(pt 5 ) What a night at Keiths place

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Once more time had got away from us, Kim had been around a few times and she was getting kinkier by the day, now doing anything we wanted with her. So when we all had next Saturday night free, I made a phone call to Keith to say we would be there around 7pm.

Saturday afternoon Kim arrived and got herself cleaned out, we played with her and opened up her holes for tonight’s fun, by now my 12 inches huge dildo was going all the way in and my cock too, she was so good now a fist would go in either, or both holes with no problems.

So around 6.30 we set off, the girls playing naked in the back seat as I drove, by now both didn’t care, as we pulled up at Keith’s club, naked as a jay bird they both walked in, eyes opened up when the guys and a few woman saw them like this.

Kim found Keith, kissing him, she dragged him into the mirror room, he was going to get her body first, to say thanks, and Sue headed off with guys in tow, as I found a few guys who I knew would play with my hole. I followed Kim and watched as Keith and now a few more guys fucked her in all different positions, she watched herself in the mirrors and saw me watching too, smiling at me with a wicked grin.

She wasn’t going to let the guys rest, as one filled her with seeds, she took on another, until cum ran freely from both holes. Keith was now fisting her butt, while another guy fucked her pussy, and others face fucked her, I was keeping several guys busy as we all got more turned on
Sue turned up, with guys following close behind, all seemed to like the girls bodies, as cum flowed over them both, the smell of sex filled the room, Then Keith said, “Who wants to have more fun”.

Well the girls were up and heading to the kinky room quick smart, a line of guys behind them, I finished of 2 guys in me, and then headed in myself. Kim was already on her knees with Ralph licking her pussy, and Sue was having fun with 2 dogs, Lucas and a new dog, both keen to lick her pussy clean, seeing Keith, I asked about the new dog, a large grey blue colour, he said it belonged to one of the guy’s here tonight, who had seen us have fun before.

Well not waiting to be introduced, I knelt down as Keith pulled him over, his tongue found my cummy butt and he began to lick me clean. Both girls were now being fucked by their dogs, and with little effort I got the new dog to mount me, well I was in for fun.

His front paws came up alongside me, then I felt his cock, hitting my butt, Keith gave him a hand, as inch by inch it started to enter my wet hole.
Then with one hard push his cock went in, deeper than the other dogs cocks had, he built up speed, my arse was on fire as bahis firmaları he used me as his bitch, I took a good sniff of the poppers, and held on, he was fucking good, what a cock, Keith came around and face fucked me, saying it looked good, then after some time, his knot hit home, as it went in, his cock went in another 4 or 5 inches, then the knot swelled up, and oh boy did it swell, I was in bliss. This was so much bigger than the other dog’s knots and cocks.

I went from one anal orgasm to another as he kept fucking me; he was doing about 80 or 90 strokes a minute at least, the heat between us now building. As I nearly passed out. then I felt his cock swell more, unlike the other dogs he had kept going well past the knot going in, the cum was hot, and lots of it, as he growled loudly, letting us all know he was cuming.

I too growled, but for a different reason, I was enjoying this more than ever, as the cum kept flowing. Keith had filled my mouth with his cum, and was now under me, sucking my cock, as the dog carried on filling my butt. It seemed to take ages, but then he slowed, still knotted we rested, I was so exhausted, but with a smile a mile wide on my face, As I looked over, the girls were sharing doggy cum with one another, licking and sucking one another clean, as guys fucked them relentlessly.

Then his knot popped out, my butt open for all too see into, cum flooded the ground under me as Keith began to eat what he could, Kim was behind me now, her mouth on my hole, licking and sucking doggy cum from me, then she brought it up and shared it with me in a big cummy kiss, as I eased away and said, you should try him next,

Well the night carried on, guys took us all, and it wasn’t long before the new dog got keen
Once more, sniffing around, so Kim knelt down, as I lead him up to her, he was in her butt in no time, his cock sunk deep, almost all of it on the first push. Kim jumped, but held tight, as his assault began, her orgasms rang out quick and loud.

A guy I had seen before came over, stroking the dog; I asked if he was his, Yes he replied, did you like him. “Big time” was my reply, as Kim drowned us out with screams of pleasure.

I took a few more guys as we all watched this dog perform, he was good, his cock about 12 inches long, but then the knot was another 4 or more inches round too, and as that went in Kim let out a huge orgasm, as his cock sunk another 4 inches or so inside her butt. Some 16 inches of dog cock buried deep in her bowels now. No wonder I had enjoyed it so much, as my 18 Inch double ender, feels good when it’s right inside me too, but this was a living hot cock.

