Sexual Shenanigans of the Trump Administration: Candace Owens and Erin Perrine

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“Ooooohhh, yeah, baby!…Kiss me again…Touch me like that again!…Oohhh, that’s nice…Yeah…Keep doin’ that…Just like that…Ooooooooohh….Yeeaaahhhh!!!!…I’m glad I met you, baby…I’m glad you chose me…Must have been the way I was dancing at the club…and what I was wearing…I could tell you liked the way my tits filled out my tight sweater…and the way my ass stretched out my little miniskirt…and my boots…I could see you really liked my thigh-high boots…I saw you lookin’ at me when I was dancing so I moved my body real sexy for you…I knew you’d come over…I just knew it…What was your name again?…Matthew?…Matthew…Yeah…Yeah, that’s it…That’s it baby…Touch me like that again…Yeah…Just like that!”

Matthew Pottinger did just as he was told, running his hands up and down Candace Owen’s voluptuous body, caressing her ebony skin, squeezing her meaty breasts, and stroking her big, round ass while she writhed and squirmed. “Candace” – pretty name, pretty girl. Built like a brick house. Real hot body. Big, tall, and busty. 5’ 5”. 135lbs. 33-26-34. DD cup. Smooth ebony skin. Long, thick, curly black hair glistened with mousse. Leggy. Big, firm tits. Full, round ass. Dressed nice and slutty. Tight black sweater. Black vinyl miniskirt. Thigh-high black vinyl stiletto boots. Shakin’ her booty at the Proud Boys Clubhouse. Good dancer. Very sexy girl. Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places. What more could a hitman ask for. Her specialty was hot sex…followed by blackmail. Candace and her friend Erin Perrine. Colleagues. Lovers. Working together. Pictures, video, everything. Two beautiful badass bisexual bitches. Too bad for them. They really made Donald Jr and Eric very angry. The game would end tonight, for both girls.

Matthew rolled Candace off the bed, and pushed her to the floor. The beautiful black bitch sat up for a moment, totally naked except for her black leather thong and shiny black vinyl boots, gazing at Matthew’s hard cock, licking her lips, playing with her long curly hair, stroking the front of the slick, glossy thong with one hand and squeezing her big breasts with the other. Stretching her legs wide apart, she slid her hands up and down the tall spike-heeled boots that hugged her long legs like a second skin. Candace licked her lips again and smiled, thinking to herself:

“Shit, this fuckin’ “Matthew” is really pretty hot for a white boy. He’s actually got something special to offer a hot black girl like me, unlike most of the other dumb fuckers I’ve taken for a ride lately. The dude’s got cock to spare! And plenty of money too! He wants a threesome. When Erin gets here, she’s just gonna love it! He’s the perfect mark. We’ll take lots of pictures, and run the video camera. Just like we did with Donald Jr and Eric. Pictures and video always mean more money! Especially if he’s got a wife, and kids, and a nice job he wants to keep! I really wanna see the look on his face when we tell him we got his sorry fuckin’ ass on tape! When we’re through with him, he’ll pay us big fuckin’ money for sure! He’ll probably be beggin’ and pleadin’ and cryin’…and givin’ us all the fuckin’ money we want! Erin and I are gonna splurge after we take this guy. Go shopping. Buy something real sexy. I need a couple more leather miniskirts. Real short ones. And more high heels. And another pair of these thigh-high boots. White ones with stiletto heels. Guys always love that sexy shit. And we need more jewelry. Gold. Lots of it. Then we’ll go to Las Vegas to party. Big time. I’m gonna take Erin to one of those lesbian dance clubs. Get her real fucked up on champagne. Then I wanna show the little blonde bitch what a strap-on is for! I’m gonna give that tight bitch ass of hers a real workout…and she’ll be too drunk to say no! Okay. It’s time. Time for me to run my game on this white trash mutha fucka. What’s his name? Matthew? Yeah, Matthew. Whatever!”

Squirming and writhing on the floor, Candace purred seductively:

“What now baby? Don’t tell me you want more? I really like it, but you been doin’ me for hours! You’re so big! I’m getting worn out. Don’t you wanna cum now? I’ll suck you, and roll my little tongue piercing all over your cock. You want it? You want me to suck you? Come on, tell me what you want. You got a nice big cock, and you been workin’ me over real good. I’m gonna need a little break pretty soon, honey. Then we gotta get ready for Erin. You’ll really like her. She’s gorgeous! Say, when you gonna cum?

