Planting my seed in her Cervix

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Abby is the personal assistant to another CEO, I met her at several meetings. We had coffee together and our conversation turned to being single never married, not finding a man that she wants a relationship with long term. At 33 she realizes if she is going to have a child it needs to be soon. I suggested my willingness to help bring her dream true. So after a few hours out drinking with friends I find my way to Abby’s apartment and ring the bell. We talk for a few seconds over the intercom before she lets me in for a few minutes. With a light buzz I slowly stagger my way up the stairs. The door is unlocked and I carefully lock it behind me as I enter. From the back bedroom I hear her call and there I find her playing a game on the computer with intense concentration. We converse for a little while as she focuses on her game. Moments later I find my eyes coveting her soft, slender build, hiding under a small black slip and silk panties. Long black hair drapes over her naked shoulders, shadowing your cinnamon colored skin and flawless complexion. The sight of this 33 year old beauty makes me lust after her and I can’t resist gently massaging her shoulders. She continues trying to concentrate on the game, ignoring how irresistibly good my touch feels on her bare skin. But her head starts to yaw as I massage up and down her neck and shoulders, signifying enjoyment from my hands.

I see goose bumps forming on her arms as I lightly caress her skin. My strong hands continuing to kneed their way down her lower back before progressing up to the front of her neck and chest. Each time my prodding fingers find an erogenous zone she moans softly with pleasure. Knowing that I have her full compliance I signify for her to scoot up so I can sit directly behind her in her chair. I bring her body close to mine by wrapping my forearms under her breasts and pulling her close to me. I smirk and giggle at my suggestive playing but still manage to safely manipulate her on-screen character. I decide to up the ante by slowly kissing the back of her neck. She responds so positively that my kissing turns into sucking as I work my way slowly around her neckline. My curious fingers gliding up her thighs find their way under her delicate slip, up over her hips and towards her anticipating breasts. I expect that she might withdraw but she has already succumb to my seduction and makes no resistance to the imposition of my feverish will.

My warm hands hover over her perky tits as her erect nipples anticipate the slightest touch. I smile to myself, briefly remembering how much I adore the sight of her naked chest. Her b-cup breasts possess auburn areola and thick nipples that stand firm when aroused. I notice her briefly shudder as my palms initially brush across her eagerly waiting erect nipples. Careful diligence keeps her concentration on the screen, though her facial expression briefly deceives me with a quaint smile. Sucking on her neck becomes playful biting as I work my mouth around your neckline. Under her slip my palms are intimately massaging her handful sized breasts, squeezing and milking them with rhythmic consistency. Briefly I pause to roll her long nipples between my thumb and index fingers, increasing the blood to their already excited and plump state. Now my will to see her bare breasts overcomes any doubt I may have had about rejection. I slowly pull her slip up over her heaving breasts to expose them to my view. Her stiff nipples point upward to the monitor where I take them between my fingers and gently start tugging on them. Stretching them this way makes her squirm with excitement and pleasure.

Though extremely aroused, she is still trying to hold a small bit of her attention on the game so her character isn’t harmed by her absence. Yet now I am licking and sucking on her ear lobe and making every attempt to drive her wild. My own excitement is pleasantly noticed as she pushes her ass against my black slacks and the steadily swelling cock harbored within. With my left hand still fondling her breasts, I let my right drift down across her stomach towards her silky panties. I want her to beg me to have my hand between her thighs. Sure enough she arches her upper back into my chest, rotate her hips backward, and place her heels up on the edges of the low desk. her wide open legs invite my hand as it slides between her waiting thighs.

