Sarah’s Journey Ch. 030

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030 I lost what? Where?

I pulled in to the parking lot at work and slid my seat back to make enough room for me to get my breasts out of my tiny Mazda MX5. It’s a cute soft top convertible and a great little sports car. I love my car but I had it well before my breasts. Just one of the life changes that came with this decision. I turned sideways to stand up holding my breasts back with my arm so I didn’t honk the horn. As usual I grabbed the side of the car to help me stand up from the low position and inconvenient angle that I was at because I sat maybe 5″ from the ground. I stood up and turned to close the door, when I noticed a new kid standing there in the parking garage watching the entire contortionist performance with wide eyes seemingly in amazement.

I smiled, close the door then opened the trunk to get out my laptop bag. Turning around he was still standing there almost frozen, mouth slightly agape, except for the now obvious bulge in his khakis. I smiled again and said “Morning”. This jolted him and he realized he was obviously hard. Quickly he tried to turn around and conceal his erection with his bag. I could tell he was embarrassed by his red face. I closed the trunk of the car turned and walked toward the front door of the building. As I walked past him, invading his ‘personal space’ just a bit almost grazing his arm with my right beach ball of a breast I looked at him and said ‘Have a good day.’

As usual I badged in through security, stopped to get a cup of coffee in the small kitchenette, then headed for the NOC [Network Operations Center] where my office is. By now I’ve [mostly] mastered navigating the man trap with my bag, hot coffee, and obviously the 34LL breasts that are literally like beach balls. The man trap is a set of 2 doors that you have to pass through. The second door that opens out on to the NOC floor won’t open unless the first door is closed and the magnetic lock engaged. It’s designed for 2 people but I now have to go through alone as I take up about 1 1/2 peoples worth of space.

Turning about 45 degrees and side stepping I put my left breast past the door frame turn to the right to get my right one in and then the door closes. Yes it’s a really small space on purpose. I take a small step back to turn and face the second door. Waiting to hear the first door close behind me I take a sip of coffee and relish the moment for just a second before the chaos of the day begins. I’m just glad that the chaos didn’t hit me before I even got out of my car as it has once during a huge outtage. The slight click of the door and light at the access panel of the second door turned green, I was back at work, (sigh).

With my badge still in my hand and clipped to my right side, as a lanyard over my neck puts my security badge right on top of my boobs like it’s sitting on a shelf, I scan my badge at the reader. The usual beep, I enter the code on the pad that changes the number locations every time, then put my hand on the bio-metric hand scanner. After a second or 2 the light over the door turned from green to red, I finally was able to open it and get in the NOC.

This was a pain to have to do every day but it was mandated and I had been in security meetings where they were talking about voice prints or eye scanners. Damn how much more do you want? I thought. I carefully walked up the stairs to my office drinking my coffee. The stairs were immediately to the left of the man trap. As there’s no open liquids allowed, no one complained about my open coffee as it never went more than about 3ft inside the door.

I walked into my office that over looked the NOC and all looked normal, so far. At least no one looked panicked. My office is moderate, my desk, a small round table with 4 chairs for small meetings and 2 chairs at my desk. There is 1 wall that is all windows that overlooks the NOC, it’s actually a pretty cool sight I have to say. While I can easily see the entire room and the rows and rows of server racks, as well as the central monitoring station, the entire room can see right into my office as well. I keep meaning to ask for blinds or something but haven’t. Needless to say I’ve noticed all the guys at some point staring at me as I sit facing the door with my left side clearly visible. I had my desk offset in the room so that it sits maybe 2ft from the window to my left as I sit. I like to walk around that side of my desk because I press my right breast against the glass as I do and squeeze myself around behind my desk. I don’t want to go overboard but I do like the attention and how most of the guys will stop and watch while trying to look like they’re still working.

I was reading an email at my desk when, through the huge windows of my office that overlooked the whole server room, and noticed that there was a monitor in the control center with red on it. I wasn’t too worried as it was only one or 2 alerts on 1 monitor and the other 45 were green and no graphs were showing 100% or 0%.

I went back to reading then my phone rang, it was Randy. I 1xbet yeni giriş picked up the phone and looked down at the control center to see him standing there looking at me with a troubling look on his face.

