Reuniting with My Childhood Friend

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Laura and I have been good friends for as long as I can remember. She grew up two houses from mine and our parents had become good friends so there was a lot of interaction between our two families. Cook outs, pool parties, camping and parties were the norm.

We went through elementary and high schools at the same school though often in different classes. She was a sister from another family. Laura was a bit of a tomboy and regularly roamed with us boys in the neighborhood. She could rough and tumble with us, but alone she seemed quiet and shy. She loved to play in the woods with us, but was an avid reader as well.

We went to colleges in different towns. We texted now and then, but we only saw each other sporadically. Laura had developed into a beautiful woman but she remained like a sister to me.

After college, we both moved back to Atlanta for work. Several times a week we’d text about how much our new jobs sucked, about some of the creeps at work etc. We lived and worked in different areas of Atlanta and didn’t see each other that first year.

Last Thursday, instead of complaining about work, her text simply asked, “Would you join me for a drink tomorrow night? It’s been a long time since I’ve actually seen you.”

Laura wanted to meet in a restaurant near her work which was about a twenty minute drive from my house. We agreed to meet in the bar at 7 which gave time for traffic to lessen. I was excited to see my old friend again. We’d hardly seen each other since about 9th grade as we developed different interests in high school and college. Never once did I even think to ask her out.

With perfect timing we met as we reached the restaurant door. I was stunned when I saw her. She still had the self-effacing look that I remember her with, but was absolutely gorgeous. Her green eyes sparkled with excitement when she saw me. Her shy smile was beautiful on her lightly freckled face. Her light brown hair hung over her shoulders framing the large v-neck opening displaying the cleavage of her well formed, unrestrained D cup breasts. Her large nipples were plainly visible through her top.

Laura looked down bashfully as I looked at her. A slight tinge flushed her cheeks. I felt a loss of words as I tried to grapple with seeing Laura look so sexy and inviting. We stood uncomfortably outside the restaurant door, trying to make conversation. Laura gave me a quick kiss and said “Let’s go get a drink.”

We each ordered margaritas as we sat across the two-top table catching up with each other. While we were having our second drink I finally confessed to her, “I’m feeling uncomfortable looking at you in that dress. You’re absolutely stunning in a way I’ve certainly never seen or thought of you. I assume that is your intention.”

With a sheepish grin on her face, she looked right into my eyes, “I was hoping I wouldn’t scare you off with this dress. I didn’t want to seem like ‘one of the boys’ tonight. I used to hope you’d ask me out in high school, but that never happened. I bought this dress a couple of years ago and never had the nerve to wear it. It doesn’t leave a lot to the imagination with my breasts.

“I kept hoping you’d ask me out after we came back from college. I’ve always liked our friendship, but it was totally platonic and I’ve long wanted it to be more.” She dropped her gaze to her drink. “I hope I’m not being too forward wearing this dress. I wanted you to see me as a woman. I want to make love with you. Hopefully tonight. I’ve been so busy at work the past year that I’ve rarely gone out. It’s been at least six months since I’ve had sex and I hope you’re willing.”

The quiet pause hung between us until I replied, “I sometimes have thought about getting together with you, but never thought you were interested or that it would be a good idea. I don’t know. It hadn’t seemed right, but seeing you in that dress I can tell you want me.” I felt my cheeks flush. I hadn’t expected more than a drink and dinner with an old friend, but now it felt like Laura and I would be lovers for the night. “I must say the feelings are certainly mutual about wanting to make love, particularly looking at you in that dress. I grinned back, “Tonight would be wonderful. Unexpected, bahis firmaları yes, but something we’ve each thought about at times.

Our server checked to see if we were ready to order. We asked him to come back in a few minutes. Laura suggested that we order sushi takeout and go back to her apartment. I readily agreed. The restaurant seemed busy and noisy and I was ready to be alone with my beautiful friend.

Laura’s apartment was only a mile from the restaurant so I followed her there. We hugged after we took the sushi into the kitchen. Her body felt so good against mine as we kissed. She slowly rubbed her pelvis against the hardness in my pants.

“Let’s save the sushi for dessert. I’m ready for you.” Laura led by my hand into her bedroom, lit three candles, pulled back the covers on the bed, easily pulled off her dress and lay down naked on it. Awkwardly, I pulled off my clothes and lay next to her. She smiled at my hard cock standing out straight and immediately put her hand on it when I lay down next to her.

We kissed on our sides as I felt her wonderful breasts and she stroked my cock. Laura nudged me onto my back, then perched over me guiding my cock into her with her hand. Her pussy was tight but well lubed with her juices. My cock was gripped firmly as it slid in easily. Laura lay on top of me kissing me hungrily. I gripped both cheeks of her butt pulling her against me as she rocked on top.

