Sleepover 2 — Great Birthday

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Ever Since The Last Time Spencer Came Over We Have Been In A Real Relationship. It Wasn’t Just Sex, When No One Was Looking We Kissed And Made Out. We Were Truly In Love. I Had Turned Him. He Had Gone From Straight To Bisexual To Totally Gay. When I Even See Him Hot Body, His Boyish Face, Or His Beautiful Bright Green Eyes I Get An Instant Hard On And I Get A Feeling That I’ve Never Experienced Before… Love.

During The 6 Months Between Our Sex And Now We’ve Had Sex Many Times. His Tight Little Ass Had Recovered From Last Week’s Experience. Everytime I Sucked His Cock His Creamy, Hot, Juicy Cum Had Just Gotten Sweeter.

Tommorow Was My Birthday And My Parents Allowed Me To Invite 2 Friends Over. I Asked Spencer If He Would Like To Invite Anyone Else.

Spencer: I Do Know Somebody…. But We’re Gonna Have Sex Right?

Me: Of Course.

Spencer: I Don’t Know If He’s Gay Or Bi Or Would Be Grossed Out At The Idea Of Gay Sex. Should I Invite Him?

Me: Well Here’s What We’ll Do. When We Get On The Computer To Look At Porn I’ll Click On Gay Porn. We’ll See His Reaction And If He’s Grossed Out Then We’ll Just Wait Until He’s Asleep And Go In The Spare Room. If He Isn’t Grossed Out Then We’ll Tell Him About Us And See If He Would Like To Join Us.

Spencer: Good Plan. His Name Is Ethan. He Has Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes And He Is Really Hot!

Me: Call Him And Invite Him.

Spencer: Sure.

We Kissed Goodbye And He Continued To Walk Twords His House.

As I Walked To My House i Fantisized About A Threesome With Me Spencer And Ethan. I Imagined That He Looked Like Spencer Only With Different Eyes And Hair. I Got So Hard. I Couldn’t Hide My 7 Inch Stiffy. I Walked In The Front Door And Ran Up The Stairs Before My Mom Could See. I Locked My Door, Took Off My Pants, Boxers And Shirt, And Began To Stroke My Hard, Cut, Cock.

About 5 Minutes In I Thought Of What Ethan Must Look Like And I Stroked Harder And Faster. I Picked Up Speed And I Squeezed My Hand A Little Harder. I Exploded On The Floor In Front Of Me.

I Went To Bed Early That Night Hoping To Wake Up Early And Call Spencer And See If Ethan’s Coming.

That Night I Dreamed Of Spencer And I Making Out On The Living Room Couch. Nothing More That That. We Were Just Making Out And Rubbing Each Other’s Body. I Woke Up And Looked At The Clock. 8:19. I Woke Up At The Right Time! I Picked Up My Red Razor Cell Phone And Hit Spencer’s Speed Dial Number.

Spencer: (Angrilly) Hello?

Me: Hey Spence! What’s Up With Ethan?

Spencer: Hey, Mitchell! He Said He’ll Come.

Me: Did I Wake You Up?

Spencer: No, You Interupted My Jack Off Session. (Laughs)

Me: No, No, No! You Can’t Jack Off. Save That Glorious Cum For Me.

Spencer: Fine.

Me: So What Time Are You Coming?

Spencer: Well If I Keep Stroking My Cock, In About 5 Minutes. (Laughs) I’m Joking. I’ll Be Over Around 2 p.m. Is That Okay?

Me: That’s Fine. I’ll Tell Moms To Get The Party Ready.

Spencer: Ok, See You At Your Party. Let Me Give You Ethan’s Number So You Can Call Him And See When He’s Coming Over.

Me: Sure.

Spencer: His Cell Number Is 669-2034.

Me: Ok I’ll Call Him. See You Later.

I Hung Up The Phone And Picked It Back Up. I Dialed Ethan’s Number And Waited For Him To Pick Up.