In the crotch of her panties my desirous fingers find a soaking wet spot of fabric drenched in the effluence of her sultry vagina. Abby is so wet, her thighs are glistening with her sweet honey. I proceed to take my fingers and rub the saturated panty fabric into the mushy softness of her pussy. I work my fingers in a slow circular motion, pushing the silky fabric into the recesses of her soaked pussy. A slight moan emanates from beneath her breathing as I rub where I suspect her clitoris to be hiding. Her body warms to my touch, exhilarated by my aggressive behavior and wanton desire to explore the depths of her body. The titillation of massaging her over her panties can last so long. Deep down we both want her panties removed. To heighten the foreplay I start pulling the elastic of her panties down her thighs. As I struggle, she accepts my hint and removes her panties for me. With her panties removed I peek over her shoulder at her exposed pussy. The pink labia is surrounded by shaved crop of black pubic hair around her vagina. Seeing the dark shaved hair fills me with primitive urges that force me to reach down with both hands and firmly grasp the insides of her thighs.

There I’m kneading her supple skin to further stimulate her sexual hunger. The stroking parts her engorged labia, exposing the pink interior of the lips as they release her bayan escort gaziantep pungent, musky, female essence into the room. Between her fleshy labia is a transparent, viscous wetness that strings across her moistened lips as I repeatedly stretch them apart. The unabashed lips embody a parted mouth who’s thirsty desire has led to frenzied drooling. With steady massage I am more than willing to quench her desperate sexual thirst. I fulfill her feverish anticipation as I slide my hands inward to greet her glistening labia. There, the dew saturated lips dribble gooey drops of her ecstasy onto my exploring fingers. With determination I work the slimy lather deep into the folds of her hairy pussy as her breathing intensifies. Abby’s hands gripping my forearms displaying a silent trust and approval. With the sticky juices abundantly on my fingers I stroke upwards to her clitoris. I rub and circle the slowly stiffening nub, masturbating it with her gluey discharge. The attention draws blood to the small nub increasing its size and warmth. As my fingers caress her hot, little button it continues to swell and ripen, raising itself from her fleshy hood. The small erection rolls around beneath my fingers, playfully resisting my pressure. Each small rhythmic circle I make brings her closer to orgasm. In few moments I see her toes curling, body tensing, and shallow breathing as her being quakes in clitoral orgasm. The aftermath of massive pleasure compels her to go limp in my arms. While the tiny, throbbing nub stiffly protrudes between my fingers: a tribute to her intense orgasm.

Abby’s closed eyes and shallow breathing signify a sense of overwhelming relaxation which I take as consent to explore her body more freely and intimately. From her clitoris my fingers again start stroking the delicate wings of her labia. The warm lips have swelled from orgasm and alluringly lay open in the shape of a heart. With the edges of her flared lips held between the tips of my fingers I begin stretching her wide open, exposing her rose colored gem to my view and filling the air with the sweet smell of her sex. As I pull apart her labia, a milky white juice seeps out of her moist hole. I capture the thick cream with the tip of my middle finger and use it as lubricant to slowly rub around the exposed entrance of your vagina. The taut, cum-covered aperture looks like a pink cherry floating in a milky sweet cream. With a plentiful helping of the rich nectar on my finger, I raise it to your lips where you graciously clean the sweet candy from my finger. I return the finger to the froth so that I too may experience your erotic secretion. In my mouth the deliciously slimy concoction glides over my tongue and exudes a sweet, syrupy taste with the slightest hint of saline. The sample is so good it reminds me to savor every single drop of you.

Into the warm abyss my finger travels as I work deeper past the entrance of your vagina. As I feel you start to relax within, I advance my second finger into the tight corridor. I notice your breathing hasten as my probing fingers vigorously pump in and out. You invitingly pull the lips wider as I massage within, rhythmically stroking your g-spot with smooth, steady pressure. The salacious stimulation has you draw a finger to your mouth, wet it, then gently insert it inside yourself, right next to my two waiting fingers. Your lips stretch snugly around our three cream covered fingers as they slide back and forth within the crowded chamber. Each dancing digit strokes the interior walls of your chasm as we both playfully explore inside you. With your finger next to mine we both start massaging the furrowed, vaginal ceiling of your g-spot. Desperate moans erupt from your mouth as you bear down on the buried fingers. There the internal, sensual massage produces a steady stream of milk that oozes forth from your stuffed canal.