“Hello Randy, what’s up?”

“Morning Ms. Smith, I think you might want to come and have a look at this.”

Authors note: My last name isn’t smith. As I have said before the names have been changed to protect the innocent or egregiously stupid.

“Sure, what is the warning alert on?”

“It’s the CEPH cluster for ABC BioGenics.”

With a sigh and a slight “Shit!” said under my breath.

“I’ll be right there.”

I hurried around the right side of my desk this time as this was actually a problem. As I walked through the rows of server racks into the NOC control center I could feel my nipples starting to get hard. Shit, I forgot my hoodie I thought as Randy walked over.

“We lost 2 entire NAS units in the cluster.”

“Ok, so is the storage ring re-balancing the data”

“Yes, but….”

I cut him off.

“But what?” I said with an equally concerned tone now.

“They’re uploading data and the other NAS units can’t write fast enough to re-balance the LUN and write new data. Besides there’s the 4 Exabytes that just went offline.”

FML I thought to myself as I stood there ever hardening nipples in the 57 degree air that were incredibly obvious by now. I shouldn’t have chosen such a thin bra and sweater, oh well.

“Where’s Tammy!?”

Tammy is our lead CEPH storage engineer.

“She’s…” he stopped both of us listening to the NOC door closing in the background.

“Right there.” He finished. Just as Tammy was hurrying to the control center.

“Morning Tammy.”

“Morni…” She stopped when she saw the 2 red alerts on the monitor.

“It’s going to be a day isn’t it?” she said looking at me, stopping at my nipples that could probably cut glass by now.

I turned back to Randy and the 4-5 other junior admins and engineers standing there.

“Did the new NAS units that we ordered come in yet?” I asked to the group. Dead silence, I noticed that they were all staring at my nipples. I had a hot sensation flash through me and felt my vagina tingle and twinge as moisture started to present.

I put my hands over my nipples and with wide open eyes looked at them.

“Hey guys, up here! Did the NAS units for our upgrade get here?

Randy answered.

“Yes, but they’re not the same model.”

“Same manufacturer right?” I asked him standing there with my hands fully on my breasts over my nipples that were poking my hands.

“Yes, they’re faster but with not as much storage.”

I noticed the half erections of all the guys. This made me feel good inside, but there were problems to deal with.

“Ok go get them. Pull all the drives out of them. Move the chassis to the customers row, hook them up right there in the aisle. Tammy will get them set up on the customers ring. Then start pulling the drives from the failed NAS’s if they’re not failed them selves. Start adding them to our chassis and as the drives spin up they will help absorb the work load and hopefully we can being them online faster than we’re ingesting the customer data. Does anyone have a better idea? If you do now’s the time!”

Nothing. Dead stares. Without thinking I threw my hands up to get their attention.

“Hey guys! C’mon get a hydraulic lift and get to it! Remember paychecks come from happy customers!”

The problem with me doing this is that I let go of my breasts and didn’t realize that I had been lifting them while I was holding them. When I let go I felt the back strap of my bra tear a little as well as my right shoulder strap. Dammit, trying to buy cheaper bras! I mentally scolded myself. Now my breasts were sticking out probably 3-4″ further with that’s left of my bra straining to hold them up.

This generated a look of surprise and almost all of my team had obvious erections by now. While I do love this and take it as a huge compliment they do cause issues like this at times. But they all scattered and started carrying out the plan.

Tammy was getting set up to do her thing while the guys were getting the chassis as instructed. I finally stopped to notice how wet I was from the distracted attention on my breasts when a serious crisis was in full swing.

I hurried up to my office to see what fall out was in my in box but I was still quivering inside. By the time I got up the stairs my breasts had all but destroyed the bra from the bouncing as I climbed the stairs hurriedly. Looking at my reflection in the wall of glass I could see that my bra had bunched up under my thin sweater and was just a wadded mess by now. I turned my back to the glass wall and took my bra off from under my sweater.

With the mangled bra in the trash I would have to deal with looking like I was headed out clubbing in Los Angeles on a Friday night. I was way not business attire at this point. This only made matters worse for 1xbet giriş my vagina that was now starting to leak on to my panties.

