Rachel’s Cum Cocktail Party

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Big Cock

On an island in the pacific, not far from Hawaii, the sun is slowly setting. It’s an idyllic moment and the beach right then could be on the cover of a thousand calendars, the large beach house is perfectly matched to the tropical surroundings, who would ever guess that inside some of the most debauched parties in existence took place. Caligula’s Roman orgy’s would have nothing on this place. Right at that moment Rachel Stevens (star of my previous stories “A Rich Slut on Hooker Alley” , “Rachel Become A Cum Dump” and “Rachel Is The Cum Show”) is having her arms and legs fitted into a leather harness, hanging from the ceiling in the Beach house. Two strong men hold her naked body in place as she slips first her legs then her arms into their individual straps and tightens them to hold her meagre bodyweight. The straps are nice and long and allow Rachel’s arms, and more importantly her legs to be easily manoeuvred apart. The straps have been shortened somewhat for tonight’s entertainment and rather than have her hanging at crotch level, as would normally be the case in such a harness, she is much nearer chest height to those standing guys.

Since we last saw her (arriving for a life of voluntary sexual servitude to her new owners Tim and Carissa) she has not altered much visually. A little more tanned perhaps (and that is definitely all over as she hardly ever is allowed to wear clothes any more), her trademark perfect long honey brown hair maybe just a bit shorter, her perfect body maybe just a little smaller (most due to that diet of cum) but still the cute vision of sexiness that has followed her desire of being nothing more than a cum receptacle and slut.

Opulence. Sheer unadulterated opulence. Tim and Carissa are young and rich beyond others wildest dreams but they don’t even think about it anymore, they do what they want and, mostly, what they want is to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Usually that involves sex. This spacious, lavish residence is only part of their empire but having made their money they had retired in their twenties to fully enjoy the fruits of their endeavours and luck. Tim, tall with a military bearing, sandy haired and perpetually well groomed and smiling. His young wife Carissa, sultry and mysterious, with long dark hair and an initial air of danger you just can’t put your finger on.

Tim and Carissa enter the sparse room this is happening in, Tim is carrying a large bottle of champagne which he rather theatrically pops to a cheer from the other two guys and his wife. As is usual when you’ve done that the champagne rushed up to the top and began to spray and spill out, whereupon he jammed the foaming neck of the bottle right into Rachel’s shaven pussy, allowing as much alcohol as possible to rush straight in until it is filled and begins to spill out the sides like a fountain. Tim then Carissa drank directly from her bubbling pussy, then their two guests took a mouthful before Tim refilled it messily, spraying the remainder all over Rachel’s bronzed chest. Although hardly in the ideal position to do so, Rachel writhed and moaned at the touch of their tongues and the bubbles in her cunt. With their glasses filled the others started to retire to the next door living room for some serious three on one action for Carissa. The lady herself was last to leave Rachel and before leaving took the time to jam a thick, long vibrator right up Rachel’s cunt and switch it one. She patted Rachel’s head as she passed.

“Be back in a few hours to put you to bed slut.”


It was all of three hours before they returned to Rachel, the two men were long gone, both Tim and Carissa were totally naked, the scent of sex hung in the air.

“Right, let’s get you down. You need to get some rest tonight, big party tomorrow.”

Rachel hardly even registered the kinky couple’s return and allowed them to unhook her from the harness and makeshift stirrups that had held her limbs up. She was still sticky from the champagne so Carissa led her out to the outside shower where the two nymphomaniacs showered together.

Usually, Rachel showering with Carissa involved a lot of tongue work, this time was no different as Rachel sunk to her knees under the battering spray of the hot water and set to work cleansing her mistress of all that had gathered on her creamy skin since she had done the same at ten that morning. Down there Carissa carefully shampooed Rachel’s hair. She didn’t love Rachel, not properly, not like family but she (and Tim) were growing attached to her. Like a normal couple would grow attached to a cat or a dog. Carissa smiled at that thought; it gave her another idea for tomorrow’s party. She smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the warm spray and the soft motions of Rachel’s tongue on her pussy lips.

