Sexy Times

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A new romance has inspired me to write short stories, I have never done this before so any pointers and positive criticisms are welcome. I hope you enjoy.

For Marian. You make me unbroken.

You tossed the phone down onto the couch and looked over at me playing a racing game on the Playstation.

“I’m bored,” you say, laying your head back against the couch.

“Yeah,” I mumble. My eyes never leaving the screen.

“Do you wanna do something?” you ask.

I am quiet for a minute before replying, “I am doing something.”

You give me a dirty look while I play and move a little closer to me. “Maybe we can do something that we’ll both enjoy,” you purr to me while nudging my leg.

“Babe. Not now,” I say, my eyes never leaving the screen.

“Why not?” you ask, feeling a little annoyed with my indifference.

“Because I’m playing this and I’m winning?” I say.

You groan at me, “C’mon baby, play with me.”

My eyes stay focused to the game.

You huff and grabbed the controller from me.

“Give it back!” I say, trying to grab it from you.

“No!” you reply, tossing it behind me.

I look to you a little bit annoyed, “Why are you being difficult?”

You move towards me and climb on my lap straddling me, “I’m not. You are.”

I look at you, clearly still a little cross, “Am I?”

Your lips purse up to a cute smirk, “Yes, you are.”

“How?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Because. You’re more worried about that stupid game than you are about your horny girlfriend.” You say, leaning closer to me.

I bite my lip and move my hands to your hips, “And that’s pissing you off?”

You nod, “Yes, It is.”

I smirk at you, “Well, why don’t you teach me a lesson, baby?”

You lean in and gently graze your lips across mine, “Oh, I will,” you mutter under your breath.

I smile and kiss you, letting my tongue brush over your bottom lip. You keep your mouth closed and I groan, “Why are you being a tease?”

You tilt your head a little, “Why should I give you what you want when you ignored me before?” I grip your hips a little tighter, attempting another kiss.

You flash a cheeky grin, not letting my lips reach yours and slide off my lap, cebeci escort kneeling on the floor between my legs.

I bite my lip and watch as you slide your hands slowly up my thighs, undoing the button on my jeans and pull the zipper down. Your fingers hook into the waistband of my jeans and I lift my bum up, letting you pull them down.

You yank them off and drop them onto the floor. Looking to me, your tongue licking your lips, as your hand moves slowly towards the tent in my boxers.

You rub your hand over my cock and I moan. You smile and rub a little harder,

“Does that feel good, babe?”

I lay my head back against the couch and mumble, “Yeah,”

Your hands move to the elastic of my boxers and tugged them a bit. “Lift up,” you tell me.

I lift my bum again and help you remove my undies.

Your hand once again slides up my thigh and take my almost fully hard cock into your hand. You run your thumb over the head before pumping it slowly.

“Mmmmmm baby,” I moan, biting my lip.

You look at me and squeeze a little harder, I slightly buck my hips.

You lean down and press a soft kiss to the tip before swirling your tongue around my cock. My fingers run through your hair and I moan again.

“Fuck, babe.”

You grin and take the tip of my dick into your mouth, sucking softly.

“Shit… that’s it babe, suck it, ohhh god,” I moan, tugging on your hair softly.

Teasingly you slide the tip of your tongue up the shaft before taking me again into your mouth. I groan and buck my hips, causing my cock to push further into your warm wet mouth, and hitting the back of your throat.

“Fuck, that’s it. Marian, you make me feel so good babe,” I groan, my grip on your hair tighter.

You pull back so only the tip of my dick remains in your mouth, sucking hard and flicking your tongue over it. You withdraw from me and lick all the way down to my balls, taking one at a time in your mouth and toying with them gently. Before again moving back and taking my whole shaft past your soft beautiful lips, your eyes intensely meeting mine.

I start to thrust in your mouth, pressing down your throat, as I do you make a swallowing action. This feels çukurambar escort amazing, electric shocks pass through my body as I struggle to maintain composure, I don’t want to cum in your mouth this time.

