up call this morning and giggled. Mom looked at Frank and smiled. Matter of fact my horny little daughter I had an extremely great wake up call. One like I have never had before.

They all laughed and Angela looked at Sandra and said. You see what we mean big Sis? Sandra shrugged her shoulders saying. Point noted little sis.

Janis looked at Frank and shrugged. I have no idea what they are talking about. Diann changed the subject. Dad there is a good movie showing in town. May we go see it, please. Frank looked at Janis thinking she wanted some play room time. I see no reason you girls can’t go to the movie.

Oh it will just be Angela and I. Sandra said she can’t go but is willing to let me use her car for the afternoon. Mom and Frank looked at Sandra and she looked down at the table to avoid eye contact. Janis giggle. That is very nice of her. Frank smiled and gave Diann money and said you two young ladies enjoy the movie. There is enough money there in case you want to grab lunch before the movie. Thank you Dad. There Escort Bayan is a new cafe near the theater that I have been wanting to try. My friends at school said it is a great place to eat good home style cooking.

The two younger girls went to their room after cleaning the kitchen. Frank told Sandra. I would like another cup of coffee. Yes Master. She poured him a cup and ask Mom if she would like one. Yes baby that would be nice thank you. She gave them their coffee and poured her an orange juice. They sat quietly at the table for a few minutes. Frank ask. Whose idea was the movie? Sandra swallowed hard thinking she is in trouble again for the second day in a row. Janis giggled. Sandra said. I am sorry Master it was my idea. I thought you and mom might want some fun time. I wanted to thank mom for last night. Please forgive me if I did wrong.

He laughed. No baby girl you did nothing wrong. It is very considerate of you to think of your mom. Sandra smiled. Thank you Master. Frank smiled at Janis. Are you up for some play room time after this morning? She smiled. I think I would like some play room time very much. Well I have my bitch for play what do you think about adding a slut to our play time looking at Sandra. Janis looked at Frank then at Sandra. I think it would only be fair since she arranged it for us. Sandra smiled. You really mean it? I am not commanding you to join us but you can if you want to. Oh yes Master I would like that very much. Are you sure? What about your soreness from yesterday? She giggled. What soreness.

Alright then as soon as the girls leave you two will strip and follow me to the play room for the afternoon. They said in unison, Yes Master. Sandra ask. May I go to my room to get ready to serve you Master? I want to look my best for you. Good idea slut. After Sandra left the kitchen Frank moved to the den with Janis tight on his heels. She knelt beside his chair. After a few minutes of her kneeling with his hand stroking her hair softly she looked up at him. Master? Yes bitch. Will you please hold me? It would be my pleasure, sweetie. She smiled and jumped up on his lap snuggled close to him with her head on his shoulder.

Master thank you for a wonderful life and family. He smiled I should thank you. You are the one that shared your family with me. Master you never cease to amaze me. About the time I think you could not be a better man you do something to prove me wrong and do something to increase my admiration and love for you.

A couple hours later Diann and Angela came into the den followed by Sandra. Frank smiled at the girls. OMG …….. you girls are beautiful. They wore matching white shirts with black short shorts. You both look good enough to eat. Diann giggled. Where would you like me to serve up this delectable meat Daddy Frank? Frank’s cock twitched. Your not ready for that yet my little pixie.

The two girls laughed. We love you Dad and thank you. They left for the movie. Janis and Sandra immediately stripped naked and dropped to their knees in front of him. He looked at Sandra. Are you sure you are up to play room fun. I can get pretty rough sometimes. Chills of pleasure ran through her body. She smiled. Master I would do my best to please you and receive your loving pleasure if I were on my death bed. He headed for the locked door without saying anything.

They hurried to follow him like two kids entering a toy store. He led them to the center of the room where two snap hooks hung from the ceiling on a hoist.

They noticed he had been busy getting things ready for them since the roller table had various items used for restraint, pain and pleasure. He smiled when they both trembled and moaned at the same time. He stood in front of Janis. Hands bitch. She extended her hands to him for the leather cuffs. Cuffs locked on her wrist he attached them to the ends of the two foot spreader bar. He pulled the ceiling hook down, attached it to the center eye bolt of the bar and hoisted her arms over her head until there was light tension on her arms.

He cuffed her ankles to the three foot spreader bar spreading her legs forcing more tension on her wrist, arms and shoulders. She moaned with the discomfort of her bondage. He bound Sandra the same as Janis. They hung from their partial suspension waiting anxiously to see what surprises he had for them. He put a blindfold and a ring gag on each of them. Standing back too look at them. He sighed. Thinking twin beautiful little pain sluts and they are all mine.

Both slaves jumped and screamed as he had a flogger in each hand and landed a hard blow to the tops of their gorgeous tits. He liked the way they reacted at the same time and landed more blows with the flogger covering the tender bodies from tit to crotch. When they pulled on the restraints and grunted with each blow he dropped the floggers on the table to the side.

