Sibling Rivalry

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Feeling completely worn out from the intense lovemaking I had endured with Kristi, I collapsed back onto the couch. I had apparently fallen quickly asleep, because the next thing I knew was a feeling of something warm around my cock.

It felt incredible. I had to see this girl take my cock, so I opened my eyes expecting to see young Kristina sucking wantonly on my prick. I was completely shocked by what I saw. Instead of seeing her shiny blonde hair, I saw a brunette going aggressively at my cock.

Noticing that I was now awake, she looked up at me while continuing to expertly lick her tongue around my saliva coated member. It was her younger sister Angela! I had never heard her come in from her date.

“Oh my god, Ang….you’re talented” I marveled at her as she skillfully gave me a fantastic blow job, “If you keep it up, you’ll get a nice sperm shake in no time.”

Angela kept her hands working on my genitals, fondling my bloated balls with one, while rubbing the length of my massive erection with the other as she removed her fiery mouth from my growing cock.

“Well, I did say I would take care of this for you, didn’t I?” she responded with a seductive smile on her glossy lips, her warm brown eyes alight with passion.

While I was asleep, she had apparently been quite bahis firmaları busy, as she had removed all of her clothes, with the exception of her black panties. Her tight shirt, nor a bra no longer restricted her massive tits.

She quickly took notice that I kept looking at her great big tits.

“So, do you like my tits, Ken?” she asked while pushing them together with her hands.

“Fuck yeah, Ang…they’re spectacular.”

“I think you’ll like what they can do,” she smiled mischeivously as she arose and placed my thick erection between her magnificent mounds. She took her hands off my cock and rubbed her massive jugs up and down the length of my hardened rod.

“Oh…Fuck Ang, that feels so fucking good.” I gasped in appreciation at her slutty talents, letting her know to continue with the marvelous titfuck that she was giving me.

I reached down with my hands and began to assist her. Her breasts felt so nice in my hands, so tenderly soft yet firm to the touch.

“Ang, I’m going to cum if you keep this up.” I warned her as I felt the familiar stirrings in my tightening loins.

Without saying a word, she rose up from the front of the couch and straddled me, her petite figure looking more intoxicating than any woman I had ever fucked before. I took a hold of her curvaceous kaçak iddaa hips and helped her remove her soaked panties.

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long Ken,” she cooed, “God you feel so nice inside me.” She moaned as she took my entire length in her cunt.

Reaching up I took her huge breasts in my hands again and tweaked her big nipples as she started to grind her pelvis onto mine, taking control of our love making and increasing the pace of our fucking.

I let go of her bountiful breasts, cupped her angelic face and brought her down to kiss her tenderly on her glossy lips. Her auburn eyes were ablaze with passion, her shoulder length brunette hair whipping around her angelic face as she continued to bounce repeatedly on my lap my cock penetrating her snug twat. Her skin felt exquisite as I ran my hands down her slender arms across her smooth stomach and finally landing on her bucking ass.

We didn’t even have to say a word as we continued fucking each others brains out. We communicated our passion only with our eyes as we continued in our fornication. Her brown eyes’ telling me that she was enjoying this like never before. My own hazel eyes took in this intoxicating brunette beauty as she continued riding my stabbing cock. Her copious firm tits bouncing mesmerizing as her kaçak bahis slender body continued to bounce up and down on my slick rod as I assisted her holding on to her bucking ass. Her mouth slack as her orgasm fast approached.

“Oh, uh, god. I’m going to cum…fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy…oh fuck!”

“Oh fuck you gorgeous little minx, I’m going to cum in your sweet cunt.”

“Fuck yeah!” she yelled, her sweat-drenched hair whipping around her gorgeous face.

“Fuck Angela! I love your fucking body! Here it comes, slut!” I yelled simultaneously as I unloaded the contents of my cock into her still contracting pussy.

The young raven haired teen collapsed forward onto me, her plump titties pressed against my chest as we shared another passionate and loving kiss.

“Ken, you were wonderful, I love your cock.” she smiled sweetly, her auburn eyes glistening.

As I caressed her slick back, my hands lowering to fondle her tight ass, I gazed into her warm brown eyes and declared, “Angela, I love you. I love your warm pussy, your magnificent tits, and your smoldering eyes. You are absolutely spectacular. I could fuck you forever.”

I couldn’t believe that I had just said that. However, she knew as well as I did that we had a connection that no one could break; not even her sister who had just come down the stairs after being awakened by our loud lovemaking and stood in shock at our wanton sexuality as she realized that her sister had just fucked her supposed new lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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