Skyrim Fanfiction Part 3

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Skyrim fanfiction pt.3 Silver-Hand by B. Sparks
Farkus was a werewolf, he had just killed all of the Silver-Hand, and he was staring hard at Jahel. She had never felt her heart squeeze so hard in fear, felt her adrenaline rushing through her veins so quickly.
It was causing her vampire blood to boil, she knew now that she had never been so close to her mother’s kind. Everything else she had experienced had just a taste of what she could become if she allowed it. Her concerns though were focused on the werewolf in front of her now. It wasn’t very common for their kind to have full control of themselves when in their true form.
Jahel leaned down closer to the stone floor, knowing her wound would be the first thing he would go for. Jahel’s eyes locked on him and she gritted her teeth hard worried that Farkus wouldn’t recognize her.
“Farkus, do you understand me?” she asked cautiously turning her blade in her hand.
The werewolf’s massive head nodded slowly brown eyes locked on her movements.
Farkus was very aware of himself in his current state. Even if he wasn’t usually, he was sure that he would recognize her even in the worst of situations. Farkus slowly walked over to her on his hind legs his eyes on the sword she carried. He didn’t want to spook her into acting out against him.
Farkus stepped closer to her then crouched down to examine her leg carefully, looking to the wound. He had to admit he was out of his league on how to help her with it. To be honest, he was worried about all the blood she had lost already.
“I know magic so don’t worry I can fix it. I can’t replace the blood though that will occur naturally.” She assured him with a slight smile.
Farkus whined audibly as she placed her shield on the ground beside her. She held her hand over the wound on her leg. Farkus had never watched magic used up close and as her hand started to glow a bright yellow color he could see the blood stop flowing. He could see the skin begin to heal itself as the gash in her skin reknit to together.
It didn’t get rid of the blood she was covered in or get rid of the wound completely it healed into an angry pink scar. It was a moment before the pained look left her face and she slowly stood up.
She turned to look up at Farkus who stepped forward slowly her eyes cautious. Jahel lifted her hand to touch his large canine head as he locked his eyes with hers. At the same time he didn’t want to take his eyes off of her, this was the closest they had ever been.
“I guess we both had a secret that we didn’t trust the other with,” She said with a sad smile. “I think I’m the only one that has more than one though. I can understand why you didn’t trust me with this.”
Farkus looked at her curiously but then she smiled at him even though he could read the sadness in her eyes. He wanted to hear more of the secrets that she was keeping from him. He could see that she understood that better than she was letting on.
“I’ll tell you about it later I think when we get back to the hold.” Jahel said with a frown at him.
Farkus nodded his head slowly and then he started walking back towards the path they needed to take. Jahel would have followed him but he waved her off with a slight swipe of his clawed hand, she stayed far from the other entrance.
Jahel was waiting for him by the stairs, worried that he would come out to attack her, or that more of the Silver-hand would come after them. Jahel noticed when Farkus came out of the other doorway and he was redressing in his armor. She saw a slight amused look on his face but she could also see that he was a little worried about her.
“Ready to go get the piece of Wuuthrad?” she asked him coming down the stairs.
“You’re not afraid of me?” Farkus asked curiously.
Jahel paused to look at him as if examining him closely and she narrowed her eyes at him.
“You won’t be able to change at least for another day and I don’t think even then you’d want to hurt me. Would you?” Jahel asked lifting her chin.
“I would never want to hurt you Jahel even as a beast.” Farkus said voice serious.
“Then no, I am far from being afraid of you.”
“Alright, then shall we continue?” Farkus asked extending his hand with a smile.
Jahel grasped his forearm and nodded her head which was a traditional elf handshake.
The two progressed through the Cairn and made their way to the inner tomb that had remained untouched for hundreds of years. It would be full of draugr and they didn’t know what else would be inside the tomb.
The two Companions made their way through the tomb and eventually found the pieces they were looking for within. They encountered frostbite spiders, along with the draugr that were inside the passages. They found the sanctum that housed most of the ancient dead. It was there they found the ancient pieces of the weapon and they had to fight with a Death Overlord to retrieve the prize.
The way out was easier than the way in. Thanks to a secret passage that lead to the entrance without resistance.
They retrieved their things upon arriving outside and started on their way back home. The two didn’t want to be there when more of the Silver-Hand showed up to find out what happened to the other warriors. It also would get them home a lot sooner which was something Jahel wanted badly.
It also gave Farkus the chance to ask her a few questions.
“So since we’re more trusting of each other now, what did you mean when you said you had secrets?” Farkus asked with hesitance.
“Well, you already know that I was from the Rift and to be successful there then I was most likely a thief.” Jahel said “Or at least I know it crossed your mind that I did it. Well I was a member of the Thieves Guild.”
“Can I ask why?” Farkus asked disappointed by her confession.
“Because I owed them or at least I owed one of them.” she replied with a smile.
“Do you still owe them money?” Farkus asked softly.
“It wasn’t money I owed them and no I was released from my debt to them a few months before we met.”
“Why did you owe them?”
Jahel was silent for a moment in quiet reflection her eyes locked ahead of them. The area was silent and it appeared they were very much alone it didn’t seem to set her at ease. She sighed deeply before looking towards him.
“Farkus, I’m not really comfortable telling you why I owed them at this time. Alright?” she said completely serious.
Farkus seemed to think really hard about what she said before he nodded his head slowly.
“Alright and I won’t tell the others that you were a thief.”
“Thank you.”
It was during the silence between them that he noticed Jahel getting paler. She was wavering on her feet and seemed to be having a hard time of keeping up. It was when she lost her balance that he grew worried for her. Jahel had lost her footing on otherwise flat ground.