He moved between the two painful bodies leaking cunt juice down their thighs. He squeezed Sandra’s tit with his left hand as he squeezed Janis’ tit with his right hand. They both moaned as the shock of pleasure rushed to their cunts from the touch on their tits. He saw both their cunts now dripping girly juice on the floor. He smiled and caressed their tits pinching and twisting each of their nipples. They moaned and pressed into his hands and their knees started to weaken.

He slowly caressed down their bodies from tits over stomachs, mounds into the pussy. As he gripped each of their cunt lips and squeezed hard they let out a long squeal and pushed into his wonderful hands. He squeezed and released their wet hot pussies several times before sliding two fingers between each set of pussy lips. He ran his finger up and down each pussy at the same time giving each clit special attention at the same time. He had the two singing moans and squeals like a duet.

His cock was at full erection now needing some relief. He focused on their clits until he forced them to orgasm hard. Sandra first screamed OoooAaaaaahYeeeee as the full blown orgasm blasted her cunt forcing her to squirt hard sending her cum two feet from her on the floor. Janis begged. Master please may I cum for you please. Oh please Master I can’t hold it much longer. Yes bitch you can cum for me as he pinched her clit forcing her to cum with an orgasm causing her to relinquish all muscle control in her body. Yeeeesssssss thank you Master she screamed as cum flowed from her tight little pussy.

Sandra cringed and moaned as she heard her mom beg for permission. Oh I fucked up not asking permission to cum. She trembled knowing it meant she would be punished. She started to cry for disappointing her loving Master. Oh Master I am so sorry for disappointing you again so soon by failing to ask permission to cum. Please punish me and forgive me. Please Master.

He could not prevent smiling. That’s alright slut you are still new at this even though you know I have to punish you. Yes Master I know and I deserve any punishment I get. I am trying so hard to be a good slave and make you proud of me. Slut I am not angry with you. I know you are trying and doing very well so far. You are forgiven and you will be punished to teach and help you remember in the future. Yes Master she tried to smile around the ring gag. Thank you Master. I can and will take my deserved punishment with a happy heart knowing you are not angry with me.

You will not speak again until I say you can. Mercy she said. You need something, slut. Yes Master if I can’t speak how do I ask for permission to cum Master. I know you will force me to cum multiple times. That is your problem, slut. Now you will not speak again. He smiled. She is going to suffer without corporal punishment. He thought to himself. She moaned with frustration.

He lowered the ceiling hook and said. On your knees slut. Using the ceiling hook for support she lowered to her knees. He pull his pants off releasing his aching cock and pushed deep in her throat. She relaxed her throat and accepted all of his cock in her mouth until he pressed his balls on her chin with her nose mashed against his pelvic. She held in place breathing through her nose. He grabbed her hair with both hands and worked her head on and off his pulsing cock. She felt his cock swelling and moaned to cause a pleasurable vibration on his cock head. He moaned pushed deep in her throat and held while he shot cum down her throat directly in her stomach.

He felt his knees turn to rubber and pulled out as she tried to lick him clean as he did. She was feeling extreme pleasure from pleasing her master. She felt her pussy twitch and fluid leaking from it. The orgasm waiting inside her scared her knowing she can not speak or orgasm without permission. He dropped to his knees rubbing his wet cock on her nipples making her push into his cock as she moaned from the shocks of pleasure shooting from her nipples through her body to her cunt .

Her orgasm is getting stronger when she felt his thumb and finger pinch her clit and jack it like a small cock. The sudden stimulation to her clit made her orgasm to start pounding at the door blocking its release. She tensed and groaned wanting to ask permission to cum and could not. He felt her stress of struggling to keep from releasing a very powerful orgasm. He pushed her until she is on the edge of losing control and pulled away slapping her face. Don’t you dare cum, slut. She screamed and shook trying to suppress the orgasm. Her body continued to tremble from the pressure of trying to kill the orgasm pushing for release so badly.

She finally regained control and dropped her chin on her chest, moaning and breathing hard. Frank hoisted her back to her feet pulling her arms up until she had very little weight on the balls of her feet. Her wrist, arms, and shoulders started to ache from supporting her weight.

Janis listened as Master worked on slave Sandra forcing her to near orgasm but denied. She moaned knowing what torture of orgasm denial can do to a slave. Frank heard her moan and moved behind her with the leather paddle in hand. Yaaahhh she yelped and jumped pulling on the chains holding her helpless as the first blow of the paddle slammed on her right ass cheek setting it on fire. He smacked her ass and the back of her thighs four more times. Each time a blow hit her she jumped and yelled …. Yaaahhhheeee. Her pussy burned, twitched and leaked cunt juice as he finished hitting her.

