Satisfying the Bull

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Lin Hsin-ju is 38, Chinese actress, pop singer, and director. She is a successful Chinese business woman owning her own production company in China. My Venture Capital company has and continues to invest in her production company. Lin flew to the United States on my private jet for a working and pleasure week in New York. We are staying at my Manhatten penthouse for the week. Lin knows I’m divorced, wealthy and a womanizer. She is single and very interested in seducing me, she knows I prefer Asian women as lover, mistress, wife, and escort. She fantasied about having sex with me. Lin knows I make million dollar deals with my clients so it is very important that she not arrive late. She bursts into the office out of breath and I don’t look very pleased. ” Mr. Malone?” Lin asks politely. I rise from my chair impatiently and she is instantly intimidated. I’m well over six feet tall with broad shoulders. I appear to be in my mid-fifties with gray hair and icy blue eyes that are now glaring at her.

” Yes Mr. Malone.” I state in a frigid tone. ” I moved our meeting up and I have been waiting for a half hour.”
” I’m sorry Sir.” Lin replies in her sweet voice. ” The limo was delayed in traffic.” ” My meeting will mean the difference between your production company continuing or closing.” I tell her coldly. ” You have been trying to meet with me for the last six months and now you have the nerve to make me wait for almost two hours?” ” I am sorry Sir. I didn’t realize the traffic was so bad.” Lin tries to soothe me. ” How old are you Lin?” I ask as I gaze at her strangely. ” I’m 38 Sir.” She blushes uncomfortably. ” I am pleased that you finally made our important meeting.” I tell me with a very intense look on my face. ” Please come join me Lin.” I open the door wider for her.
” I don’t need to intrude on your dinner Sir.” Lin stated politely. ” Here are the papers you wanted signed by me.”

” I insist Lin.” I say with a strange smile. She walks past me into the luxurious penthouse suite. There is dinner set up for two in the living room part of the suite. Lin looks around expecting to see a beautiful woman somewhere but the room is empty. Maybe she is in the bedroom. ” You should be starved since you haven’t eaten since lunch.” I state. ” I insist that you join me. Your my guest and won’t be flying back to China until Sunday evening.” Her gaze flies up to me in abject fear and she is instantly caught in the icy depths of my pale blue eyes. ” Please Mr. Malone.” Lin begs in a tiny voice. ” I just want to go to my hotel. I brought you the papers that you wanted and followed your instructions to the letter.” ” Yes you did Lin.” I agree with a predatory smile. ” You were a very obedient woman. I am, however, not done with your presence yet. Take off your coat and sit down at the table.”

Lin is scared to think of disobeying me, she reluctantly does as she is told. Sitting down at the table she sits on the edge of the chair nervously. I sit down with the grace of a jungle cat and gazes at her as if she is the main entrée. ” You may call me John.” I say as I dishes up her plate with a piece of steak, bayan escort gaziantep a baked potato and steamed vegetables. I place her food in front of her with a meaningful look as I dishes up my plate. Lin nibbles on her food only because that is what I want from her and she is to frightened to refuse. ” I am surprised that you came to the hotel room of a divorced man.” I say gazing at her perceptively. Lin knows her face reveals the pain she feels for not having a choose. ” You were intrigued with meeting me?” I hit the nail on the head causing her to blush and drop her gaze to the table. ” Can you just do what you what you have planned so I can go to the hotel?” She whispers pointedly.

” Just when we are starting to get to know one another?” I laugh. ” I am thrilled that I have you all weekend Lin.”
” Please let me go?” She begs. ” Eat Lin.” My voice cools dramatically. She reluctantly turns her attention to her plate. Lin keeps her eyes on her lap once she is finished eating, politely waiting for me. ” Come Lin.” I hold out my hand to her. Lin grudgingly places her hand in mine and blushes when I notices her trembling. I pull her to her feet leading her into the bedroom where a king size bed dominates the room. Her trembling increases as she tries to pull her hand from my grasp. Refusing to let her go I bring her into the bathroom and after closing the door finally releases her. ” Undress.” I command in an icy voice. Lin stares at the floor as she begins to take off her clothes, letting them drop to her feet. She hears me taking off my clothes as well but she stops herself from looking up. The shower turns on and I pull her inside with me. ” I know you are 38 but you can’t possibly still be a virgin.” I state as I lift her chin, forcing her to meet my gaze.

” In China, my parents were very strict with me when it came to boys. I went to all girl’s Catholic school and was not allowed to date.” She declares quietly, trembling violently from being forced to look at me. ” If you do as I wish I will sign the papers.” I whisper to her gently. ” I give you my word.” I stand her under the water soaking her waist length black hair before shampooing and then conditioning it. Lin stands still while I wash her from head to toe, cringing when I wash her breasts and between her legs. I quickly wash myself and then turn off the water before handing her a towel. After drying herself and her hair as best she can she keeps the towel wrapped around herself. Lin follows meekly behind me as I leave the bathroom and enter the bedroom. ” Lin.” I whisper. ” Look at me.” She raises her eyes to mine and sees the earlier hunger back on my face. ” Get up on the bed and drop the towel on the floor.”