“Pretty soon, baby. I’m gonna cum pretty soon. There’s just one more thing I gotta do. Turn around, Candace. Get on your hands and knees. I’m gonna do you again from behind. Come on girl, right now, let’s go”.

The voluptuous ebony whore smiled seductively, tilting her head back to look at Matthew as she went to all fours, and he moved in from behind. Matthew slowly ran his hands up Candace’s muscular thighs sending chills through her body. He leaned in close, reaching around her luscious hips to fondle the front of the leather thong, rubbing and stroking the glossy sliver of black fabric with his fingertips as she writhed and squirmed. His probing fingers quickly unfastened the thong’s sexy side buckles, and he pulled the shiny strip of black leather from her beautiful dark-skinned body.

Matthew pressed his massive cock against Candace’s ass, eliciting soft moans from his beautiful partner, then slid his manhood into her slowly, her tight pussy opening to accept his big, thick cock.

When Matthew was finally completely inside of her, he began stroking in and out, in and out, gently, yet deeply. Matthew began to thrust harder while running his hands over his black partner’s neck and shoulders, through her hair, down her back, over her ass, stopping to caress the slick vinyl of her black thigh-high boots. Picking up the pace, Matthew pumped faster and harder, driving his massive cock deep into her pussy.

Oh, my God! Here we go again! Ya gotta go easy! Go easy baby! Go easy! Oh, shit Oh my God! Slow down will ‘ya! Holy shit! Oh my God! Take it easy! polatlı escort Take it easy baby! Take it easy! When you gonna cum? We gotta finish up. Erin’s gonna be here pretty soon. We gotta get ready for her! Get ready for the threesome you wanted. We gotta be done before she gets here. Hey, what are you doin’? What’s goin’ on! What are you doin’ with my thong! Hey, that’s expensive leather! Don’t twist it like that! You’ll fuckin’ ruin it! Hey! Hey! What the fuck! What the fuck! Wait! Wait! Stop! Don’t do that! Don’t put that thing around my necccccckkkkkkk! Stopppnauugghhhh! Dontnnnngggg! Ohhauuuggghhhhh! Pleasennnnggggg! Nooonnngggghhhhh! Noooonnnngggggghhhhhh! Auuugggghhhhh! Auuuuggggghhhhhh!!!!

Matthew had wrapped the shiny black leather thong around Candace’s neck, and pulled. She gasped and began to buck and roll as he twisted the leather tight. The black beauty moved her hands to her throat, frantically trying to work her fingers under the leather strap that choked her. She clawed at Matthew’s hands, trying desperately to break his grip, but Matthew pulled her head back, tightening the leather even more, his cock continuing to pound faster and faster.

Candace thrashed harder, but Matthew’s grip was too strong. He relished the feeling as his voluptuous ebony lover squirmed and twisted underneath him – body jerking, arms flailing, tits bouncing, hair swinging. Matthew bent Candace backwards, and reached for her gorgeous right breast with his free hand. As her long, glistening hair fell behind her and her head tilted back towards him, Matthew gripped and squeezed her meaty breast. Candace’s big dark eyes widened and bulged, and her loud grunting and groaning filled the room with a desperate noise. Her long tongue wiggled up and out of her wide, sensuous mouth exposing the shiny silver tongue piercing she’d used so often to pleasure her lover and colleague Erin. Matthew pumped her hard from behind, and pulled the thong tighter. Candace’s undulating breasts soared upward, hard nipples pointing towards the sky. Her body convulsed and shook, arms reaching towards the ceiling, hands and fingers clawing at thin air. Her long legs jerked and kicked, the toes of her spike-heeled boots tapping out a loud rhythm on the hardwood floor as she writhed and squirmed. Her big tits rolled and wobbled and her long hair swayed and bounced.

Candace reached back with her hands, arms waving frantically, hands clawing desperately at her neck. She twisted and turned, squealing and gurgling as Matthew stroked with his cock and pulled the shiny leather thong tighter and tighter. Candace’s violent movements finally began to slow, but Matthew continued to ride the black beauty hard from behind. He used his free hand to bend her farther backwards, then leaned in toward her sensuous lips and wiggling tongue. He slowly French-kissed her wide-open mouth and used his free hand to squeeze and stroke her big 40DD breasts.

Bent backward almost to the breaking point, Candace’s struggles grew weaker. Her eyes bulged as she clawed desperately at the sexy leather thong twisted tightly around her neck. The beautiful black bitch began shaking and jerking uncontrollably as her hands slipped away from her throat, falling limply to her sides. Her huge hooters shook and wobbled, and her pierced tongue wiggled past her glossy lips as she shuddered and moaned. When Matthew felt Candace’s death spasms, he came hard, shooting a river of hot cum into her quivering body before finally collapsing across her.