He lubed her ass and a plug pushing it into her tight little back door. She clenched and screamed as the intrusion threatened to force her to orgasm. Master may your loving slave cum for you. Pleeeease Master let me cum for you Master. He pulled her hips to him slamming his hard cock deep in her hot, wet, winking cunt fucking her hard as she screamed. Please Master istanbul Escort may I cum for you. Please master. AAAAAAAhhhhh. Yes bitch cum for your Master he said as he rammed deep inside her. She released the powerful painful orgasm shaking and screaming for a long time as the orgasm rattled her whole body. Frank felt her muscles clamp down on his cock so hard he thought she would actually pinch it off. The pressure forced the release of his own orgasm blasting cum into her cervix. He and Janis moaned and trembled as he held her in his arms cock buried in her love canal until they calmed.

My little bitch you are an incredable fuck and he kissed her cheek. Thank you Master. You made me your sex slave she said as she tried to smile with the ring gag behind her teethe holding her aching jaws open. Sandra was on the verge of tears as she heard the pleasure in her mom’s screams and moans. Knowing that she had a wonderful orgasm induced by their loving master.

He removed Janis’ ring gag, untied her wrist and ankles telling her. On your knees bitch. Yes Master as she dropped to her knees in the pool of cum on the floor with her hands behind her back and knees spread wide to expose her cum dripping pussy. He touched her lips with the tip of his cum covered cock. Her mouth flew wide open before he could say open and clean bitch. Her mouth engulfed his whole cock, licking and sucking it clean and swallowed the mix of hers and his cum.

He led her to the nearby bed laying her face down. Hands behind he ordered. She quickly crossed her wrist behind her. He quickly expertly tied her wrist. Legs spread bitch. She quickly obeyed spreading her legs exposing her leaking pussy and ass with the plug lodged in it. He raised her ankles crossing them over her hips. He rope tied her ankles with a long length of rope leaving a long tail hanging. Pulling her feet close to her hands he tied the rope from her ankles to her wrist forcing her into a tight hogtie. She grunted and strained against the ropes. She felt him pull her head back with a painful hold of her hair. Open wide bitch. She opened her mouth wide as he wrapped a double rope between her open lips twice and tied it to her ankle rope holding her head stressfuly back forcing her to arch her back to lesson the stress.

He turned the butt plug vibrator on and left her to struggle with pain in her back, neck and shoulders and pleasure building in her ass. Sandra hung by her wrist moaning still wanting to cum very bad. She listened intently as Master forced pleasure on her mother. She felt a twinge of jealousy that mom was getting so much pleasure and she is just getting more sexually frustrated with the sounds of pleasure so near her.

Looking at her and the actions with her mom had his cock hard once again. He knows he can maintain his erection and fuck her longer now that he has empty balls. She jerked and moaned with pleasure at the touch of his hands gripping her ass cheeks pulling her to him with spread legs, dripping, hot twitching pussy. She thought I will cum the instant he touches my pussy. Please give me the strength to hold it until he gives me permission to cum. She screamed and tightened every muscle to hold control of the orgasm that slammed at the door blocking its release when he without warning rammed his cock balls deep in her cunt. She thrashed and humped moaning as he fucked her hard, fast and deep. She fought with all her strength to hold back the most powerful painful orgasm in her young life.

He sensed her about to lose control and pulled out slapping her left tit square on the nipple. She almost lost control pushing her too close to releasing the orgasm torturing her. Don’t you dare cum, slut. His words doused cold water on her orgasm. She screamed with frustration with the powerful orgasm lurking so close to release.

He untied her forcing her to kneel at the end of the short bench and tied her face down, ass up and legs spread. She moaned and dreaded what he would do to her now. She knew that he had not beat her taking mercy on her sore bruised body from her beating for punish yesterday. This made her tremble more. Afraid of what he had in mind to punish her for having an orgasm without permission.

Sandra and Janis heard him climb the stairs and leave the basement. Janis thought why is Master leaving me in this tight hogtie that is becoming more painful by the minute. What did I do to be punished. Sandra thought, Master is going to punish me by leaving me tied to this uncomfortable bench for the rest of the day alone not knowing what her mother was enduring.

He shortly returned to the basement with Rusty, the family German Shepard dog, following him. Sandra heard him approach her and recognized the sound of Rusty. She jerked as he kneeled beside her hanging head. You can speak now slut. Thank you Master. Do you want to cum. Oooh please may I Master. I am so frustrated it hurts. Please fuck me and make me cum Master. No I am going to let Rusty do that. But Master it would be so much better with you.