Later after both had towelled the other off vigorously Tim joined them and they led Rachel to her bed. That bed was located in the small wooden hut to the side of the beach house, Rachel only spent nights in the house gaziantep escort ilanları itself when she was otherwise engaged and then she rarely actually slept. The hut’s furnishings were particularly sparse, in fact all there was were a bed and a machine. In that kind of warm climate the shack could be a blessing as a bedroom of choice. The machine lay at the foot of the basic cot bed. It was a long cylinder ram with an extra long piston extending out of it towards and over the bed sheets. Attached to the end of the piston was a twelve inch long, thick, plastic dildo, and it was on the end of this that Rachel’s spent nearly each night. Sometimes Tim and Carissa tied her up, sometimes they used other toys such as nipple clamps, blindfolds or others but usually just that big dildo.

The next day. Seven pm, the party just started and already every guest is in the Beach house and downing a drink, no-one tended to be late for a party that Tim and Carissa held. Tim enters holding a pet bowl and as the company halts momentarily to observe him he makes quite the production of opening a can of some generic dog food and spooning it dramatically into the bowl. From the other end of the room Carissa enters, she is holding a leash and behind her, naked and on all fours is Rachel Stevens. Rachel has willingly allowed herself to be Tim and Carissa’s slave (or pet if you will) and in the first few months of her tenure in that role has been to many such parties as this. She enjoys them but knows that her owners like her to act like she doesn’t particularly. Whatever, anything to please them.

Carissa is dressed in a wispy, barely there lace teddy that Tim easily pulls from her body and as she commands Rachel to kneel watching them the husband and wife kneel themselves with the bowl and food between them on the floor. Tim with his dick in his hand and Carissa with her dainty hand buried within the wet folds of her pussy then masturbate themselves at a great speed. Apparently racing themselves as to who will be first to spray the dog food with their cum. Their hands are like blurs as they pleasure themselves, their guests see nothing out of the ordinary in this and continue to chat and drink and a few discuss the spectacle. Both have their eyes screwed tight in concentration but open them almost simultaneously and stare intensely at each other as they both cum, coating the food with a thick cream substance (from Tim) and a viscous clear, watery fluid from Carissa (although as she sprays the bowl some drops miss it – not that it matters as Rachel will happily lick them up of the wooden planks).

Both rocked back on their thighs and took a few moments to compose themselves again, their task complete for the moment. Rachel knelt there impassively, trying to hide her eagerness to get tucked into the treat her owners had laid out for her. She failed to hide it well though, her tongue inching out and licking her lips, an involuntary shudder passed through her body as she strained ever so slightly against the collar and lead. Her master was fist up and walked over to her with his shrinking, used d- hanging out, she strained forward towards it and though Tim was happy to see it he did not allow her to get what she wanted so easily. He made her wait until Carissa was up too before finally granting her the permission she craved, that of being allowed to lean into his cock and suck the residue from his sticky cock. That done Rachel spun around and performed a similar clean up on her Mistress’s messy cunt too before staring at her meal before her.

By now the room was hushed and nearly all eyes were on the bitch. An awful lot of hands seemed to be reaching for crotches too, not all their own! Carissa released the leash from the collar and commanded Rachel to crawl forward to the bowl and, without any hesitation, the beauty started to consume the messy load in the bowl, her tongue a blur of activity. By this stage there was nearly a full circle of people around her, watching her, commenting and encouraging her. Some had been to these parties before and knew the depths of debauchery that Rachel was more than happy to plumb while the newbie’s were only starting to realise.

It made for quite the spectacle and minutes later with her bowl cleared and her face wiped by Carissa the party was back in full swing. Swing being the operative word. By now much of their clothes had been shed and people throughout the house were in the midst of copulating with others. There was some serious action going on, couples, threesomes, more than that and in the middle of it all was Rachel, looking to fulfil her instructions for the evening. Later on, with everybody recovering she would be back in place as the centre of attention, she knew that and squirmed with pleasure at the thought of it. Still right now she was crawling along on her hands and knees, very carefully balancing a large, balloon style brandy glass in her fingers and moving towards her next targets. She had already made her first stop, milking the contents of a very enthusiastic young island girls pussy just after it had been freshly fucked by a guest, trying to get every last drop of his spent cum into the glass. That was her task tonight, to gather as full a cocktail as possible of whatever fluids she could gather and save it up to down later on. It was a task Rachel, particularly relished.