Matthew sat back, gazing at his beautiful lover, admiring her gorgeous face, smooth ebony skin, long curly hair, and swelling breasts. He ran his fingers over Candace’s thigh-high boots, stroking her tall spike heels, and squeezing her muscular thighs and calves through the skintight black vinyl that encased her long legs. He licked the tip of her bulging tongue, then covered her lips with his, kissing her deeply, rolling his own tongue around the inside of her wide, sensuous mouth, searching for her sexy barbell-shaped tongue jewelry. As he French-kissed the beautiful black bitch, Matthew locked his teeth around her sexy silver tongue piercing and pulled hard, jerking the metal stud out of her tongue and into his own mouth. Matthew would make this his first souvenir of the night.

He then resumed the slow exploration of Candace’s curvaceous form. Minutes went by as Matthew’s hands caressed every inch of her spectacular ebony body, and his tongue and fingers probed all of her most private and intimate places.

Now it was time to get Candace ready for her next role. The roommate would soon be returning. The beautiful blonde roommate. Matthew and Candace would be waiting. Waiting to greet her.

“Men are such jerks”, thought Erin, as she pulled her shiny new BMW down the ramp and into the parking garage. “They’ve all got some fucking fetish that needs attending to. They can’t just ask for a blow job or a quick fuck. No, it’s gotta be some elaborate God damned thing that takes forever to play out! Who the hell is this stupid “Matthew” guy anyway, calling the escort service every other day, asking for a new girl each time. Now Candace and I gotta deal with him. It’s late. It’s short notice. Gimme a break. Why can’t we just meet someplace simple, have a couple of drinks, screw, and then go our separate ways. No, it’s gotta be a threesome with Candace, in our own apartment! Shit, what a dick! But, he says he’s gonna pay us $2000! For one night! He must either be just plain rich or just plain crazy…or both! Oh well, money’s money! I’ll just make sure to take pictures and video of him fucking Candace…then I’ll send ‘em to his wife and his boss…unless, of course, he gives us more money…a lot more! He’s gonna pay us alright. Big time cash. Lots of it! More than he thinks. More than $2000, that’s for sure! I know Candace wants this guy bad ‘cause he’s a real high roller. After we get some money from him, Candace promised to take me to Vegas, and do something special pursaklar escort for me! I wonder what she’s got in mind? Shit, I can hardly wait!“

Erin pulled into her parking spot, and checked her face in the rear view mirror.

“Gotta say it, I do look pretty hot. Wish this mirror was bigger so I could see my tits better!” giggled the beautiful blonde as she applied more gloss to her full red lips.

“Well, maybe tonight will be fun as well as profitable…very profitable!”

The sizzling slut brushed her honey-colored blonde hair away from her flawless face, grabbed her purse, and opened the door. As she scooted across the seat and swung her long legs out the open door, Erin’s tight, black denim micro-miniskirt rose high on her long, toned thighs, exposing both the shiny rhinestone-embroidered, pink g-string that barely covered her shaved pussy, and the dark lacy tops of her expensive lycra fishnet stockings. Her big, firm 38DD braless tits bounced and shook inside a black lace, v-neck halter top as she stood up and flung the door closed. She had to laugh. If she only had a nickel for every time she’d “stopped traffic” while getting out of her car. “Short skirts and high heels will do it every time!”

Bending at the waist, Erin checked her face one last time in the car’s side mirror, the ultra-short denim mini stretching tightly across her bubble-shaped ass as she leaned forward. The 5” spikes of her high-heeled, ankle strap pumps clicked on the garage floor as she straightened up and strolled toward the elevator.

The beautiful 5’ 7”, 125lb. blonde bitch strutted her stuff as she moved past all the parked cars in the garage. She imagined every car full of men, leering at her, watching her walk, whistling at her…all of them lusting after the long, stocking-clad legs that poured out of her stretch denim black micro-miniskirt and into her stiletto-heeled black pumps…all of them wanting to stroke her long, thick, flowing blonde hair…wanting to fondle her big, braless breasts…wanting to squeeze her tight, round ass…wanting to kiss her ruby red lips…wanting her…only her.

Erin’s beautiful smile turned to a frown when she reached the elevator and pushed the button. Nothing.

“What the fuck! No elevator! Out of order? You gotta be kidding me! Damn! Gotta take the stairs. Shit! At least I’m only three floors up!

