Pleasure of Giving

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With a yawn Lauren sat up in her bed. She normally revelled in the opportunity to stay snuggled up in bed on a day off but this morning she was alone. Her husband Mitch had already left for work and in his place was a cold emptiness that seemed so much more then physical. Gently she patted the soft mattress she was so used to seeing filled.

Raising her arms above her head she stretched some of the kinks from her lithe body. Her thin pink nighty rose up her slender legs and she felt the chill kiss of morning air rush over her. It instantly raised goose bumps along her skin and hardened the nipples standing on her small breasts.

Through her dreamy haze a welcome scent tickled her nose. Turning her head she found a plate of fruit and an iced coffee on her bedside table. With the fog of sleep fading came the realisation it was Valentine’s Day. Kicking the blanket off she grabbed the plate and read the small folded note attached.

“Loveliest Lauren” She read out loud. “Happy Valentine’s Day, I’m so sorry I had to work and leave you to wake up alone. You know I didn’t want too but hopefully we can make up for it tonight. Enjoy your breakfast and if you’re bored go to that web site we looked at the other night. Check out item 267, hint hint. Love Mitch”

Mitch was an old fashioned romantic and notes like this were his speciality. In fact it was one of the reasons she had been attracted to him in the first place. Even now they were married she still felt the pangs of young love and each note retained the same lustre. Lauren let herself swoon for a moment before refolding the note and turning to the food.

The fruit was fresh. Biting into a mango she felt the juice drip down her chin and licked the sticky juices off her fingers. Lauren couldn’t remember Mitch buying the fruit and her mind was thrilled at the secrets they had in store for each other. Quickly and messily she stuffed herself. Lauren hardly even tasted the delicious cream before quaffing the coffee. The note had been sweet but the hint at the end was exciting. She was anxious to begin the day.

Climbing to her feet Lauren crossed into the ensuite bathroom. Her morning ritual consisted of about an hours work so she settled for a quick wash of her face and brushing the knots out of her long blonde hair. She considered applying some makeup but there was nothing planned until dinner that night. She had all day to get ready.

Leaving the bathroom she entered the walk in robe. Hidden behind boxes of shoes were the presents Lauren had bought for Mitch. She tidied the boxes back up then took the fishing gear and cologne out into the lounge room. The air was already warming up into a hot summer day but the tiles still felt cold on her bare feet.

Walking into the study she flicked the computer on and sat down. Opening up the history page of their internet explorer Lauren checked which websites they had visited recently. Face book was there of course. Mitch had been to some sport sites and she had been shopping but there was only one site listed that she remembered them visiting together. Lauren visibly flushed when she saw it.

“That’s a sex store?” She whispered, her hand automatically going to her neck.

Over and over different thoughts crossed her mind as the website loaded. Was it a new toy, a new outfit? Had he even gone to this website at all? Why hadn’t they invested in a faster connection?

Lauren wouldn’t be surprised if Mitch had purchased something from a sex store. They had always lived a healthy sex life even if the array of sex toys they possessed highlighted her as the more adventurous. They were open and had discussed many things they would like to add to their collection. Mitch new her well and as the home page formed in front of her she felt her heart beat increase. Clicking in a cell Lauren typed in the item number and pressed enter. The screen changed and Lauren leaned forward.

“Item 267 ~ Sybian Orgasm Machine” She read out loud. “Built to provide a lifetime of pleasure. The Sybian gives the ultimate in sexual stimulation; hundreds have had their first orgasm when using it, others have gone multi or poly orgasmic.”

The picture showed a black saddle like device that apparently contained an electric motor. Next to the saddle was an assortment of phallic attachments. Lauren allowed herself to fall back in the chair. Her eyes closed. The thought of climbing atop the leather saddle sent tingles through her. Her current selection of sex toys couldn’t compare with this. If the description and rumours were to be believed nothing could compare with it. And now she owned one, possibly.

Mitch almanbahis giriş had done his work well. Lauren’s interest was piqued and she couldn’t drag her mind from what lay on the screen. Flashes of orgasms too come ran through her mind. Steamy nights, lazy afternoons and special occasions all involving the Sybian. The possibilities for their sex life were endless but mustering all her mental strength Lauren turned the computer off and left the study.

Sitting on the dark suede lounge Lauren placed the presents on the coffee table for wrapping. It was still early and she had the day to herself. It wasn’t often that she had a whole day to herself and for awhile she sat immobile. The house was clean and she didn’t need to start getting ready until that afternoon.

“What to do, what to do,” she wondered out loud.

First she rang her sister at work then spoke to a few other friends. Lauren wrapped Mitch’s presents but still the day crept slowly on and invariably the Sybian came stealing back into her mind. Lunch came and went but still the thoughts returned. At one point she even switched on the TV and tried to survive the day time soaps but it only took five minutes of Dr Phil’s southern drawl to propel her into action.

They lived together in brick four bedroom home they had built only a year prior. She was sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a brightly wrapped box. Walking into one of the spare rooms she looked under the bed but found nothing. Lauren went through the wardrobe then repeated through the other spare rooms, still nothing. For a moment she stopped to reconsider. Lauren knew she should wait for Mitch to get home but she also knew her body couldn’t wait. Her nipples felt raw simply from the rub of her flimsy nightie and her pussy tingled with each step through the house. No other toy could satisfy her right now and she would die long before he got home.

