Solo Ch. 03: The Bedroom

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Having arranged a weekend away on a scaled down ‘school reunion’ the following weekend, I was keen to improve on some of my techniques, namely the ability to not to spill!

I needed to practise before next weekend, and knowing I had bedrooms still to be decorated I knew who to call.

“I can fit you in one day in the middle of the week, but I’ll only get one room done, and even then I will have to have one of my lads helping.” Bill said over the phone.

Disappointed that I would not be alone with him, I still accepted because I didn’t want Bill, not picking up on the hint, to know that I called for other reasons.

On the appointed day, Bill arrived early and started gathering his equipment from the van. He was dressed in his shirt and decorators dungarees today and not his jeans. Without much fuss, he started covering the furniture in our bedroom so he could get started. Once I said goodbye to the wife, and she went off to work, I made myself a brew and took one up to Bill upstairs. He was up his stepladder, but turned to face me when I walked in.

“Ah great, I was about to ask you for one.” He took a couple of gulps. “One of my lads, Nath, will be here in a couple of hours, so if there is any side jobs you’d like doing in the meantime..?”

He left the sentenced unfinished, but I knew his meaning.

“Two hours?” I asked.

“More or less, but I need to make sure that I’ve started somewhat here before he arrives. I told him I’d do the ceiling for him so that will need to be done”

“OK,” I said, “what jobs do you have in mind?”

“Whatever is needed. Though ideally with this…” and he slowly unhooked the shoulder straps of his dungarees which then fell down to his ankles.

“Free balling again?”

“As always:”

I took a sip of tea and swapped the mug into my left hand. I moved towards him. Reaching out with my right hand I took hold off his semi hard cock with my fingertips and started massaging him bigger. It did not take long and once satisfied his size was worthy, I took another sip of my tea before pushing my lips around his shaft and swirled the warm tea around his bulbous end.

“Oh wow.” Was Bill’s response, and taking heart I continued to push down his length, continuing to swirl the tea around my mouth. Then I dragged my lips back and off him so I could swallow what was left in my mouth. I could taste a little saltiness with the sweet tea and I could see a little leakage already coming from Bill’s end.

I took another gulp and repeated the action. I could hear Bill respond with pleasure and then again I withdrew and swallowed my drink.

The third time I took a drink I gulped it all down so all my mouth was hot and then I took him whole in my mouth. The heat generated from my mouth was passing through his dick and Bill, I sensed, was in heaven. I pushed my lips right to the base of his cock and this is when I remembered I had never given Bill head before, just swallowed his load as he wanked himself off in my mouth. Neither could I feel him touch the back of my throat like Karl’s cock had but I was still in my element. I pulled my mouth back off, slowly this time and with my teeth and not lips. I reached the ridge of his head and my teeth, though gentle, snagged there. I took this opportunity to lick around his head again and lick away at the underside of his dick.

After a while of doing this I removed my mouth and then started probing his bulb with the tip of my tongue. Running from his eye down to where it met his foreskin and then around his rim a couple of times. Then, taking only his head in my mouth and doing a suck, suck, sucking action over and over I felt him throb in rhythm to my sucks. Pushing back down to his base lightly, then really sucking as I brought my mouth back up over his head. I continued this action, slowly building the tempo, until Bill grabbed my head with both hands, more to steady himself on the ladder than to fuck my face, and his balls tightening, he let out a plume of cum into my mouth, my lips sealed around his cock so I wouldn’t lose a drop and I swallowed like crazy to ease the load. Once the initial first waves were swallowed, I began to tease the rest of his juices out by using only my lips.

Finally, when I was happy he had no more to give, I let him fall out of my mouth. I looked up to his eye and he returned the glance with an exasperated look.

“Three weeks ago, you were a cock virgin. Now you sucked the life out of me! What happened?” Bill pondered as he got off the ladder.

So I told him about my weekend away, innocent at first, but then how my recounting our time together as he painted our bathroom led to a whole load of new things. He reached for my shorts and unzipped them. They fell down far too easily. I was also free balling.

“Wasn’t sure if you’d want to try again as I hadn’t had a call for a while. Guess I was wrong huh?”