Her next stop was by the cane sofa where one of Tim and Carissa’s good friends, Shirley (her husband also at the party and enjoying the ministrations of two nubile twins right at that moment) was accepting the advances of not one, but two large black cocks with her mouth. She was not particularly keen to share her efforts with the pretty little house ‘pet’ but knew that she would have to. Still she was determined to have maximum fun first.

“Let me see what you have in the glass so far bitch.”

She demanded and Rachel complied quickly. This was followed by Shirley taking a big slurp on the cock before her then spitting into the glass.

“Put the glass down for now, these boys won’t be cumming just yet, you can make yourself useful by getting on your back and sliding under me and eating me out, right!”

Despite the condescending, bitchy, mean tone of the woman, Rachel did not need to be asked twice. Yeah, sure she preferred cock and cum but she was no stranger to pussy too and an expert at licking it. In a heartbeat she was on her bare back and her petite head was positioned perfectly between the older woman’s thighs and with a glistening, shaven pussy just above her she quickly got to work in getting her off. Shirley meantime was trying to ignore the young woman’s ministrations and concentrating on the hard, straining lumps of man flesh struggling for space in her cultured mouth.

She sucked them hard, her teeth so near to scraping along their veiny lengths giving each one equal time in her mouth before breaking more boundaries and taking both black cocks in her stretched mouth at once. Only the helmets fit though but still she got them in there and used her tongue expertly on them. She ground her pussy against Rachel’s probing tongue and sucked harder than before almost sucking the cum from both guys up from their heaving balls and through their cocks to spray wildly into her mouth.

Holding most of both loads in her mouth, Shirley squirted and came all over Rachel’s face, speaking to her awkwardly with her mouthful, but Rachel knew just what she intended.

“Spit as much of my cum from your mouth into your glass then get up here to get more bitch!”

Rachel struggled onto her hands and knees from the position on her back and spat and wiped much of Shirley’s juices into the large glass before facing up to the arrogant woman. She straightened Rachel up and pulled her mouth open to spit the large amount of cum from her own mouth into Rachel’s. She hardly gave Rachel a chance to taste it before grabbing her by the hair and holding her face over the rim of the glass and making her spit the contents of her mouth into the glass. The cocktail was coming along nicely!

Hungrily eying the concoction and licking her lips Rachel allowed herself a moment to stare across the room at her Mistress, Carissa, taking on three men, not one of them being her husband. Sitting below her, impaling her on an impossible large cock she seemed hardly comfortable, especially when you factored in the guy on his knees between her spread legs, jamming his dick in her pussy while a third stood over them and offered his cock up for the slut to minister to with her mouth. With the Mistress otherwise engaged Rachel turned around and nearly knocked right into the Master, Tim.

As she was kneeling and Tim was standing (and naked!) her head actually bumped into his semi-hard cock.

“How appropriate my pet. Tell me how is your cocktail getting along? Let me see.”

A quick glance into the glass confirmed that the first half inch or so of the glass was filled but there was plenty of room for more, Tim spat in it before going about helping Rachel fill it up further. Which was easy as he deftly guided his dick into her waiting mouth and demanded one of her perfect blow jobs. With almost every push of her head she drew more and more pre-cum from him and spat it in the glass too, gradually adding to her concoction. It was certainly not the first time his cock had enjoyed itself between her Rachel’s lips and no doubt it would not be the last and her guided his hands to the sides of her head and took the opportunity to scan the room as he was serviced. He loved this life as did his wife and he positively beamed at seeing Carissa as entangled as she was with the three men and their hard cocks. Around the rest of the room and house other friends and neighbours were similarly occupied and entwined. Their monthly parties were certainly popular.

