Perfect Day Ch. 03

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Imagine bursting through the door to be greeted by the aroma of a roast slow cooking in the oven. Dropping the things from the day’s activities at the river at your feet watching as she scoots past you checking out the curve of her ass, definition of her legs. Following her into the kitchen watching as she bends over the oven; taking pleasure in a sight seen many times but that holds a timeless appreciation. Reaching out two glasses and pouring some wine. Handing her a glass of red and claiming a long deep kiss, in exchange tasting tannin on her lips. Bodies coming together pressing against each other enjoying the simplicity of a moment shared.

Leaving the kitchen to stand in front of a large bay window that looks out over the ocean, watching as the clouds gather, light and colour changing while the breeze entices wind chimes to sing and shunt the clouds over head. Standing behind her, wrapping your arms around her as you share the view, feeling the warmth of her body, your free hand sliding under her shirt to find full soft breasts and gently tease firm rose bud. She moves back to relax against you, her head resting on your chest as a contented sigh ushers past her lips.

As the beautiful blue and white of the afternoon’s sky gives way to the red and orange of the evening, the last of the suns rays flowing out over the water like liquid gold. She turns in your arms and delicately places her glass on the table near by and lifts your top. Tongue teeth and lips working together over your stomach and chest to tantalise, nibbling and sucking your hardening nipple. Hands squeezing, groping the way down your back fingers sliding under the band of your shorts, easing them down over your hips, all the while her lips descending over your stomach causing your muscle to ripple with anticipation.

The chimes signify the wind picking up and white caps forming on the darkening ocean waves herald the incoming storm as the very tip of her tongue caresses the length of your cock, hands kneading your cheeks pulling your hips forward as she plunges your span into the back of her throat. Your hands grabbing her shoulders and entwining through her hair, a deep guttural groan resounding in the back of your throat as her tongue flicks out to taunt your tender sack. Hands moving your thighs apart and releasing your cock to gently suck in a testicle while licking that most sensitive tissue behind your balls. Looking down across the line of her back to the curve of her hip, your hands still entangled in her hear forcing her head back so you can see as well as feel her devour your quivering member.

The last of the day finally gives way to the gathering twilight; indigo to blue so dark it’s almost as black as the clouds start to boil their way toward the shore. The darkness dressed in the finest jewels as bright stars share their crystalline light much like a diamond resting on a lady’s bodice catches the eye. Her head starts to bob and your hips drive in unison, wetness of her lips slipping over your length, the urgency of your body dictating a need for release as you thrust with greater enthusiasm pulling her to you feeling your balls swaying against her chin, the slick feel of saliva dripping over your skin. The rise and fall of cum travelling ever closer with each thrust, so close, wanting the moment to last yet needing to feel the liberation of climax. Harder and faster as a battle pendik escort of wills rages through every fibre of your body, so wet, watching your cock delve between her lips, tongue flicks out over your balls as a finger strokes the button of your ass, so much to feel and see overwhelming your senses, one last hard thrust as your knees weaken and tremble watching as the movement of her throat tells you she gulps to cope with the flood of your cum, muscles tightening with each swallow encouraging you to shoot again, until there is nothing left to fire. Yet she holds you, teases you with her tongue as you soften in her mouth for just a little while longer, enjoying the lingering pleasure before standing to kiss you a long deep kiss that leaves you in no doubt about how this evening will be filled. After a mouthful of wine and a softer kiss you both return to the kitchen to the seemingly mundane watching her move, her body bend and flex feeling her eyes running over yours as you work together to serve the candle light dinner you planned over breakfast this morning.

Before settling down to the roast you light a fire to keep the evening’s chill at bay, she joins you by the wavering light with a fresh glass. In the wild silence of the building storm you undress each other, explore and tease each other then sit in the flickering fire light to enjoy the bounty spread before you, naked nothing to hide, no reason to be self conscious contented in the simple pleasure of being together and being yourselves. Light flickering, shadows shifting accenting the different lines and shapes that go to make up her body, the structure of her face. The glinting of nipple rings and the uncomplicated jewellery that adorns her skin, reflections of the room deep in the bulb of the wine glass as it sits in your hand. Conversation in the form of light banter and shared memories, filled with laughter and good humour punctuated with long looks and quiet sighs. The room growing larger as the world outside seems to disappear, loosing its power to disturb or distract you from each other. Meal finished dishes stacked and dealt with, you snuggle together curled around each other before the window and watch the ferocity of the storm around you from the safety of your private harbour.

The sound of the crashing waves, rain falling on the roof and against the window pane combined with the cacophony of chimes making the perfect counter point to long kisses as tender discovery of each others bodies. Taking the knowledge each body learned over time. Nibbling on neck and ears rolling together each in turn devouring the other revelling in smell taste and texture of yielding flesh as it writhes and responds to your merest touch, slow unhurried gratification. Fingers creeping over the inside of her thigh stroking the soft hair covered labia encouraging them to open like a flower in the early morning light. Coating your fingers with its own sweet nectar as the aroma of arousal fills the spaces between you. Alternating between rubbing her clit and diving in her depth, each change producing an alteration of her hips position, sighs giving way to moans as wetness spreads beneath your finger tips.