He grabbed my dick and massaged it the way I had his moments earlier. It had the same effect Etiler Escort on me. I got hard far too quick! He pushed my skin to the base of my cock then pulled it back over my head. His hand went between my legs to cup my balls. In fact he did more than cup and he did a succession of squeezes. Light at first but each subsequent one was given with extra pressure.

“Don’t think this will take long.” He announced confidently. And turning his back on me he reached his hand behind and started wanking my cock as if it was his own. It was done quickly, with just the right pressure and when he felt me coming he span round again and aimed my dick at his own so when I came I covered him with every shot.

“Now here is your chance to taste yourself.” He said proudly and pushed me on the floor in the way he did all too frequently. I took him back in my mouth again, though because he himself was spent I was able to take both his cock and his balls at the same time. I lapped away at them with my tongue, removing my juices and swallowing them. Not something I would have thought I’d ever do, but I was quietly pleased that I tasted better than he did.

Getting dressed we heard a knock on the door.

“That’ll be Nath, mind letting him in?” Bill asked as he buttoned his shoulder straps back up.

After letting Nath in and escorting him to the bedroom Bill told him want needed doing.

“And if we do a good job, and get it done by 3, our man here has promised us a blow job bonus each!” Bill indicated to me. I was taken aback.

“Is he any good?” Nath asked.

“He’s getting there!” Bill replied.

“OK then.” Was Nath’s comment and set off working on the walls.

I stood there looking at Bill knowing what I should say. Instead, “Getting there? Is that it? He’s getting there!'”I mimicked.

Bill laughed and went back to the ceiling. I turned and walked downstairs, not feeling apprehensive about being put on by grown men demanding I sucked their dicks but by the fact I was only ‘getting there’.

In the period that followed, I could have been doing work, instead I spent those couple of hours building myself up to show them what I could do.

At around half past two I could hear the decorators pack up their equipment and take it out to the van. Bill popped his head in, grinned and suggested I came up to see the finished bedroom. I had to admit, the work had been done really well and the bedroom looked much better. Nath was taking the last of the equipment down and all that was left was the dust sheets covering the furniture.

Bill looked at me expectantly and I could only roll my eyes. In fairness I was looking forward to it, but I didn’t want to give the impression I was easy. I reached for his shoulder straps and undid them. Once again his dungarees fell down and this time he stepped out of them, standing in just his t shirt and boots. Oh, and with an already hard cock!

“Been thinking about me Bill?” I enquired, and took hold of him with my hand, palm under his knob and my thumb around his shaft. I pulled slowly and pushed back gently. He was quite dry but I’m sure he would start leaking soon so I could lube him up. Maintaining eye contact, I placed my other hand under his balls; a gentle squeeze at first, then a second with a bit more pressure, followed by a third with significant pressure. And there it was, the leak. Rubbing the end of his cock against my palm, I then massaged his cock in his own juices and now was able to wank him without friction. I stood behind him, like I did that first time and slowly wanked his shaft, pulling my hand down to his balls and pushing up to his head. Back and to, back and to. Occasionally as I reached his head I would wrap my hand around his bulb, gently massage, get more leakage on my hand and then pull back to lube him up some more.

After a few moments I got down onto my knees in front of him. Having him in my hand was one thing, now I wanted him in my mouth. Flicking his under rim with my tongue first, I then pressed my pursed lips against the tip of his cock and pushed so my lips, sealed around his cock, expanded to accommodate his thickness. Being as hard as he was, I had to change the angle of my head so I could push down rather than forward.

Again I was able to take his whole length with no problem, and I started sucking up and down his knob. I closed my eyes to concentrate, taking my time to suck, tongue and caress my lips over his shaft. When I opened my eyes again, I saw another cock next to my face. Nath. I had forgotten about him, but apparently he had been watching the whole time and was now wanting some action. I was not ready to stop sucking Bill yet as I had got into a steady rhythm, so I reached out with my hand and started wanking him in time with my facial thrusts on his boss. Nath was bigger than Bill; much bigger in fact. Perhaps not as thick but he was a long boy, but nothing as big as what I handled when sucking Karl last week.

