Quiet Interlude

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The house is quiet.. silent… if I listen close, I can hear your rapid
keystrokes as you work away on your latest brainstorm. Hour after hour, you
work, perfecting your new program. Finally, I decide you need a break, and
sneak into the kitchen to put some water on to boil for tea for you. I can
hear you slaving away as I set a tray with your tea (perfect with 1 spoon of
tea and two spoons of cream), and a small bowl of fresh strawberries.

As I quietly slip into the room, I notice you are totally absorbed in your
codes. You don’t even look away from the screen, or acknowledge my presence.
Smiling softly to myself, I set the tray down, and creep up slowly behind
you. The morning has been nice and warm, and you are clad only in a pair of
bike shorts. Reaching out, I gently begin to massage your tired neck and
shoulders, working my way down your back. You pause in your efforts, and lean
back against me. You reach up, and clasp your arms around my neck, pulling me
closer. I lean down and kiss the top of your head tenderly.. marveling at how
soft your hair is. Wrapping my arms around your neck, we nuzzle quietly for
several long, lingering minutes, my fingers wandering through the thick
forest of your dark chest hair.

I murmur, “I brought you some tea, Love… you have been working for hours!”

“Well, thanks.. I lost track of the time.”

I smile to myself when you release me, and unbutton my robe, dropping it to
the floor. You allow your hands to roam over my naked breasts, caressing and
squeezing. I kiss your head again, and allow you to pull me around to face
you. Guiding me, you have me straddle you, and sit in your lap facing you.
You smile warmly, knowing that I am all yours in this position. I close my
eyes and lean back against your desk as you begin to suckle and play with my
large, firm tits. Your fingers drift downward, teasing as they go. You wrap
my hair around your fingers and pull me back up towards you. You tease and
tickle my neck with your beard as you kiss and nibble on me.

Holding me firmly by the hair, you take your free hand and let it wander down
my belly to my smooth mound and finally to my wet, spread pussy. Smiling, you
begin to rub my clit in small circles. Releasing me, you gently push me back
against your desk, and start to tease my right tit with your fingers…
pinching it, pulling on it. I moan softly.

“My, my… my little slut is very wet this morning. What are we going to gaziantep travesti do
about it?”

“Oooh… enjoy it?”

“I most certainly will!” With that, and one strong lift, you place my ass on
the edge of your desk, and hold my legs far apart. You have the most wicked
gleam in your eye as you smile at me. I shiver slightly, knowing you will
tease me until you are satisfied that I have no more to give you. I moan
louder as your fingers begin their assault on my clit. Closing my eyes, I
feel the most incredible sensation as you rub your beard across my clit, then
continue to rub. Slowly, you begin to tease my swelling lips with a soft
fingertip. The roving finger soon finds its target, and begins to softly
stroke in and out, a little deeper with each stroke.

Keeping your fingers moving in and out, I can feel your breath on my clit –
hot and moist. I moan deeply as you lick my clit softly with your tongue.
Seeing my reaction, you wrap your lips around it, and begin to suck harder
and faster. My moans become louder as you nibble away on it.. stroking me
all the while. My orgasm begins to build rapidly, as you command me to cum
in your soft, deep voice. You increase your strokes in and out of me while
you flick my clit with your tongue. Within moments, my orgasm explodes in a
rush of hot, fresh joices covering your fingers. You lick eagerly, slurping
noisily and hungrily. I continue to cum.. screaming and quivering as your
tongue and fingers keep teasing me.

Lifting me suddenly, you place me on the couch, my ass on the arm, my head
on the seat, legs far apart. I am fully exposed to you – a willing slut
submitting to you for our mutual pleasure. You move your chair by my side,
and softly stroke my hair… murmuring sweet nothings. Leaning on my leg,
you begin to stroke my hot wet pussy once again.. but this is different. It
feels like thousands of little tiny soft fingers all over me. I look at you,
startled by the new sensation, and you smile back at me. You flick your
finger rapidly across my clit, and I just about go crazy with the tiny
fingers. You smile even more as you pull it away from my clit and begin to
tease my love hole with it. I moan deeply.. feeling as if I am being invaded
by hundreds of tiny hands all at one time. In no time at all, I am bucking
wildly at the fingers in my pussy, caught up in another orgasm. As soon as
you feel me begin, you leave the finger in my pussy, and begin to rub my clit
with your free hand.

