Simple Simon

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Class was finally over for Simon. He was just an average college student; despite trying to play the nice guy most of the time. On the way back from class Simon had noticed some homeless people, and one in particular. She seemed different from the other homeless people there; she had a glint of intelligence in her deep blue eyes that was rarely seen in the homeless of the area. Her face was also clear and could almost be described as beautiful. The face was about the only thing you could see of her with her wearing at least five layers of clothing and dirty, floppy hat.

Simon walked up to her. “Hi there,” he said standing right in front of her.

She looked up at him and gave Simon an instant look of distrust. “What do you want?”

“I would just like the pleasure of your company.” He said with a smirk. She still had a look of distrust and disbelief in her eyes. “Don’t worry, just a simple walk and talk. And I’ll make it worth your effort.” Simon extended his hand to her to help her from her sitting position on the ground.

“What do I get?” Her look of disbelief and distrust had faded.

“You get simple comforts that you have been without for what looks like a while,” he said and with that she took his hand and rose to stand beside him. She simply nodded and they were on their way. They talked at much length about seemingly unimportant topics. It was a long walk back to Simon’s dorm but neither of them seemed to notice. She was genuinely enjoying the company of this stranger, she couldn’t figure out exactly why, but she found him attractive.

“Ok, we’re here,” she said, “now where is my reward?” They had reached their destination, and it was time for Simon to giver the woman her reward. Simon led her in to his dorm room. It wasn’t a very big room, but it had all of the comforts of home.

“Your reward is here, you get use of the shower, which is something you are in dire need of, and after that I’ll take you out for a meal,” he put it simple and straight. The gifts were enough for her though, and he was right, she hadn’t had a shower in a very long time and it would feel good to be clean again.

She smiled and nodded at him and disappeared into the bathroom. Within seconds her clothes were off and on the floor. She started the water and looked for a washcloth and the soap, there was none. The woman bahis firmaları quickly wrapped a towel around her and went back to the room with Simon.

Simon knew why she was back before she could ask for the soap and washcloth. He was stunned at how good she looked in that towel that he had an instant hard on as soon as she walked in. Simon handed her the missing items. “There is also a razor in there that you can use,” he said.

She was embarrassed. She had completely forgotten that it had been quite a while since she had shaved her legs or anything. Her hopes had been that the focus would have stayed on her breasts, which were barely covered by the towel. “Thanks,” she said, “by the way, my name is Kristy.” She disappeared back into the shower.

The first thing Kristy did when she got into the shower was shaved her legs and armpits.It has been way too long since I did this last, she thought,I almost feel like a woman again. She decided then that it was also time to shave her cunt too. After washing her hair and the rest of her body, she took time to inspect it. Kristy felt normal again, and it excited her. Her hands massaged her breasts. She started to get wet between her thighs and it was the first time in years. Living on the streets had been rough, but now was her time. Kristy’s right hand started to wonder away from the right nipple, which was swollen and sensitive from play, and found its way to the wet pussy. Her fingers gently massaged the clit, but it had been such a long time since she had felt this good that she was quickly to orgasm.Fuck, she thought,I finally get a chance to masturbate and I cum too quickly to enjoy it. Kristy exited the shower and went back to Simon wrapped up in a towel again, not wanting to put on her smelly clothes while she was this clean.

Simon was in shock again when Kristy came back in with only a towel. He also finally too a good look at what she looked like. Her hair was still wet and sleeked back, but he could tell that it was redder than he had first thought. Her breasts amazed him, his first impression was that of a small B cup, but in reality she was a full C cup. The rest of her body was trim and a firm, tight ass that was the end of the sexiest legs he had ever seen. At some point she had asked him for something to put on, but still mesmerized by her beauty that he threw kaçak iddaa her clothes at random. She ended up with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Both seemed to fit fairly well.

Her meal was whatever she wanted at a restaurant across the street from the dorm. It was all good enough for her since she was just glad to finally get a decent meal. Most of what she ate previously was scraps from restaurant trash or the local soup kitchen. Neither appealed to her. Kristy pigged out on whatever she could get her hands on. Soon enough later the meal was over, and so was the reward. They slowly wandered back to the dorm.

Kristy was sorry that it had to end. “Look,” Simon said, “it is suppose to be really cold out tonight and I would worry having you out on the street so why don’t you just spend the night in here.”

“Really?” she asked with a look of pure joy in here beautiful blue eyes.

“Yep,” Simon said. They had really enjoyed each other’s company and neither wanted to separate from the other. “You can sleep in the bed, I’ll take the futon.” Simon grabbed a blanket and went to the futon. He stripped down to his boxers and crawled under his blanket. Kristen did similar and went to the bed and stripped her clothes off and crawled under the covers. She didn’t sleep much that night; she had spent too many nights on benches and under streetlights to be comfortable in a bed. She just watched Simon sleep. At some point during the night, Simon had kicked off his blanket and was sprawled out on the futon in just thin boxers. Kristy watched him grow a hard on as he fidgeted on the futon. She had gotten wet herself at watching the spectacle. Her fingers were slowly massaging her clit and nipples. She was careful though; she didn’t want to have to explain a massive wet spot on the sheets when she came.

Morning finally came and Simon, who was a creature of habit, got up to take his morning shower. He hadn’t noticed that Kristy was finally asleep and her breasts exposed, nor did he notice that her clothes were still in the bathroom; he just got in the shower. He was there for the main purpose of releasing the tension of his morning wood.

Kristy heard the sound of the water running and woke up. She remembered Simon’s late night stiffness and got excited. She crawled out of bed and wrapped a towel around herself, this time only kaçak bahis around her waist leaving her chest free. She proceeded to open the bathroom door quietly, as not to disturb Simon. Her nipples were still red and sensitive from their all night play, but now they were also hard with excitement. She felt herself getting wetter by the minute. She peeked through the shower curtain and saw that Simon was in deep concentration with his hands on his cock. She slowly slid the shower curtain further and further. When it was almost all of the way open she stood back and said, “Hey, why are you doing that to yourself when you have a perfectly good woman right here?” Simon instantly froze and his face turned beat red. There was nothing that he could do; he just stood there with his tool in his hand staring at the tits of the woman in front of him.

“So what were you thinking about while you were washing yourself so vigorously?” she asked after a little while of staring at his manhood.

“To tell you the truth,” He managed to squeak out, “I was thinking of those.” He pointed the hand that was on his cock at Kristy’s glorious breasts.

“So come here and take them,” she said cupping her breasts as if to present them to him.

Simon almost lunged at her. Kissing her firmly on the lips and groping at her tits harshly as he was frustrated at being interrupted during his beat off session. His erection had pushed in on her towel that the towel fell off as soon as they embraced. Kristy felt his massive dick between her legs and became soaking. She had to have him NOW. She pushed him back into the shower and against the sidewall of it. Kristy was ravenous; she got on her tiptoes and then lowered herself onto his cock. At this point he took back control and grabbed her waist and began pumping her at a furious rate. They were both in ecstasy. This was the first time she had had a man in her in ages. After much time, she came, and came hard. She collapsed and was on the floor of the shower panting. Simon hadn’t cum yet, and she could see that. He helped her up to her knees and placed himself between her perfect breasts. She smiled and squeezed her tits together and began to bob up and down. Simon rammed his cock through her melons. It wasn’t long before his cum covered her face and tits. Kristy lapped it up from his cock like it was the nectar of the god, and rubbed it into her skin like lotion.

He fell onto the floor with her. They embraced once again gazing into each other’s eyes. Later he offered for her to live there with him, and she accepted.

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