Ethan: Hello?

Oh My God! He Had Such A Sexy Voice! It’s Not Deep But It Wasn’t Feminine Either.

Ethan: Helloooooo?

Me: Hello?

Ethan: Who Is This?

Me: My Name Is Mitchell. Spencer’s Friend.

Ethan: Oh Yeah! Whats Up? I Think You Have 3rd Period With Me. Spencer Told Me What You Look Like.

Me: Where Do You Sit?

Ethan: 4th Row 5th Seat.

I Rembered The Description That Spencer Gave Me And I Pictured That Seat In My Head. I Tried To Think Of What He Looks Like. I Suddenly Remembered. He Is Sooooo Hot!!! I Get Horny Just Thinking About Him. I Thought About Befriending Him Before But I Got Too Nervous. I’m Glad It Was Him.

Me: I’ve Seen You Before!

Ethan: I’m Glad. When Do You Want Me To Come Over?

Me: Spencer’s Coming Around 2. Come Around Then.

Ethan: Sure Thing. Bye.

As He Hung Up I Went Out Into The Kitchen. I Smelt Bacon And I Saw My Mother Cooking Breakfast.

Me: Hey Mom!

Mother: Hey. Happy Birthday. Your Breakfast Is On The Table.

Me: Ok.

After I Ate I Went Back Upstairs And Tried To Go To Sleep. I Couldn’t Wait For 2 O’clock to Roll Around. The Next Thing I Know My Mom Is Knocking On My Door.

Mother: Mitchell! Get Out Of Bed! Spencer’s Here.

Me: (Grogilly) Ok Mom.

I Went Downstairs And Greeted Spencer. When Mom Turned Away I Gave Him A Light Kiss On The Mouth.

Spencer: Mmm… Happy Birthday.

Me: Thanks.

He Handed Me A Present And I Set It On The Table. Me And Spencer Started Talking And There Was Another Knock On The Door. When I Opened It It Was Ethan. Spencer Left Out Sooo Much About Him. He Was Super Hot! He Had Şirinevler Escort Long Blonde Hair, Deep Blue Eyes, A Cute Boyish Face Like Spencers, His Body Was Mucular But Not By Much, It Looked Like He Had A Small Layer Of Baby Fat On Him. I Looked At His Crotch And Saw That He Had A Small Bulge. He Wasn’t Hard But He Wasn’t Limp Either. I Pondered This Is My Mind For A Bit And Just Shrugged.

I Brought Him Into The Dining Room Where The Cake Was. He Handed Me My Present And I Set It On The Table With The Others. After We Ate Cake I Unwrapped My Presents. Spencer Got Me A Xbox 360 Video Game Called “Ninety-Nine Nights” And A Card. The Card Had A Picture Of A Cake On The Front And Said Happy Birthday In It. On The Bottom Of The Card There Was A Stick-It Note. It Said “There’s And Extra Present From Me That I’ll Give You Upstairs.” I Knew What This Ment And I Peeled It Off And Put It In My Pocket.

Ethan Got Me A Xbox 360 Faceplate And A Xbox 360 Controller. I Thanked Him And We Went Upstairs.

Ethan: So What Are We Gonna Do?

Me: Wanna Watch A Movie?

Spencer: Which One?

Me: I Dunno. How Bout A Horror Flick?

Spencer: Sure. How About “Stay Alive” ?

Me: Ok.

I Popped The Movie In. I’m Glad Spencer Picked A Long Movie So We Could Pass Time. We Got Done Watching About 6:00 p.m. We Played On My Xbox For A While And Did Some Other Things To Pass The Time. Spencer Got Up And Left The Room. I Followed Him.

Spencer: I Was Hoping You Would Follow Me. Here’s Your Other Present.

He Reached In His Pocket And Pulled Out A Tube Of KY Warming Touch Lubricant. I Gave Him A Little Grin And Out The Lubricant In My Pocket.

Me: You Little Devil.

