Seaworld Interlude

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Working as a field service technician has its advantages and its disadvantages. It gives you a wide variety of work locations, some better than others. It allows you to see the insides of all kinds of airports. You get to spend lots of weeks and weekends away from home. You get to endure the pleasures of a divorce. Yeah, life as a traveling technician is really great. Well, maybe not so much. After a long week working at installing and debugging a control system, I had a long weekend to kill in San Antonio. I’d rather be home where I could go fishing or work on one of my many projects around the house. Instead, I was cooling my heels until I could get back to the plant on Monday.

Having dug through the local attraction listings and getting a few suggestions from the secretaries at the plant, I decided to go take in Sea World and get a look at the famous Shamu. I got to the park around ten on Sunday morning and after nearly an hour of standing in line to get tickets and get through security, I finally got into the park. It didn’t take long to track down the show times for the killer whale and make my way through the winding park roads to his tank for the show.

It was quite interesting and entertaining to watch the big whales fly through the air and do tricks, and it was the most interesting shower I’d ever gotten when the huge fluke flung water into the crowd, saturating those of us “lucky” enough to be sitting in just the right place.

After dripping my way out of the stadium, I made my way to a few other rides and shows, finally breaking for lunch at one of the many eateries within the park. The temperature was soaring into the high nineties, so for me, the thing to do was to head to the water park and chill out for the afternoon.

On the advice of one of the secretaries at the plant where I had been working, I brought a small bag with my swim trunks, some sun block and a pair of water shoes. Twenty dollars and ten minutes later I was changed and was stuffing my still soggy clothing into a locker, ready to explore some cooler activities.

A quick dip in the huge wave pool’s bathwater warm water was fun, but getting out of the water did more to cool my hot body than the water itself did. Feeling a bit better, I wandered around a little, soon finding my way to a large pool full of stingrays that continually circled the artificial rock harbor. I wasn’t really up for paying an extra twenty five bucks to stand in the water and feed the creatures, but leaning over the wall and touching them was fun. The adjacent water slide, a five story high twisting tube of orange, red and green, emptied into a tunnel under the ray pool, providing what was described by some people around me as a spectacular view.

The line was long to say the least, winding up the staircase and moving at a slow pace of only a half dozen or so people a minute. I made a quick guess that it was going to take about forty five minutes to get to the business end of the ride, and muttered something about that fact to no one in particular.

“Yeah. Makes me wonder if it’s worth the wait.” A lady near me answered my unaimed question.

“I hear ya. I’m debating if I want to stand here this long.” I said as I turned to survey the woman. I figured her to be a tad younger than I was, maybe in her early forties or so, a slight bit shorter than my six foot frame with sandy blond hair in a long pony tail and gray-blue eyes that seemed to twinkle as she smiled. The thigh length charcoal gray t-shirt she wore covered what appeared to be a medium build, not thin but certainly not fat either, though just what shape it had was a bit hard to discern from her chest down, the t-shirt hanging fairly loosely after it pushed out over what seemed like a moderately good sized pair of breasts.

“I have the same concern. It looks like a pretty long wait.” She said, snapping me from my survey.

“They say it’s a great view from down under though.” I said, taking a few more steps up the curved path that led toward the first of the stairs.

“Maybe the line will go faster than we think?” She asked hopefully.

“I’d guess there’s a limit to how fast it can go. Looks like one tube every thirty seconds or so. Hopefully they pack them full before they send em.”

“I don’t think they do,” she replied. “My sister said it’s up to whoever you go with as to how many are in the tube, as long as it isn’t over eight hundred pounds.”

“Good thing I don’t weigh that much then, because it looks like I’ll be going alone.”

“Yeah, me too.” She said as we stepped forward another couple feet.

“Well, you’re certainly not over the weight limit.” I joked, looking down at her body again.

She shifted to stick a leg out a bit and tugged the sides of the shirt back to pull it snug across the front of her body. “I certainly hope not. I’d hate to think all that dieting I do goes to waste!”

“I’d have to say it didn’t.” I answered, getting a better look at the shape of her body. There was definitely no excess fat on her, tuzla escort and it was clear that her breasts were a bit larger than I had guessed, maybe a thirty eight C cup or so. “In fact, I’d have to say it did a lot more than go to waste.”

