Point of No Return

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Mike knew as soon as he rode up on the bar his week was not going to get any better than it had been. He pulled up and parked his bike and looked across the parking lot and cursed under his breath at the Dodge Charger sitting on the lot. Melissa was a thorn in his side. Yea he could go to any bar in town, but he knew almost all the regulars here, and this bar was a major biker hang out. And of course, a hang out for biker mistresses.

Walking in he headed to the darker corner of the bar and ordered his drink praying Melissa had not seen him. But his luck sucked this week.

“What the hell Mike you would think you were avoiding me by coming in and not saying a word to me.” Melissa walked over and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Mike did his best to shrug her off but to no avail. “I was trying to avoid you, Melissa. I wish you would get it through your thick skull I don’t want you or to have anything to do with you. I just want to drink my beer and try and relax from a crappy fucked up week.”

“You know Mike if you would just give me a chance, let’s just hang out or go for a ride. Having someone would make life for you so much better especially when it’s been a rough week.” She gave Mike a long look. Melissa could only guess what Mike was going through. For her though no amount of insult or cussing her was going to phase her. She enjoyed it. She was getting attention hell she thought to herself if he would slap me I would love it. The thought made her giggle and realize how fucked in the head she might be.

Mike shook his head. “I think I know why your last man left. You’re annoying as fuck; you don’t know what no means and you won’t shut your mouth.” Mike took A huge hit off his beer. He hated he was this way to her but too many failed relationships had made him bitter, and he wanted nothing to do with so called love. Yeah ok, some were his fault, but still, they were relationships that had failed. But he knew no other way. He had been brutally honest the first time she started hitting on him so either she was desperate, mentally unstable or enjoyed the verbal abuse to which he didn’t know she was taking his verbal punches like a champ though.

Melissa decided she needed to up the anti. “Mike you being a total asshole to me doesn’t mean squat. I can verbally spar with the best and my last man left because I according to him had gotten boring. So there is nothing you can say that will detour me. Nothing you can do to make me change my mind. I Want to be your woman; I want to take care of you. Just give me a chance please.”

Mike hit the last of his beer and slammed the bottle on the bar and stood up. He leaned over and whispered in Melissa’s ear. “Take a clue bitch I don’t want you, I’m an asshole, and your life would be shit, you would grow to hate me. Now fuck off.” And with that Mike headed out of the bar.

Melissa quickly followed and headed to her car. She wasn’t going to let him to that easy.

As Mike pulled out of the parking lot, she was in her car and following him. One thing Mike loved about where he lived was the seclusion. He lived outside the noisy city and far enough away from people. It was just him and his dogs. He turned into his driveway. As he was turning, he noticed a set of headlights coming down the road. It wasn’t till they turned into his driveway that he got suspicious. Quickly he set the bike on its kickstand and reached for his concealed pistol. Lifting it, he pointed it at the car pulling up.

Melissa jumped out now scared. She had never had a gun pointed at her. “Mike it’s me, please don’t shoot.” She threw her hands in the air.

“You stupid fucking bitch. What the fuck is your malfunction. Get the hell out of here.” Mike started moving toward her but lowered his pistol as he did so. Before Melissa could react, Mike had holstered his gun and grabbed her by the throat slamming her against the car. His face within inches of hers, he glared into her eyes. “You’re fucking lucky I didn’t shoot you. You’re about stupid for following me out here. What if I was some psycho. You would be dead right now if not raped as well, and not a single person would know.”

“Because you wouldn’t do that I know. You are only hiding your feelings from me. There is nothing you can do to turn me away.” Melissa struggled to speak as his grip tightened on her throat.

Mike nearly laughed. “You’re either stupid or a freak psychopath. I told you once I’ll repeat it you would grow to hate me. Now get your dumb ass out of here.” Mike pulled her away from the car then ruffly pushed her back letting her go as he did. Turning, he headed for his house.

Melissa caught her balance and stood up and reaching for Mike’s arm. She didn’t care what happened. Next, she knew she couldn’t let him go inside without talking first.