While heatedly enjoying the manipulation Abby notices that my cock is raging hard and pressing firmly against her butt cheek. She removes her finger from where it’s buried next to my fingers deep within her pussy and reaching behind her back. Wasting no time she pops open the button of my slacks, pulling the zipper down and sliding her hand into my underwear. Her hand grasps my large, concealed cock and lifts it over the band of my briefs exposing it to her view. The nine inch long baton held firmly in her hand is tethered by a gooey string of pre-cum that drapes from the lips of my tip down to my underwear. Feeling the hard muscle and ropey veins make her shudder as she moves the fleshy foreskin along the yearning shaft. Tightly squeezing her small hand around the base of the thick shaft makes the head pulse and swell under constriction. The veins enlarge and the head broadens before her letting her tight grip loosen into pleasurable stroking. Vigorous milking of my engorged member creates clear drops of pre-cum that squeeze forth from my tip then dribbles down in long syrupy strands. Her fingers eagerly work the dripping head, drawing it’s sticky ejaculate down the long shaft where it becomes lubrication for her hand. I sigh and start breathing deep as her fingers roll over the erogenous zones of my hard member.

Abby massages the ring-shaped corona of my leaking tip making me feverishly crazy. I’m panting with excitement like a dog in heat as she briskly strokes the bulging head. The more aroused I become, the deeper I finger her pussy, pausing only to open her with my curled fingers. Working her pussy makes her moan louder and louder until I feel her muscles tighten down around my fingers. Her tense contractions clamping her vaginal walls around my buried fingers as she builds towards orgasm. She shudders in my arms, than her thighs quiver as I fuck the clenched passage harder and faster. As her body peaks in vaginal orgasm a squirt of cum sprays out of her pussy and across her keyboard. Then she melts into my arms as my soaking wet fingers take their final plunge deep into her.

It takes a moment for her to reclaim her frazzled composure. But as she regains her bearings, she is reminded of the searing hot cock pressing against her back and wishes to put it to good use. Getting up from the chair she turns around and starts to passionately kiss me. Her tongue glides around my mouth as I feel her trying to remove my pants. I assist her desire and push my slacks down to my ankles. With one hand still tugging on my cock, the other reaches into my underwear freeing my hairy scrotum. The large, slumping pair of testicles are almost too big to hold in her dainty hand. She rubs the fleshy pouch and pull on the stippled skin, massaging the balls with a lewd desire to rouse the semen within. Clearly she realizes that the pleasure of being handled so substantially can excite me so much.

With her hand still yanking on my swollen manhood, she climbs over my legs to reach a sitting position upon my lap. There, one of her hard nipples is noticed and greeted by my warm and waiting mouth. As I alternate sucking on her nipples, she spreads her creamy labia back and forth over the hard cock jutting up from my lap. I briefly glance down to watch her moving hips smear her clitoris over the broad head of my cock and down the long meaty shank. Every stroke up and down the length wets the long shaft with her dripping petals. After a few more playful strokes she backs her hips away, allowing my hard cock to spring upwards to my stomach. With my massive shaft standing at attention, she wraps her parted labia around the base of my cock, allowing the wrinkly lips to straddle the raised rod. Her hips gyrate upwards like a bull rider in slow motion as she repeatedly slides her drooling pussy upwards to the bloated head of my cock, then lower it back down the veiny shaft. The bushy thicket of pubes is moist with her excitement as her dark brown eyes glare feverishly into mine. All the while my penis oozes pre-cum as her sandwiched labia strokes the abundant length. Each drop rolls down into her thirsty vulva.