Lauren looked through the kitchen, the garage and even their bedroom but still nothing. She was flirting with the possibility of failure, the possibility that Mitch had the gift with him when she looked out the window and noticed their new green shed in the back yard.

The mid day sun was warm upon her exposed skin. By the time she crossed the soft, green grass and unlocked the polished shed she felt the first beads of sweat upon her brow. Stepping out of the direct sun into the dark shed was like stepping into the proverbial oven and she immediately felt damp. But the dampness growing between her legs and the breath caught in her throat had nothing to do with the heat.

In the centre of the cement floor was a large box covered with a sheet. With baited breath Lauren stepped forward and pulled it back. Her legs nearly giving way when she saw the red wrapping paper appear. Her breath seemed to be quickening. Lauren realised her hands were shaking with excitement as she picked the box up. Any thought of waiting for Mitch were lost in the flood of anticipation coursing through her.

In a matter of moments she had re-entered the house and the lounge room was covered in shredded paper. The box had been opened. Lauren had unpacked the contents in their entirety and placed them neatly on the floor while she sat back with the novel sized instruction manual.

She felt like a kid in candy store or maybe a virgin on her wedding night, she wasn’t sure. All Lauren knew was she had never been so excited about a gift before and couldn’t wait to try it out. Without reading every page Lauren skimmed through the manual.

Pushing the lounges back, Lauren moved the coffee table and made a clear space on the tiles. She placed the Sybian saddle in the middle and reverently removed the Styrofoam and plastic bag surrounding it. Running her small hand over the soft leather she let herself image what it was going to be like with her thighs clamped tight around it. Plugging the power cord into the wall she turned it on and sat listening to the gentle hum of the machine for a moment.

Lauren remembered the manual insisting that the attachments be cleaned before use. There were too many to be used at once so she laid them out in front of her. They were made of a pale soft plastic and came with different shapes. To Lauren they all looked incredibly appealing, especially the ridged clitoral massager moulded to the front of each dildo.

Listening to the humming machine was making Lauren hotter and hotter as she tried to decide which to try first. One was actually a double headed dildo that looked like it could fill both her holes. Possibly a bit advanced for her first time. Another had no dildo almanbahis güvenilirmi at all and looked like it offered mainly clitoral stimulation. Not good enough thought Lauren. She was hot and turned on. She needed to be fucked.

And like Goldilocks and the three bears the next one was just right. It was a soft, hairless, plastic representation of a penis. It resembled Mitch and Lauren knew it was exactly what she needed. Standing up her legs felt shaky as she went to the kitchen to clean the phallus. Her breathing was fast and she needed to keep calming herself as she bathed it in the soapy water. Lauren had to laugh out loud at the knots in her stomach. She hadn’t even been touched yet.

Standing in the lounge with the now clean and dry faux penis Lauren was ready. She slowly peeled her panties down her legs, unsurprised to find that they were soaked through. Lauren gently ran a finger along her moist lips. There was a cover of fine hair that reminded her that she had missed her waxing appointment that afternoon. Her pussy was wet but she still squirted some sweet smelling lubricant over the dildo before attaching it to the saddle.

Kneeling before the Sybian Lauren lifted the hem of her nightie above her waist. She clutched the soft dildo as she moved forward dragging the thick head back and forth between her lips, mixing her nectar with its lubricant. Her clit was already engorged and the gentle touch of the plastic made her thighs clamp onto the saddle. Lauren had never felt so horny and it took all her will power to hold the dildo steady as she slid down its slick length. Letting out an audible sigh as her ass came to rest on the leather and the dildo gently brushed her cervix.

Lauren sat still for a moment. Simply enjoying the sensation of a pussy filled. It didn’t feel unlike Mitch but she missed the intimacy of a lovers gaze. Wiggling her hips she explored the feeling. Wondering if it would be as good as it was built up to be. So far it felt nice but she was ready to test it out. Picking up the boxy remote control she studied it for a moment. It was not complicated, simply a power switch underneath the vibration and rotation speed dials. Lauren left the rotation off and turned the vibration to minimum. Holding her breath she flicked the power switch on.

Immediately the Sybian came to life. Lauren let out a cry as the saddle began a gentle buzz that sent tingles throughout her thighs, stomach and most of all, her pussy. She leant forward and felt the rumbling machine press harder against her clit. It was like nothing she had ever felt and Lauren pulled her lips apart so that the vibrating dildo hit her clit directly.

A thousand tongues could not give the sensations she was receiving. She felt her pussy muscles contracting around the motionless cock within her as Lauren gently rocked back and forth. Each time it felt like she took more of the cock inside her and each time she pressed her clit into the vibrations harder. At the low vibration Lauren felt she could have road the high for hours but her body was begging for release and she turned the vibration up higher.