I Gave Him A Kiss On The Cheek. I Unbuttoned His Pants And Told Him To Go In The Bathroom.

I Locked The Door Behind Us. I Pulled His Pants The Rest Of The Way Down And Saw That He Had A 6 Inch Hard On. I Pulled Down His Boxers And Put My Mouth On The Head Of His Cock. I Began To To Bob My Head Slowly Up And Down. He Put His His Hand On My Head And Made Me Bob Faster. I Played With His Balls With My Right Hand And Stuck A Finger Of My Left Hand In His Tight Ass. He Let Out A Moan.

Me: Shhh! We Don’t Want Ethan To Hear.

I Put My Mouth Back On His Cock And Started Sucking It Again. I Could Feel Him Tightining Up. I Quickly Released So He Wouldn’t Cum.

Spencer: What The–

Me: That’s Just A Little Sample Of Tonight.

Spencer: Oh.

I Washed My Hands And We Went Back Into The Room. It Was About 7:00 p.m. Now. We Played The Game That Spencer Gave Me For A While. It Was Hard. Your In War With Almost Everybody And You Only Have A Small Army. It’s Set Back In Medevil Times And It Is A Big Time Consumer.

By The Time We Stopped Playing It Was 10:20.

Me: Hey Spence. Wanna Get On The Computer?

Spencer: For The Reason I Think?

Ethan: Porn?

Me: If Ya’ll Want To…

Ethan: Hell Yeah.

Spencer: I’m Up For It.

I Got On The Computer And Logged On To Ethan Sat On The Floor On My Left And Spencer Sat On My Right. They Both Had A Clear Look At The Porn. We Saw A Girl Gagging On A 3 Inch Thick Cock. On The Top Of The Site There Is The Alphabet And You Can Click On And It Pulls Up A Page Of Pornstars. I Clicked On The Letter B And Waited. When The List Pulled Up I Clicked On Brittiny Skye. She Had 202 Porn Links. I Started Clicking Around Bringing Up The Pictures And Watching The Movie Clips. Me And Spencer Still Weren’t Hard. I Couldn’t Tell If Ethan Was Or Not. I Kicked My Foot On My Desk So Ethan Would Think Someone Was Coming. When He Turned His Head I Typed Into The Adress Bar. It’s A Gay Porn Site. When Ethan Turned Back Around He Gasped.

Me: What The Hell? I Didn’t Click On This!

There Was A Picture Of A Cum Covered Ass And The Cock That Did It That Spencer Was Staring At. I Saw That He Was Hard In His Pants. My Heart Skipped A Beat When I Saw A Picture Of A Close Up Of 2 Cut Cocks Shoved Balls Deep Into A Guy’s Ass.

I Looked over At Ethan And Saw For The First Time A Huge Bulge In His Pants.

I Clicked Off Of The Site.

Me: I Think I Heard Someone Coming. Spencer Come See With Me Please.

Spencer Followed Me Out Of The Room.

Spencer: What?

Me: I Was Watching Ethan’s Cock. It Didn’t Get Hard Until I Clicked On The Gay Porn.

Spencer: He Might Be Gay.

Me: Let’s Go Back And Tell Him.

Spencer: Ok.

When We Walked Back Into The Room We Gasped. Ethan Was Rubbing The Bulge In His Pants To The Gay Site.

Ethan: Uhh…… Uhh……. I-I-I Can Explain….. Fuck It. I’m Gay Guys.

Spencer: You Are?!?

Ethan Hung His Head Down Low.

Ethan: Yeah…. I Guess You Want Me To Leave?

Ethan Got Up And Picked Up His Overnight Bag.

Ethan: I’ll Call My Mom And Tell Her To Pick Me Up. See You Later.

I Went Over To Him And Took His Bag Off Of His Shoulder.