“Are you alright?” Farkus asked with concern.
“I just need to stop for a while or I won’t make it back to Whiterun.” She said in a slight whisper.
“I know a place it’s not far do you think you can make it?” Farkus asked.
Jahel shook her head slowly eyes closed tight saying “I don’t think I can stand, too dizzy.”
“Alright then do you trust me?” Farkus asked getting on eye level with her.
Jahel looked right at him and she had a chill go down her back as she remembered his werewolf form. She didn’t really have a choice in the matter as far as she was concerned now, it was trust him or probably die here. Jahel nodded her head slowly working hard to keep her calm demeanor in place.
He kept his movements slow because he knew she would be watching for any sign of threats towards her. He put one arm around her back while he slid the other one under her knees lifting her into his arms. Farkus moved slowly as he lifted her against his muscled chest and she cautiously slid her arms around his neck. Farkus was surprised by the fact that as soon as she was against his chest she leaned her head onto his shoulder.
Farkus carried her in his arms towards the burned out building that had once been a home before the marauders had come through years ago. He knew that the building would at least hold the two over till morning when he hoped she would be feeling better.
He had a few potions in his bag that he hoped would help her out.
The two reached the building and he was surprised by the fact that she was already passed out on their arrival.
Jahel awoke laying on one of the two bedrolls that they had carried with them on the quest. She rolled slowly onto her side to take in her surroundings. She saw a potion bottle laid on the ground beside her along with a note leaning against it.
If you awake before I return don’t worry I’m nearby and
Will hear you call out if you need me. Drink the potion I’ve
left for you.
Please don’t come looking for me, you’re in no state for
Travel right now. I’ll return to you soon.
Jahel read the note and looked around a little worried about being left alone in the dark. It was night out and she had no idea where she was, it worried her. Jahel took the bottle and pulled out the cork putting the mouth of the bottle to her pale blue lips. She recognized the taste of the health potions brewed specially by the mages in the Imperial City.
She hated the taste of the potions but they were better for the body then the healing magic that she used on herself. The magic was good for the outer body but the potions healed the inner body.
Jahel propped herself up on her elbow and looked around the small fallen down building. She slowly stood up on her slightly shaky legs and started walking around the area.
The building was a charred wooden structure with an old rugged stone fireplace that had a small fire burning down inside of it. Jahel walked around till she came to the edge of the wall that was the last of the building. She looked out into the night scanning around for Farkus.
She still felt a chill even though the night wasn’t cold and she gritted her teeth against it. She could feel eyes on her and she knew someone was out there watching her. She didn’t know if they were waiting for her or if they were waiting for Farkus, she was sick just thinking about it though.
“I told you to stay in bed till I returned,” Farkus said from behind her, startling her. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.”
Jahel didn’t say anything she simply looked out towards where she thought she could be watched from. She could feel someone out there, she couldn’t see them, couldn’t hear them but nevertheless they were there. Watching and waiting.
“What is it?” Farkus asked following her look.
“I think there is someone out there watching us. Can you see anything?” she asked softly.
Farkus looked around their area slowly trying hard to see what could be out there. He had a certain boost to his sense thanks to his beast blood but he couldn’t see anything right now.
“Do you see someone or something out there?” Farkus asked.
“I don’t see anything but it feels like we’re being watched. Maybe I’m imagining it but it just feels wrong.”
They stood silently for a few minutes before Farkus reached out and placed his hand on her shoulder pulling her back. She followed him inside and he turned her around till she was facing him.
It hadn’t gone unnoticed by Farkus that she allowed him to touch her without pulling away from him after. He was sure that she was starting to trust him now, which was one of the reasons for the quest into the Cairn. It was all about trust, honor, and loyalty with the Companions.
Farkus looked at Jahel and was again struck by her looks. She had her copper colored hair pulled into a tight bun making her look more severe than she actually was, most of the time. Her skin which was usually a gray blue color was paler after her blood loss and it made her look more like a vampire. Her red eyes didn’t help with the vampire look.
She was beautiful in her own way. Not like the nord women of Skyrim or like the barmaids in the towns. She had a dark beauty that could only have come from her dunmer heritage.
“You’re beautiful.” Farkus blurted, blushing slightly.
Jahel’s face registered surprise as he blushed. She didn’t expect him or anyone to say such things to her she wasn’t the kind of woman that needed to hear it.
“Thank you, Farkus. You’re not so bad yourself although I’m not really at my best right now I’m afraid.” She said with a slight chuckle that was almost embarrassed.
“I don’t know why I said that out loud.” He admitted.
“Because you were thinking it?” she asked smiling.
Farkus shifted uncomfortably as she looked at him. He could see amusement in her eyes and something else. He was almost sure that she was curious about his answers.
“I…..was thinking about how beautiful you are.” Farkus admitted eyes downcast from her.
“Do I really look that beautiful?” Jahel asked head tilting her head slightly.
Farkus wanted to say more but then he stopped himself. Words couldn’t exactly express what he wanted to say to her but he knew what could. He had always been a man of action and he firmly believed that a man’s actions spoke louder than a man’s words.
Farkus reached forward touching his hand gently against her cheek and he saw her eyes register surprise at his gentle touch. Farkus leaned forward keeping his eyes locked with her eyes. Farkus pressed his lips to hers’ as he ran his arms around her waist. He felt how rigid her body was until he touched her gently.
He felt her hand pressed flat to his chest and he knew what bayan escort gaziantep she was doing, she wanted to control the situation. He knew she had control issues along with her trust issues. He moved his mouth gently against hers’ taking it slow as he parted his lips. He let her respond at her own pace.