Mike felt the hand grip his arm. Before she could get a grip, he ripped his arm from her grasp and spun around looking her dead in her eyes. “You stupid bitch touch me again, and I will knock your head off your shoulders. Now get the fuck off my property before I change my mind and shoot you.”

“You don’t have the fucking balls, Mike. I told you there…..”

Mike didn’t let her get another word, and open handed slapped her across the face. “I don’t have the what?”

Melissa stepped back surprise on her face. He had slapped her. She touched her cheek. “You think that’s going to run me off? I’ve had worse; you don’t seem to understand Mike I want to be yours.”

“You are the craziest bitch I have ever met. You need to see a damn shrink.” Mike turned and headed for the door. His thoughts were of anger flowing through him. Never in his life had he ever hit a woman but she was bringing the worst out of him. And worst of all he felt better. Mike tried to shake that last thought.

Melissa again grabbed his arm this time she fell to her knees. And holding onto his arm as tight as she could.

Mike whirled around ready to lay another blow, That’s when he noticed she was now on her knees. “You have got to be Ankara Escort kidding me.” This time he grabbed her hair and pulled her up to her feet. Dragging her back to her car, with all his might he slung her back to her car.

Melissa let out a yelp as she was pulled around by her hair, but the pain from her body hitting the car was far worse. Tears began to flow. “Mike please just give me one chance. Do your worst I don’t care you can’t hide your feelings for me forever.”

Mike stared at her in total disbelief. This nut job had just been slapped, dragged by her hair, and thrown into her car and she was still begging him. How the hell was he going to get rid of her short of putting a bullet in her head. That, of course, he didn’t want to do.

Melissa looked up at Mike she could see him thinking. All she wanted was to love him she knew that from the day she met him. She would do anything to prove to him. And she meant it. Well except leave that she was determined she wasn’t going to do.

Mike began to laugh. “Alright you crazy bitch I’ll give you a chance, and if you are still here by morning, we will talk.” Mike knew he must be out of his mind, but he had a few ideas that maybe just maybe would run her off. He turned on his heels and headed for the door.

Melissa felt her heart jump at those words and quickly scrambled to her feet and followed Mike to the door.

Mike stopped at the door then turned to look at her. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going?”

“Um, you said you were going to give me a chance I was just following you,” Melissa said with total confusion.

Mike smiled “ Oh no you’re going to wait right here and while you are waiting you are going to strip naked and put your clothes in the car.”

“What? What is this a damn joke?” Melissa couldn’t believe her ears.

“No, it’s not a joke. I told you if you were here by morning we would talk. I can say this is not going to be pleasant for you; You did say I could do anything, so that’s what I plan on doing. Now get naked I’ll be right back” And with that, he stepped inside.

Melissa stood at the door. What the hell did he have planned, what the hell had she just got herself into?

A few minutes passed, and Melissa heard a gate open. She turned the direction of the noise, and Mike stepped through.

“What the fuck I thought I told you to get naked but yet here you stand fully fucking dressed. Mike quickly closed the distance. He grabbed her hair and dragged her back to her car. “Now fucking strip or get in your car and leave, or I can remove them for you.”

“I’m not removing my clothes out here no way in hell” Melissa shoved Mike away from her.

“Ok fine have it your way” Mike grabbed her head and forced her over while doing so he grabbed her shirt and pulled it off.

Melissa grabbed at her shirt desperately trying not to let him remove it and failing miserably. “stop Mike please”

Mike got her shirt off and quickly and roughly removed her bra in the same manner. After getting her bra off, he spun her toward her car and grabbed ahold of her pants Quickly undoing the button, he yanked them and her panties to her ankles. Turning her back around to face him he stepped back. “Now I suggest unless you want me to finish removing them myself I think you should step out of your pants.”

Melissa tried her best to cover herself while removing her pants. “ What, what are you going to do to me? She began to cry as she asked him.

“Oh you will see, ” and with that, he grabbed her hair and drug her to the back yard.

As they went around back, Melissa saw three dog houses and several dog toys strewn about the yard. As they got closer, she realized one of the dog houses was going to be for her. “Mike why are you doing this please don’t do this to me, Please” Her pleading she realized was to no avail.

