Public Orgasms

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I thought I had shared this story years ago but I guess not, as my profile shows no submissions. As such, this is a story from a number of years ago. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing my wife orgasm. Taking that one step father, I had for some time to see her orgasm in a public place. Problem was, she had difficulty in having an orgasm with anything besides her Prelude plug-in vibrator. She never got much from manual stimulation, and typical battery powered things were not of sufficient strength. We tried a few things such as the strap-on butterfly and a bullet type vibe, but she just couldn’t get there with those toys.

After reading the reviews, when the Pocket Rocket vibrators came out, it sounded like most women found them to be more than sufficient to do the job, so I purchased one. So one evening we were headed out to grab some Mexican food at a casual restaurant and I asked her to wear a skirt rather than jeans, telling her I had a new vibe for her to try. She was fine with that so off we went.

We had finished our food and I asked if she was ready to give the new vibe a try. She looked around the room and, while there were other patrons, we were in a booth with high seat backs and she felt comfortable enough to give it a try. I passed her the Rocket and her first comment was “it’s kind of small, isn’t it?” I said yes, but if feels pretty strong. She twisted it to the on position in her hand and said yes, it does seem strong. She took one more look around the room and then reached up under her skirt to hold the vibe on her clit. She let out a soft mmmm sound and leaned forward a bit toward the table to support herself.

I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that the vibe felt pretty darn good. I asked her if the vibe had enough power for her and all she said was “it feels pretty nice.” Mind you, she was still wearing pantyhose and panties, so the vibe had to be pretty strong to be having that effect. She sat for a while enjoying the sensations, and after a couple minutes, she looked around the room once again and then turned 1xbet yeni giriş her head to the side and leaned on elbow on the table with her head in her hand. In another 15 seconds or so, She inhaled sharply and then let out a very quiet moan, and her upper body jerked forward three or four times as the orgasm spasms ripped through her. My dream had finally come to fruition, she’d had an orgasm sitting right there in the restaurant! She has the capacity to have multiple orgasms, and once she starts she tends to want more than one.

She caught her breath for a minute, and then I noticed her arm move as she brought the vibe back to her clit. It wasn’t more than another minute or two before she jerked again and came a second time. This time she didn’t pull the vibe away and a minute or two later had another orgasm, and as is her typical reaction, this one was even stronger than the first two. She is, for the most part, a very quiet cummer, and she was not about to be moaning and groaning all over in the restaurant, but on this last one, as her body spasmed a few times again, she did let out an audible moan. At that point, I ended up joining her in an orgasm, as I was so excited about her public orgasms that a couple of rubs on my very hard member were all it took. She opened her heavily lidded eyes and smiled at me. I said that I had joined her on the last one and she chuckled a bit before I excused myself to go to the washroom and clean my pants.

We repeated that scene a number of times in the same restaurant, as she was comfortable doing that there. She did use it a few times in other locations. One time we were out shopping and she had jeans on. The dining area was pretty empty, and I asked her if she thought the vibe would work through her jeans. She said if she could get the seam in the right spot, it probably would. This would be the first time that she didn’t have a skirt or dress to hide her hand under while she held the vibe, but she was willing to give it a try. It didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm there, and as was common, 1xbet güvenilir mi she had a couple more, the entire time hold the small vibe on her clit through the jeans. I think she had become somewhat addicted to the public thrill.

A few years later, I found a bullet vibe called the Ultra 7 that was the typical style with the bullet attached by a cord to the battery pack. This vibe was considerably stronger than the Rocket vibe. She was able to hide the battery pack/controller in her bra or the waistline of her pantyhose if wearing a dress or skirt, or in the pocket of her jeans/slacks and some skirts. I had earlier bought a pair of panties with a pouch for a wireless vibe (one of those earlier mentioned vibes that was nowhere near powerful enough to induce orgasm), and the bullet fit in those perfectly. With this set up, she became even more bold, as there was no need to hold anything against her clit. She could discreetly reach for the controller to turn it on or off. We had many public adventures with this vibe. She came readily with the strength of the vibe, and at times I’d challenge her to have at least five or six orgasms while in the restaurant, which she could do with no problem.

A couple experiences stand out. One problem with this vibe was that the battery pack had a red light that glowed when it was on. One of the first times she used it, she was sitting in the booth and had turned it on a low setting and was enjoying the sensations with that glazed look in her eyes when the waited came by the table and mentioned that her pants were glowing! He could see the light through the material of her pants. She just laughed and said “you’re right”. I thought that might be the end of the evenings fun, but it didn’t phase her in the least. Little did he know that she would be glowing with orgasm a few minutes later.

I always loved it when she was trying not to let her pleasure show, and as time went on she became very adept at hiding her orgasms. As noted though, her eyes always glazed over when she would turn on the vibe, and if she 1xbet giriş tried to keep her eyes open as she came, her eyes would lose focus and I could absolutely tell she was cumming. If she closed her eyes and leaned her head into her hand which with her elbow braced on the table, there would be subtle movement of her body as the orgasms pulsed through her. Another favorite experience was the time the waiter came by and asked if we needed anything else while she was right in the middle of an orgasm. She had had her eyes closed but opened them with the orgasmic loss of focus look to answer him.

I knew what was happening and I’m sure he wondered what the hell was going on with her…lol. There was also the time that she was wearing the vibe to dinner, but we stopped to look at furniture before we went home. Walking in, I challenged her to have an orgasm in the store. She said she wasn’t sure that the vibe would stay in place well enough while walking around, but she did turn it on when we walked in. After browsing around a bit, I had stopped to look at something but she continued to walk along, going past a salesman that was taking to another couple. I happened to look up just about the point where she turned and looked back at me, leaned on a chair, and came right there. She had that oh my God I’m cumming look on her face and her knees buckled slightly as she came. I really enjoyed that one!

Eventually, I found a way to discreetly wear a vibrator on myself, so our public excursions would have us both climaxing in the middle of a very crowded restaurant, with no one the wiser.

Unfortunately, age has caught up with us, and she no longer has the desire to play in public. I still ask her to wear her vibe when we go out, but the last few times she has been unable to climax. It is too bad that the current crop of wireless remote control toys was not available when we were younger, as we likely would have worn them out! I’ve never lost my desire to watch her orgasm, and I also scour the internet for videos of the ladies using toys or finger in public places. While there are a few, most are, in my opinion, over-acted and lack actual orgasms. I love to read the stores here of ladies that have orgasmed in public places as well. I cannot explain why that turns me on so, but there is nothing I enjoy more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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