Farkus slowly pulled her tighter against his body and he felt her hand slide up to wrap around his neck. He deepened the kiss between them and he moaned into her mouth then started to move his hand along her body. He felt her stiffen as Farkus’s hand dragged up along her side and she was suddenly pulling away.
“Stop Farkus I can’t.” she said turning her face away.
He was certain he could see tears in her eyes as she turned away.
“Jahel what is it? I thought you enjoyed the kiss?” Farkus asked trying to keep a hold on her as she walked away.
Jahel didn’t reply to him as she moved away from him grabbing her things off of the floor. She didn’t look at him and she kept her eyes averted from his. Farkus watched as she checked the bag making sure they had the pieces of Wuuthrad before cinching it closed.
“Jahel, if I did something to hurt or offend you then I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Please, look at me.” Farkus said stepping forward grasping her shoulders.
He could feel the shudder that passed through her then and he turned her around to face him, he knew that his worry must be written on his face. She wouldn’t meet his eyes and she did have unshed tears in her eyes.
“Jahel what did I do?” he whispered softly.
“It wasn’t you Farkus it’s me. Let’s just go we should reach Whiterun by morning.” She said pulling away.
Farkus held her arm tighter so she couldn’t resist enough to escape his grasp.
She met his eyes then and frowned at him before sighing “I’ll explain everything sometime after we return home.”
Farkus’ eyes met hers and they looked hard at one another till he released her arm.
The two picked up there things and started out heading back home.

Upon arrival at Jarrvaskr the two were ushered back behind the actual home of the Companions instead of inside. When they got around back the Circle was gathered standing in a half circle each holding a torch, ready to begin the ceremony.
Farkus joined them taking his place closest to her since he had been her shield brother for her test. Jahel stood in the center and kept her eyes going around her until Kodlak stepped forward clearing his throat.
“Tonight we gather to welcome Jahel Shadow-Walker as a member of our Circle. She has gone on her trail and has been judged by our brother Farkus. Will you speak for her?” Kodlak asked turning to Farkus.
“I will stand witness to the courage of the soul before us.” He replied looking her in the eyes when she turned.
“Would you raise your shield in her defense?” Kodlak asked him all eyes on Farkus now.
“I would stand at her back that the world may never over take us.” He replied.
“Would you raise your sword in her honor?” Kodlak asked then.
“It stands ready to meet the blood of her foes.”
“Would you raise a mug in her name?”
“I would lead the song of triumph as our mead hall reveled in her stories.”
“Then the judgement of our Circle is complete her heartbeats with the fury and courage that has united the Companions since the distant green summers. Let it beat with ours.” Kodlak said.
“Let it be so.” The others all said together.
After the ceremony was done Jahel couldn’t believe it. She actually felt her heart squeeze in shock and awe at the kindness of all of the Companions. She felt that she was actually a part of something finally.
She felt overwhelmed as they all came forward to welcome her as their newest member. She could see Farkus watching from afar as she accepted their handshakes and back slaps.
She knew he wanted to talk to ask his questions so that he could better understand her but Jahel had never let anyone in like that. She wasn’t really sure when she had started to think that she might let him in, that she might let him understand her better. But she had made the right choice or at least she hoped she had. It would all depend on the talk they had later.
Jahel had been so focused on her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed that Kodlak had come up to her with a welcoming smile. When he came forward all of the others dispersed so that the Harbinger could speak with her.
“Farkus tells me that you have the pieces of Wuuthrad with you.” He said.
“Yes they’re in my bag.” Jahel said reaching for the strap so she could open it for him.
“He wants to speak with you. I get the feeling that it is on a private matter and I leave that to your discretion.” Kodlak said, accepting the bundle that he knew were the pieces. “Skorge wishes to speak with you also.”
“Kodlak would you please ask Farkus to meet me at Beezen Home, I need to speak with him? But I don’t want to keep Skorge waiting.” Jahel asked beseechingly.
“I would be happy to.”
Kodlak moved off to pull Farkus aside so they could speak in private.
As soon as he had left she felt someone else tugging on her arm pulling her away and she saw that it was the stern faced Skorge.
“We need to talk in private now.” He said in a whisper.
Jahel had followed Skorge out of the hold and away from the farms towards the west. She hadn’t thought anything about his request to speak privately or to leave Jarrvaskr to do so. She was used to clandestine meetings after all her experiences.
That’s how she came to be in the wilds following a man she barely knew outside the guild down this lonely stretch of road. They walked in silence for what felt like an hour as they went until they came to a hill where he sat down on a rock. Skorge did not speak until she joined him on the rock. She sat with him and there was barely any space between them.
She could look over her shoulder back the way they had come and see the city of Whiterun in the distance, barely making out the lights of the houses. In front of her she could see an old abandoned fort in the distances. It was once a great garrison for the armies of Skyrim now it was a ruin.
“That was where I first met your mother.” He said pointing “Yes I know who you are I knew the minute I met you.”
He said the last part because she had stiffened at the mention of her mother.
“Why have you brought me here?” she asked “I know you didn’t like my mother, are you going to kill me?”
“Kill you? No, you are a member of the Companions and a member of the Circle. I came to make you an offer that you’re free to take at your leisure.” He said with a slight smile.
She shifted thinking hard about what he could be referring to right now. She knew he couldn’t possibly mean what she first thought he had meant by the seemingly innocent comment. Jahel kept quiet for a few minutes waiting for what he might say about the offer.