“Hmmm.. it seems my little slut likes my new toy!”

“Ohh, yes, baby.. I do!”

“And you were so nice to bring me breakfast… hmmmm… I have more surprizes
for you.. but first, I need you to close your eyes… no peeking!!”

I giggle in response and close my eyes. I feel you pulling on my left nipple,
then attaching something very firm. I arch my back with delight. You pull my
right nipple out, and clip that as well. Then, you reach down, and find my
hot, swollen clit, and clip something to that as well. I moan softly.. then
deeper as the vibrations begin nice and low, then intensify. Holding my legs
far apart, you go back to stroking my pussy softly, then more urgently.
Coating your fingers with my juices, I gasp as you quickly insert one deep
into my ass and begin to stroke.

It does not take long, and I am stimulated into a wild, bucking orgasm. You
laugh, and pin my legs open. Turning down the vibrations on my clit, you
increase them on my tits, and continue softly strokeing my pussy and ass as
I scream and buck on the couch. I open my eyes to see you smiling down at me,
and know you have still more in store for me. As my orgasm subsides, you
unclip my clit, and turn the vibrations low on my nipple clamps. Smacking me
playfully on the ass, you command me to get on all fours, with my legs far
apart and on the arm of the couch. I rearrange myself while you watch, and
wait patiently for you. You walk behind me, and decide I am not open enough
to you. Grasping one leg, you place it on the back of the couch.


“Yes, Love… very.” You caress my ass, then smack it hard several times..
rubbing it in between strokes. I jump and moan with each stroke. Your
response is to increase the intensity on my nipple clamps, and smack my ass
again, harder this time. You place your hands on my burning cheeks, and pull
them far apart. Dipping your finger back into my hot, wet pussy, you bring it
to my pink rosebud, and begin to stroke slowly. As I relax, and let you
explore at your will, you pause. Next, I feel a cool, wet head press against
my asshole, and begin to invade me deeply. You push in gently with this
dildo, then begin to fuck me with it… as I relax more, you insert it more
and more, stroking harder and harder. Finally, it is in all the way, nice
and deep. You turn this one on, letting it throb deep within me, and toss
the control over the side of my ass. You stand, and remove your shorts.
Holding your cock in your hands, you begin to stroke it up and down my hot,
wet slit, teasing both of us in the process.

“Not yet, my sweet slut, not yet..” You pull your cock away from me, and
insert your fingers deep, caressing my G-Spot until I cum again, nice and
intense this time. I can feel the juices flowing down my leg, and your
admiring eyes on your fully exposed, quivering slut. Grabbing the vibrator
in my ass, you stroke in and out as I continue to cum all over your hand in
my pussy. As my orgasm subsides, you pull me up to my elbows, and reach down
and turn off the vibrator at my nipples, and remove the clamps. I moan deeply
as the blood begins to flow back into them. You take your hand, and massage
them slowly, then begin to pinch and pull on my tortured nipples.

Sitting down in front of me, and straddling me, you tease me with your cock
right in front of my mouth.. I reach out and eager lick the head of it, then
take you in deep. Grabbing my hair, you hold me firmly in place while you
stroke deep into my mouth. Taking one hand, I reach down and play with your
balls, squeezing them playfully. I look deep into your eyes, and can see
the pleasure as I suck on you and play with those full sacs. Letting my
fingers wander, I tease your asshole with one fingertip, and rub that one
special spot with a bent finger while I suck your cock nice and deep. I know
how much you love this.. and am shocked when you suddenly pull away from
me, and get up…

You walk behind me, cock in hand, and again begin to stroke it up and down
my slit. In one hard thrust, you enter me. I scream out, filled completely.
You ignore me, and ram that huge, hard cock into me urgently. You reach down
and grab the control of the vibrator in my ass and turn it up higher.
Holding me tight by the hips, you slam me back into you with each forward
stroke. Faster, and harder, you impale me until I feel you begin to explode.
Your grunts grow faster and harder, and you begin to fill my pussy with
load after load of hot, sticky cum. Reaching down, you rub my clit, sending
me off into another orgasm right along with you. Quivering, moaning… You
have sent me off into the mindless outer limits of an intense orgasm. You
quietly turn off the throbbing vibrator in my ass, and pull it out, smiling
as I moan.

“Well, my hot little slut… I think it is time for a shower. What about you?”

I smile in response, knowing the fun has only begun for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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