Shhh… Sleep Now Daddy

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All characters in this tale are over 18 years of age.

Thank you Sister Jezebel for your kind editing again.

Rolling onto your side, your eyes follow my hands as I work the oil into my belly, standing at the side of the bed.

“What are you doing Kitten?” you ask.

I catch the worry line on your forehead, a single candle the only light against the early morning darkness. You have been tossing and turning, a weight on your mind.

“I’m giving you a massage Daddy.” I work my hands higher, both hands lift and squeeze my breasts as I coat them with oil. My hands drag my tits towards you, pinching my hard nipples, as I squeeze, lightly they bounce on release.

The smell of summer beach time fills the air, as I coat my legs in oil, you watch my progress. Arms and then back, finally the top of my thighs, I sigh, as I run one finger down between my slit, my scent mixes with the coconut oil. Reluctantly I lift my fingers from my aching clit, remembering this is about you.

“Roll onto your front Daddy,” I pull down the sheet, and mount myself across your ass, your naked form stretched beneath me.

Dropping oil into the palm of my hands, I rub them together, warming the skin, before dropping onto your broad shoulders. Fingers wrapped over the blades, my thumbs begin to work and kneed the strong muscles.

The scent of you in the bed mixed with the coconut oil is delicious, I can’t wait to taste it and lick it off your body. My fingers continue their track lower, down your spine, just fingertips now massaging the lower back.

After your back and arms are completely relaxed, I slide myself easily down your body. I moan as I go, knowing you will punish me for this later, unable to stop. I slide off the bed and start the process again, beginning with the soles of your feet.

I rub my thumb into the soft arch of your foot, feeling the tension easing, leaving your body.

I love to worship your strong calf and thigh muscles; I spend too long there. I rub my palm flat up your inner thighs, upwards until then I reach the sweet reward for all my hard work, that hot ass. Grabbing and squeezing full handfuls, you moan as the oil drips down in between your cheeks.

Then I roll you over and start at the feet again. Covering them with oil. At the end of the bed, noisily, I lick, my tongue poking between each toe, sucking the big toe into my mouth, and repeat the process, my eyes locked on yours.

“Oh bahis firmaları Jesus, God that’s hot,” you say between clenched teeth.

Making my way back up those long gorgeous legs, kneading your thighs, pulling out all the tension…and then what have we here?

Of course, a proper happy ending would mean I would skip over this section for later, but honestly, I don’t have that level of self-control.

My eyes rake over your beautiful cock. I have crawled up between your thighs. My warm breath exhales. Before I drop my head, I lift my eyes, lock them on you and blow softly across your skin, making your cock jump.

I drop my head and lovingly lick and gently suck, just your tip. My tongue circles the head, flicking the underside. I am moaning now with desire and want, eyes on you checking in, making sure Daddy is happy with his kitten’s progress so far.

“Good girl.” You say.

You clearly appreciate me giving your gorgeous cock the worship and attention it deserves.

Mm, “Should I continue with the massage or linger here for a while longer?” I ask.

My lips around your cock have started to drop lower down your thick shaft. My sucking a bit stronger. My mouth is getting wetter.

Mmm, I’m fully distracted now. I’m not so gentle.

“When I put my hands on the back of your head and start fucking your face, you won’t be able to get away, so if you’re going to spend some time massaging my chest and shoulders, you better do it now.”

Reluctantly obeying Daddy’s orders, I release you with a pop, heading up towards your shoulders, dragging my hard nipple from ball to tip along the way, desperately searching for relief for my aching cunt.

I straddle your abs and start working the oil into your lovely broad shoulders. Pushing my thumbs in deep and rubbing away all of your stress.

You have tried to teach me to behave; the lessons haven’t quite taken. I lean forward and trace your lips with one of my nipples; you give me a little bite, reminding me to focus on you and ignore the throbbing want in my very wet pussy.

“Daddy’s pleasure comes first.” you growl.

“Yes Daddy,” I hope I have been naughty enough for you to punish me later.

I make my way down your arms, one hand flat on each, sliding down, until I reach your hands.

These beautiful hands that always work so hard on my body deserve a bit of extra care today. I massage each of your long fingers, wrapping each one in kaçak iddaa my oily hands and twisting as I rub the coconut oil into each finger, maybe some foreshadowing here of what’s to come later on.