“I know that you are aware of what we are –the Circle I mean- werewolves.” He said without a sound of humor.
“Farkus wouldn’t have told me but the Silver-hand would have killed us otherwise.” Jahel said looking out of the corner of her eyes at him.
“Yes I’m sure it was necessary that he did what he did. At the same time though, you knowing could be dangerous for us seeing as how you are not one of us.” He said “That needs to be changed if you wish to stay.”
Jahel looked at him closely and she took a minute to think about what Skorge was saying to her.
“You know I’m part vampire.” Jahel said slowly.
“If you take the blood of a werewolf then your half vampire blood will be eradicated.”
She looked at him and felt something stirring inside her. She wouldn’t feel the need to drink blood anymore and her vampire traits that caused her some discomfort would be gone. He was offering her a way to get rid of what many would be call a curse.
She knew that there was something else that could be considered though.
The beast blood was hailed by their emotions and if she got to angry it could come on her. She would become a beast when the blood would boil through her veins. She might at first even be taken by the beast blood during the full moon. There was a control in them for some of the time when in their beast form but not always. They would sometimes lose control.
Jahel thought about how that would affect her compared to the vampire blood.
“I don’t know Skorge.” She said sounding nervous. “Why did you have me come out here to make that offer? Why not speak with me in Jarrvaskr?”
“It’s because Kodlak would disapprove of me continuing the tradition of making new Circle members werewolves. He wishes to go to Savengarde instead of Hirricine’s hunting grounds. We do not always share the same opinions he and I.”
She nodded her head slowly thinking about what had been said.
“You don’t want to go to your Savengarde then?”
“Does your kind even believe in Savengarde?”
Jahel stayed silent for a moment before she said “I do not disagree to its existence but it is not where we believe we go when we die.”
He nodded his head then without a smile.
“Will I have time to consider your offer then?” Jahel asked.
“Take all the time you need it is a big decision to make. When you’re ready I’ll meet you in the Underforge.” Skorge said. “It’s located below Earlhund’s Skyforge.”
The two then sat in silence staring out into the darkness around them.
“Sometimes I like to come out here and just think. It’s peaceful here like you can’t get back at Jarrvaskr, it’s almost comforting.” Skorge said.
“Funny I just sit and wonder what’s looking back at me.” She said with a slight smile.
“I wouldn’t think about it too hard as to what’s out there, you might not like the answer.”
“I know.” She said softly.
The two remained quiet and thoughtful until they heard the sounds of heavy footsteps running towards them. The two leaped away separating quickly as a silver great sword slammed into the ground where Skorge had been standing. They turned around to stare at the new man standing in front of them as they drew their weapons.
The man was a Redguard who was extremely tall compared to others of his race, he was dark skinned, and had eyes that were almost black. He had long hair that had a slight curl to it and his armor was steel.
The sword was a silver long sword that had a sharp edge to it.
“Hello Companion looks like you out here with nothing more than whelp.” He sneered.
“‘Nothing more than a whelp’?” Skorge scoffed “Maybe she’s stronger then you give her credit for.”
The man looked at Jahel then his eyes narrowing slightly as he sized her up.
“Jahel when he charges run. Get back to the hall and bring back some of the other Companions with you.”
“But don’t you need me here?” she hissed “Can you finish him on your own?”
“Questioning me are you?”
Jahel smiled slyly at the elder man and she drew her weapon turning slowly to go off to his left. It gave the Silver Hand two targets that he had to be watching now that she was staying.
But as he looked at them she could see that he was going to focus on the werewolf not on her. She couldn’t let that happen without a bit of a fight.
“You’re just looking at the werewolf and haven’t even been looking to the vampire.” Jahel said with a devious smile with a slight flash of fangs.
He didn’t seem surprised when she confessed that and his eyes merely flickered towards her.
“When I’m done skinning the wolf then I’ll contend with you blood sucker.”
Without further words the man ran forward his sword flashing quickly out towards her in a feint before he swung at Skorge. The sound of two swords clanging into each other sounded through the darkness and echoed on the wind. But as this blow was blocked he pulled back quickly before rushing forward again on the offensive.
Jahel ran forward swinging her sword at his exposed back and he turned suddenly blocking her sword. He used his superior strength to push her backwards and knocked her off balance. He was going to carry through with a jab at her gut but Skorge grabbed him around the throat throwing him back.
With both of their swords too long to swing they resorted to fists. Skorge was superior in strength to the Silver Hand and had managed to push the man back. He had a triumphant look on his face when he came forward but Jahel saw the look of shock in his eyes. She didn’t understand why until Skorge fell backwards stumbling.
The Silver Hand had driven a knife blade into his chest and it was still protruding from his chest cavity. He fell back coughing blood as he went.
“Regret what you did to me yet old man?” he snarled his whole body shaking.
Jahel looked at the man as he jerked slightly and Skorge frowned deeply.
“You were a member of the Circle you consented I can’t help what you did when you left our numbers.” Skorge said with a cough of blood.
“He’s a….Werewolf too?” Jahel asked.
The man turned towards her and frowned at her then with an evil sneer. His eyes had the yellow tint of a wolf creeping through the once black color and he leaned down with a loud snarl of anger. His body began to change much faster than Farkus had done and he was almost twice the other man’s size. His eyes were the solid yellow of the wolf when they returned to her.
She stood with her sword held in her hand and she kept her eyes locked with him. It surprised her when he charged he was faster then she thought he would be. She only had time to roll to the side bringing the flat of the blade up to catch his paw and deflect it.