Me: Wait. We Have Something To Confess……. Escort Bayan We’re Gay Too. We Clicked On That Porn Site To See If You Were Gay. We’ve Been Having Sex For The Past 6 Months. It Started When He Came Over Once And I Gave Tied Him Up And Sort Of Raped Him But He Liked It. We’ve Been Going Out And Having Sex Since That.

Ethan Was Dumbfolded.

Ethan: Why… Why Did You Want To See If I Was Gay?

Spencer Went Over To Him And Kissed Him On The Cheek.

Spencer: I Wanted To Have A Better Birthday Present For Mitchell. A Gay Threesome Is As Good As It Gets Huh?

Ethan: I Guess…. I’m Still A Virgin.

Spencer: So Was I. But Mitchell Changed That. Were You A Virgin When We Did That, Mitchell?

Me: Yea.

Spencer: So What Do You Say Ethan? Are You In With Us?

Ethan: I Don’t Know…..

Spencer: Mitchell’s Blowjobs Can Fix That. He Was Sucking Me When We Both Went Into The Hall.

Ethan: I Thought I Heard Something.

Spencer: That Was Me Moaning.

Me: If You Change Your Mind My Mouth Is Waiting But If You’re Truly Gay But Don’t Want To Lose Your Virginity Then You Can Watch Us.

Ethan: I Definatly Will But I Still Don’t Know About The Sex.

Me: I Don’t Consider A Blowjob Sex. I Can Give You One And See If You Want To Go Further.

Ethan: I Don’t Know…..

I Didn’t Give Him Time To Decide. I Walked Over To Him And Took Off His Shirt. I Began Kissing Down His Sweet Body.

Ethan: Wait! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

I Began Sucking His Nipples. He Let Out A Moan.

Ethan: Keep Going. Ahhhh….

I Went Down To His Stomach And Stuck My Tougne In Is Belly Button. He Really Liked That. I Unbuttened His Pants And Pulled Them Down. I Saw His 8 Inch Cock Sticking Out Of The Bottom Of His Boxers. If Was Diamond Hard. I Gave His Cock Head A Little Lick. I Pulled His Boxers Down And His Cock Sprung Out, Smacking My Face.

I Took His Cock In My Hand And Began To Stroke It. It Was Cut To Perfection. I Took The Head In My Mouth And Sucked Hard. I Took My Mouth Off And Began To Lick His Balls. I Put One Into My Mouth And Gently Sucked It. My Head Went Through His Legs And To His Ass Crack. I Went Back Down His Crack, Under His Balls, To The Underside Of The Shaft, And To The Head With My Tounge. I Stuck About 6 Inches In My Mouth And Started Bobbing My Head.

Ethan: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..

I Deep Throated His Entire Cock And Swallowed It. My Throat Mucles Massaging His Cock Along With My Chin On His Balls Must Have Really Turned Him On. He Got Harder In My Throat. I Started Bobbing My Head Starting With The Head And Going All The Way Down To His Black Pubic Hair. He Let Out A Long Moan. I Looked Over At Spencer Who Was Totally Naked And Was Stroking His Cock As I Was Giving Ethan’s Blowjob. Ethan Saw This Too And It Was Too Much. His Hand Flew Down on My Head Making Me Swallow His Cock And He Let Out The Biggest Load Of Cum I’ve Ever Seen. Stream After Stream Of Cum Was Flying Out Of His Cock And Into My Throat. It Was To Much For Me To Hold. Some Cum Leaked Out Of My Mouth And Onto His Crotch Which Went On His Balls. I Swallowed The Rest. I Took My Mouth Off His Cock And Went Down To His Balls To Get The Cum. I Put His Entire Sac Into My Mouth And Swallowed. He Let Out A Moan.

Ethan: Oh My Fucking God. That Was Better Than Anything I Could Ever Imagine. I’ll Have Sex With Both Of You.

Me: Good. Wanna Go First Spence?

Spencer: No. I Want A Blow.

Me: Oh. If I Do You Have To Suck Me.

Spencer: Ok.