Just when I think the two of us are going to explode from the anticipation, you back away and return to kissing me. The much needed break allows us to cool down for a moment. Shortly thereafter you reclaim my cock with your right hand and direct the tip until my hungry erection is placed between the hanging flaps of your dangling labia. No longer can the prolonged foreplay stop us from the inevitable penetration. We are simply dying to feel each other. Then, ever so slowly, you direct my throbbing prong between your flared lips and swim in the delightful ecstasy experienced as you push the dribbling tip through the clenched, circular band of tissue guarding your vaginal entrance. We both let out a sigh as the muscular ring stretches over the lipped corona that runs the circumference of the swollen head. As you push me deeper inside your silky purse, I feel the compassionate grip of the corrugated passage gently retracting my foreskin. With lustful enthusiasm your rotating hips snake my anaconda deeper into the waiting warmth until it bottoms out. Your shallow depth and my impressive dimensions make for a troubling fit as your gorged box only consumes five inches of my commanding length.

With your legs spread over mine, I marvel at the sweaty fur of your hairy pussy and the vertical lips within as they attempt to devour my meaty meal. As I briefly glance up, I notice you smile. No doubt you have caught me examining the wonderfully cramped hole my cock is stuffing. Your rhythmic gyrations continue to stir the deeply plunged dick, then evolve into long driving strokes. Along my exposed shank is a glaze of creamy lather which thickens as you work my steely cock. The curdled emulsion signifies the fertility of her menstrual cycle and explains why she is craving deep penetration. I use the indication to grab her shoulders to impale her upon my remaining length. I hear her groan with pain as I slam her cervix, but I don’t back down. With forceful prying, some gentle foreplay, and changing my angle, I’m able to make her aroused enough to increase the depth. Slowly, your loosening vaginal muscles lift your cervix and allow me to stretch deeper into you than I’ve ever been, tenting her small vagina over my monolithic prick. Grunts and grimaces emanate from her open mouth as I impose my will upon her like no man has ever done.

The palms of her small hands beat against my chest as an outlet to my forceful invasion. Then her feet timidly retract from the floor as her weight is lifted from her heels. Sitting suspended on my lap, the full weight of her body bearing down on my nine inches of throbbing cock. Her feet curl as her labia chokes down the remainder of my girth, then lands upon my pubic bone. With her lips stretched tightly around the base of my cock, I feel the rear wall of her vaginal cavity around my brutal insertion. The immense sense of fullness creates a heavy stimulation that vibrates pleasure throughout our bodies. Again and again Abby slowly raises herself up and plummets herself down, forcefully and relentlessly driving me to the back wall of her pink honey pot. As Abby advances me into her womb’s canal I sense her ambition to feel my salty seed spoiling her pristine womb. The ache causing me to swell inside the impossibly narrow, furrowed tunnel, making passage very difficult. Abby pushes me deeper until I feel the contracted internal orifice at the tip of my cock. The clenching sphincter feels impassible, a worthy sentinel guarding the inner sanctum of her undefiled abyss. With continuous gentle nuzzling and steady pressure, her desire to feel me inside is finally granted. Steadily I pry open the virginal narrow passage, slowly creeping the head upward into her waiting uterus.

The ring of her internal cervical orifice grips me like a taught circular band that clamps around my throbbing, bulbous cock head as it slides into the creamy cavity of her waiting uterus. Experiencing the phenomenon leaves me amazed that my raging cock has skewered the entirety of her dainty vagina as well as her chaste womb. We succumb to the achingly deep penetration together; the conjoined bliss of our locked bodies reeling in unbridled ecstasy. Then I feel her clamp down around the intruding tip as a sudden shuddering of her body builds into the spasms of a poweful internal orgasm. Deep moans emanates from her as she writhes and squirms on top of my impaled member. Over and over her interior muscles repeatedly clenching and releasing my imposing girth like fingers fumbling to grasp a baton. The earth shattering orgasm releases endorphins that disperse throughout her body. As the ecstasy consumes her, she wraps her arms around my neck while looking deep into my eyes. Playfully she flicks the tip of her tongue in and out of my mouth as the pulsating of her vanquished uterus smears cum all over the tip of my cock. Deeply Locked within the confines of her spongy, soft uterus I feel myself reaching soaring heights of arousal. There the creamy tight cavity stretches around my swollen head, pulsing tip with the spasmodic throws of a powerful orgasm.