Mike reached into his waistband and removed a collar. Taking the collar, he put it around her neck. Then reached down and grabbed a rope with a latch and attached it to the ring on the collar. “ Now you have two choices. One you can stay the night and be here in the morning, or you can leave, but if you leave you agree never to return here, never show up at the bar. Your choice” As he said this he headed to the back door. Just as he reached the door, he turned and said “ Oh and don’t piss my dogs off ok?” He turned and went inside. As he entered three large dogs ran out the back door.

Melissa started crying, what was she going to do. She didn’t want to leave, but then she didn’t expect this. Being treated this way and left outside naked with three large dogs.

As the dogs came running up Melissa got on her knees and backed into the doghouse she was attached to. It was going to be a long night, but Melissa had no idea how bad it was going to get.

Melissa tried her best to push the dogs away as they kept trying to stick their heads in and sniff her. She heard the back door open, and all three dogs took off in a run.

“ Dinner time!” Mike shouted as he stepped out.

Melissa stuck her head out of the dog house and watched as he set down bowls for all three dogs. Then he brought another bowl to her and set it down outside the opening. She looked up at him. “What the fuck I’m not a damn dog.”

“Well if you don’t want it I’ll take it back in then, damn sure don’t need my dogs eating human food. Oh, I suggest if you want fresh water you get a drink before Zeus crawls into it.” Mike turned and went back inside.

Melissa looked at the bowl and pulled it into the doghouse. Inside the bowl was eggs and bacon. She gave off a sigh and used her hands to dish out the food.

Melissa woke up feeling very thirsty. She peered out the opening. One of the dogs was lying just outside the dog house. She didn’t see the others but figured they were asleep in the other dog houses.

Quietly Melissa crept out of the doghouse. As she came out and looked around and noticed a large metal tub. She quietly made her way to it. Eryaman Escort Still, on her hands and knees, She used one hand to scoop water and lifted it to her mouth.

As she drank, she didn’t take notice of one of the dogs coming up behind her. When the dog’s cold nose hit her pussy, Melissa just about jumped out of her skin. She rolled over onto her butt, back to the large metal wash tub. “Bad dog” She scolded. Before she could make any other move the large dog forced his muzzle between her legs, With both hands she tried her best to push him backward.

Finally, after several forceful shoves, she had pushed him back enough to seek to escape his onslaught. She scrambled to her feet and tried to get to the doghouse. As she was about to stand the dog knocked her back down by jumping on to her back. Melissa fought with her every being to try and get up or at least get him off of her.

Melissa tried to stand up again as she gained her feet the dog gave a forceful shove, she fell back down to her hands. When she tried again the dog let out a loud growl. Melissa froze in fear.

Once the dog figured he had her under control, he repositioned himself humping as he did so.

Melissa cried out trying to keep him from gaining position. Each time she moved he would growl at her. She finally cried out praying Mike would hear her scream. “Mike, please help me god, please help!”

She struggled to move forward only too late to realize she had made a mistake. As soon as she moved the dog gained ground and position. After several humps he made contact. Melissa screamed at the intrusion to her pussy. OH my god I’m going to be raped by a dog, god, please don’t let this happen, please. “Mike HELP!” She screamed as loud as she could.

Mike heard her screams the first one he waived off. “Fuck if you can’t handle it go the fuck home.” He casually hollered. The second scream got his attention. “Damn it can’t a man fucking relax.” Mike got up from his recliner and hurried to the door. God forbid she was hurt.

When he got to the door and looked out the window the site had him nearly laughing. Before him was Melissa on all fours and his German Shepherd Boss on her back humping like mad. He stood and watched the show.

Melissa cried out trying her best to free herself, but the dog had a tight grip on her hips. After several misses, his cock had found its target. His pace picked up, and Melissa let out multiple screams. OH FUCK NO NO NO, PLEASE FUCK NO!” Tears filled her eyes.