She sat up and began squatting over my cock. Her full tits bounced as she moved up and down on me. She reached down and began to rub my cock as it went in and out as well as massaging her clit. Her demure look I’d seen earlier yielded to a lustful look as she was beginning to orgasm from her fingers as we fucked. Her cunt began to spasm gripping my cock even tighter which triggered my orgasm. She again lay on top of me as I began spurting inside her still gripping our joined genitals.

She pulled me over on top of her telling me not to stop. She grabbed my cheeks strongly pressing with her nails. She had become a wild woman, begging me to keep going. “Fuck me! Keep going! Oh god that’s good. Fuck fuck fuck!”

We were fucking like two maniacs. I couldn’t have stopped for anything at that point and kept pounding into her. Finally I began to ejaculate inside her. She burst out in a guttural cry as she had an amazing orgasm. We collapsed together on the bed, rolled onto our sides while we were still joined, kissing each other madly until my cock softened and slipped out.

We drifted off as we lay together hugging blissfully. About twenty minutes later she woke me with a kiss as she was leaning over me, dressed in that sexy dress she’d been wearing. “Wake up sleepy head. I worked up an appetite making love with you. I’m hungry. Laura smiled watching me dress, “You have a beautiful body. Has anyone ever told you that?” I confessed not.

“Beer or wine with your sushi?” she asked. She handed me a beer and we sat at her breakfast table to share our sushi.

We sat enjoying the tasty sushi while catching up some more. The V in her dress was open more than in the restaurant showing most of her cleavage. Her nipples still poked through it. I couldn’t believe we’d just fucked. I’d thought of her sexually once in a while, but never expected to experience that.

Laura told me about her early years out of college when she was beginning her career and doing a lot of networking and socializing which often included sex. She said she’d had sex with about fifty men and two women during those years. She did a good bit of coke and a few other drugs to enhance her corporate life.

One morning, while stuck in bad traffic on the way to work, she decided none of her career ladder climbing was worthwhile. She’d fucked a lot of guys, but not a one really turned her on. She decided to move back to Atlanta, take a low-key job and get on with her life. She decided to not have sex for at least half a year and take a job in a non-profit agency.

She often thought of me after she moved here and was glad to have someone to text complaints to. Each time she texted, she wanted to get together with me but in a different relationship than we’d had.

“Do you like fucking doggie kaçak iddaa style?” she asked.

“I like fucking,” I replied. “In any position.”

“Then let’s put up the leftovers and do that.”

Laura pulled off her dress and knelt in front of the sofa laying her head on it with her puss sticking up. I surprised her when I buried my face between her cheeks and was tonguing her ass hole as I began fingering her. She started rubbing her clit as I did that. After a couple of minutes she begged me to fuck her.

I got behind her and pushed my dick into her waiting cunt. It entered easily and I began slowly thrusting her. I grasped a tit in my left hand and reached for her puss with my right. I put my hand on top of hers as she continued rubbing her clitoris. “Oh god Alan. Your cock feels so good in me!”

Janet’s fingers sped up on her clit as she was about to come. “Fuck me Alan! Fuck me! Make me come.”

That I did, and come she did, stronger than any woman I’ve fucked. Her body went wild. Her cunt muscles tightened on my cock as I thrust into her. I fucked her hard and deep, finally bursting inside her pussy filling her with cum with about ten spurts. I collapsed on top of her and we lay together for a few minutes before my cock slid out. I then slid three fingers into her gaping cunt and held her.

Laura got up and lay on the sofa inviting me to join her. We lay naked together kissing passionately. Her firm breasts felt amazing against my naked chest.

Finally she said she wanted another drink. She put a towel on the sofa to sit on then got me another beer and a glass of wine herself. We sat naked on opposite ends of the sofa facing each other while sitting cross legged which displayed Laura’s furry bush beautifully.

“Alan, you’ve been a good friend for a long time and you were like a brother to me. I trust you so much. I’ve always felt that sex could be much more than just fucking, but I never felt safe really opening myself to a man. I think I can with you and hope we can.

“I’ve discovered new sexual dimensions with various toys I’ve acquired over the years. The only time I shared one of them with a guy, he seemed repulsed with the idea. I feel like you wouldn’t be and I want to explore sex with you over time, but tonight I just want to fuck another time or two. You’ve made me come harder than any of those fifty or so men.”

“We can definitely fuck a time or two more tonight and I’d love to explore sex further with you. I’ve done a little “kinky” sex with myself but never much.”

Laura moved a hand to her pussy and spread the lips with her fingers showing me her cream pie, my cum dripping out. “I haven’t had cum drip out of my puss in a long time. It feels good. I rarely had sex without the guy wearing a condom even though I’m on the pill. You, I have no worry about. I love having your cum dripping out.”

“I’m honored to be able to be bareback inside you and have to say that was some of the best sex I’ve had. Fucking you doggie style brought out the animal in me. My body completely took over and I was just enjoying the ride.”