Ethan: No. I Want To Pay Back The Favor Mitchell.

Me: Your An Ameture. I Want An Experienced Blowjob.

Ethan: I’m A Virgin But I Practice On Myself.

Me And Ethan Were Dumbfolded.

Me: You’re Not Flexible Enough To Suck Yourself Are You?

Ethan: Watch.

Ethan Went To The Wall And Put His Legs Against The Wall. He Pulled His Legs Above His Head With His Ass Still On The Wall He Puckered His Lips And Kissed The Head Of His Cock. He Began Sucking. Not To Make Him Cum But To Prove To Us He Can. He Got Up.

Ethan: See? I Can Reach It.

Me: Ok, You Can Suck It. Prove How Good You Are After I Give Spencer A Blow.

I Got On My Knees In Front Of Spencer. I Stuck My Mouth On His Head And Sucked Gently. I Began To Bob Slowly And Massage His Cock With My Tougne. He Goes Nuts When I Did That.

Spencer: Ahhhhh…..

With That Moan I Picked Up The Pace. I Bobed Faster And Stuck His Cock in My Throat Deeper. I Took My Mouth Completly Off And Began To Lick Around The Head. He Pushed Me Back On His Cock With His Hand. I Took All 6 Inches And Gave The End Of His Shaft A Playful Bite.

Spencer: Oh Yeah……. Suck It Good……..

I Started Bobbing Like i Did On Ethan. I’d Go All The Way To His Public Hair And All The Way Off Until I Was At His Hole. I Went Faster And Faster. I Pulled Off Until I Was Only Halfway On His Cock. I Started To Jack Him Off On The Other Half Of His Shaft. With My Free istanbul Escort Hand I Stuck 3 Fingers In His Ass And Started To Finger Fuck Him. After A Few Seconds Of This He Shot Cum All Down My Throat. He Shot Off 4 Streams And I Swallowed Every Bit.

Spencer: Oh My God That Felt Good.

He Sat In A Chair To Recover. I Stripped Off My Clothes And Called Ethan Over To Me.

Me: You Want My Cock?

Ethan: Hell Yeah.

Me: Have It.

He Got On His Knees. He Gently Licked The Head.

Me: Mmmmmmmmmmm…

He Started To Massage My Balls With One Free Hand. With The Other Hand He Did Something I Didn’t Expect. He Put His Finger In His Ass. He Started To Finger Fuck Himself And Then He Pulled It Out And Put It Front Of My Face. I Started Sucking His Finger And I Loved The Taste Of His Ass. This Was Too Much For Me. It Dosen’t Take Much To Make Me Cum But He Sucked My Cock For Less Than 2 Minutes And I Was Shooting My Load In His Mouth. He Gave Me Another Suprize And Went Over To Spencer. He Made Out With Spencer, Sharing My Cum With Him And Smering It Over His Face. After They Licked The Extra Cum Off Each Other’s Faces They Came Over To Me.

Ethan: Fuck Me Mitchell. And While He Does Suck My Cock Spencer.

Spener And I Agreed. I Went Over To My Pants And Got The Lube That Specer Gave Me. I Got Some On My Hand And Began To Massage It In To My Cock. I Put Some On Ethan’s Virgin Ass Too. Spencer Got On His Knees And Started To Suck Ethan Off.

Me: When Your Ready To Cum Tell Me. I’ll Probably Cum Before You. When You Are Close To Cumming Turn Around And Cum Down My Throat And Spencer Will Suck My Cum Out Of Your Ass.

Spencer: Ohhh….

I Put My Cock Against One Of Ethan’s Cheeks. I Stuck The Head On The Crack Of His Ass And Slid It Up And Down His Crack. Ethan Let Out Of Moan. I Put The Head Of My Cock In Ethan’s Ass To Get Him Ready.

Me: Want All 7 Inches Or Want Me To Ease It In?

Ethan: Ease It In. I’m Tight.