Lin climbs up on the bed and slides back against the headboard, wrapping her arms around her knees protectively. I crawl up the bed toward her and again reminds her of a big cat. Her breathing is in pants and she is digging her nails in her palms the closer I get. I pry her arms away from her knees pulling her underneath me. Lin immediately tries to push me away but I grab her wrists pinning them above her head. I crush my lips against hers and squeeze her wrists together painfully until she responds. Uncertain she moves her lips against mine making noises of distress in her throat when I deepen the kiss with my tongue. Lin opens to my invasion at the same time that my hand moves to her breast. Lin desperately tries to squirm out from under me to no avail as I rub her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. The erotic sensations coursing through her inexperienced body are overwhelming her as she tries to kiss me back. When I let go of her wrists her hands immediately go to my arms where she holds on tight because it feels like she is spinning.

” Easy Lin.” I whisper into her ear. Her noises of distress are still coming from her throat as my mouth moves down her neck to her hard nipples. Lin gasps at the unfamiliar sensations that instantly travel from her nipple to between her legs like they are connected. I spend a long time sucking, licking and nibbling on her breasts and nipples before I move down further. She tries to keep her legs closed when I try to put my mouth between her legs. I gently open her to my expert attention and soon have her moaning at the feelings I’m bringing out. ” Oh please!” she exclaims when it feels like she is going to explode and she tries to get away from me. ” Easy.” I murmur to her soothingly. ” Let yourself go Lin.” My caressing to her virgin clit intensifies and within seconds she is screaming as her first orgasm over whelms her. I suddenly kneel between her legs after pinning her wrists above her head and begin to slowly push my huge member inside her tight tiny depths. I kiss her deeply when she starts to scream at the pain as I push through her cherry in one thrust. ” No more pain.” I whisper huskily. ” Lie still.”

Tears trickling down her face at the sudden agony coursing through her petite body. After several minutes I begin to move inside her ignoring her protesting squirms. The harder I thrust the orgasmic feelings return and soon she starts bucking to meet my thrusts with her own. I have my full nine inch length inside her and my balls are slapping against her ass. Lin begins to cum again and again and then it just feels like one huge orgasm that never goes away. I kiss her to muffle her screams and then she feels me tense up before I shoot my load in her. I pull out slowly and gazing down at her. ” Are you alright?” I ask as I stroke her face tenderly. Lin nods and blushes at how much she enjoyed everything. What happens now? ” Why did you do this?” Lin ask, dropping her gaze to my chest. ” Because I always get what I want.” I reply calmly as I continue to stroke her face tenderly. I came back from a meeting, as I walked into the bedroom Lin came out of the bathroom dressed in a robe.

Lin looked at me as she sat on the bed, she said ” No more sex…I’m sore.” My teeth clenched with her words. My hands went to the bottom of my shirt pulling it off. I see her watching as my fingers went to the zipper of my pants, exposing my hard bulge in my briefs. Lin’s eyes are riveted on my cock springing forth from it’s confinement. She licks her lips following me as I came closer. I’m naked and my cock is bigger than she remembers. Her thighs clenched together in self-defense. ” No sense in being shy now, you gave it up to last night.” I grab Lin’s ankles yanking her to the bottom of the bed. She tries to scramble away, but I’m on her suddenly. My body pressing her to the mattress. I slide the mushroom head over her slit a couple of times. Lin jumps and is pinned harder against the bed. My cock went to her opening again pressing in. Between the force and the slipperiness of her walls, I slide all the way in, in one stroke. Lin feels her pussy being ripped again, the pain is too much. She cries out, tears streaming down her face. I’m thrusting hard and deep into her, my balls slapping her ass. Her tight pussy squeezing my shaft, I feel my cock throbbing inside of her. ” Fuck Lin.”

I knew I should pull out, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I needed to be inside of her again, thrusting in and out, I look at her tear-stained face and growled. I push in deeper ignoring her screams. I claw at her robe, exposing her breasts to my greedy eyes. My mouth swoops down sucking her nipples. My thrusts drive me harder against her womb. I’m grunting above her, suckling her hard tips. I pull out almost all the way, before slamming forward again. I bottom out and Lin screamed. ” John, please not so hard.” I cannot go slower or any gentler if I wanted to. My body runs the show at this point, slamming back inside of her wet tight walls. ” I am going to fuck you again Lin. I can’t just sit here wedged inside of you.” Lin whimpers beneath me as I stop to kiss her. Her lips respond. after a moment her hips start to slowly move beneath me. She pushes me deeper, grinding me against her womb. She feels so full again, so complete. ” I want to please you John.”

Her words drive me forward. I sat back up on my legs pulling her by the thighs closer. My cock slamming all the way back into her. I slide my hand in between our bodies to work on her clit. She is shaking underneath me as I slide in and out of her pussy slowly. My fingers rubbing her nub, pushing her over the edge again. A flush of fluid eases my way to go deeper. I groan with the added wetness, thrusting faster. I’m slamming my cock inside of her. Lin is moaning and writhing beneath me. I love being buried deeply in a beautiful woman’s body. The idea of being her first resonates with each thrust. I tried to hold back my orgasm, but I can’t.

I push deeper then erupt filling her with my seed. She tries to stop me because she is not on birth control, but I will not be denied. Shot after shot coating her womb, as I hold still buried deep in her. My cock throbbing and jerking inside her, her pussy milking me dry. I collapse on top of her, she is moaning and exhausted. My cock is jerking inside of her as she clamps down on it like a vise. I growl before pulling out of her. ” This pussy is mine, from now on Lin.” She looks up at me with huge eyes. My cock starts to grow as I talked. The idea of my ownership got him hard again. It is pointed towards her looking as menacing as before. Her pussy is red and sore. When I re-enter her, her finger nails digging into my sides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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