Master had snapped his fingers to Rusty and he ran to the source of his pleasure. She jumped and squealed when his cold nose pushed into her cunt lips and his hot tongue mashed hard on her clit making her suppressed orgasm slam at the door of release. He licked up and down her slit as her juices feeding his hunger. She moaned, squirmed and begged. Please Master may I come now. No not yet. He patted her back and Rusty mounted her wrapping his front legs around her hips humping trying to find her cunt with his hard red cock. With Master’s help he rammed deep in her cunt with the first hard thrust.

She screamed almost cumming as he fucked her hard and fast as he had the first time Master let him take her for acting like a bitch. Please Master may I cum for you. Pleeeeease I don’t know how much more I can take. Pleeeeaaase Master. Yes, slut. You may cum now. She screamed and squirted as she released the torturous orgasm that had been hurting inside her for so long. The extra lubrication from her powerful orgasm allowed Rusty to ram his knot through her pussy opening to knot her locking them together.

She screamed AaaaaaahEeeeeeee as the knot enter her stretching her cunt painfully and erupted with another orgasm more powerful than the first. Rusty pushed deep and paused as his cock pulsed shooting multiple shots of cum deep in her.

When the orgasm started to slow she fell limp on the bench with Rusty knotted in her cunt. Rusty panted and drooled on her neck and back waiting for his not to shrink to pull out.

Master went to Janis. She flinched and groaned when he started to untie her. He untied all the rope freeing her wrist, head, and ankles. She relaxed on the bed with a deep sigh. He let her rest a few minutes while Sandra and Rusty calmed down. He helped Janis to her feet and escorted her up the stairs out of the play room with Sandra knotted with Rusty. Out of the play room and the door closed he removed her blindfold. She looked at him, smiled and ask . Master did you let Rusty fuck Sandra? He smiled at her. You better clean up before the girls get home and start dinner he said as he slapped her on the ass sending her off.

Master entered the play room as Rusty was pulling out of Sandra’s cunt releasing a flood of their cum on the floor between her legs. Rusty went to the side and licked his cock while Master untied Sandra and helped her sit on the bench leaking cum on the surface under her. He removed the blindfold and smiled at her. Sandra smiled back, hugged him and said. Thank you so very much for loving me Master. Then she frowned and looked down shamefully.

He looked at her. Did you enjoy Rusty fucking your brains out, slut? Oh yes Master he makes me cum so hard and good. I do like it very much. Then why do you look so ashamed? She looked into his eyes. Master, I know you said you are not angry with me and you forgive me for having an orgasm without permission but that I would have to be punished just the same. Are you going to wait to punish me?

Master pulled her close with his head to the side of her ear. Slut you have been punished. She pulled back to look into his eyes. I don’t understand Master. He chuckled. Slut, was it easy to not speak and to hold every orgasm I pushed to the very edge and then stopped denying you the pleasure of having multiple orgasms. Then letting the dog fuck you to orgasm instead of me.

No Master. It was pure torture. Especially while mom was having so much fun and I could not. He chuckled. Wouldn’t you say that was enough punishment.

You had an orgasm without permission so I made you want and need to orgasm real bad multiple times but would not let you. Would you like to do that all the time. OMG no Master. I don’t want to do that ever again. What will you do to prevent going through that again. She thought a few seconds and her eyes flew open. I will remember to ask for permission to orgasm from now on.

Mission accomplished he said. Now go get cleaned up and help mom with dinner before the girls get home. Yes Master and kissed him and rushed up the stairs. Frank fed and watered Rusty then put him out as the girls came home. Have fun girls he ask as he sat in the den with a cold beer. Oh yes, Dad thank you. They hugged him and went to the kitchen.

Janis and Sandra was making dinner. Diann ask. What can we do to help Mom. Janis smiled at her . You can set the table if you want. Yes mam. As they prepared dinner for the family the conversation turned to Master/slave and the two younger girls informed their Mom of their knowledge they had about Daddy Frank as Master and Mom and Janis his slaves. When they told Mom looking at them shocked that they wanted her permission to join her and Sandra as sister slaves.

Janis caught her breath and said girls you will have to ask your Dad. Angela giggled. Mom we know that but we need to know how you feel about the idea since you are the one that will be sharing your Man….Master with three of us if he accepts our request. We do not want to do anything to hurt you mom.

First off girls if you understand the Master/ slave life style you should know the slaves have nothing to say about what her Master does. It is the slaves desire, and duty to please her Master in all things. My duty is to see that any new slaves he chooses obey, serve and please Master at all times. That is why Sandra got punished. Do you know what she did to deserve her punishment? Yes mom she talked back to you Diann said.

That is only part of it. She broke a rule which is. As a slave you will obey any order or command from Master or number one slave without hesitation or question. Now you to girls think about that and if you have any questions you can ask Me or Sandra about the rules and duties of a slave.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you are not bored with it to this point because Diann is getting closer to her time with Master Frank.

Your votes and comments will determine if I cease writing or continue with chapter 7

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