They are so lovely, I bring your fingers to my mouth and trace my lips, sucking each finger, doing to them what I am still wishing I was doing to your cock.

Dragging my hands back up your arms, kneading as I go, back up your shoulders, mmm, and now your sexy chest awaits. Scooping out the oil from the jar, I take my time rubbing it into your soft skin.

I run my fingers through the hair on your chest, pulling a little bit, not too hard, I want Daddy relaxed.

“Use your body to rub it into mine.” You command.

“Yes Daddy.” A smile breaks over my face and my tense body relaxes, releasing and allowing me to drop my aching chest to yours and drag my belly and nipples up your hard chest, sliding easily up and back; up and back.

Oh fuck I’m moaning now, I’ve dropped my clit to your thigh and I have started to rub like the kitten I am up and down, dropping a kiss to your lips at the top of each pass.

“Yes, let yourself sink into the pleasure of pleasuring me. Every inch of you pressed against me.”

“Mmmm. Thank you, Daddy, I’m so wet.”

“Slide down and let my hard cock slip between your breasts.”

“Oooh yes Daddy.”

I slide my body lower, trailing kisses down your forgotten abs.

Each hard nipple rubs against your thighs. I look up into your eyes and moan as that gorgeous cock rubs deep in my cleavage.

I wrap you more, I push my breasts together and trap you in between my soft oily cleavage. Your back arches as my breasts continue to rise and fall along your hard shaft.

Your hips rock as you start to fuck my slick breasts.

I love that you push into me, taking me.

“Fuck your dirty girls tits Daddy.” I beg, loving you in control.

I start to tweak my nipples and I slide up and down, moaning louder.

I squeeze them together tight for Daddy and I feel the precum, slick on my tits.

I’m pushing them tight all around you, the head peeking out at each hard thrust.

“Don’t hold back Daddy; fuck my tits harder. Please”

I want your cum so badly.

Gently I raise my knee between your legs. Pushing my soft thigh against your balls.

The thrusting of your hips drags your slick oily sack up my soft skin.

I drop my mouth to catch your head as it kaçak bahis pokes out of my cleavage, licking and sucking it at each pass.

I drop my breasts and drag them down your body, my flat tongue leaving a trail, down your hard cock.

Onto your balls. They are tight and tucked up, I start to lick them, gently sucking them, my hands planted on your thighs

One hand drops to take your shaft, I wrap around your slick cock and start to jack it.

I’m moaning, I love this so much. My pussy juice is most of the way down my thighs by now, tingling, throbbing and aching for you.

Increasing the pace on your cock, I squeeze a little tighter.

Your hips are starting to thrust into my fist. I drop the last hand on your thigh to steady you, slowing down my pace, you regain control. I know what you need, I want to give it all to you.

My eyes locked on you, I watch for the change, your control back in place and begin anew.

My mouth on your balls, licking and sucking, my hand resumes its stroking of your cock.

My hand moves up your leg, dropping down the oily skin of your inner thigh. I spread your legs open for me. I lift your cock to my lips, up and down a couple of times as a goodbye for now. I fucking adore that cock.

My mouth moves back over your balls.

My hand wraps your cock.

My eyes on you checking I am doing this right.

“Good girl.” You tell me.

My tongue finds your ass, just the tip I slide, in and out.

My mouth is wet, a moan ripples up your balls.

“Is this how you like it Daddy?” I ask as I jack your cock with my hand.

I’m needing your balls with my other hand. The oil making everything so slick and slimy

My clit finds your shin and I begin to rub my body up and back along your leg, moaning at the pressure.

“You’re going to come for me Daddy,” I say.

I slide my hand so my palm is on the base of your cock, cupping the balls, jacking your cock and licking your ass, moaning and grinding as I push two fingers into the soft spot between your ass and balls.

And as I do, I feel the cum throbbing up your shaft.

Exploding onto my hand.

I come apart on your leg.

“Fuuuck” you groan.

My body racks against yours, slowly I release your cock.

Kissing your inner thighs.

I slide my body back up yours.

Raising my hand, I flatten my palm and drag my flat tongue from wrist to fingertip, licking up you spent cum, sucking any I might have missed from each finger.

Laying toe to toe, my head resting on your chest. I sigh, as the aftershocks ripple through my body.

And I notice those nipples I forgot all about…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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