Her brown eye was kaçak iddaa so swollen; I wondered if that’s what my butt looked like when he knotted with me, the huge bludge looked great as his cock still fucked her hard.

Then we watched as the knot grew more, to a point where it seemed unreal she could take it, then he growled, flooding her bowels with hot sticky dog cum. Kim was in one long orgasm now, her eyes glassed over, as his thrusting slowed.

I saw the cum start to run out, so sliding under her, began to eat what I could, licking her clit, sent her over the top again, it was ages, then plop, my face was covered in his hot juices, I gagged but kept eating it all.

The flow of cum was slowed when a guys cock filled her arse, fucking her hard, before filling her once more with cum, I sucked his cock as he pulled back, his cum adding to the dog cum on me already

Sue was already taking Lucas’s cock deep in her pussy, the knot just about to go in, as I watched. But this time she was straddling him sitting over his cock, pushing down, as the knot went in, I saw her motion to a guy, he moved behind her, his cock going in her butt, as they worked up to speed.

I moved to get a better view, her pussy lips red and swollen, with the knot held firm, and her butt, filled by a nice 7 inch cock, poor Lucas, was trying to push up into her, but with the two above him, it wasn’t working to well, but when he growled and his cum flowed we knew he had enjoyed it. Shortly after wards the guy in her but came, replaced quickly by another guy who only lasted a few minutes before he too cum in her, then a third guy filled her with his cum, only just getting his cock in her before he cum.

Sue pulled up, the knot plopped out, and seeing me laying next to her, She quickly swung around her butt over my face, she let rip, with one hard push, all the cum squirted out. I would say enough to fill a cup, splashed over my face as I tried to eat it all. By the time it stopped running out I was having to spit it back out, laying down it was too hard to swallow it all.

Kim pulled my arm up, with another guy next to me, she sat down, my fist in her butt, his in her pussy, and she rode us hard, her brown eye so open now after taking the dogs cock felt good. Then Sue also sat on my other fist, both girls impaled down to my elbows, what a night. Not to out done, Sue also got a guy to fist her pussy, my eyes didn’t know where to look as both rode hard, somebody sucking my cock too, got to feel the force of my orgasm in his mouth. If there had been room, I would have asked for a cock to suck too.

I let the girls wear them self’s out, before laying two guys down kaçak bahis and sitting on them, taking both cocks in me sent me over the top again, then I got them to dp me with me sitting on one, while the other fucked me from the front, I love his way as I can see both cocks enter my butt. I was rewarded by them filing me with cum, before taking on a couple of new cocks, and repeating the move.

Sue was now getting ready for the new dog to fuck her, Kim was already being fucked by Ralph, and so after empting both cocks in me, I got under Sue just as he went in, her butt taking it all first go. The knot just stopped short of going in as he built up speed.

Sue was pushing back hard, as the knot went in and pulled out, then after a few more thrusts it went in and stayed in, swelling to its huge size once more. All 16 inches buried inside her.

Kim had a guy licking her clit as her dog fucked her fast and knotted, she was sucking his cock, as Ralph fucked her, and it seemed to be that when Ralph let loose so did he.

Sue was now screaming though one long orgasm, her body ripped apart, the knot swallow more than before, as he began to flood her bowels, I knew she would be loving this.

I knew I was going to cop all the cum once more, so as I waited, I licked Sue’s clit, keeping her high, then the knot pulled out, and the dog moved back, this time, I lifted up, ramming my fist in her butt, then with one more move, shoved my other fist in her pussy, Sue shot up, her sensitive holes filled by my fists nearly to the elbows, gave her no rest, as she screamed once more in orgasmic bliss.

I love fisting Sue or Kim, but when I have both fists in, even better, then Alan saw Sue’s butt held high, filled with my fist, so he eased his cock in, we both played inside her hole, him fucking her as fast as he could while I held his cock, then with one hard thrust her butt took his cum too, my hand felt the warmth filling her body.

Kim was kept busy, at times with 4 or 5 guys all finding a hole to fuck, while Sue and I kept guys busy too, I got 4 guys at once, 2 in my butt and 2 in my mouth, so not to be out done, Sue got 5 guys 2 in her pussy, one in her butt, and two more in her mouth, cheeky bugger.

We all had more fun, the girls and I took every guy more than once, and the dogs got a good work out, as we drained them as much as we could, then Keith asked if we could start to let the guys go, seeing as it was close to 3 am.

As we left I got the phone number of the guy with the new dog, asking if he was up for more meets at our place with us, any time, of course Yes, was his reply.

The girls gave Keith a big kiss each, and thanked him for a great night, then walked naked back to the car, for me to drive them home, while they enjoyed more licking and sucking on the back seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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