After several thrusts, Melissa felt something large trying to enter her pussy. And the dog was humping harder trying to force it in. She realized what the large object was. It was his knot, she began to panic, she moved trying to prevent entry, but her final move of her hips gave the dog ease of access. His knot slid in; Her eyes went wide. The next surprise hit her like a ton of bricks each time the dog pulled back his knot pressed against her g-spot. Waves of electricity shot through her body that and the mix of hot cum hitting her insides caused her body to convulse. Melissa’s eyes rolled as the large knot induced orgasm hit her body.

Melissa went limp and fell forward her ass still in the air. Mini orgasms pulsed through her body. She shook with each one.She began to pray Mike had not heard her. Fuck what would he say if he came outside?

Just when Melissa thought things couldn’t get worse. She heard as noise that made her body freeze, and her heart pound through her chest.

“Well I’ll be damned, you let him fuck you wow. I hope you enjoyed it.” Mike knelt down so she could see his face. “Now that you made ol Boss here happy you can’t leave the other two out that wouldn’t be fair to them.” Mike reached over and patted Boss on his head.

Melissa looked in disbelief. “ Please, Mike no Please don’t make me do that. Please, this isn’t right.” She pleaded desperately.

“Well, now I guess if that’s the case you can get up after he pops out and take your happy ass on home. Now I only had you out here naked you took it further by seducing my dog. So that being said you can leave or you can make my other two pups very happy.” Mike looked at her with a solemn look.

“I didn’t seduce him, Mike, please this is not what I meant by you could do anything.” Melissa was near tears now.

“Oh, sweetheart you’re the one on all fours and a dogs cock deep in your pussy. You are the one that came into my backyard instead of leaving.” Mike patted Melissa on the head “now again you have a choice you can be a good little bitch and make the other two happy, or you can get up and leave never to speak my name ever again. Oh and just so you know if you try and report this I have security video of you fucking Boss.” Mike smiled as with final word he spits in her face.

Melissa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She felt trapped, she wanted Mike badly but was this worth the humiliation? She could handle being hit, spit on, cussed at, insulted and humiliated but this was a whole new level. Her tears were flowing, and her orgasms as hard as she tried to hide them were driving her crazy.

Boss finally was able to dismount Melissa’s back and turn butt to butt. This movement sent a massive orgasm coursing through her body. She let out a deep uncontrolled moan. One she wish she could have controlled.

“Wow sounds like ol boss there has his new bitch excited and ready for more. So whats your answer hmmm?” Mike grabbed Melissa face and turned it to his.

Melissa’s humiliation was at its highest she couldn’t believe her body was enjoying this, worst of all she wanted to admit she was too. She pulled her face away trying to hide her embarrassment. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

Mike laughed so hard he nearly toppled over. “Wow she has gone from crazed stalker to total doggie slut, now I have to wonder what else you are capable of.”

After several minutes and what Melissa thought was an orgasmic eternity Boss’s knot had gone down enough he was able to pull out. He strolled to the doghouse Melissa Escort Bayan had occupied and laid down.

Before Melissa could try and move another of the dogs came up behind her and started licking her pussy. This sent shockwaves through her body.

Mike reached over and thumped the dog on his head. “No boy no licking just get up there and get your nut off. I want to go to bed soon, just wanna make sure this little bitch doesn’t leave you to hanging and horny.

The big dog backed up from the thump, though it didn’t hurt it got his attention. Mike would never abuse any of his dogs. They ate healthily, had a big yard to run in and on hot days and nights, or inclement weather they were inside. And now he was presented with a bitch to take care of their other needs.

Without any further coaxing, the next dog got onto Melissa’s back. Gripping her hips tightly he began to thrust his hips forward. Several misses and a couple of times remounting his red rocket found what it was looking for.

Melissa could feel his weight every time he remounted her, and each time she prepared herself. What she wasn’t prepared for was the onslaught of a massive dog cock and extremely aggressive humping more aggressive than that of Boss.

“Now Beauregard here has fucked a few other big female dogs, so he is a little more experienced than Boss or Booger. Oh and you can call him Bo.” Mike stood up and stepped back to watch.