Tim leaned back and enjoyed himself, hardly expending any energy and allowing Rachel to take all the workload, looking down occasionally as she spat a mini-load into the glass. Then without warning he felt a long fingernail at his asshole and feeling it’s way towards his anus. He turned to find a beautiful friend of his wife, one of their immediate neighbours, Carmen standing behind him, her bounteous breasts pressed against his back.

“Need a hand Tim?”

She asked mischievously before continuing to slide her long index finger further between his ass cheeks and penetrating him and immediately sending a new surge of sensations up inside of him as Rachel continued to s- him. With those two working on him like that he wasn’t able to hold out for much longer and began to buck and twitch and in an instant had filled Rachel’s mouth with a good consignment of thick, sticky cum. Carmen waited until Rachel had deposited the load into the glass before holding out her digit that she had buried in Tim’s ass to massage his prostate.

“Suck that clean and you can add it to your cocktail.”

Rachel did not even look at Tim for confirmation but immediately took Carmen’s dirty finger in her mouth and sucked and licked it clean, spitting the residue in her mouth into the glass too. The party raged on for a further couple of hours during which Rachel managed to get that glass filled to near brimming with a collection of bodily fluids from the men and women in the room. Then, from the centre of the spacious living room Tim sounded a large gong and the party came to a silent attention to listen to the host. Kneeling at his feet was Rachel, her glass now filled nearly to overflowing.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, as you will no doubt know my wife and myself have set our ‘pet’ slave the task of filling her glass with a collection of your fluids, as you can see she has succeeded. Now most of you will be aware that tonight is Rachel’s final test as to her suitability to being our slave for life, first she will prove her cum craving to us by drinking this glass in one go. I beg you gather round to observe her.”

Smiling, Rachel brought the lip of the large glass to her lips, thought for a second of the mixture of fluids in their, nearly every man in the room and almost all of the women had contributed to it over the past few hours. She lifted the glass, parted her sexy lips and slowly tipped the concoction into her mouth and drank every last drop of it down, using her hands when she had drained the glass to wipe the sticky residue from her greedy lips and chin. As her reward she was applauded and Carissa even bent down to give her a long, loving, lingering French kiss.

As her Mistress straightened she also addressed the room.

“Now what many of you mat not know is that our personal slut has a greater challenge to undertake this night – that is she will be voluntarily permanently branded as her slut using this!”

From behind her Carissa produced what resembled a long, metal poker with a strange stamp on the end. At the press of a button on the handle that end started to glow orange as it was heated up. Without instruction Rachel moved forward to balance on her hands and knees and begin to present her glorious arse to her Mistress. Tim came back holding a long, pink dildo and eased it right up inside her soaking snatch and set it at it’s hardest vibration Rachel shuddered at it’s touch and gave an excited low moan. With that in place Tim produced a plastic toy bone and set it carefully between her teeth and held her chin for a moment and asked softly.


Rachel squeezed her eyes shut and slightly nodded her head in ascent and in an instant later Carissa pressed the branding iron hard against Rachel’s right ass cheek. Her face contorted and she bit down hard on the bone while Carissa carefully removed the brand and applied a cold towel to smother her handiwork and dull the pain Rachel had just accepted.

As both Tim and Carissa exchanged a kiss and toasted themselves and their guests the towel was removed to reveal the stamp across her pert buttock saying “TIM & CARISSA’S SLUT”. it was permanent and would always be there as a reminder of her servitude to this kinky couple.

Rachel came to a juddering climax as all the party guests crowded close for a look at the brand. She was so turned on, this was what she had been looking for all this time. This is why she had ventured out into the mean streets of the city, a rich Daddy’s girl that wanted for nothing, and sold her body like the cheapest of whores, just for a thrill. This is what had led her to being assaulted sexually by an angry pimp and being equal parts turned on and terrified by it. This is what had led her to a notorious porn director and allowing her terrible degradation and sexual deviancy to be filmed and shown for everyone – including her families entertainment. This is what had led her to the ghetto and becoming a star in a depraved sex show in the lowest of clubs and then being sold off as a sex slave.

This is what Rachel Stevens was and had become, nothing more than a sex object who was to be used for the sexual and physical gratification of others and she was finally at peace with herself.

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