Speech to Text Male Masturbation

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Big Cock

OK, hi! I’m going to try something new for this story. I wanted to try some speech to text recognition. Why? I wanted you to experience me masturbating. I hope it works and it doesn’t mess up too much.

Right now I am sitting at my desk. I have a few pictures pulled up for, um, inspiration. I’ll leave what they are to your Imagination for now.

My pants are on right now, but I have unbuttoned them. I’m slowly working on my cock. It’s not completely hard yet inside my boxer brief shorts but It’s slowly rising up.

Mmm. Just slowly moving my hand up and down the shaft. Just the finger tips. Mmm its. Its working well. My eyes are closed. I’m starting to move my hand faster as my dick is getting bigger. Its almost all the way up to its full six inches.

Yeah this is working so well. I’m going to pull down my boxer briefs — which are dark blue by the way — and grab a hold of my hard cock.

Oh yes. Yes. That feels so good! I’m slowly stroking it 1xbet yeni giriş up and down on the shaft. Oh man. Oh yes. I’m looking down at my cock as I pound away on it. It feels great. My cock feels so smooth today. I don’t know what it is. My head looks so big today. I’m going to rub it. First I put a little spit onto my thumb and, oh yes. Yes. Oh that feels so good just rubbing the head of my cock. Oh fuck.

Mmm. Ok. I think. I think it’s time to lose my pants. Would you agree? Okay. I’m standing up and pulling down my pants. Are you pulling your pants off too? I hope so. I think I should just lose my boxer briefs while I am here? Yes? I agree.

Ok, both are down. I’m sitting back down in my chair at my desk. My cock is back in my hand and I’m slowly working up and down the shaft. I can tell you it feels so good in my hand. Oh yes. I’m really starting to work it now.

Ohh yes. My head is back. My eyes are closed and I’m really starting to 1xbet güvenilir mi stroke it now. Its so hard. So big in my hand. I love it. Oh man. It feels so good. I’m pumping so fast. Yes. Yes. Oh my. Oh shit.

OK, OK, have to slow down. Want to keep this going. It feels so good though. Mmm okay. I’m going to slow down and play with my balls for a bit. Just cupping them and massaging them for a bit. I’m going to spread my legs a bit more in my chair so I can cup them better. Still holding my cock with my right hand, cupping my balls with my left hand. Slowly pulling on it.

Mmm yes. I think I’m going to get some lube and put it all over my cock and finish that way. What do you think? I think that is a great idea. OK, I have the lube. I’m going to squirt it right onto my cock. Oh there it goes. Oh it’s all over. I might have used too much.

OK, I’m going to grab my cock. Oh shit. Oh my god, I’m instantly working it fast and the lube is smacking 1xbet giriş as I stroke up and down. Oh my god. This feels so good. I can’t. Oh man. Oh shit working it so fast. Oh god. Oh god. Oh yes. Faster. Oh my god. I want to cum.

I’m close to coming but I don’t want to yet.

Oh man this feels so good. My balls are so tight now. They have lube all over them. Oh man, I’m working the lube into my balls as I stroke. I know I’m close. Oh man. I’m going faster.

Oh yes. Of yes. I’m stroking it faster now. My hand is still on my balls. Oh shit. Oh god I’m going to explode. Oh shit. Faster. The lube is so loud. I’m pressing behind my balls. Oh man oh shit. That’s it I’m going to come. Yes, pressing hard behind my balls. Oh yes. Oh fuck. Oh god yes yes. Fuck here it comes. Oh god yes. Yes oh fuck. It’s coming. Are you going to come with me? Come with me. Oh yes, I’m coming so hard! Oh god yes. Oh oh oh. Oh shit. Oh god did you come with me? I hope you did

Oh man that that was so good. Oh yes. Slowly stroking it down. Rubbing my come into my dick. Oh man. So much come. Oh yes. That felt so good.

OK, that was fun. What do you think? Should I do that again for you? Let me know in the comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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