Paying the rent_(0)

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This story involves “statuatory rape” so if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

About ten years ago, in my 30’s my father died and i inherited an apartment building he owned. As landlord i met a lot of interesting people. Perhaps the most interesting people was Brenda, and her schizophrenic mother.

Brenda was an adorable little 13 year old girl. She wasn’t smoking hot or anything, but she was more the cute kind. She had a medium long light dark hair, and a fit little ass. Appearently she had been into gymnastics since she was 6, which explained her fit behind. She was about 5″1. Her tits were maybe 36 B, so quite small.

Seeing as Brenda took care of her mother, and she didn’t have a father, i kind of acted as her father figure. Brenda and her mom was acctually one of the best tenants i’ve ever had, considering they always paid they’re rent on time. They recieved a social services check every month, and i had given Brenda a job as the assisting janitor.

A day, nearing the end of the month, i heard Brenda crying in the hallway. I went out there and looked at her. She had a baggy top on her, and as she sat down i got a good look at her cute tits.

“What’s going on Brenda? Is there anything wrong?” I asked her with a compassionate voice.

“My mother just flipped out, Mr. Joyce” she hulked.

“Why don’t you come in to my appartment, and we’ll talk, okay?”

She just nodded, and followed me to my appartment.

When we got into my appartment, i gave Brenda some coke, and we sat down in the couch.

“So tell me Brenda, why did your mother flip out?”

“We just got a letter from social services.” She stopped for a while, cried and went on: “It said we won’t be getting our economic social help anymore”

I patted her on the shoulder and told her:” We’ll find a way for you to pay okay?”

Out of the blue, Brenda threw her arms around me. “Thank you so much Mr.Joyce”

“No problem Brenda. Why don’t you stop by tomorrow after school, and we’ll find something for you to do.”

“Of course. Hey, Mr.Joyce? Do you think i could sleep here tonight? I think my mom is still out of it, if you know what i mean”

“Sure, but i only got the one bed, that’s fine for you?”


After sitting a couple of hours in front of the TV, Brenda went into my bedroom and fell asleep. Brenda was sleeping naked, and considering the heat wave that recently struck New York, Brenda had thrown her sheet of her body asleep.

I had always been wondering about her pussy, so now i could finally get a look. She had a nice looking pussy. There were some small hairs growing on the sides, and it didn’t look like she shaved either, so i guess she was still pre-pubescent.

The next day i woke up at noon with a heavy morning wood. I had been dreaming about Brenda. I soon realized i woke up because Brenda was knocking on the door. “Shit” i thought to myself. I couldn’t let Brenda see my 4 inch long and qutie thick cock, Ankara Escort but before i knew it, Brenda was standing in my bedroom. She had taken my keys with her to school, so she could lock the door when she went out.

“Give me a sec Brenda, just let me get some clothes”

“Okay, Mr.Joyce. I’ll just wait in the living room”

I couldn’t find anything else than my bathrobe.

I went to the living room and sat down on the couch.

“Okay Brenda. What can you do for me?”

“What do you mean?”

“So you can pay your rent”

“Oh, right of course” She laughed.

“Maybe you could do some more janitoring work?”

“Nooo, please Mr. Joyce. It’s so exhausting. I’ll do anything else”

I soon realized i could take advantage of this situation.

“Maybe you could help me out another way then?”

“What do you mean?”

“Have you ever seen a penis before Brenda?”

“No, just on TV”

I uncovered my robe and showed her my penis. “As you can see. My penis is very hard. Do you think you could help me put it to ease?”

“And that’s my rent payment?”

“Sure is. Come over here and i’ll guide you through it.”

Brenda sat down next to me on the couch. I told her to put her hand on my cock and so she did. Her small cold hands felt so nice on my cock felt so damn nice. “Now you have to jerk your hand up and down, okay?”
She did exactly as i said. After a couple of minutes, i felt a bit of pre cum drip out. Brenda asked what it was. I told her about cum and pre-cum. She asked if she could taste, and i had no objections.
“That’s really good Mr. Joyce”
“You can taste a lot more later. In fact, why don’t you try sucking on my penis and then you can taste all of it”
Again she did exactly as i said and she wrapped her mouth around my cock.

At first she just held her head still and sucked on my cock. I told her that she had to bob her head up and down while she was doing it.

Without me telling her, she starting to swirl her tongue around my “head”. I’ve never had such a good felling before. Small electric sparks was shooting through my whole body, and i felt a tickling in my balls. I removed the arms she had been using to support herself on my thighs, and wrapped them around her back, while pushing her head down on my cock. The tingling feeling became more and more intense, and it was all over my cock now.

I felt i had to release, but i made no effort to remove Brenda’s mouth. In only three squirts i released my whole load into her mouth. Some of it dripped out, but Brenda swallowed the rest.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” I asked her.

“No, not at all. So was that my entire payment?” Brenda asked dilligently.

“No, we can say that was half, you can come back in two weeks, but then we have to do something a little bit different, okay?”


I already had my plans figured out. I was going to fuck her silly. I went out the next day to buy some Eryaman Escort baby oil, in case she didn’t get wet enough.

Two weeks went by, and i masturbated every night thinking of Brenda.