Erin pulled open the door to the stairway, and began her trek to the 3rd floor.

Her high-heels clicked on the hard surface as she lifted one leg, then the other, swinging her hips as she made her way upwards. She had to laugh again. If she only had a nickel for every time she’d caused a scene while walking up a staircase or riding an escalator wearing one of her tight micro-miniskirts. “Short skirts and high heels will do it every time!”

Erin slowed her walk, pretending that there were a dozen men behind her, following her up the stairs. She imagined them all watching her…whispering among themselves…talking about her body…straining for an upskirt glimpse of her shiny, pink, g-string…admiring her stiletto heels and curvy leg muscles…wanting her…wanting to caress her long blonde hair…wanting to squeeze her big, juicy tits…wanting to stroke her sexy fetish stockings…wanting to fuck the round ass hidden underneath that hip-hugging, black denim miniskirt…wanting her…wanting to take her…over and over…again and again.

Rolling her luscious hips back and forth, tensing and flexing her shapely, muscular legs, and swinging her long honey blonde hair behind her, Erin continued her journey to the 3rd floor, big tits bouncing and shaking as she made her way up the stairs.

Then she saw it. Something at the top of the stairs. On the landing. A figure. A dark figure. Not moving. What? What was it? Something? Somebody?

“Shit, what next. It’s probably just some drunken jerk”, she thought to herself.

Her heart began to race. She stopped on the stairs. What to do? Keep going? Turn around? The damned elevator wasn’t working. “God damn it!”

“Hey, who’s there? Are you drunk or what? Hey, I’m talking to you! Hey! Hey!”

Her fear momentarily turned to anger as she strutted angrily towards the figure. Erin could see more clearly as she moved closer and closer. A person. Propped against the door. A girl. Black. Naked. Except for boots. Expensive boots. Thigh-high boots. With stiletto-heels. The girl was pretty. Very pretty. With big tits. And long, curly black hair. But her eyes were wide. And bulging. And her tongue. Her beautiful long tongue. Sticking way out her mouth. Something was around her neck. Twisted tight. Leather. Black leather.

“Candace? Oh my God! Candace!”

Erin’s head began to spin. She felt faint. She staggered. Backwards. Towards the top step. Arms began to windmill. She reached for something. Anything. Anything to hold on to. All she found was thin air. And blackness at the bottom of the stairs. She was going to fall. Into the darkness. She knew it.

Suddenly. Something grabbed her arm, and held her. She regained her footing. She wasn’t falling. She was safe. “Oh my God!”

But then she felt it. Something sharp. Very sharp. Punching through the front of her tight micro-mini. Plunging into her. Carving deep into her tanned belly. Once. Twice. Three times. Then a fourth time. Hard. Up and under her short black denim skirt, straight into her sexy pink g-string. Erin grunted as she fell back against the wall and the knife slid out. The beautiful blonde whore moaned as the knife came hard again – striking deep into her pretty navel. The sharp metal turned and twisted inside her, back and forth, up and down, side to side as she writhed and squirmed against the wall. Her knees buckled as the knife slid out again. But, once more, the knife came at her, slashing through the pretty black lace halter top, cutting across her swelling DD rack, and slicing through her big, erect nipples.

As Erin spun around and fell face first against the wall, the ankara escort knife came again and again, hacking back and forth across the back of her skintight miniskirt, slicing into her tight butt, creating a criss-cross pattern of cuts that sent warm blood dripping over her round buns and down the backs of her shapely thighs and calves, staining her glossy fishnet stockings and tall stiletto heels.

Someone turned her around again, and pushed her back against the wall. He was holding her up. Pressing her against the wall. Her head rolled side to side. Her long, blonde hair fell forward, enveloping her beautiful face. Blood dribbled out of her pouty mouth, and over her strawberry lips, dripping down into her deep cleavage. She moaned. A hand held her throat. Another hand fondled her gorgeous right breast, then her left breast. Then the right, then the left. Back and forth, back and forth. Squeezing and squeezing and squeezing her big, firm tits. Then a hand gripped her right thigh, stroking her fishnets, and lifting her leg, then her tight skirt, then her pink thong. He entered her…hard. Very hard. He was big. Very big. He began stroking in and out. Pumping deep into her pussy as she grunted and groaned. He kept going, faster and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, over and over. It seemed to go on forever.