I look to you in passion and whisper “Ride me, baby.”

You stand up and pull your shirt over your head before removing your shorts and panties.

Standing gloriously naked you look to me, gently biting your top lip. You are a vixen Marian.

I pull you on my lap so that you are straddling me. You lean to me and brush your lips over mine, while simultaneously moving your hips to grind against my very hard and wet cock.

I moan and put my hands around your ass, squeezing roughly. “Now, lift up,” I command.

You do as I say. I hold my dick in my hand and guide it towards your entrance. Slowly you lower down on me, making us both moan.

“Ooohhhhh baby, you feel so good inside me,” you whisper to me, wrapping your arms around my neck.

For a time we enjoy this beautiful moment, as your pussy stretches and flexes to accommodate my cock.

I tense my pelvic muscles, pulsing my cock inside your delicious warmth.

My hands grab your hips and I buck up into you. You moan and grind back down at me. Your fingers run over my head and toy with my short hair as you kiss me hard, your teeth nipping at my bottom lip.

I grip your ass and guide the pace up and down. You moan against my lips and I slip my tongue into your mouth, licking at the roof and rubbing myself against your tongue.

“Oh David,” You moan, moving on me faster as I grip your bum even harder.

“You like this, baby?” I ask, thrusting myself at you, pushing my cock into you even harder, somehow deeper.

“Oh, fuck,” you moan, grinding your hips in a figure eight motion.

You lean to me pressing your lips firmly against mine, moving on me faster, fucking me harder, and harder, your beautiful pussy gripping my shaft in the most delicious way, milking me drawing me to a climax.

I break our kiss and groan, “Fuck, I’m getting close.”

You smile and grind on me even harder again. “You going to cum for me?” You query.

I groan a response and grab at your hips, ankara escort holding you still as I thrust up inside you hard and fast, pistoning your pussy like a machine

“Holy shit, David. Mmmm baby, fuck me, oh yesss. Yes. Harder, nnngghh. More, more, more. Holy shit babe. FUUUUCCKK!” You gasp, mincing words with groans.

I move a hand to your breasts and squeeze the left one softly.

“Mmmm… Harder” You tell me.

I do so, eliciting a light squeal from your lips. Your hands gripping my shoulders as you continue to ride on my cock, your pussy sopping wet. I lean in and take your right nipple between my lips, sucking it in my mouth roughly.

You moan and wrap your arms around me, “Babe, I’m so close,” you whisper to me.

I move my hands back to guide your hips and pump myself into you hard.

“Yes… Fuck, yes,” You moan, I can feel your pussy walls tightening around my cock.

“Mmmm babe, your cock feels ssoooooo good.”

I move a hand down between us and press against your clit. Collecting some lubrication from your pussy I rub it gently, gradually increasing the pressure and pace, your moans are my guide.

You grind down on me hard, staying there, your pussy flexing on me, tightening and pulsing as you ride a glorious climax. Your mouth biting my lip hard, drawing blood. The feeling is excruciatingly delicious, a place you want to stay.

I move myself slowly as your climax subsides, making you cry out in pleasure. Your fingers have dug into me as you begin cumming again, this time it hits hard and fast, leaving you breathless, motionless.

I flex my cock inside you teasing the feeling of electricity you have and stretching the sensations out just that little bit longer.

“Fucking hell,” you moan, gripping my shoulder hard. You whimper my name as I bucked up into you again and again. My own release is imminent, A few more thrusts and I cum. Hard. My sperm hosing your insides. As I release my seed and fill your sweet love tunnel, I can feel some leaking back onto myself.

“Fuck.” I say my forehead resting against your chest.

You run your fingers over my head and kiss my forehead tenderly. I move my hands up your back slowly and pull you tight against me.

You smile and kiss my lips softly, we both taste salty sweat. I smile holding you, your heart beating in time with mine, our souls united, and our bodies as one.

“I love you, David.” you say your nose touching mine, our eyes locked together.

“I love you too, Marian.”

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