She wasn’t even a full vampire fighting a full werewolf that was clearly in tune with his nature. She didn’t want to think of what his jaws could do to her now should he get them around her. Or those claws, they’d flay her like a fish.
The two kept circling each other and he would feint towards her as if trying to get her to let down her guard. Suddenly the man came after her with a loud snarl and she felt his full weight against her. He was suddenly on top of her and she felt the werewolf’s jaw around her sword arm the pressure increasing gradually. She screamed out in pain tears stinging her eyes as the teeth dug deeper.
She felt his jaws suddenly pulled off her violently and then the Redguard’s weight was gone replaced by something much more comforting. She looked up at the new werewolf and she saw that it was a werewolf with greying fur and one eye was blind.
She recognized Skorge and she sighed in relief and lowered down to the ground with her head. He lowered his wound down towards her and she looked him in the eyes. Did he want her to drink his blood?
“Is that what you want for me to take your blood?” she whispered.
He nodded his head slowly as the Redguard started to regain his senses.
Jahel lifted up and used her mouth to cover his wound sucking up his blood. She tasted a slightly spicy blood with a tinge of a metallic taste. She swallowed a mouth full and her body started to react almost instantly her shoulder beginning to heal the skin knitting together. She felt a burning in her veins and she jerked back with a deep growl.
She began to jerk her body on the ground as she felt her body start to burn. She realized then that his blood was starting to kill her vampire heritage in her blood. She felt his curse or maybe his gift begin to course through her. She felt the change.
She couldn’t bring herself to move through the pain or to try to even look towards the battle. Though she could hear it was fierce and that one of them was getting the bad end of the fight.
She began to change then as her scream began to become a guttural howl. She grew to seven feet, her fur was a deep brown, and her eyes were a deep red that shown in the moonlight. She stood up her vision tinged with red as she looked around her.
She couldn’t think straight she felt more animal then she ever had before and she embraced it.
The wolf turned to look towards the battle. The old grey was losing the battle she could tell that much as the black began to tear into him. The grey was on bottom of the attack and the black was savagely tearing into him. Much like a vampire the wolf recognized her sire and she snarled getting the attention of the black.
The yellow eyes filled with bloodlust took in its new prey she was much smaller than he leaving him feeling confident. He came towards her at a run and she leaned down letting nature take its course. The fight was hard and bloody with each trying to maim the other into submission. They were equally matched for a time but a lucky edge was given to the brown wolf and she tore into the throat of the black.
She held his throat laying it onto the ground slowly and she examined his body. She wouldn’t eat him but she had protected her own, she walked to the grey concerned. He hadn’t risen but his breathing was labored his good eye looking up as she approached.
His throat was torn and his body was broken he wouldn’t be going back to his pack but the look in his eye was relief. He had done his best to save her and he had managed to do so.
There was a sound in the distance and she looked up growling as suddenly an apparition of a white stag approached. He was a beautiful and majestic creature as he approached, her soul felt recognition.
“Hello my old hunter,” his voice was echoed like he was speaking with two voices. “I’ve come to collect the soul owed me.”
The brown wolf looked into the stag’s eyes as he turned his spectral head to her.
“Well I can see that we have quite the hunter among us killed one larger than yourself sending another soul to me. I your Lord Hirrcine thank you.” He sneered “I do look forward to your joining me but for now go spread the sire’s legacy.”
The stag watched as two spectral wolves appeared over the corpses and the brown growled at the arrivals. She couldn’t catch a scent from either of the wolves and this put her on edge being near them. The two glanced at the living wolf and threw their heads back in howls as they faded into Hirrcine’s realm.
The stag looked at her slowly then he also faded.
The brown wolf looked at the bodies and finally went too laid down beside the old gray wolf. She lay down beside his body and laid her head on her front paws eyes closing in a deep sleep. She let out a deep tired breathe as she dreamt of running with a spectral pack of werewolves.
It wasn’t until the next morning that Jahel awoke to find herself laid next to her torn armor and the two bodies. She remembered what had happened the night before in flashes as she realized she was no longer a vampire. She was a member of the Circle and now a werewolf she experienced a brief moment of panic.
The moment lasted longer when she saw Skorge and knew that she’d have to go inform the others of his death. She hated to have to be the one to tell the others about his death especially Aela. She remembered also her missed meeting at Breezenhome with Farkus and knew he must be worried.
She had no sooner thought it then she saw a group on the hills a good distance away. She caught a scent on the wind and knew at once the scent of her friends the Companions. She stood after putting on her armor and seeing they were closer she called them over to her. They wasted no time running to meet her on the spot of the tragedy.
Aela and the twins were the first to arrive on the scene the three showing shock at the two dead werewolves. The shock faded quickly for Aela and became rage at the only one to survive the fight.
“This is your fault what have you done!” she screamed lunging forward.
Her hands wrapped around Jahel’s throat and with a snarl she started squeezing trying to cut off her air way. Jahel brought her knee up hard into the other’s gut knocking the wind from her lungs and she shoved her away.
“I didn’t do this. I tried to help Skorge the only way I survived was because he turned me before it was too late.” Jahel said.
“She’s right this one is Silver Hand I’ve seen him among their raiding parties looking for pieces of Wuuthrad.” Vilkas said with a shake of his hand. “I had no idea he was a werewolf also.”
“He was just after Skorge, they knew each other.” Jahel said with a quick glance at Aela as she stood.
“He must have been one of the early ones turned by Skorge when we were recruiting warriors.” Farkus said watching Aela.
“It doesn’t matter who this man was.” Aela growled “Skorge turned you why didn’t you help him you could have done something. This is your fault.”
