Solo in the Sun

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The sun prickles on the backs of my eyelids despite my shades. It’s about a million degrees outside, and I feel a bead of sweat form and roll down the oiled valley between my breasts. I adjust my earbuds and shift positions on the lounge chair. It’s a lazy afternoon and the heat is lulling me into a sleepy, dozy state. A song comes on that reminds me of you…a very sexy song that sets my wandering mind off…the music blends with my flow of consciousness in the drowsy heat, and suddenly you’re there with me…your hands all over me, your mouth on mine, adrenaline and endorphins rushing through me like fire in my veins. With you it is always like riding a river of passion-fueled desire where there is no beginning and there is no end, and I picture you…us…in my head. The song’s lyrics spark my reverie..”the feeling of your skin locked in my head”…”I don’t care I’m down for what you want”…I’m not even really aware of it when your fingers in my dream become my own.

My nipples are stiff. The thin silky fabric of the bikini top can’t hide that, and I run my hands over my breasts and enjoy the feeling of the hard tips against my palms. I pinch them. The way you do it. It feels good…I circle them with the tips of my index fingers and they stiffen more. The edges of my nails scrape lightly. In my dreamy state it’s you doing this to me…I arch my back towards you, begging for more. I can see you in my mind’s eye. You’re wearing those mirrored shades that hide what you’re thinking from me. Your face is inscrutable as you lean close to me. Close enough that I can smell you. God I love your casino siteleri scent. I inhale deeply, flaring my nostrils to fill my nose up with you. Your hands frame me from my ribs down past my hips and then slowly back up. Your hands are strong and glide smoothly across my oiled skin. I can’t see your eyes, but I can FEEL your gaze on me, devouring me, picturing what you will do to me…I can almost see the thoughts form in your mind, and it’s as if I’m viewing myself through your eyes. You find me beautiful and erotic and I revel in that knowledge.

I watch your eyes caress me from my shimmering breasts down across my belly to the small patch of fabric covering my smooth mound. My skin is alive! I can feel everything, everywhere, all over me. It’s as if the oil on me has magnified my sensory perception and everything is heightened and exquisitely sensitive. I can feel my arm lying across my torso. My bicep and forearm flexing against me as I caress myself. I slide my hand down across the heated skin of my stomach and a frisson of anticipation runs through me when my hand crosses the edge of the bikini. My hand becomes your hand as it slides down over the soft fabric towards the place where I ache for you. It glides smoothly across the rise of my mound and then down into the warm valley between my legs. I press my thighs together, squeezing my hand and enjoying the oiled strength of my thigh muscles clenching together. It’s your hand between my thighs, those big hands of yours…I can see your hand…the hairs on your arm…the watch on your wrist. My mouth falls open in a silent cry canlı casino as you press into me and cup me in your palm, your thumb on my pubis and your fingers deep between my legs. “Spread your legs.” Your deep voice reverberates in my head.

There is something about the act of opening your legs for your lover that is incredibly erotic. Maybe it is the flex of your muscles stimulating your sensitive places, or maybe it is the feel of cooler air touching you as you make yourself vulnerable to him, or maybe it is simply the knowledge that you have given him access and that he is going to fill you full of himself and fuck you until you scream his name. Either way, that coil of arousal slides through me. You know it. The one that makes your clit throb…The oil is warm and your hands are incredibly strong as you run them down my thighs to my knees. Then rubbing and squeezing slowly, you work your way back up. Slowing down even more as you move up my thigh… I can feel your hand flat on my inner thigh sliding upward, sooooo slowly, until your fingertips brush my fabric covered lips ever so lightly. Even though I’m prepared it still brings a small gasp from me. I’m aching…I feel you slide your hand fully over me and squeeeeeeze. I can’t help it…a moan slides from my lips. Again, you squeeeeeze me slowly, as if testing the ripeness of a peach. There’s no question that this one is ripe and ready to be eaten…

My hips rise towards our touch as I slide my hand beneath the edge of the bikini. I am smooth and tender flesh, heated and made slick with desire. I crave your hands on me. kaçak casino I need…my hips jerk as I slide my finger over my clit. I am so wet, and my index and middle fingers slide easily inside. Slowly. In and out. In and out. The way you do it. Fuck I am wet! We pull the bikini firmly to the side and slide our fingers down on either side of my clit, pressing and gliding slowly. It feels deliciously slick and warm. We taste my juices on my fingers. I remember kissing you…you rubbed the taste of me on my lower lip with your juice glazed fingers and then you kissed me. I can still remember the erotic glide of your tongue against mine, my essence in our mouths, connecting us in mind and body…My fingers return to my clit. God I ache for you! I picture you…rock hard and beaded with precum…Our fingers move faster, squeezing and stroking.

I tilt my hips upward as the feeling begins to coalesce…my entire body is tense as you stroke me faster and deeper until I explode, my hips bucking away from the intense sensation. Finally spent, my body is limp as I lie bonelessly on the lounge chair with the hot sun drying the sheen of sweat from me. A giggle escapes as I contemplate what I just did out here in the hot sun for all the world to see, had anyone been around to see me. I wonder what you would think, knowing I was dreaming of you as I pleasured myself. Would it turn you on to know that I imagined it was you touching me?

A small sound floats over the still air. The brush of fabric against a chair.


My eyes fly open to find you watching me. The look on your face says I am about to be fucked within an inch of my life…

I give you a wicked smile and revel in your hungry look as I pinch my nipple.

“Yes?” I answer innocently.

Quoted song lyrics are from Tove Lo’s song Talking Body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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