Yet again, Brenda woke me up at noon. I went to the door and let her in.
We sat down on the couch. This time i asked Brenda to get naked.
“Today we are going to have sex Brenda.”
“Oh, no Mr. Joyce. I learnt about vaginal intercourse at school, and i am saving myself for my marriage.”

Damn, when did this little naive girl suddenly get so educated?
“Why don’t you jerk my penis a bit like last time then, and i’ll think of something.”

She did as i said. Again her small hands felt so damn good. Aha! i thought to myself. We can do anal. Appareantly i had said it out loud.

“What is anal Mr.Joyce?”
“That is when i stick my penis in your butthole. Do you think that would be okay?”
“But you don’t want poo on your penis, do you?”
“Why don’t you go shower, and clean it real nice? I have to warn you. It can hurt a bit, but you do wanna live here, right?” i said with a firm voice.
“Yes” she said quietly.

Brenda went into the shower, and i followed her. I studied her nice little body. there couldn’t be more than a pound of fat on that body, she was perfect. Even though she was skinny, you couldn’t see her ribs or anything. While she was showering i took off my clothes, grabbed my toothbrush, and went into the shower with her. I told her to bend over, and told her this would hurt her a bit.

I stook the toothbrush far up her ass. Her little “Owwwww” turned me on as hell, and i told her to suck my cock a bit. After a minute or two i invited her to my bedroom. I layed her down on the bed, face down.

I started massaging her ass, and putting my finger slightly in her butthole.

She was stunning little “Ooos” and “Aaas”. Her sweet little baby voice was so sexy. I told her to open her butthole for me, and so she did.

I took my cock in my hands and directed it to her butthole. I put in a couple of centimeters of my cock and Brenda started screaming as hell.
“No, stop Mr.Joyce!!! I can’t take it”
Damn, damn, damn. She was way to tight. I suddenly remebered the baby oil i bought. I reched into my night stand and founed it.

I oiled up my cock and did the same with her ass.

On reflex Brenda opened her asshole for my again. This time i went right for it. I thrusted with all my power into her ass. I had never felt anyone this tight before. Even with all this oil, she was almost un-penetrateable.
AAAAAAWWWWW! she screamed. I covered her mouth with my hand to shut her up. I just held my cock still in her ass for about thirty seconds before i removed my hand.
“How is it now?” i whispered in her ear.
“Not so bad acctually. Just get it over with”

I started thrusting carefully. Again she started with her “Ooos” and “Aaaas”.
As time went by i carefully upped the pace a bit. Her stunning was Escort Bayan of a pleasuring nature now. I grabbed her pretty legs and put her on her knees, i also took a firm hold of her little breasts and arched her back upwards.

All the time i upped the pace more and more and more untill she started screaming of pain again. To mislead her pain i squeezed her breats very firmly, and the painful stuns became more silent.
Each time my forskin peeled backwards in her ass, the feeling was better and better each time.

After about five minutes i had to slow down, because my legs were getting tired. I thrusted in quite a slow pace again. There was more time apart each of Brenda’s stuns now so she said: “Mr.Joyce, what is going to happen to your cum now? I still get to swallow some, right?”

“Of course my dear, i’ll show you a new technique afterwards.”
I had slowed the pace down so much i almost wasn’t moving, so i pulled out of her, put her on her back, and put my scrotch in Brendas face and made her lick it.

After doing that for about 30 seconds i could feel my ejaculation building up, so i stuck my cock down her throat and started face fucking her. She obivously didn’t like it, because Brenda was gagging like crazy. I kept on with this about a minute or so, because her face was getting all red, and i felt real sorry for her.

I rolled over to my back, and had Brenda suck me off. She bent over my cock, so her ass was facing the opposite way of my face. While she was sucking me off she looked up at me with her clear blue eyes. Almost a pietyful expression just glancing towards me.

The helpless little girl helping out her mother idea just threw me over the edge, and in four-five squirts i blew my load far down her throat. She couldn’t swallow half of it, and the rest fell out on my stomach and my “penis area”

After she swallowed it she said:” Can i stay here tonight too?”
“Sure, i guess,” I was a bit startled by the question, but she promised to tell my what it was about tomorrow.

I asked Brenda to lick up the cum from my belly and she gladly did. She sucked me off a bit more and layed down next to me. I put me arm around her, and i re-entered her anus.

We fell asleep this way.

When we woke up the next morning we took a shower and Brenda sucked me off.

We sat down down in the shower. Me behind her, with my legs wrapped around her belly.

“I’ll tell you why i had to stay here tonight Mr.Joyce.”
“Okay” i said and started squeezing her tits a bit.
“Yesterday, my mom was moved into a psychiatric clinic, and i ran away from social services,”
“But, why did you agree to the sex-things then?” i asked her.
“Because.. Because…”
“Because what?”
“Because i want you to adopt me Mr.Joyce,”
“No,no,no,no,no,no. I’m sorry, I don’t think that will work out,”

She started fondling with my balls. Which pretty quick gave me a good picture of my life with Brenda.

I agreed to adopt her, as well as she agreed to my satisfaction terms.

We developed a strong relationship over the years. And i also got to break her hymen.

All and all, i had a very good life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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