Jahel looked the woman in the eyes then turned to the others with a cold glint to her eyes.
“Tell Kodlak not to expect me back at Jarrvaskr. Most of you are welcome at Breezenhome whenever you wish to see me.”
“Jahel wait…” Farkus began reaching out to stop her.
“If you still wish to have that talk then come by the house and see me.” She said smiling at him.
“I’ll walk back with you and see the rest of you at Jarrvaskr.”

The two walked for a while till they reached the city gates and made their way into the town. They paused outside her house while she fished her key out of the bag she was carrying. He stood close beside the young dark elf woman his eyes watching her movements. She didn’t have the same grace to her that she had as a vampire.
She looked like she was holding back a lot of feral rage that could be released and used to tear apart the first threat to her.
They entered the house and moved into the living area. Farkus stood beside her while she closed the door to the house bolting the door. As soon as the door was closed, Farkus grabbed her arm and whirled her around pressing her to the door putting her forehead to his. He knew his eyes had changed to the yellow tint of the werewolf before the change.
“You could have been killed out there.” He growled low in his throat.
“But I wasn’t.” she whispered averting her eyes.
“Don’t do that.” He growled taking hold of her chin forcing her to meet his gaze. “I was worried when you didn’t return and Skorge didn’t either…. I was afraid he had hurt you.”
She watched as Farkus leaned closer a shudder rippling through his body as he took a deep breath calming himself. She saw him look at her and leaned towards her slowly eyes sliding closed.
His lips pressed to hers and she melted into his arms letting him control the kiss. She felt his hands on her body roaming freely and she stiffened slightly worried about what needed to be said. She pressed her hands to his chest forcing him back away from her; she only managed to end the kiss he kept her pinned to the door eyes locked to hers.
His eyes were more wolf now than his human eyes and she knew he was reacting to the wolf in her. He was an alpha male in his true nature and he wanted to act on it.
“What is it? Did I hurt you?” he asked breathing heavy.
“No.” she panted quietly “Our talk, if we don’t start it now we never will and it needs to get said before we do something you might regret.”
He closed his eyes and took a deep calming breath his body shaking slightly.
“Alright then let’s talk.”
Farkus backed away from her and walked to the nearby dining table. He sat down and motioned to the bench seat beside him eyes watching her closely.
“Why are you so hesitant with me? I wouldn’t hurt you not like that.” He said softly.
Jahel sat down with him and looked at him closely “I’m betrothed Farkus to someone back in Morrowwind. Do you understand?”
“Do you love him? Do you want to marry the man?”
“If I did then I wouldn’t have left Morrowwind and came to Skyrim. If he finds out I’m here and you’re courting me he’ll have you killed. Or he’ll try too.”
“He won’t succeed in killing me. Has he tried to have you brought back to Morrorwwind before?”
“Yes when I was living in Riften he sent men to bring me back. That’s how I met the thieves guild the men weren’t going to bring me straight back they caught me in the stables trying to escape.”
“What happened?” he whispered watching her closely.
She had tears in her eyes again and she was shaking. She didn’t meet his eyes until he took her chin forcing her to look at him. She met his eyes and he smiled softly remorsefully.
“Whatever it is you can tell me you know that.” He said softly.
“They were going to tell him I was a whore in Riften when they found me.” She said taking a deep breath. “They tried to rape me.”
She looked away and kept her eyes averted.
“They didn’t manage that was when the thieves guild found us but I haven’t really trusted to many people since then. I don’t know who could be one of them.” she said looking at him. “But you were different than the others who have approached me.”
He smiled at her and he took her chin in his hand making her look at him.
“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?” he asked.
“I didn’t want you to think that I was a whore. I’m betrothed and have run away from my future husband where I come from that’s a sign of infidelity.”
“It makes no difference to me who wants you as long as I can have you.”
She looked up at him and he smiled with a wicked look to his eyes that made her smile. She tilted her head till her cheek was rubbing against the palm of Farkus’ hand. She raised her brow at him with a curious look in her eyes.
“You want to have me?” she whispered in a slight purr.
Farkus shuddered then and his eyes began to change as she watched them, this time it was with desire. He nodded his head slowly seeming cautious as she smiled up at him playfully.
“What if I said you had to chase me to get to have me?” she whispered “Do you like that idea?”
“What did you have in mind for that?”
“Exactly what I said.”
He smirked then and nodded his head slowly.
“I can’t very well do all that in city walls. The guards couldn’t approve of men chasing women in the streets.”
The two leaned closer together their lips almost touching when I loud knock sounded from the door. The door rattled in its frame from the strength of whoever was at the door. They pulled away with a sigh and Jahel mouthed ‘later’ to Farkus as she walked to answer the door.
Jahel pulled the door open to see that Kodlak was standing there a look of surprise and worry on his weathered face. She opened the door wide and welcomed him inside her home.
“Farkus? Yes I figured you would be here do you mind if I speak with Jahel privately? I would not ask but it is important my friend.” Kodlak said with a slight smile.
Farkus could see that the old man was worried over something and that it was best not to argue over the matter. The wolf inside him gave a growl over the thought of the elder wolf with his prospective mate but he eased his mind. He knew that he could trust Kodlak with his life.
“Of course Kodlak I’ll return to Jarrvaskr and see if I can assist with Skorge’s pyre. Send for me if you need me.” He said walking to the door with a nod at Jahel.
“Thank you I will see you soon.”
As the door closed behind him Jahel gestured the elder into the closest and most comfortable chair available to her. They sat close to the indoor fire pit that she cooked her meals over.