“Oh. Thank you!” She said with a little blush and a shy smile, letting go of the shirt so it hung loosely again. “You’re definitely not going to be over the weight limit either.”

“No. But it’s getting a lot harder to keep the weight off. That two hundred pound mark keeps trying to sneak up on me.”

“Well, doesn’t look it to me.” She answered with a bright smile.

“I appreciate that!” I answered feeling a bit warm inside at her comments.

The conversation turned to the weather and then to jobs. We chatted for almost half an hour as we slowly worked our way up the switchback staircase, making our way out from the shadows onto a sunny section.

“You know. It’s getting pretty warm out here!” The woman, whose name I had learned was Terri, said, fanning herself with her hands.

“I’m not surprised. Standing in the sun on a nearly hundred degree day with a dark shirt on? That’s just asking to be hot.” I said reaching out and gripping a fold of the shirt and tugging on it lightly to emphasize my point.

“Yeah, well…I don’t have my regular suit on under it, so the shirt is to hide my body, which my sister’s suit exposes way too much of!” She replied emphatically.

“Oh? That brings all kinds of things to mind. Just what kind of suit do you have on under there besides your birthday suit?” I asked with a wicked grin.

“Ohhhh You dirty minded man!” She answered with an almost girlish giggle. “If you really have to know, this was a spur of the moment trip to come with them, and I didn’t have a suit with me, so she loaned me one of her bikini’s and it’s a little bit small for me.”

“Hmmmmm I can make a few guesses where it might be small at, and all of them are pleasant thoughts.” I answered.

“You do have a dirty mind!” She exclaimed, reaching out and giving my shoulder a gentle slap.

“What can I say?” I asked with a shrug. “Guilty as charged.”

“Men! You’re all the same! Just trying to get a girl out of her clothes!” She said with an obviously forced scowl that quickly turned back into a smile. “I guess that’s why we love to have you around. Makes us feel good.”

“Well, why not let me make you feel better then. Take off the shirt so you can cool off and I can ogle the too small suit!”

“Like that’s going to happen!” She said shaking her head while the guy in line behind her tried to suppress a grin at our exchange.

“Why not? You’re not bashful are you?” I asked

“Maybe a little.” She answered quietly. “I usually wear a one piece and this one shows a lot more skin than I’m used to.”

“Well, that might be a good thing.” I answered with a crooked grin on my face.

“For you maybe. I’m not so sure about me though.”

“Awwww come on. I’m standing here in nothing but my swim trunks and I’m not embarrassed.” I told her.

“Yeah. Guys are used to running around without shirts on. Women aren’t. If they could guys would probably run around in nothing just to show off!”

I turned and looked over the railing at the mob of people running around the water park. “Well…Gee….Let’s see. Seems to me there are an awful lot of bikini’s running around without shirts covering them.” I said before turning back to her. “How about you join ’em? I’ll promise not to laugh or make any embarrassing comments.”

“Are you trying to sweet talk me out of my shirt?”

“Me? When have you ever known me to try something like that?”

“Well, I haven’t, but then I’ve only known you for twenty minutes.”

“See? Perfect record!” I exclaimed, the guy in line behind her stifling a laugh.

“Men. They’d do or say anything to get a woman out of her clothes!” She said, rolling her eyes and sighing. “I suppose you’re not going to quit until I take it off, are you?”

“Well, I would if you told me to, but I’d much prefer that I win this one.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I have a hunch that the view will be much more enjoyable than leaning over the railing and looking out there!” I said, jerking my thumb over my shoulder toward the railing.

“Fine! Only because I’m hot though!” She said as she reached down to the bottom of her long t-shirt. She quickly pulled it up, skimming it right up and over her head, her blondish ponytail catching for a moment in the neck hole before flopping down into the middle of her back again.

