Road House

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Eric and I so seldom got a ‘night out on the town’ that it seemed a stroke of luck when he was sent to San Antonio on an overnight stay. I had a good customer there and easily made my own ‘business trip’ too, giving us a night away from home… away from our routine.

We stopped at a little road house just outside the city. Guaranteeing our room beforehand made it possible to slow down and take our time getting to the hotel.

The bar was dark and smoky, and the bass thump of the music could be felt as we walked in. It was strangely crowded for a Thursday night and we both wondered at why that might be until someone stepped up on stage and began talking. As he spoke, inciting the crowd to cheer, clap, hoot and holler, it became clear that the reason for tonight’s crowd was that it was ‘Wet T-shirt’ night.

We looked at each other and chuckled… so much for our plan of finding a quiet little corner to sit and have a drink. Eric slipped his hand into mine and asked me if I wanted to leave. With a wink and a smile I answered, “Well, I think it might be kind of fun to watch, what do you think?”

He looked at me, a little surprised. This was his rather conservative Lisa… and he was NOT hearing what he had expected. Eric shifted in his seat, and I knew him well enough to know his cock was swelling against his jeans at the thought of scantily clad young women in wet T-shirts

I had just finished a very enlightening book about couples our age, and how they grew apart with time. I certainly did NOT want to end up as some of them had, but I certainly saw a pattern in the way we spent too much time at our careers and the house. So, I paid close attention at what the couples who wanted to re-ignite their passion had done… and in reading I found several things to be very exciting, and possible to see us doing together. Several of the couples had mentioned doing something ‘daring’ and not what would normally be expected… and even one or two had managed this in public (of course, safely… but… still, in public).

The idea to stay here and watch came to me suddenly, and as the music began, I was a little taken aback at how erotic of an idea I found it… not only for Eric, but for me.

Soon, a half-dozen or so girls moved up onto the stage and a couple of guys were selected to pour pitchers of water over them. I slipped a hand under the table and pushed it between his thighs, whispering, ‘I bet you wish we’d gotten here earlier so you could be one of those guys, hmm?”

The young women squealed and wriggled, their breasts clearly visible against the clingy thin material. Both of us stared, seeing the prominent nipples prominently and the wonderful way that breasts have of jiggling as the women moved. Then, to the LOUD and enthusiastic clapping and cheering of the crowd, they were voted on. Afterwards, the girls were re-absorbed into the crowd and the cycle began again, and then again. Eric and I gulped our first round of drinks while watching, utterly transfixed. At one point, his hand slid against mine, pressing my palm against the zipper of his jeans and I felt his cock, warm 1xbet yeni giriş and hard against it. These women were all very normal; these weren’t strippers… just women you might see every day. Somehow seeing these normal, natural women just made the whole thing much more erotic. You could see the enjoyment on their faces as they teased and jiggled for the men in the audience.

The announcer came back on stage and asked for the next group of women. As only four women climbed the stage, he began asking the crowd for one more. I’m still not sure just where the thought came from, but without thinking further (and before I lost my nerve), I slid out of my chair and stood up and, without a backward glance at Eric… walked up to the stage. The guys standing around the small stage moved to make room, yelling and clapping as they parted around me.

I climbed the short flight of steps at the side, my face flushed and my heart beating SO loud in my ears I really couldn’t hear anyone around me. I looked out over the crowd and peered through the bright lights. I could fairly well make out Eric at our table across the room. I also could fairly well see the expression on his face… the utter incredulity and arousal. This was the woman he saw every morning dress in sober business suits and low heels. That expression gave me the courage to continue what I had started. Eric was there, and nothing would happen to me.

Another woman and I stepped briefly behind the stage long enough to whisk off our bras and drop them onto one of the band member’s amplifier (ignoring cries of, “heyyy, let me have that!” and “No… throw it to ME!”). Returning to the group, I barely heard the guy with the microphone talking to the crowd. I was completely caught up in the energy of the room… the loud music… the group of guys below watching avidly… the women around me, whiffs of beer and perfume in the sluggish breeze of the overhead fans. The entire situation was intoxicating, and I was totally into the moment.

Not finding Eric at our table, I was peering through the crowd in search of him and missed the guys with the pitchers of water until I felt the first splashes. I gasped and immediately became one of the squealing, jiggling women as the cold water (I hadn’t even considered it would be COLD) streamed and splashed over us. My nipples contracted instantly, and I felt the chilly T-shirt cling against my entire torso as the water ran; the muscles in my stomach shivering with cold and excitement. But, even more, I felt an instant hot throbbing develop between my thighs. I gasped and as the girl next to me grabbed me around the waist, I held her back… we squealed and laughed along with the rest of them, and I could feel our breasts press, and sway, pulling against the tight cotton material as we moved.

Finally, standing in a row on stage, we were voted on. To my complete and utter surprise, I was third! To the clapping and cheering of the men (and more than a few women, it seemed), I stepped off the stage with the other women. Trembling with cold and excitement, I pushed through the crowd (forgetting 1xbet giriş my bra until the next morning) in search of Eric.