“I have a favor to ask of you and it will not be easy. I would take care of it myself but I have a feeling I will be needed here for the next few days.” He said with a sad sigh. “It will be hard for them the death of someone so dear to them.”
“I understand is that why you wish it to be me? To give them time to mourn their loss?”
“Yes and no. They need a little time yes but if I asked I know they would willingly do this task for me.”
“Then why have you asked me to do it?” Jahel asked softly.
“I need someone that I can trust and right now I don’t think I could ask it without there being an ill reception.”
“I see. What is it you need me to do?”
“I suppose you don’t know how the Companions came by this curse we bare?”
“No I’m not familiar with the history but please tell me your story.”
“Our story young one for you are the last of Skorge’s line now. He might as well have been your father now. When Ysgrammor created the guild he was looking for a way to defeat the elves that plagued us and so he searched out a witch. She was a member of a very powerful coven that agreed to grant the Companions power immeasurable in the face of their enemies.”
“She didn’t lie to them but she didn’t tell him what kind of power did she?”
“No so when they curse first came upon the Circle they slaughtered hundreds of elves themselves. It was a massacre and the guild was pleased with the results. But the curse granted them no rest and when Ysgrammor went back to the witches he learned the extent of his deal.”
“What did he give her?” Jahel asked.
“Servitude to her and her disgusting coven.” He replied with a sigh.
“It sounds like he wasn’t very clever in his deal making. What does this have to do with me?”
“The service owed them was paid hundreds of years ago but we still continue the art of creating more like us. When we are of the beast our souls go to the hunting grounds not to Savengarde. I grow old and so long as my blood is unclean I fear I will not be received into those hallowed halls. Which brings me to my favor?”
Jahel leaned forward slowly and he saw the spark in her eyes, the beast waiting beneath the surface. The wolf asking for its next hunt.
“The remainder of that coven lives in a cave to the south west where they have since lost all humanity. They alone possess the cure for our curse and I would ask you to retrieve it for me.”
“What will that cost me though? How would I even get them to make a deal with me?”
“The Glenmoril Witches have long since stopped making deals no they won’t willingly give you the cure. To gain it you must behead one of them and bring me her head at Jarrvaskr with that I can rid myself of this curse.”
Jahel leaned back surprised and she looked into the fire. She could feel a something stirring inside her ready to tear, to rip, and to kill. She recognized a small quiet growling voice in her head then and she knew it was her inner wolf.
“We can do this. We will rip the throats from them and drink deep their life’s blood.”
Jahel shook her head slowly and took a deep steadying breath.
“I’ll do it Kodlak for you. I ask that you calm things here for me. I was not to blame for Skorge’s death and tell Farkus that I will see him upon my return.”
“You won’t stay for the pyre?”
“I think it best I leave as soon as I’ve prepared. Better armor and a new blade I should think, I’ve had the woman smith create both new for me.”
“Very well I’ll pass on the message. Be safe out there my friend.”
Jahel nodded slowly to him then stood to let him out of the house.
It was just night fall on the second day when Jahel arrived at the cave she had wanted to get to the cave as soon as possible. She couldn’t hear anything inside the cave from where she was but the wolf in her mind had gotten louder. She wanted to tear them apart and take all the heads with her. The wolf wanted to kill much like her vampire instinct had wanted her too.
Jahel had had much practice at resisting the urges to take the lives of those around her. It was easy to picture their deaths though at her hands.
Jahel entered the cave sneaking into the darkness and letting her eyes adjust to the gloom inside the cave. She kept walking into the cave until she came to a turn in the tunnel entrance that lead to the right, as she got closer she could see a light. Approaching it slowly she looked around the corner to see the first inner chamber to the cave.
Bones littered the floor of the cave and some were hung from the stone pillars in the cave. She could see a large fire in the center of the room with a number of run off tunnels leading further into the cave. She could also see that there was a slope leading around the room with other run offs.
She also saw the witch and she stiffened at the sight. She had lost her humanity but not in the way she would’ve thought. The witch was now a hagraven. That was the highest form of being a witch. They had a higher understanding of the magic they wielded and were even believed to speak to Daedra which would explain their dark powers.
This one was walking around her camp fire with a frostbite spider sitting above her on its web, she spoke to it as she moved.
Then Jahel heard her speak in a raspy dry voice “I know you’re there wolf. Come out here and don’t skulk in the shadows like your kind is want to do.”
Jahel kept her hand firmly placed on her sword and called to her.
“Do you plan to kill me when I step out witch?”
“Do you not come to kill me wolf?”
Jahel was surprised and kept silent staying behind the stone.
“It is as I thought then” She cackled “The Companions grow weary of the power they wield. Power comes at a price and not all want to pay it, the weak weed themselves from the pack slowly. They die of hunger for lack of hunting, they remain human killing the soul within them, or they willing kill it.”
Jahel slipped from her cover stalking close listening to the witch speak.
“Those who have known true darkness know what true power is like. They can control it and they do. Like a dog expecting a bone they keep the wolf baited for their bidding.”
Jahel stood quietly behind the witch.
“You were one of the leeches before you were a wolf you know true power I can feel it in you.”
“That part of me died when I became wolf.” Jahel said softly.
“Do you believe so? Does the wolf desire life’s blood, is that what the others desire? No they desire flesh and bone not blood. You can never escape birth rights just as you can never escape curse!” She shrieked whirling around.
Lightning flew from her fingertips and Jahel was thrown back into the wall as the witch stalked forward with a blade.
“You can never get more then dust from a leech but I dare say with you I will possess a leech heart!” She crowed “So rare, so powerful.”