Lightning flashes and her body trembles in anticipation as you move to taste her. Shuddering as your tongue contacts her engorged clitoris, hips lifting to your mouth hand on the back of your head to kağıthane escort make the most of this delightfully intimate kiss. Tongue seeking the source of nectar, lapping its flow as it covers your chin and fills your nose with her scent. Fingers pushing into her ass before rolling her onto her belly and spreading her cheeks so you can lick from clit to ass. Kneeling behind her and slowly plunging into her, fraction by fraction until your whole cock is buried deep in her crevasse and you can feel the juices of her body trickle round your balls. Holding there motionless hand in the middle of her back stopping her from pulling away from you as her slick muscles dance and contract around your shaft.

A long rolling crack of thunder resonates though out the house rattling windows and pictures hanging on the walls. Thighs drive like pistons thrusting back and forth, leaning back to see each penetration thrusting forward to sink the entire length of your cock into her deep chasm. Allowing the weight of your body to fall across her as you reach to squeeze a breast or massage her clitoris each move evoking an immediate response as she pushes back onto you harder and her slick wet muscles tighten round you, sucking you in ever deeper into her pussy. Drawing back full length and dropping your face down to once again feast of the essence of her flesh, hearing her groan feeling the couch move as her shoulders drop because her arms can not support her weight, their strength undermined by the rapture of your onslaught. Fingers adding to tongue smearing oily secretions between her cheeks dipping into her tight little ass, feeling her hand shoot down between her legs to tickle your balls, the very tip of her fingers playing lightly over your cock. Once again enjoying the combination of sight and feel; before aligning your shaft and smoothly tumbling into her ass, so tight at first gathering speed and depth of stroke as her sphincter relaxes.

Thunder and lighting almost simultaneous now as the storm rolls over head but all you can hear are the sighs of her body and the sound of blood in your ears as you feel the cum begin to rise. Bodies crashing together as waves smash against the rocks. Wind chimes howl in tune with the whipping wind, sweat covers your body and her skin justly glistens in the fire light, bodies aching, arching as their shadow forms the beast with two backs. Harder now, there is not enough of you to fill her, or of her to satisfy your relentless hunger. Hands gripping pulling her to you sound of flesh smacking as bodies contact, her body releases another flood, you feeling dribbling over your balls, hear the soft wet squelch as you come together again. Pushing her hips down as you fondle her clit with your fingertips and she bucks at the fire that shoots through every one of her nerves. Suddenly it’s as if someone has opened a tap, her body heaves and climaxes covering you both in her scent as you fire deep into her. Sweaty and replete you fall together breathless, sighing and laughing at the sheer pleasure of physical excess with the comfortable certainty of more to come.

Lightning flashes and thunder roars off in the distance now but the beauty of the storm remains. Watching the receding ferocity together, wrapped in the euphoria of the after glow; sipping the last of the wine each quietly watching maltepe escort the others hands reaching out, not in hunger but in satisfaction. Touch as soft as the caress of a butterflies wings and conversation starts to flow again. Time passes unmarked in the pleasure of such company. The clouds part and the moon has risen in all her splendour, dispersing silver globules over and inky ocean. Each of the night’s jewels return to the sky illuminating the world.

The coals of the fire glow red and flame has receded, neither of you are in a hurry to move but the chill creeps in. So she slides her body against yours; you reach to grab her, draw her back to you but her feet are already on the floor. She pivots and giggles as she slips from your grasp. Sitting up you’re rewarded by the sight of her, of her body and the swaying of her breasts as she tends the fire. Coming back to you she pushes you down and licks the inside of your thigh, pushing your knee up and out, her tongue slides down the crevasse of your groin to concentrate on the soft flesh between the underneath of your sack to the very edge of your anus. Periodically licking up to suckle on your sack, lightly bite the inside of your thigh or to encircle the head of your penis. As you stiffen and swell again she brings her breast up to engulf you. Nipple rings floating through the sea of pubic hair while the ponderous weight of full breasts slide and bounce over your hardness. Raising her body up, she brings her wetness to you, impales her self on you. Gripping you with her thighs she begins to rock. One hand teases your nipple while the other slips between her labia to tantalise and excite both her clit and the base of your cock. Stoping to share the aromatic coating on her hand with you, tasting the combination of flavours your bodies provide. Dropping her weight on to your chest and adjusting the angle of her body to maximise friction against her inflamed clitoris pushing hard against your cock. Her breathing becomes ragged, finger gripping shoulder and hip. You ask her to lean back, knowing it will give you more depth, but she doesn’t move.

Just as you’re about to ask again her weight shifts and she leans back between your raised knees giving you tempting glimpses of her penetration. She stops again, this time straightening your knees she turns and impales herself again as she faces your toes, leaning so far forward you can feel her breast sweeping over your legs. Pulling a cushion under your head and shoulders affords you a vista that takes your breath away, cheeks spread, cock pounding into her pussy. Your fingers once again find their way into her ass and you wonder not for the first time what it would feel like to share her in a double penetrations but that is a thought for another time as her movement gathers strength and necessity, her climax catches you unaware, she shudders and groans, her body contracts tightly round you holding you suspended within her. As she lets go another rush of juices you feel your own body heave in response it’s to late to hold back to temper and control. With no other option left you send your seed into her again, trigger in another rack of spasms to rocket through her body as the sun begins to rise.

Her body unfolds, lays beside you and she wraps you up in her arms. Stroking your face and watching your eyes. Nonverbal language carried within the beating of two heats that see the world through different eyes. Yet hold together in the sheer delight of each other. The light of dawn gives way to the sun’s early rays and she has rolled in your arms still interlocked, the two of you doze on the first waves of sleep softly floating together as the sea drifts you toward comfortable oblivion.

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