Melissa first orgasm hit but it was minor compared to those Boss had given her. With each hump Melissa began to let herself go, She figured if she was going to do this she might as well relent and enjoy it. Her moans became more audible especially as Bo’s knot started hitting her and trying to force its way in.The cock size alone was sending shock waves through her body. She tried adjusting her body and relaxing to allow Bo better access.

Better access was exactly what Bo got. He plunged his knot into Melissa. She screamed out in pleasure and pain. “OH FUCK OH GOD FUCK FUCK OH FUCK!” Melissa dropped her head and then looked at the sky as the first massive orgasm hit. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” She yelled through clenched teeth then she let out a low moan that sounded like a growl.

“Well I’ll be damned I think the dog fucking is turning you into a bonafide dog. That was a growl if I ever heard one. Damn Bo, you get it and enjoy it” Mike squatted down this time facing Melissa.

The hot cum spurting into Melissa pussy she could feel escaping the tie and dribble down her legs. She felt overly full not from just his cock but all the cum he was shooting into her. She thought he was never going to stop. And the pressure on her G-spot was almost too much to bare.Her orgasms just kept coming. If anything she thought to herself she would sleep like a baby and probably not be able to walk for a week,

After nearly 30 minutes Bo was able to pull free, He like Boss headed to one of the doghouses to lay down.

Booger seeing his chance clambered onto Melissa’s back and immediately started humping the air between him and her body. Finally, he found what he was searching for. As soon as his cock entered his bitch, he pounded her as fast as he could. To Mike, he looked like an automotive piston at full throttle.

Melissa screamed in pain as soon as Booger made the insertion. It wasn’t her pussy but her ass he had found and now was pounding relentlessly. “HE’S IN MY ASS PLEASE STOP HIM PLEASE FUCK FUCK!”

Booger didn’t know he was in her ass and didn’t care his animal instincts were in full overdrive all he knew was he found a hole it was tight, and he wanted to breed his bitch.

After a few minutes of being jack hammered Melissa’s ass gave way to Boogers knot. It was small compared to Bo and Boss, but to her virgin ass, it might have well been a cannon ball forcing its way in. Though her body was to some extent reacting positively to the cock in her ass she could swear she was being ripped in two. She felt everything even more so, his size, and then the hot cum shooting inside her and filling her up. Her moans betrayed her thoughts. She was enjoying the abuse.

Mike laughed as soon as she cried out that he was in her asshole. “Well good you won’t have any problems next time he crams it into your ass.”

Booger finally stopped pumping her full of cum and turned himself around now facing butt to butt. Booger started pulling trying to get to the water in the metal wash tub. Melissa had no choice but to move with him. Between orgasms and shooting pain the five feet might as well have been five miles.

Mike now content his dogs were taken care of decided it was time to go in. But before he passed Melissa he stopped and turned to face her. “Well, you are now officially a doggy cum loving bitch. But we will see if you are still here by morning which I doubt. And that’s fine by me. So before I head inside, I have one more thing for you.”

Melissa hanging her head in shame looked up as Mike finished talking. To her surprise, he was undoing his pants. She quickly closed her eyes and opened her mouth thinking he was going to make her suck him off.

Mike grinned as he watched her open her mouth. He pulled his cock out and released a torrent of piss.

Melissa gagged as soon as the warm liquid hit her tongue, it was very pungent. When she opened her eyes, she realized he was pissing in her mouth and was adjusting his aim when she had begun to wretch. He pissed on her back on her head and face. She felt even more humiliated by this action. She tried her best to avoid the spray of piss but to little success.

Mike finished peeing and put his cock back into his pants and admired a now piss soaked doggie slut. “Well, good night sleep well.” Mike headed back inside leaving Melissa still knotted to Booger naked and soaked in piss and her legs coated in dry dog cum.

When Booger freed himself from her ass, Melissa fell to the ground curled up and began to cry. She knew she had crossed a line that she could never go back to. She was at a point passed no return.She had fucked three dogs and enjoyed it and had been paid for her actions with Mike pissing all over her. She hated to admit it but that humiliation she even enjoyed even though the piss tasted awful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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