I knew it was a mistake to try and get cheaper bras off the internet. I texted Rose and requested 2 new bras as mine were wearing out. I’m just glad she has all my measurements, billing-shipping info, and credit card number in her system so I don’t have to go in.

Why am I so horny? Ok I get tons of attention because of my breasts yes I love that but the fact that they destroyed a bra by me dropping them 6″, that just sent my vagina spinning it felt like.

I looked down in my purse and there was my small 2″ vibrator, and still the only sex toy I really used lately.

I thought about it for a minute, then grabbed the small vibrator and stuck it in my pocket. I wasn’t worried about anyone noticing it’s outline in my pocket because of my now bra-less breasts that were stretching the tan sweater tight as usual but they were now free to bounce and jiggle as I walked.

I hurried down the stairs, bouncing enough that I had to put my hands and fore arms under them to hold them. Leaving the NOC, which is so much easier than entering. I turned the corner and headed to the ladies room.

Luckily not many people were there yet and I made it there with no one in the hallway. Entering the bathroom I hurried to a stall at the back next to the handicapped stall. Whipping down my skirt I sat down on the toilet and immediately flicked my clit. It felt electric and my vagina quivered while drops of juices were starting to drip into the toilet.

I stopped and looked under the stall walls for feet. No one else was there, and it was quiet. I got the vibrator our of my pocket, turned it on and assaulted my clit with it. Almost as soon as I did I came. I tried to be quiet but my breathing and other small sounds would tell anyone what I was doing.

I was so glad it was a very quiet vibrator when on low that is. I rubbed it around the lips of my vagina and over my clit again and again. I stuck it in my vagina and twirled it around the sides. Several more orgasms followed but I could tell there was a big one building like a volcano about to explode. God I hoped no one was in there to hear me.

Right then I squirted! I watched this stream shoot out of me and splatter on the stall door. Then another did the same. I could feel my vagina aggressively grabbing the small vibrator and then spraying my juices on the door.

I felt like a guy when they cum and spew spurt after spurt our of their cocks.

I finally stopped and was orgasmed out. I hurriedly wiped off the door, walls and floor as best I could. The smell was slight but obvious. I only hoped that the ventilation would clear it out before someone else came in. I sat there spent and slightly limp with my breasts almost pinning me to the toilet as I leaned backward on the hard metal flushing valve. I was still lightly rubbing my vaginal lips with the small vibrator turned on it’s lowest setting.

As I was finally recovered I heard the door open. I jumped up my breasts sloshing forward like huge firm water balloons. As I did that I jerked my hand and flicked the vibrator up inside my vagina. It went surprisingly far up inside me. I tried to fish for it but couldn’t reach it with my fingers in the position I was in. It was gently vibrating still and my vagina held on to it and wasn’t letting it go almost like a contraction when I orgasm but it wasn’t relaxing and tightening again.

“Sarah?” I heard Tammy call out.

“Yep just a minute.”

“We need you, Stan is asking for you.”

“Stan like the CEO Stan!?” I almost yelled.

“Yep, he sounds pretty wound up.”

“Ok, be right there.!”

I grabbed my panties, whipped them up high and tight against my vagina.

Quickly followed by the skirt I was wearing.

I flushed, stood up hauling my huge breasts that were now bra-less and almost touched the sides of the bathroom stall. I have to turn a little sideways and go through the narrow door one breast at a time.

Quickly washing up and hurrying as best as I could to not have my breasts too obviously bouncing everywhere. All the while with the small vibrator up inside me with my vagina contracting, holding on to it refusing to let it go.

With every step I swear I could feel it work it’s way a little deeper up inside me. It was almost like my vagina was moving it where it wanted to. I can’t describe it any other way. Every step the thing moved in me and as I calmed down while getting back to the man trap it started to feel really nice and less worrisome to me.

Finally getting into the NOC and running up the stairs to my office holding my breasts the whole way I had no way to hide them with the wall of glass over looking the NOC that was about half the size of a football field.

I let go of them, and as usual they stood there on my chest high bulging and obvious, you could see them from 2 blocks away. At least my nipples were calming down after being cold and 1xbet güvenilirmi orgasiming I don’t know how many times in the womens room.