The entire contest and everything happening on stage made my heart pound and my breath catch in my throat and I was VERY apprehensive at what I was going to find when I reached the table. I felt momentary panic as I saw the table with a handful of money scattered in the center and two untouched drinks next to it. “He wouldn’t really LEAVE, would he?” was my first thought. Then suddenly, Eric stepped out of the edge of the crowd. Instead of walking me back to the booth, his hand curled around my upper arm. Gripping it tightly, he turned sharply on his heel and pulled me out of the bar.

My heart racing, feeling Eric’s fingers digging into my arm, we moved quickly thru the crowd. I was stuttering, trying to say something to him… to try to explain… maybe to apologize for going too far, but he hushed me with a growl and a look I hadn’t ever seen and couldn’t begin to decipher.

The evening air felt chilly against my damp skin as we left the overheated bar. I moved towards our car which was parked near the street in front. Instead, Eric pulled me around the corner of the bar, into the shadows.

I lifted my eyes to his face, and opened my mouth, once again trying to find the words to explain, but his fingertips pressed against my lips as he backed me against the brick wall. The bricks were rough and warm, having absorbed the heat of the day. Eric’s body was tense as he pressed closer, his cock hard as his hips ground slowly against mine.

Every bit of me that had been apprehensive and worried turned liquid with lust as I looked up into his eyes and realized that he wasn’t angry. Instead, he was SO completely turned on that I knew there wasn’t going to be any ‘waiting until we get to the hotel’. The excitement and arousal I had felt onstage rushed over me again with the knowledge that I had gotten him this turned on. I could feel his harsh breath against my temple as his hands explored my wet curves. His hands cupped my full breasts, fingers pulling my hard nipples as I gasped, feeling my clit jerk in response.

The realization that we were NOT going to make slow, romantic love in a nice clean hotel room, but instead he was going to fuck me against a brick wall in back of a bar washed over me. Eric’s fingers tugged my zipper down and, unable to wait long enough to even push my jeans down, his fingers worked under my panties, finding and centering on my clit.

I came, hard…. in about 10 seconds. Unheeding and uncaring of who might be around to see or hear my cries, my hands gripping his shoulders as he bit the soft skin of my neck, one hand curved around one breast, the other working under my soaking wet panties. My hips thrust and bucked between him and the wall as I exploded.

His hand slipped back out and I fell against the wall. Gasping for breath… my hands slowly slid from his shoulders down his torso to find his cock straining against his pants. He pushed my hand away and yanked the zipper on his jeans, then pushed his underwear down, his 1xbet güvenilirmi cock sprung out heavy and full as his thighs pressed closer. At the same time we struggled to free each other from our tight jeans until finally they were down around our knees. Eric’s strong hands on my hips gently turned me around to face the wall. As his body pressed against mine, he whispered urgently against my hair, “I HAVE to fuck you, baby… I HAVE to, and right NOW. You have NO idea what it did to me to see the way you looked up there in that wet shirt… the way your tits jiggled and bounced, the way I could see your nipples from across the room, and the way those men looked at you. You LIKED the way they looked at you… didn’t you, baby?”

I gulped and nodded as I couldn’t begin to answer him in words how erotic it had been. My face against the brick wall, my hands slide around my hips to curl under the round curves of my ass. As the engorged head of his cock probed between my cheeks, I arched my back and parted them with a low moan. Eric pushed the head between them and then up into my waiting pussy. He groaned and his hands slid around my hips. His bare thighs against mine, he thrust with one hard shove, up into my welcoming depths. I felt his balls slap against my clit as he shoved once more, even though he was as deep as possible.

With that, we… fucked. It was so incredible… this was Eric, and yet I felt like he and I were both someone else entirely. Our bodies took over and we were creatures of lust. There was nothing soft or romantic or boring or everyday about it… we ground and thrust against each other, taking what we needed.

Eric came just before me, his body tensed and he rose up on his toes as his thrusts suddenly became shorter and quicker. I heard his grunts and felt his smothered cries against my temple as he trembled against me, his cock throbbing and spewing cum deep inside.

Even as he came down, his hand reached around under me as his hips ground thru the end of his orgasm. His fingers pulled, pressed and rubbed hard against my clit again. My forehead and hands flat against the warm bricks, I whimpered and shuddering as I exploded, rocking against and then away from him, feeling the wetness of both of us mingling and running down my thighs.

We slowed and finally stopped, feeling the tremors subside and our breathing becoming normal again. He slowly pulled away from me and turned me tenderly around to face him. His arms slid around my waist, pulling me against his chest as my hands slid over his. We stood like that for a moment, just hugging tight and catching our breath.

With a soft chuckle against my temple, he asked, “Are you ok, honey?”

I smiled, blushing in the dark, and nodded against his collar, “I am SO much more than ‘ok’ right now, Eric. Ohhh…. wow.”

He nodded at that, and slowly bent, his hands gentle now as he helped me pull up my panties and jeans. Only when I was decently covered did he bend again to pull his own up.

Another brief, reassuring hug, and we walked slowly to the car, arm in arm, bemused by the past hour. We DID end up going to the hotel room and spending the night in each other’s arms, making slow, sweet love until almost dawn.

What had begun as ‘a drink’ had turned into something entirely different that would change our trips together… forever.

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