As she looks into my eyes with aching delight, she begs me to spill my warm seed deep inside her. Deeper than I have ever been or might ever be again. Though unnecessary, she softly bounces her body up and down over the impaled tip, stroking the buried cap inside her clutching uterus as she milks an orgasm from me which is building. A whirlwind of pleasure starts to overcome my body as she sucks on my lower lip. The feel of my rapid breathing and moaning makes her aware that I am about to erupt. Below the deep penetration Abby reaches her hand down to massage my tightening scrotum. Inside, four hours of pent up testosterone is readying a torrent of semen inside my aching full testicles. Abby squeezes and massages my balls, rolling them through her fingers in order to make me aware of just how desperate she is to drain every last drop of cum from them. All the gentle pulling on the skin and kneading of the sac makes the load inside more voluminous. An intent stare from her eyes as she clamps down around the entire length of my meaty intruder. The tugging grip is more than I can bare pushing me over the edge into a massive orgasm. A chill runs up my spine as my cock stiffens uncontrollably then jerks and throbs under the grip of her slimy, penetrated cavern. The engorged tip of my cock swells uncontrollably inside the confines of the scintillating chamber. I let out a deep groan as I feel my prostate suck copious amounts of sperm from my testicles, then fire it up my shaft to her waiting chalice.

Clenched around the entire length of my cock, she feels the masculine contractions of my intense orgasm and the delivery of my sperm as it rockets up my shaft. At the tip of my cock, the small lips open up depositing the initial blast of my salty seed into her clenched, virginal womb. It squirts against the roof of her cervix, splashing into her fallopian tubes, then cascades down around the buried tip. Immediately following is a thunderous surge of warm thick cum that deposits deep inside her. A faint sigh tells me that she feels the warm jets of erupting cum painting the interior walls of her waiting womb. I briefly hear her exclaim ” Fill me up baby!” as yet another spasmodic contraction discharges copious amounts of the warm pearlescent molasses. I look into her eyes as I continue to defile her womb, ejaculating long ropes of my milky seed inside her. Finally, I fire the last creamy charge of cum within her, draping the sticky sweetness all over the walls of her waiting uterus.

My heavy orgasm fills her with the most bountiful load of sperm I’ve ever shot. The feeling is so overwhelming she collapses onto me kissing me deeply as I quiver in the aftershocks of a violent orgasm. As I start to cool down, her uterus pushes my diminishing cock from its tight confines, closing quickly behind me in order to seal the inseminated cavity. A hand guided to just below her stomach tells me, she feels the warm globs of cum pooling inside her now clenched uterus. Ever so slowly I feel my softening cock retract into her cervical canal before it is finally expelled through the tight ring of her cervix. There inside her vagina is an engulfing warmth that caresses my shrinking erection. An aching heat that seems to thank me for depositing all that gooey sperm inside her.

A little nibble on my lower lip becomes a French kiss as we both glow in the blissful aftermath of our orgasms. We giggle for a moment as Abby lays on top me, her pussy dislodges all nine inches of my spent cock and it flops out into my lap. I had expected a viscous discharge of my semen to leak out from her cervix, then drip its way down her vagina before gushing forth from her flared labia, but I witness none. In fact, not a single drop of cum is released. Her uterus has swallowed the entire milky ejaculation and would not release so much as a single drop. She attests to that fact by telling me, she can feel the warmth of my cum as it swishes around, deep inside her. Luckily I know Abby is not on the pill and therefore have concerns with letting her keep some of my cum. Moments later we fall asleep in the grand euphoria we have created for each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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