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At 14 Todd liked girls, ever since he could remember and he knew what and who was hot and he knew his older sister was definitely hot at 17, he had jacked off to her a couple times when he couldn’t go online. Today he was excited it was the second week of summer and his sister had started tanning outside in their backyard, their house was sort of an L and the backyard was in the corner of it and his bedroom window had perfect view of his sisters tanning area. Both his parents already left for work and they didn’t usually get home until nightfall so Todd had plenty of time to peep on his sister.

Courtney got comfortable fast in her lawn chair and closed her eyes to imagine her and her boyfriend making out in a hot love scene. Getting turned on she quickly looked around and then took a glance at her brother’s room and saw flashing lights knowing he was probably playing video games. Courtney slipped her hand down under her red bikini to let her fingers give her more pleasure, she than cupped her breast with her other hand. Moaning and arching her back she came closer and closer to her climax when suddenly her cell phone went off interrupting her fun. She answered the phone to hear it was one of her friends Ashley and that she was stuck home and bored to death. Courtney talked to Ashley trying to get her off the phone quickly as she did not notice she had an audience who also wanted the show to get on with.

Todd still jerking off while looking through the corner of his window so he would not be seen if his sister glanced his way, he got aggravated that Courtney had stopped and wanted the show to continue. While waiting he got a brilliant idea to get his camera so he could watch it later also, how stupid of him not to think of it in the first place. He put a new tape in and set it up on the tripod and turned it to record. Then finally in perfect timing she had gotten off the phone and seemed to have given up on trying to please herself and instead looked as if she went to Escort Eryaman sleep. Upset and annoyed Todd thought he would call her cell again and wake her up in hopes of maybe restarting what was not finished. No, he shouldn’t instead he got another idea he had read online in a story that involved getting a girl on camera for blackmail to do stuff for him, not knowing what his sister might do if he showed her a tape of her being naked but he’d give it a try. Knowing his sister was a heavy sleeper, which was perfect luck for him right now as he exited the house to the backyard.

Slowly walking over to her side he glanced down at her features, long legs, nice sized breasts, brown hair with blue eyes. Todd was very excited as he knelt down to untie one side of her lower bikini and then he undid the other removing the top portion to give a great view of her shaven pussy. Setting up the camera at the feet of the folding chair so everything could be seen he then took one of the bikini strings and tickled her vagina causing her breathing to grow faster and her legs to part more and more to give an even better view of his treasure. Moving further up his delicate sisters body he pulled the bikini top up to show off her tits to the camera, again using the bikini string he tickled her tits in hope that they would grow but they weren’t, sadly he needed another way and feeling risky and figuring why not he bent down and took the nipple into his mouth and getting it nice and wet with saliva he then withdrew it form his mouth and blew on it gently and it then grew harder like his cock. He continued to take his cock out and stroked it while his sister slept there with no knowing of what was happening and being filmed. He continued to jack off over his sister’s body as he stood with her between his legs as he towered over her when suddenly the damn cell phone went off. Acting quickly he grabbed the phone to muffle it or try and turn it off, after some fiddling around with it, it stopped Eryaman Escort ringing. Relieved that it was over he looked down to see his sister wide eyed looking directly at her 14 year old brother’s cock.

Shocked Courtney pushed his brother back and got up and stepped back not realizing she had left with out a bikini bottom and her top still above her breasts, “What the fuck Todd” she yelled out. Todd stumbled back putting his cock back in his pants and stepping out of the cameras view to let his sister know what else was going on, stunned again with shock Courtney just starred into the camera and then looking down saw her half naked body and covered as much as possible with her hands. Todd grabbed his camera and took off to his room leaving Courtney behind in awe. Courtney stood there and got her bathing suit back on and getting her stuff together took off to her brother’s room to get an explanation and to pound his ass. Reaching his room she banged on the door and screamed until Todd slowly opened the door.
“Where the hell is the tape you little bastard?” she yelled.
“In a safe place…why?” Todd replied.
“Because I want it, NOW!” “Well your not going to get it until you do as I say”
“What do you want me to do then” “First get naked and lay on my bed with your legs wide open”
Feeling their was no other way and that he had already seen her naked she did as was told. Todd feeling in control quickly stripped down and got on top of her.
“Were not having sex if that’s what you want to do,” Courtney stated
“Fine then start sucking” Todd shot back
As she did he looked down at her pussy and started to play with it by rubbing circles around it and occasionally giving it a couple curious licks. Then again her cell phone went off ringing on the bedside next to them where she had set it down. Grabbing the cell Todd hung up on the caller and set it to vibrate.
“Who was that and what are you doing?” Courtney interrupting the sucking.
“Nothing Eryaman Escort Bayan bitch now get back to sucking”
As she did so he dug the cell phone deep into her pussy, as far as he could get it in there with his hand, a slight muffled moan from behind and he knew she was surprised but was enjoying it. He then grabbed his room phone and called the number to the cell giving Courtney a thrill and her back arching so her but lifted off the bed and Todd’s cock going deep inside her mouth where he thought would be a good time to cum he let loose almost gagging her.
“How was that bitch” Todd responding to her moans of pleasure.
“Fucking great, fuck me in the ass you little bastard, fuck me in the ass” She yelled out. Todd got up and moved behind her as Courtney got up and got into the doggy style position so their was a access to her ass hole. Todd lubed his cock up with his cum and saliva from his sister and started to ease it into her ass. As her brother fucked her from behind Courtney grabbed the phone and hit redial to give her more pleasure, soon Todd couldn’t stand the rhythm and tightness around his cock, he had never felt something like it before he had only dreamed. He pulled out and blew it all over his sisters back sending shivers through his sisters back causing her to cum harder than she had ever cummed in her teenage life. As she did her cell phone slipped out and fell onto Todd’s bed still buzzing and covered in hot wet cum. They both collapsed and laid on the bed.
“Where the hell did you learn that one from” Courtney mumbled still in an orgasmic state.
“I don’t know it just came to me, you want your tape back now?” Todd whispered
“No you can keep it for later, Ashley is coming over. We’ll be tanning” she smiled and then walked out still naked.

Todd exhausted from his first sex experience and still shaking a little from being so nervous looked over at his sisters cell phone covered in cum and then at the clock as it turned 3:00, closing his eyes to relax he then lifted himself up on his bed and looked into his closet where a little red light starred back at him as he smiled and reached for the camera remote.

Part 2 coming upon request.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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