The old crone stalked forward her claws reaching out hungrily, greedily towards Jahel.
Jahel’s body went cold and her sight went red at the sight of the woman.
“Let me out.” The wolf whispered in a guttural growl almost laughing.
“No she’s mine.” The vampire hissed coldly.
Jahel screamed in pain as well as ecstasy at the feeling.
This was power.
Jahel moved quickly with her own sword blade slicing into the brittle bones of the hag’s hand cutting off her claws. The Hag shrieked and whirled away grasping at the nubs that were her clawed fingers calling to her pet spider.
Jahel stood up then holding the bloody blade close to her face examining the blood on the edge. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the dark red blood on the sword.
“You were right this is power.” Jahel said “I can hear both of their voices in my head. I thought the leech had died that night but no it was only hiding. The wolf and the leech speak to me.”
The witch turned around and screeched at the elf swiping with her still clawed hand.
The spider came around her and moved towards the elf its large fangs sticking out dripping poison. It jumped at her and she swiped her sword hard across it’s under belly slicing it. The spider let out a loud squealing sound as the wound spilled out its blood and gore onto the cave floor.
Jahel stepped aside from the spider driving the tip of her blade into its head then twisting.
“You know why I’m here witch don’t make this hard. Just die with a little dignity.” Jahel hissed her eyes tinted red.
“My head will remain mine leech!”
The two clashed then as the Hag charged with her sharp claws ready for the attack. The fight was short but it left the two with a stale mate at the end with the two facing one another breathless.
“You have toyed with her enough. Let me show you what must be done.” The wolf said.
“Very well.” Jahel said softly.
She dropped her sword and hunched over causing the Hag to back away with an outraged screech. She knew what was happening and tried to rush forward to stop the change from woman to beast. Claws slashed across thick hide like skin that was sprouting brown tinted fur. She moved quickly but Jahel was already the wolf now.
The brown wolf looked into the Hag’s eyes. Her red eyes were shining with bloodlust and her lips pulled back revealing sharp teeth. The two that would be fangs on a vampire were longer than the average werewolf’s teeth. She stalked forward on all fours her head low and body tense ready to strike at the witch.
The two circled each other and the witch leaned forward holding her claws in front of her at the ready to defend herself. It wasn’t enough to slow the hungry jaws of the werewolf.
Once the killing started it didn’t end though. She killed one of the witches then the wolf and vampire urged her to slay the others before the night was over the last of the Glenmoril witches were dead. They died easily and so did their familiars, the spiders.
Jahel collapsed in the front room after slaying them and slept on the cold stone beside the fire.
When she woke she went through the cave and cut the heads off of four witches which was all that was left of the coven. She put the heads in a bag she had brought with her and then she started walking along back to the hold.

She knew something was wrong when she got back to the hold and she started to move a little faster. The guards were all gathered around Jarrvaskr and there was a crowd of people gawking up at the guild. Jahel pushed her way through to see Trevor, Ria, and Aela standing weapons drawn around dead Silver-Hand warriors.
“What happened here?” Jahel called going to Aela.
“They attacked in the night we had to fight them off. I’m sorry about the things I said please check inside we’ve been making sure that they were gone.” Aela said nodding to the woman.
“I’m glad you three are ok.” Jahel said running up the steps to the doors.
She pushed into the building to a terrible sight that made her stop dead in her tracks.
There were Silver-Hand dead all over the guild, the other whelps were tending to wounds they had, and Farkus sat beside the dead body of Kodlak White-Mane. She shook her head and felt tears building in her eyes.
Vilkas saw Jahel when she entered the guild and approached her. In truth he was sad at the death of his lifelong mentor and friend he didn’t blame her for any of it. But when he approached her he was angry not at her but at their enemies.
“Where were you?” he demanded.
“Kodlak sent me for the cure, he finally found it. What happened?” she gasped eyes watering.
“They came to take back the pieces of Wuuthrad and he tried to stop him. No one was close enough to help him and he was just overwhelmed.” He whispered “They are all in a bad way.”
“I-I am so sorry. I should have been here.”
“No you were doing what he wanted. We will get revenge for this.”
“No, he wouldn’t want that.” Jahel said softly. “He would want justice with a clear mind and spirit.”
“Right. No one else here is in a way to do that but….. would you accompany me? Help me hunt down the last of those bastards?”
“Give me a moment.”
Vilkas nodded going to get his traveling gear while she went to Farkus’ side.
Jahel kneeled down beside him removing her helmet while watching as he watched over the body of their fallen Harbinger. She put her hand gently on his shoulder and leaned her head close to him. Her lips close to his ear.
“Farkus I’m going with Vilkas to get Wuuthrad back and to get rid of the last of the Silver-Hand. You and Aela will be the only ones here to take care of the whelps. We’ll be back for the pyre get everything ready.” She whispered while he nodded his head slowly.
“I’ll take care of things here. Just be careful and come back to me.” Farkus said softly.
“I’ll see you soon.”
Jahel got up from where she was kneeled beside him and turned towards the door. Vilkas was waiting for her by the door already.
“Are you ready?” he asked.
Jahel nodded her head putting her helmet back on. She turned to look at him and she saw determination written on his face.

Skyrim fanfiction pt.4 Harbinger

I don’t own Skyrim or any of its characters all rights belong to Bethseda.
Sorry if I missed any spelling errors my usual editor was not able to work on this one. But they will have a hand in editing the next one.
The next part I will try to make my last one for this series if you have any ideas on what you would like to read next leave a comment. I do fanfiction so long as I’m familiar with the material and I will be working on an original work as well in my free time.
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