“Do you smoke pot?” she asked.


“Want to? I have a joint rolled.”

“Hell yeah!”

Laura lit the joint, had a toke and passed it to me. It was a tasty pot, Blue Dream, and the tokes felt really good. On her fourth toke, she leaned forward and shotgunned me as our tongues played with each other, then I did the same to her. We repeated that two more times and let the joint die. It was harder and harder to separate our lips after the toke was exchanged.

I reached down and felt her dripping cunt, then slid two fingers in as we continued kissing. She reached around and began touching my ass hole, then wet her fingers and slid a finger inside me without breaking the kiss. Laura leaned forward on the sofa putting her head against my thigh, then began kissing my cock head while fingering my ass. She’s the first girl I’ve been with who got into anal play. A couple of lovers sorta played with my anus, but were obviously not into it. Laura truly was.

She stood up taking my hand to lead me to bed where she had lube and toys in her bedside table. Laura got some lube from the drawer, then lay kaçak bahis with her head between my legs. She lubed her fingers and slid two inside me, wiggling them around. She began sucking my cock head as her fingers began thrusting inside me. Her other hand was rubbing the base of my cock in rhythm with her mouth movements. She was moaning with pleasure as much as I was. Laura’s fingers were deep up my anus massaging my prostate. I could feel the cum building up and began humping her mouth as her fingers fucked my ass harder.

Laura managed to swallow and hold all my cum, then moved up and kissed me with a mouth full of my cum while still fingering my ass. “You taste so fucking good,” she declared.

“You were the first person to ever tongue my ass. I want you to do that again while you finger me.” She got on her knees with her butt up. I slid three fingers into her cunt and began kissing her anus, gradually pushing my tongue in. Her hand covered mine and was rubbing her clit.

I sucked her hole harder and got my tongue further in as her cunt was well massaged. She began shaking and then hollered “Oh god Alan. Don’t stop!”

Following her wishes I didn’t stop. My tongue got deeper and my fingers were fully inside her when her cunt clamped tightly onto them. Laura was gasping for breath and shaking all over, finally saying “enough.”

She collapsed on the bed and I cuddled with her holding her close as she lay quietly. After a few minutes she rolled over, kissed me and told me, “Alan, I love you. I loved you as a kid, but now as a lover. Oh my god that was good, but I want some more wine and pot. Can you stay the night? I think you shouldn’t have any more beer if you’re going to drive home. I have an unused toothbrush for you if you need it. I’d love for you to fuck my ass before we go to sleep. Are you up for that?”

Yep, I was surely up for that, particularly after tonguing her ass hole while fingering her. I wanted to mount her and put my dick in, but she collapsed when she came so hard.

We again sat cross legged across from each other on the sofa again. Her cunt lips looked so puffy under the pubic hair and she spread them when she saw me looking. “Like what you see?” she asked. “Oh yes, very much. You have a beautiful pussy.”

She lit the joint and shotgunned me on her first toke. We traded several shotguns, then kept toking. Surprisingly she lit another joint as the first became a roach. “I want to get really high before you fuck my ass to help it be amazing.” Between the pot and the alcohol, I was incredibly high. Looking at her pussy was making me hard again. Laura touched it with her foot and smiled.

“Will you tongue my ass again before you fuck me there? That was the most amazing anal experience I’ve had.”

“Get on your knees and bend over onto the sofa. I’ll do your ass doggy style.”

Laura did as requested and pushed her ass up for me to abuse. I leaned forward and gave it a big kiss and thrust my tongue as deep into it as I could. She was getting really turned on so I lubed two fingers to apply in her ass. She gasped deeply as my fingers slid in, then I began pressing my dick head against the hole.

Laura moaned and pushed back against me. It took a bit for my head to open her anal sphincter, but once it did, it slid inside her. Again, Laura began rubbing her clit as I moved slowly in her ass. “Oh god Alan, that feels so good. Keep fucking!”

We were both so stoned. It felt like we were floating above the bed merged with my cock in her ass. My thrusts were getting faster and it felt as if my whole being was inside her. Laura and I were both having spasms as we fucked. Finally I began ejaculating inside her and it felt like I came for several minutes filling her deeply. My orgasm continued as if I were coming, but thankfully I didn’t keep squirting. Laura kept rubbing herself having peak after peak in her orgasm.

She turned her head back toward me, “Let’s go to bed. I’m done for the night.”

We cleaned up for the night, brushing teeth, etc. and lay naked together under her sheets. We lay on our sides hugging. Laura gave me a big kiss, “I love you Alan. I have for a long time, but now you’ve reached a deeper space in me than anyone else ever has. I hope we can do this again.”

“I love you too Laura and really would love to do this again, but not tonight.”

She laughed, kissed me and told me to sleep well. We slept cuddled together.

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