I Stuck About An Inch In Ethan’s Ass. He Was Right He Was Really Tight. I Stuck Another Inch In. Ethan Moaned. I Stuck Another 2 Inches In And Ethan Winced.

Me: Sorry. Want Me To Keep Going?

Ethan: Yeah Keep Going.

I Stuck Another Inch In. I Was 5 Inches Deep In His Ass. I Stuck Another 2 Inches In And Was All The Way In. I Took His Balls In One Of My Hands And I Rubbed Our Ball Sacs Together. He Moaned Again. I Began To Fuck Him Slowly. He Moaned.

Ethan: Speed Up.

I Picked Up Speed But I Didn’t Want TO Hurt Him So I Was Still Going Slow.

Ethan: Go Fast Enough So I Can Feel Your Balls Slap Mine.

I Listened Him. I Went Faster And He Moaned Again. I Watched My Cock Go In And Out Of His Ass And I Knew I Was Ready To Cum. I Let Out A Long Moan And Slammed My Cock All The Way In His Ass. About 6 Streams Of White Cum Shot Out Of My Cock Like Bullets. Ethan Was Practically Screaming. I Felt Ethan Shaking With Ectasy And He Was About To Cum. He Turned Around And Shoved His Cock In My Mouth. All 8 Inches Of His Cumming Cock Went Into My Throat. I Swallowed. A Long Moan Came Out Of Ethan And I Could Tell That Spencer Was Sucking His Ass.

After Spencer Got Every Drop Of Cum Out Of Ethan’s Hole He Bent Over And Beconed To Ethan. Ethan’s Cock Got Hard And He Went Over To Spencer.

Spencer: Fuck My Ass And Mitchell Suck My Cock.

We Did As Told. Ethan Rubbed The Lube Onto His Cock And Since He Figured Spencer Was Used To It He Gave Him All 8 Inches Of His Cock. Spencer Was Screaming In Pain And Ecstasy.

Ethan: Sorry I Thought You’d Be Used To It.

Spencer: Your Ass Tightens After A Few Weeks With No Sex. We Haven’t Had Sex Since Last Week.

Ethan: Oh Sorry.

I Was Busy Sucking His Cock. I Wasn’t Really Paying Attention. Ethan Began Fucking Spencer’s Ass Again And Was Picking Up The Pace. As He Got Fucked In His Ass He Skull Fucked Me. I Really Enjoyed It. I Heard Moans And Knew Ethan Was Cumming. I Felt Spencer Cumming In My Mouth. I Was Greedy So I Swallowed It All. Ethan Was Kind Of Dissapointed But I Made Him Better. His Cock Was Covered In His Own Cum And I Sucked It All Off Along With Sucking The Cum Out Of Spencer’s Ass.

Ethan Wispered Something To Spencer And Spencer’s Eyes Got Big. I Knew That They Were Up To Something.

Spencer: Bend Over The Bed Mitchell. I’m Gonna Fuck You.

I Bent Over The Bed As Told And Spencer’s Cock Started Going In And Out Of Me. After A Few Minutes Of Getting Ridden I Felt Something Else Come In My Ass. Spencer And Ethan Were BOTH Fucking My Ass At The SAME TIME. That Went In And Out At The Same Time And Were Stretching My Ass Hole To The Limit. I Was Screaming With Ecstasy And I Felt Spencer’s Hand Playing With My Balls. Ethan’s Hand Was Jacking Off My Diamond Hard Cock. I Felt Both Of Their Cocks Go All The Way In My Ass And Swell. They Cummed For A Third Time That Night And Then They Gave Me One LAst Surprize. Both Their Tounges Shot Into My Ass Getting ALL The Cum Out. I Felt So Good. After They Did All That We All Three Laid On My Bed Naked.

Spencer: (Breathing Hevily) That….. Was…. Great…..

Ethan: (Breathing Hevily) Yeah…. Happy Birthday…. Dude……

Me: Thanks… The Gifts Rocked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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