My inbox was filling up with emails, from Mahogany Row as I call the C level people on the 6th floor.

But also the alerts from the automated system as well. My alerts folder I had them going to was at 10,000 and climbing. Fuck Mondays! My brain screamed.

Right then Skype rang, it was Stan, and he’d made a video call. I froze in horror as I watched the icon jiggle and the speakers ringing like an old telephone.

I clicked the button to stop video, sat down and clicked the green phone handle icon. The call connected and Stan was there looking pretty uptight.

“Sarah I can’t see you.”

“One second I’m just getting set up I’ve been on the Data Center floor.”

“So you’re aware of the outtage?”

“Absolutely! We’ve been working the problem for about 20 minutes now.”

I tried to stay composed with the vibrator still going way up in my vagina. I could feel it pretty far up there, it felt like it had moved up even further and I could feel it above my belly button. I tilted my laptop screen back some to make sure my now braless breasts weren’t in frame. Then I started my video feed. All you could see was the top of my head. I quickly adjusted the angle of the screen.

In my haste I pulled it down to far and briefly had most of my breasts in the frame before I hurriedly tilted it back up to just my shoulders. I could see the look of surprise on Stan’s face, followed by that look guy have when they look at my breasts in the club, when I’m trying to show them off.

“Ummm….” He stammered for a second.

“What happened?”

“Looks like 2 chassis failed.”

“So do you have a plan?”

“Yes sir, I see the team working on it right now. We should start seeing some progress here shortly when they get the temporary equipment in place.”

“Ok. How bad is it?” He asked with concern.

I couldn’t see the monitor very well because of how far I sat away from them, all I really could see was red alert blocks. I went to get up to get a better look and as I contracted my abdominal muscles I squeezed the vibrator that I swear was up in my tummy. I winced a little in pleasure and made kind of a squeaking noise. I think I had a tiny orgasm. Then I noticed that I could feel another behind it building.

I got up and took a couple of steps over to the windows to get a better view of the graphs monitoring the data re-balance and ingestion. What I didn’t know at that time is when I got up my breasts got right in the camera frame. Stan got a prefect zoomed in view that I’m sure was being displayed on the 50″ 8K TV that was mounted on his wall next to his desk. My breasts took up the whole frame I’m sure.

I stood there for a second trying to hold off the orgasm that the damn vibrator was

relentlessly building. There was no stopping it, I was just hoping it wouldn’t happen while I was on the video call with the CEO.

I sat back down trying to keep them out of frame this time, but as I came around the left [glass wall of windows] side of my desk, as usual the outside of my right beach ball [sorry breast] rubbed the window and drug across in a perfect flat circle clearly visible to the whole Data Center floor. I turned and lowered my self into my chair in one motion. This shifted the vibrator that was almost torturing me by now, threatening an orgasm any minute. As I sat down I noticed in my video window again my breasts gave a perfect side view and it was now confirmed that yes they took up the whole viewing window. I’m just glad my nipples weren’t hard, but they were definitely visible under my sweater and on the other end of the call they were 50″ across in 8K Super HD.

I tried to compose myself as best I could as I got situated back in frame.

Stan had a look on his face of amazement and desire. I secretly hoped that he was getting at least a little hard.

“The re-balance and ingestion from the customer are still reduced by about 35% it looks like from here. It’s not enough to cause serious problems but I don’t want it to be like that any longer than it has to be. It looks like we should start seeing some improvement in the next 20-30 minutes when we get the hardware in place, powered on, and configured.”

“Hardware? From where?”

“I used our new NAS chassis temporarily.” I said with a quiver in my voice as that damn vibrator continued to reverberate through my abdomen. My vagina was starting to contract and spasm now. It was like an avalanche rumbling before it breaks free down the mountain.

“Ok, thank you for getting on this so quickly.” He said shifting in his chair.

I was thinking he might have been getting hard. That always makes me feel happy.

“No problem, I’m on it.” I smiled as I disconnected the call.

With that I jumped up and hurried back to the womens room. There were a couple of women in there as I went directly to a stall all the while with them glaring at me for being obviously braless. Sitting down I was worried about it seeming like I was fingering myself trying to get the small vibrator out of me that was continually stimulating my vagina further up inside me than I thought possible.

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