He came hard, releasing a gusher into her tight pussy. Then he pulled out…and let go. She staggered. Teetering on her tall black stilettos. Stumbling towards the door. Spike heels clicking noisily on the concrete floor as she lurched from side to side. Reaching. Reaching out for the door handle. Pulling. Pulling hard. The door. It wouldn’t open. Candace. Candace’s body. Against the door. Blocking it. Erin’s knees buckled again. She slid down. Falling. Face first. Into Candace’s lap. Erin could smell perfume. Candace’s perfume. Candace always sprayed it on her pussy. It smelled sweet.

A strong hand gripped Erin’s long, blonde mane and lifted her head up. Another hand moved up and down her curvaceous body, removing her beautiful diamond and gold necklace. And her glittering diamond earrings. And her expensive diamond bracelets. And her sexy gold ankle chains. And her rings. Her diamond rings. Someone was taking off her jewelry. All of it.

She felt two fingers. Stroking her face. And her lips. Then sliding into her mouth. Sliding in and out. Now something else. In her mouth. Something big. And getting bigger. Growing. Larger. Thicker. Harder. Filling her mouth. And her throat. Stroking. And stroking. And stroking. In and out. In and out. In and out. Then something hot. And sticky. All over her red lips. Filling her mouth and throat. She coughed. She squirmed. She tried to talk.

“Ohhhhh! Oh mmm-my God! Nnnn-no! Please! No! It was Candace’s idea! And Donald! Cuh-Cuh-Donald! They talked me into it! I…I…I didn’t want to! Puh-lease! Donald Jr and Eric! Tell them. Tell them I didn’t mean it! Ohhhhl! Tell them I’ll make it up to them! I’ll…I’ll do anything! I’ll…I’ll…I’ll give back all the mmm-money! And the tapes! Please! Please! It’s not fair! I just turned 21. Please! I…I…I didn’t mean it!”

There was no reply from the stranger.

Two hands gripped Erin’s honey blonde hair again. And pushed down. Forcing her head between Candace’s vinyl-booted legs. The hands held her there. Pushing her face into Candace’s sweet pussy. Erin couldn’t breathe. She struggled. Wildly. Kicking. Squirming. Squealing.

Someone was stroking the backs of her legs. Stroking her stockings. Playing with her spike heels. Pulling her long hair. Groping her ass. Lifting the back of her tight skirt. Entering her from behind. Oh, my God. Not again. He was so big. So very big. He began stroking again. Faster. Deeper. Harder. Driving in and out. Stroking and stroking and stroking. It seemed to go on forever. And he was so huge. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t get up. She couldn’t breathe. Her struggling slowed. She stopped moving. But he kept going. Pumping her from behind. Hard. Very hard. He didn’t stop. Until he came again.

Matthew slid out and stood up. The two girls looked good together. Black and white. Intertwined. Candace and Erin. Roommates. Lovers. Beautiful.

Candace sat on her luscious round ass. Back against the door. Head flopped over to her left. Long, curly black hair hanging to the floor. Big tits thrust forward. Her expensive leather thong still knotted around her neck. Legs spread. Eyes wide. Tongue bulging. Out of her pretty mouth. Naked. Except for her shiny black vinyl thigh-high boots.

Matthew stroked the glossy vinyl with his hands, stopping to feel for the metal zipper running down the back of each long black boot. He slowly unzipped Candace’s thigh-high stilettos and slid them off her long, curvy legs. The tall spike-heeled boots were his now. Souvenirs.

Erin lay on her belly, face down between Candace’s firm thighs. Long, blonde hair in disarray, falling across her shoulders and down her back, spreading out in all directions. Tight black miniskirt pushed above her round butt cheeks. Long, fishnet-clad legs spread wide. The toes of her ankle strap pumps resting on the floor, long spike heels pointing out behind her.

Matthew squeezed and massaged Erin’s well-muscled calves, running his fingers up and down the backs of her legs, enjoying the special slick, sexy feel of her lycra fishnet stockings. He slowly unbuckled Erin’s spike-heeled black pumps and laid them next to Candace’s boots. Another souvenir.

Matthew grabbed the girls by their beautiful thick hair, opened the stairwell door, and dragged both voluptuous babes across the hall, and through their apartment door. It was time to locate the cameras and video equipment. Matthew was going to make a movie. A movie for Donald Jr and Eric. Starring Candace and Erin in their last feature film. With Matthew himself as their co-star. Their lover. Filming would likely last all night. There would be many scenes to shoot and re-shoot. There would be many wardrobe changes. Many different outfits to wear. Many different poses and positions. Many different ways to make love to them. It could take hours. Or even days. Candace and Erin. This would be their finest film. “Ebony and Ivory”. Beautiful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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