Sibling Quickies: The Groom

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All characters engaged in sexual activity are 18+

Austin: Get your ass in here.

Me: The ceremony is supposed to start in less than 30 min.

Austin: All the more reason for you to hurry.

I slipped away from the group of bridesmaids without really excusing myself. My heels clicked on the stone flooring of the church as I passed several guests still coming in and my parents as they spoke quietly to the officiant.

Once in another dimly lit hallway, this one quieter and without the bustling activity naturally surrounding a bride, I heard the laughing and carrying on inside the groom’s dressing room.

I lifted a closed fist and knocked on the door.

Austin jerked it open immediately like he’d been guarding it with his hand on the knob.

I pasted a smile on my face. “Everybody decent?”

Six sets of eyes turned to me. “Hey! Little Johnson!” One of them called.

I rolled my eyes. As the baby sister, I was to expect a certain amount of inappropriate teasing from my brother’s friends. Doesn’t mean I had to like it.

“Alright, everybody out. I need to have a word with the groom.”

They all collectively made their way to the door. “Sure you don’t want a word with me instead?” Tony Malone, whom I’d known since birth, waggled his eyebrows at me.

“Knock it off shitface,” my brother grumbled.

“Don’t mind him, Laney, turns out weddings make big Johnson a dick.”

“Just go mingle, Tony. I think I saw my friends seated in the back already.”


With that, the best man left and Austin practically slammed the door behind him.

“Jesus, would you calm down?”

“No,” he barked grabbing me and pushing my back against the door he’d just closed before pressing his body to mine. His mouth was all over me in a rush, his tongue sliding through my lips.

I moaned into his mouth. I couldn’t help it. He tasted like whiskey and I loved it. My hands wrapped around his neck, careful to avoid his styled hair when all I wanted to do was fist the black asyabahis yeni giriş strands and pull.

This was a new development between us, just since he’d moved back home temporarily after his future wife decided they should hold out for the month leading up to the wedding.

Austin hadn’t held out though. He’d tried. It wasn’t his plan to fuck me, it just happened. Too many days together with me on summer break and him making sales calls working from home. Too many late nights in front of the tv, talking, just the two of us. And the nail in our coffin, the straw that broke the camel’s back, an invitation to use the concert ticket his fiancée was abandoning thanks to the stomach flu.

Sometime between waiting with me in the long line for the ladies room, buying me drinks I wasn’t legally allowed to have, and dancing up against each other to our favorite song, it had started to feel an awful lot like a date.

Much later, standing in our parents’ kitchen, tipsy, guzzling water to replace all that we’d sweat out, he moved really close. We stood there and stared at each other, not talking. And then he kissed me. Or I kissed him. It doesn’t matter which because we were both running hot from wanting it.

He ate my pussy as I perched carefully on the kitchen counter begging him to fuck me. And he did. But he carried me to his bedroom to do it.

The following morning dad asked him when Tonya had left and made fun of him for not holding out until the wedding like they’d planned. He obviously thought the girl moaning Austin’s name all night had been my future sister-in-law.

As soon as we were alone, we went at it again that day. And again. And hadn’t stopped. Austin had wanted to call off the wedding. I wouldn’t let him, even though the things he’d whisper to me while he moved inside me made me fall madly in love with him.

“I need you, Laney.” He groaned while he rocked his hips against me. The swish sound of the layered skirt of my bridesmaids dress reminded me of rustling asyabahis giriş sheets and having his muscled body, naked, on top of mine.

“We have to stop, Austin.” I said it even as I reached down to feel his hard cock through his suit pants.

“We don’t though. It could be just us, just like this.”

I had plans. I wanted to study dance, move to New York, travel the world with a ballet company. I wanted Austin too, but the future was a lot darker when I considered the only ways we could actually be together.

I heard the zipper at my back just before my long, flowy dress pooled around my feet. I stood there in nothing but my heels and a thong watching my brother’s eyes scan the length of me, feeling hIs cock move beneath my hand.

“Christ,” he whispered and then our mouths were together again.

I worked his belt while he unbuttoned his shirt. I slid my back down the door, squatting with his hips at eye level. There was a quiet snick above me as he locked the door

His eyes burned through me. “Hurry, baby.”

I ripped his pants open and shoved them, with his boxers, to his knees. And then my lips were around his long, hot cock while I looked up at him. He grimaced and sucked air through his teeth. I had to fight not to smile as I slid him across my tongue.

His pre-cum tasted so good that I moaned around him and he rewarded me with more, placing his hand behind my head carefully and crowding the space where I crouched.

His hips moved, gliding his cock in and out, forcing me back until his hand acted as a pillow for me where I met the door.

“Fuck my face, Austin.” I was already panting.

“Goddamn it, baby.”

He braced his other forearm on the door and did just what I’d told him to. I held onto his muscular thighs as he used my mouth like a pussy, pushing just barely into my throat before pulling back.

I was wet. Just being close to him did that, but I loved sucking his cock too. I loved knowing that I drove him wild, pushed him to the edge. asyabahis güvenilirmi He’d showered with me just hours ago. Fucking me from behind until I’d come all over him and yet I was insatiable for him again. My own brother.

I felt him tense and my pussy clenched, empty, but excited to drink his cum. Instead he backed away suddenly, fisting the cock I’d soaked with my spit.

“Up,” he whispered so I stood.

He cupped my ass and lifted me like I weighed nothing. “Hang on to me, baby.”

I barely got my arms around his neck before he moved my hips to find the end of him and started sinking inside.

His voice rumbled against my tits where they pressed on his chest. “I can’t do it, Laney.”

“Fuck me?”

“Give you up.”

He held my hips still and thrust wildly into me. Squeezed between him and the door, I couldn’t catch my breath. Our touching skin began to sweat. He felt so good. I told him as much.

“Fuck, baby. Let’s go. Just leave with me right now. I want to take you home and make love to you all fucking night.”

I bit my lip hard. It was that or cry out an agreement that would hurt a lot of people. I wasn’t turning him down because he was my brother. I didn’t care, and he knew that the first night I begged him to come inside me. I just didn’t want to hurt anyone, including myself by giving up my dreams. It sucked that all of that meant I hurt him though.

“Just fuck me, Austin. Please!”

He powered into me harder, rattling the door on its hinges. I buried my face in his neck, smothering my own cries as he battered my cunt and rubbed against my clit.

“You’re close,” he whispered when I tightened around him. All I could do was nod and I’m not sure he felt it.

“When we’re standing up there,” he paused, grunting along with several of his frenzied thrusts. “It’ll be you, Laney.”

My orgasm hit and I did cry out. I had to. My head thumped against the door and I wailed, trying to pull his cock deeper and imprison it there.

“I’ll only be thinking about you.”

He slammed into me one more time and I knew his heated cum was filling me up. He held me to the door with just his body, still impaling me, emptying himself. He kissed me long and slow and massaged my sweaty tits.

“This is not over,” he said in my ear.

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