To say the view was good would be like calling the Eiffel tower a little erector set project. The bikini was a combination type consisting of a tiny boy shorts style bottom and a string top that was indeed too small. The triangles of white material with little blue and green flowers covered about half of each of her breasts, a significant amount of what was obviously much more than a C cup trying to squeeze out around the triangles. The strings were snugly tied tuzla escort bayan around her, squeezing her breasts together to create a deep crevasse of soft creamy skin that looked incredibly inviting. Her waist was not skinny, but also I couldn’t call her fat, her waist and tummy almost as even around as her hips, which supported the very snug very tiny shorts style bottom.

“Wow.” I whispered as I tried to stick my eyes back into their sockets. “Nothing to be ashamed of there!”

“Well. Still a bit revealing.” She said, holding the now wadded up shirt in front of her chest.

“Yeah, it is that. Very beautifully so.” I said, reaching for a corner of the shirt and tugging on it.

She rolled her eyes and told me to go catch up to the line, which had moved up several steps while I had been enticing her to take off her shirt. I turned and bounded up the few steps leading to the next platform, and turned to wait for Terri to climb up and meet me. With me now standing at the same level as she was, instead of one step higher, I had to concentrate on not staring at her fantastic tits and at the same time to try and keep my cock from getting any more noticeable than it already was.

Another fifteen minutes passed, during which she seemed to grow a bit more comfortable with not wearing the shirt and spent less time holding it in front of her and more time chatting with me. She explained that she had just finalized her divorce and her sister had badgered her to come with them in the hopes of finding a “hot young stud”. During that time the two of us slowly climbed step by step up to the final platform.

“It’s almost our turn.” She said as we watched the group of three ahead of us climb into a large round tube with a flexible bottom. The tube had hand straps around the circumference of both the top and the flexible bottom, giving the riders plenty of places to hold on to. We watched the light turn green and the attendant pushed the tube from where it was floating to the entrance of the tunnel, where it disappeared moments later.

The ride had two stations feeding the tube and while our side of the platform loaded the other side was already loaded and waiting.

“Ready?” The attendant asked, looking at the two of us and assuming we were together.

I held Terri’s hand while she climbed down into the tube and stepped back while she settled herself into the bottom. “Aren’t you coming?” she called up to me.

I shrugged and stepped toward the tube. “Sure!” I stepped carefully down into the five foot diameter tube across from Terri and sat down. Terri and I quickly tried several leg arrangements and finally ended up with one of each of our legs over one of the others leg. The tangle looked a bit odd, but was fairly comfortable as we leaned back against the tube walls to wait. Terri slipped her hand down through the neck of the t-shirt and grabbed back hold of the handle so that the t-shirt wouldn’t get away during the ride while I looked down briefly at her spread legs and shorts covered pussy, a few curls of blond sticking out of the extremely short legs.

“Here we go!” The attendant said as he grabbed the tube handles and tugged the tube from where it was floating and moved it to the beginning of the huge orange tunnel. The initial drop was actually fairly gentle, but even so, the tube picked up speed quickly, the two of us sliding up the side of the first tight turn as we picked up more speed and whipped down the orange tunnel. We broke out of the twisting tunnel into an open top section, picking up still more speed before zipping into another covered section. With my back to the direction we were traveling I had no idea that the deluge that hit us was even coming. Water gushing from pipes above us drenched us as if we had just run under Niagra Falls.

I shook my head and let go of the handle with one hand to wipe my face as we took another fast twisting S curve, and then just a suddenly we flew out into a slowly moving stream, the tube throwing up a huge shower of water over us as it suddenly slowed.

“That was fun!” Terri laughed as we floated along the slow moving water, the clear tunnel roof part of the bottom of the stingray tank above us. I have to admit that I was only partly paying attention to the rays swimming around above us, my eyes almost glued to Terri’s right breast, which had been completely uncovered by the deluge of water we had gone under.

“Terri, I don’t want to spoil my view, but I think you should fix your top.”

“Oh shit!” She squealed, looking down and trying to cover her creamy breast with one hand while trying to pull the displaced triangle of material back over her oblong areola and bright pink nipple.