My attention Escort Bayan on him and watching me play with his colleague was getting to Bill. I could sense he was building up to a climax, but I wasn’t ready for him yet. Pulling my mouth off his knob I started licking the end of Nath’s. The new attention startled Nath and he shivered in delight. Feeling confident in my ability, and with a mouth full of saliva and Bill’s pre-cum, I impaled myself on Nath’s dick. Oh how I could feel him loving it. In fact, I hummed the famous slogan ‘I’m loving it’ as I sucked him and this obviously sent pleasurable vibrations down his shaft as he squealed with delight, resulting in me continuing to hum along as I moved up and down his length.

Bill too was getting my attention, though he was gutted my mouth was around Nath and not him. In fact I wasn’t so much wanking Bill as I sucked Nath, more squeezing his dick to stop him from cumming. I could feel Nath reaching his critical point so I slowed down and shifted my oral attention to Bill, though I kept my hand on his knob as I reached out with my other to grab Nath’s. Two cocks in my hand, alternating between each with my mouth. I suddenly felt guilty as I knew this was my wife’s all time fantasy. And I was living it instead of her. But I could see why she wanted it; here I was, in control of two cocks, not them in control of me, as I was determining who got the pleasure and controlling when they came (maybe I should let her have her dream these days!). Two slurps on Bill, three mouthfuls of Nath, tugging continuously with both hands, three sucks of Bill’s head, two hums along Nath’s shaft, and still I was tugging away.

Then I decided to completely fulfil my wife’s fantasy (albeit without her) and I took both heads in my mouth the same time until I could feel they were pressed together. Then I started wanking them both with a furious necessity while lapping away at the underside of their dicks. Nath was the first to come but his throbbing prior to shooting must have set Bill off too as they both came in great streams inside my mouth. I really had trouble swallowing but of course this was the practice I needed for when I took on Karl again. Swallow, gulp, swallow, gulp. I took everything they gave me and cleared up for them too, lapping at their cum drenched knobs, not knowing whose cum was on who’s cock.

Standing up, I could see satisfied exhaustion on both their faces. “Tired boys?” Both nodded.

I opened my shorts so they dropped to the floor and I climbed out of them, both men looking at my erect status. Grabbing them both by their members, I led them to the bed. I took position on the bed in a seated position against the headboard. “Who’s for first tastings?” I asked.

“I don’t give oral.” Bill said, imploring Nath to do the honours. The younger man did not have any such qualms and headed onto the bed onto his knees between my legs. He started with a tentative touch with his tongue before going straight down my shaft. He gagged immediately and stopped as he recovered. “Nath,” I said soothingly. “Take your time, first time?”

“Just used hands before now.” Was his reply. At that moment I felt for him, being as I had only been a wank buddy until recently.

“Ok Nath, take your time. Just do to me what you want doing to yourself and it will naturally happen.”

He tried again. This time, with the flat of his tongue he lapped the underside of my pulsating head, then traced he way all around the rim, always using the flat of his tongue and not the tip. Wow! He tried to slide his lips down me again but there was too much friction so he got a mouthful of his saliva and let It dribble onto my knob and then with great care, he massaged it into my shaft using his lips and tongue. Now it was lubed and he pushed down on my knob and when he pulled back up, with lips still clasped, he dragged his tongue all along my underside, and as he reached my nib, he flicked his tongue off my tip sending sensations right through me.

As Nath took a moment to take another lungful of air, I noticed Bill was standing next to the bed, with his dick in hand. In fairness to him, it was getting bigger again and he was certainly enjoying the show. Nath came back at me again and this time only played with my head. Gripping me with his lips around my rim he then grabbed my shaft to keep it steady while he twisted his mouth first to his left and then right in a near 360 rotation. Damn that fell good. Then he started lip wanking just my end, tasting the purple, and he did this with a ferocious rhythm. This is one I’ll have to use next!

Fearing I was going to come to early I went to stall him, and desperate to suck again, I called Bill onto the bed. He was still wanking away watching his worker suck off one of his favourite customers. He knelt on the bed next to me where I had insisted. His cock near my face. I started with my hand, slowly pushing back, slowly pulling up. “Wank me into Nathan’s mouth.” I istanbul Escort ordered. He took my cock and started milking it into Nathan’s willing mouth.

