Shower Time

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I wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping outside of my window. As the sunlight hits my eyes, my brain starts making a checklist of all my morning priorities. I stretch my muscles, and a yawn escapes my lips. I look over and see that you are still asleep.

I creep out of bed, letting you sleep. You spent a lot of time satisfying me last night, and you deserve your rest. I stalk my way to the bathroom. I turn on the lights, and wait for my eyes to adjust.

I turn on the shower, grab some fresh towels and a washrag, and brush my hair waiting for the temperature to get just right. I step into the shower, letting the water sluice over me, and the heat works at my muscles.

I wash my hair, rinse, work conditioner in, and clip it up in a twist. I look at my body washes, trying decide my mood for the day. I settle on Himalayan pink sea salt and water lilies. I pour a generous amount onto my pouf, and start working it into a lather.

I hear the door to the bathroom opening and footsteps coming toward me. I take my time soaping my body, letting you watch me. I let my hands glide over the parts of my body that you like most. My neck, shoulders, breasts, hips, thighs, puss, and ass all get special attention.

The glass shower door slides open, and you get into the shower stall with me. I smile at you, because this is one of my favorite things to do with you. You take the pouf from my hand, and use your other hand to turn me around.

You put the pouf on my back, and start massaging it in. I feel your hands kneading my muscles. I stand there, enjoying your ministrations. You back me into the spray letting it rinse me off. I feel your lips on the back of my neck. It sends little shivers of pleasure bahis firmaları down my spine.

I step out of the water to make room for you to get wet. I grab your pouf and the bottle of Irish Springs bodywash. I take my time, lathering soap over your body, and rubbing it in to your muscles. I love the way that they twitch and ripple under my hands.

As the water washes the suds away, I leave little kisses on your skin. I brace myself against the wall, sinking to my knees. I rub the pouf between my hands, creating a thick lather. I drop the pouf onto the floor. My hands wrap around your cock and balls. I work the soap into your flesh. I watch as you brace yourself, letting your head fall back and moan.

I keep at it until all of the suds rinse away, and your cock is hard. I nuzzle my face against the soft flesh. I love the way it smells when it is freshly cleaned. I pull your balls up, and lick the underside of them, up the shaft, and all the way to the head.

I kiss the head of your cock, and suck on it like it is my favorite raspberry Tootsie Roll lollipop. I feel your hand cup the back of my head, and your fingers twine into my hair. I massage your balls as I work your head deeper into my mouth.

I feel your cock start to pulse. You pull my head back, forcing me to stop. “Not yet,” you say. You put your hand out, and I place mine in it. You lift me up from the ground. You pull the clip from my hair, and use your hands to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.

When you are done, you nudge me towards the wall of the shower. I place my hands against it. Your fingers stroke up my puss, and I moan. I feel your hand spreading my lips apart. The head of your cock pushes against my entrance, and I moan in kaçak iddaa anticipation.

You take your time entering me, because I am so tight. My muscles grip at you trying to hold you in place. I tilt my hips down and backward. You wrap an arm around my waist, and push harder, forcing yourself into me. The veins of your cock create delicious friction against the walls of my cunt.

My puss waters as it becomes aroused, and finally you are sheathed inside me. I feel your balls against my clit. I grind down mashing it into your balls. Your foot spreads my legs wider, and I get tighter around you. Your free hand winds its way into my hair, and I gasp as I feel your teeth scrape my neck.

Juices drip out of my puss, coating our thighs. I feel you roll your hips, teasing me. I moan, wanting more. You start sliding in and out of me, slowly. My muscles grip you, trying to strangle your shaft. You suck on my neck, placing your mark on me as you fuck me.

My cunt tightens around you, and I orgasm. You keep to your rhythm, letting me ride the waves. When I am done, you pull out of me, then step out of the shower. I follow you as you walk back to the bedroom.

“Get on the edge of the bed, on your knees, and spread your cheeks.”

I do as I am told, placing pillows under my hips and breasts. I sit and wait, as you satisfy your desire to look at me. I feel your breath on my clit, and your tongue follows it. I force myself not to jump off the bed. You wait for me to relax, then blow air over it. You suck on it to offset the shock of cold that it brought.

I feel your tongue licking my puss all over, and I start to get sloppy wet. Your tongue laps it up, then travels up to my asshole. You rim it, massaging it, kaçak bahis and working your tongue in. I want more, and push myself against it. Your finger dips into my puss, and you work it in, letting my juices coat it.

You place your finger at my anus, and push it in with your tongue. The sensation makes me gasp. You still, and tell me to relax. I stop, then your finger slides in. This is the first time that you have been able to get a whole finger in.

As I adjust to it, you suck on my clit, helping me to relax. I feel you straighten with your finger still inside me. You push your head into my puss, and the feeling of being stuffed to the brim is almost overwhelming. Your hand strokes my back, giving my mind a focal point.

“Please, don’t make me wait,” I beg.

You wrap your hand in my hair, and pull me backwards so that my back arches. Your finger goes deeper in my ass. You press your way into my puss until you are balls deep. I grind against you, wanting more. I feel your body shudder, then you start driving in and out of me, hard.

I roll my hips to meet your thrusts. I move my hands from my butt cheeks to the bed so I can brace myself. The feeling of your cock forcing its’ way inside me with each thrust and the counterbalance of your finger drives me wild. I get tighter and tighter with each thrust of your cock.

I feel your cock swelling, preparing to shoot your load. It pushes my cunt farther apart to its’ limit. As your cock spews your cum into me, my asshole and puss start orgasming at the same time. I scream as the dual sensations rip through my body. You keep pumping into me, demanding my pleasure be fulfilled.

When my body slumps because it has been wrung dry, I feel your hands massaging my back. I hear you crooning to me softly, easing my passage into subspace. You help me scoot forward on the bed, and wrap your arms around me. The only thing that I can do is lay in your arms, reveling in being satiated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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