With her eyes closed Lauren floated in that rocking motion. Wave after wave of pleasure coursing into her pussy and out through her body. The pleasure was increasing and her body was responding. Her nipples tingled, begging to be touched and she released her breasts from their cotton prisons. Lauren took a nipple in each hand as she continued to ride. She twisted them sharply as she felt something building within her.

Much quicker then usual she was going to cum. Her body quivered as she moved towards that edge. Lauren turned the vibrations to maximum. Her body was so close to orgasm and the extra sensation was too much for her tortured clit. She moaned out loud as her orgasm exploded through her stomach. Lauren fell forward. Dropping the remote to hold herself up as the pleasure dragged on. Her pussy was spasming around the intruding cock and she could hear the liquid gushing from her vibrating on the saddle.

Slowly Lauren pieced herself back together and turned the vibration off. The sweet scent of her sex was strong in the air and Lauren fought to bring her breathing under control. She still couldn’t move a muscle as her body revelled in the aftershocks that ran through her. The orgasm had been unlike anything she had experienced before, unmatched by any other sex toys they owned. The Sybian, she thought did indeed make her vibrators look like toys.

Her throbbing clit was screaming for a break but her thirsting need had yet to be quenched. Lauren was amazed at almanbahis yeni giriş how wet her thighs had become when she came. Her body had responded to the machines will and she wondered how many other secrets the machine would uncover. Using her thumb Lauren closed her eyes and turned the rotation dial up.

The dildo inside her began moving in slow circles, running gentle movements deep within her. At first she didn’t feel anything. Then quivers started shooting up her spine. Bracing herself, Lauren’s thighs locked about the saddle letting the machine work around her insides. It was the most intimate of inner massage.

Lauren’s pussy had never before felt the exquisite torment it was experiencing at that moment. The dildo was stroking places within her never before touched. It revolved relentlessly, massaging the sensitive flesh of her inner walls in a slow, methodical torture. She arched her back and bucked her wet pussy against the invader. Lauren was throwing her fiery passion against the Sybian’s cold metronome to create an exquisite bliss.

Lauren began to rock back and forward faster. It was like she was riding Mitch, fucking the machine like she would her husband. The sensation of riding a cock that could rotate and touch every nerve within her was amazing. She could feel her thighs and belly muscles straining to keep up the pace and she flicked the speed up higher

Her breathing became a whimper. The whimpers became moans. Her moans turned to screams each time the dildo completed a revolution and struck her most hidden G spot.

The machine’s ruthless buzzing echoed off the lounge room walls to combine with her moans. Lauren’s body was on fire. An intense pleasure was building deep within her core. She dropped the remote as her hands went to her breasts. Her need was great. Her whole body aflame with sensitivity and where ever her fingers touched left small tremors under the skin.

Lauren’s eyes were closed. She was oblivious to everything but her body as she humped against the beautiful machine. Letting it fuck her inch by inch towards the edge of no return.

Panting, moaning, Lauren saw stars shoot across her eyelids. Her heart seemed to stop for a moment as the dam finally broke and the most intense gratification flowed through her. From some deep unknown source to her finger tips and toe nails Lauren’s body spasmed. It was a complete, full body orgasm. The type she had only read about. Her knees gave way and Lauren fell to the side letting the dildo slip from her clutching pussy in a flood of her juices.

Out of energy Lauren lay in a pool of her own nectar. Her pleasure centres sparking back to life as the tidal pleasure retreated. Lauren’s breathing slowed and her heart beat more regular. She was relieved to find that she had returned alive from such an incredible flight.

Opening her eyes Lauren was surprised to find Mitch, her husband standing in the doorway. How long had he been there she wondered. She didn’t know what time it was but beyond him the day looked grey. She had lost the afternoon. She hadn’t even begun to get ready for dinner. Oddly she found she didn’t care. Nothing had ever felt that good.

“So you found it.” Mitch stated the question.

“I’m so sorry honey?” Lauren cooed, looking anything but sorry. “I was too excited and couldn’t wait.”

“Don’t worry baby. That was the greatest Valentine’s present you have ever given me,” he laughed.

For the first time Lauren registered the bulge in her husband’s pants and it reminded her of how she must have looked riding the Sybian. She tried to get up but her abused body was exhausted and all she could manage was to turn the still buzzing machine off. Sighing as the room grew quiet.

“Well Happy Valentine’s babe,” Mitch said.

“Happy Valentine’s Day too you to,” Lauren smiled back.

“It’s about to get happier, if you think you can handle anymore.” Mitch replied, watching the defiant smile creep across his wife’s lips.

Closing the wooden front door with his foot Mitch unbuckled his belt. With a flourish he pulled it out and quickly dropped his pants. In what seemed like no time at all he was kneeling naked at Lauren’s side. With a kiss he took the young woman in his arms and stood.

“What about dinner?” Lauren asked mischievously, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I have everything I need right here.” He replied carrying her towards the bedroom.

The Sybian may have been expensive but to him it had already paid for itself. Mitch had never been more turned on or more in love. To him, only his Lauren could manage to look so elegant while fucking like a whore. Their dinner plans could wait. In truth food was the last thing on either their minds.

Mitch placed Lauren lovingly on the soft doona of their bed. It had already been the best Valentine’s Day either could remember and it had only just begun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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