“Here.” I said leaning forward. As much as I wanted to just continue to watch her flash me as she tried to fix her suit, we were almost to the end, and I was pretty sure she wouldn’t want to be flashing whoever was at the end of the tube. Surprisingly she moved her hand and let her tit flop out over the tiny string again allowing escort tuzla me to reach out and cup her breast pressing my whole palm against it. I could feel her hard nipple press into my palm as I lifted and flattened her breast, pulling the material over my hand as it covered and flattened her breast. I slipped my hand out from between the suit top and her soft breast, allowing my fingers to stroke across her nipple as I did.

“There.” I said as I leaned back almost at the same time as the tube bumped against the exit stairs.

Without a word Terri climbed out of the tube with the help of the attendant and walked up the stairs as if she were going to just walk away. With a heavy sigh I climbed out while he held the tube and followed where she had just disappeared up the stairs. I was surprised to see her standing on the sidewalk at the top of the stairs waiting for me.

“Come on.” She said, walking away from the exit of the ride. “You know. I was kind of upset at what you did when you helped me, but then I thought about it, I guess if I had my hand down your pants, I would have given it a little squeeze too.” She said as she walked along next to me.

“I really didn’t figure you wanted to flash everyone.” I told her as I followed along.

“I appreciate that.” She said as we walked along the winding path.

“Where are we going?”

“I think the wave pool.” She said simply, continuing to walk along the paved walk way. I followed her along to the wave pool, where she dropped her shirt on the a sandy spot at the edge and then waded into the long sloped pool stopping only when the water was about four or so feet deep, lapping around her sexy looking tits. She turned around expectantly and waited for me to catch up the few feet I had fallen behind as we waded in.

“I better hold onto these for now.” She said as she reached for my hands. “Don’t want them wandering around, now do we?”

“I guess not.” I answered in a bit if confusion. I looked up at the big clock ticking down until the next wave cycle started and stood in the water with her holding both my hands.

She dunked herself down into the water to her neck, using my hands to pull me down with her. Once under the water she gave me a wicked little grin and let go of my left hand. I almost immediately felt her fingers brush against my stomach as she fished inside the waistband of my swim trunks to find and pull out the string that held the waist tight. “Now that should help.” She said as she tugged on the strings until they were untied. She tugged on the suit waist until it was floating loosely around my waist then looked down into the water to find my hand again and close it in her own.

“Just what are you up to?” I asked looking around at the crowded pool.

“Well, just evening up the score. I mean you did feel me up, didn’t you?” She answered as the people in the pool started shouting the countdown to the next wave cycle.

“Well, given the current state of things, maybe not as much as I should have!” I almost shouted over the crowd noise.

“Well, feel free to remedy that.” She answered, as the first wave rolled past us, lifting us both in the water and pushing us a few feet back toward the shallow end. “Now why don’t you see if you can keep us from floating too shallow here, ok?” She said as let go of my hands on the next wave and allowed herself to float right up against me, her legs spread outside of mine. Her hands quickly pushed the front of my suit down while she wrapped her legs around mine to keep her from floating away.

“Damn!” I said in surprise as her hands grabbed around my cock, my own hands busy trying to keep us upright.

“Damn is right. You’re huge!” She said with a laugh just before the next big wave pushed us back, grinding her swim suit covered pussy against my exposed hard cock as she let go to try and balance herself.

If she thought I was going to stand there and not touch back…well I’m sure she didn’t think that at all. I squatted down between waves to make sure we were both under water up to our necks and reached out to squeeze and play with her tits. I unintentionally pushed the material off one breast as a large wave lifted and pushed us, using my hand to cover her bare tit as the trough dropped the water level to nearly waist deep for a moment.

Several more waves washed over us before the wave machine stopped generating and the pool settled to its calm state. “That was fun!” Terri said with a laugh as she fixed her top while holding herself under water. “I think I need some more sun block though. Wanna come with?”

“Sure thing.” I answered.

“You better tie your suit then.” She giggled, reaching out and tugging it again. Even though she had pulled it back up it was still quite loose around my hips and would probably fall right down if I climbed out of the water. I quickly tied the string and then followed her out of the water. She led the way around from the wave pool toward the lazy river type ride and then turned and headed into a large sandy area that contained a wide array of lounge chairs and a few curtained cabanas. She flashed her wrist band and drew me along past the attendant and across the sand lot to one of the yellow and brown tents.

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