I lay back and enjoyed another man wanking me into a third man’s willing mouth. Bill’s own cock was bouncing next to my face and tempting as it was, I was not ready to treat him to another BJ, not yet – especially as he was not willing to suck on mine. Instead I grabbed hold of his cock and held it, squeezed it affectionately when I enjoyed what he was doing, letting go when it was not so nice.

I could see leakage coming out of Bill again, and I played with this, tracing around his cock with my fingers, trying to get as much as his dick glistening as possible. It was my way to not think about the pleasure that was happening down below. After a while though, I had enough.

“Bill, perch on the headboard will you” it was more an order than a question. I was surprised at my own authority. “Nathan, lie there on your back.”

Both decorators did as they were told. I moved out of the way so they could get in position, then I squatted, at first, over Nathan’s face, and fed him my cock. It was difficult as it was so erect, and I had to angle my body away from him so I could deep throat him in that position. He had to alter his neck as well, to face upwards so I would fit. Carefully I moved from my squat into a kneeling position in front of Bill and without making eye contact, engulfed his member with my mouth. During moments like this, things stick in your mind. We were three grown men, wearing just t shirts and boots/trainers – just like they do in the porn films. I always wondered who would find themselves in a position like that, well now I knew the answer. Men wanting quick action, that’s who!

But then I was brought round to what was happening. Here I was, kneeling on the bed, a cock in my mouth, and my cock in another’s mouth. It was a blowjob train, and it was me that was driving it. Powering down on the cock in front of me in rhythm to the fucking of the mouth below me, I knew someone was going to let off their steam soon. The pace was relentless Nath was doing well to cope with the thrusting in his mouth. Bill was roaring at the piston like action with which I mouth fucked his tool, and then there it was.

Hot, salty goodness exploded down my throat but I kept going. Sucking and swallowing at the same time. Bill was fatigued, he was in pain but I wanted every last drop. For Nath’a sake I pulled out of him and knelt in front of Bill while I finished him off. Nath was glad of the break, Bill begging to be given one, which I allowed once his cock shrivelled too small for me to get a good lip grip on.

Moving off the bed I stood in front of Nath and helped him to a standing position. Nath was good. He deserved some more attention himself. Once stood, I turned him away from me slightly so my hot flesh was pushed against his right buttock. Grabbing his cock with my right hand I started massaging him, my left hand holding his left ass cheek to counter his swaying every time I pulled on his tool.

Soon Nath was able to counter any imbalance issues he suffered so I was able to play with my left hand. I reached between his legs and started finger tip stroking his balls, the base of my thumb up against his hole.

This was new to Nath, and I knew the pleasure it created because I experienced it first time myself only a week before. It seems strange me being the one now giving this pleasure. With a little quiver in his knees I could feel the man I was wanking and toying with surrender to what was happening to him. With that I moved my hand up his crack so my fingers brushed against his hole. This brought a mewing sound from Nath and encouraged, I started pushing the tip of my finger inside him as I majestically wanked his impressive knob.

“Shit, do this next time and I’ll paint the next room for free.” Nath pleaded.

“For free?” I thought I hadn’t heard right.

“You pay for the paint, then you can do this to me and the labour will cost nothing.”

Sounded good to me. I looked at Bill. His face showed concern.

“What can you do for me Bill? Can you paint the third room for me? “

“Yes.” He replied.

“For free?”

“Anything.” He was in fear of losing one of his favourite customers to one of his employees.

“What’s it worth?” I asked.

“I’ll buy paint and free labour.” Was his sales pitch. “Just we keep the same arrangement as today and last time.”

” I asked you what it’s worth!” I said commanding a stern voice.

“Anything, absolutely anything!” Nearly begging now.

“Come here then and get on your knees!”

Submissively Bill did as he was bid. I was about to have two bedrooms painted for free and get some man on man fun for the trouble. Winner!

“I don’t give oral.” Bill reminded me. I was not listening now because I could feel Nath stiffen and his ass tighten. A tell tale sign! I spun him round, pressed the nozzle of his nob against my erect cock and wanked him to completion. The streams of cum that shot out were hot as it exploded point blank against my skin, dripping from my belly to my balls. There was so much it looked like I was covered in white chocolate dripping.

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