Paying The Piper

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Paying The Piper

The first thing he became aware of as he came to, was that he wasn’t able to see, not a little bit blind but completely blind. He tried to move his hands but that didn’t really do much either. He couldn’t move. He didn’t know it yet but he was tied down and completely unable to move his body unless someone wanted him to. Which of course they didn’t or he wouldn’t have left him in this situation. It dawned on him that he was wearing something much more skin tight than he was used to wearing or that he would ever choose to wear for that matter. It encompassed his entire body from the feel of things.

“Ah good you are awake.” He heard a female voice say to him.

“Let me up.” He demanded.

“Oh I will but not just yet.” She said to him. “First I must prepare you for the… ah well who would want to spoil the fun of telling you that.” She said to him as he was moved into an upright position. He didn’t know that of course. He couldn’t see what was happening to him or what he was wearing. “That is a rubber hood you are wearing in case you are wondering.” She explained to him he felt a hand on his chest but he could not feel it on his skin. “You are wearing a rubber body suit in case you are wondering. One I had made especially for you.” She informed him he struggled or at least he tried to but it was no good he couldn’t move. “You won’t be able to move unless I want you to at the moment Jake.” She said to him. “Nor will you be able to see unless I want you to.” She added as her hand moved lower. He felt her hand reach his crotch another thing he couldn’t feel her hand on. His cock.

“That is covered as well.” She said with a chuckle. His cock was trying hard to get hard and that was when the pain started. She chuckled. “Let me explain to you why you can’t get hard. You are currently wearing a chastity belt, it has something called the gates of hell attached. So if you get hard or you try to get hard the little teeth bite into the skin on your cock.” She explained with a chuckle.

“Please just let me go.” He begs her.

“Oh no I don’t think so Jake, you see you touched something that did not belong to you. This is your punishment.” She said to him. Their was the sound of a zip and he felt coldness on his skin. The air touched it for the first time. Then the hand reached out and took hold of his cock. It was encased in plastic a hard plastic. “You a jock decide you want someone’s daughter and you won’t take no for an answer, so the little slut is now in a similar position to you. Being retrained. However when she is done with her training she will be allowed to go on with her life. You, you little bastard may be able to get on with your life but not without serious control.” She said lifting his cock up and making him cry out from the pain. “Touch my daughter without my permission and I end you, I believe is what I said to you Jake.” She said to him. “For an Asian you have an impressive cock.” She said to him. “Shame you had to misuse it.” She said to him.

She did something and as a result he fell to his knees with a thump and a cry out of pain. He tried to stand but felt a foot push him back down to the ground. “I let you Ankara Escort down Jake, I didn’t say you could stand up.” She said to him as she knelt down behind him. “You see this is the start of your new life Jake, this is the beginning of it.” She added as she forced his lower leg up and hooked it up to a restraint on his thigh with a padlock. He grunted with pain as she followed suit with the other one. So now he had to walk on his knees literally. She patted his ass before walking round to the front she did the same to his arms. Now he looked like a rubber piece of art.

“You acted like a dog, so now you are treated like one. This is how you will walk when in my presence Jake.” She said to him then attached a leash to his collar… though he didn’t know he was wearing one and took him for an awkward and painful stroll on his new limbs. This was going to take time, it was not something that he was going to be able to do straight away.

“Please.” He begged her again but this time she slapped his ass hard. It felt strange but he felt it.

“Dog’s don’t speak, they whine and growl and bark. If you speak I will hurt you.” She snarled at him. She left him alone then, he was on all fours he couldn’t see where he was or what was around him so he had to stay where he was. He wasn’t escaping he knew that much for sure. He became aware of someone behind him growling and sniffing. He was scared now as he felt someone, definitely someone not something mount him. He was to big to be an actual dog.

“Wait.” He heard his captor say. “Jake you are not the first person to try and sleep with my daughters.” The woman said to him. “You are the first to succeed that I am aware off… the pup on top of you is one of the others who tried. He is also the only one I have ever allowed to keep his balls or cock… depending on my mood.” She said to him as she guided the cock to his chute. “Like you stole my daughters innocence now we steal your cherry.” She said to him slapping the other dog on the rump. The room was filled with screams as Jake was penetrated for the first time in his life. He had never so much as had a finger up his ass before… now his ass felt like it was being ripped in two. She was laughing as he was being fucked… hard like a piston. The cock was huge, at least it felt huge the pup above was grunting and moaning with every thrust.

“That is a big black cock up your hole boy… big black cock indeed.” She said laughing as he screamed some more. “That’s it Butch feed him all of your puppy cock… show him his new place in life.” She said to him. “If he is as much of a queer boy as you are… his cock will get hard won’t it.” She said patting the pup on the head. He barked. “Just so you know, that’s an eleven inch cock in your ass boy eleven by six… if you think you are being split in to its an apt analogy. It will help when we fit you with your tail.” She said to him.

“Please no more… please take it out.” He screamed at her making her laugh harder.

“Oh I don’t think so, see Butch he gets to breed my new slaves… especially the straight boys who sleep with my daughters without my permission.” She said to him.

“Mrs. Bennett Eryaman Escort please.” He begged.

“I have told you not to speak.” She said a few moments later he was effectively gagged by a ball gag. “Such a naughty pup… still thinking that he can get out of this by begging me.” She said to him slapping him about the face several times. “Harder Butch make him feel it.” She said as he lent under him taking his caged cock in her hands lifting it up he cried out. “Straight boy leaking precum from a guy fucking your ass… you will make the perfect cunt boy.” She said tickling his balls. “I’m not sure I shall let you keep these though.” She said the thrusting behind him was getting more heated the grunts and growls getting louder. “Spread your seed, mate him Butch.” She cawed at the man fucking him. He was moaning with pain. His cock aching to get hard but not even getting close to being hard. The pup behind him pulled almost all the way out before slamming into him he felt the hurt spurt of cum in his ass and then waited for the weight and cock to be removed from his body. “Good pup.” He heard Mrs. Bennett say to someone else.

He was left on his own for a while after that… at least that was how it felt. He couldn’t see anything, his hearing was being impaired by the hood he was being forced to wear. His ass ached from the pounding it had just received. Then all off a sudden he felt something at his ass.

“No please, no not again, stop I’ll do anything.” He begged of her. He heard her laughing just before he started screaming in pain. As something was pushed into his ass. It was blunt and wide oh fuck it was wide… he screamed and screamed some more as she forced it up his ass. Just when he thought that he couldn’t take any more of the pain the widest part of the plug pass through his hole and it then sat naturally against his hole. As naturally as it could do anyway. His insides felt like they were expanded as far as they could go then he felt her push his bits back inside the rubber and the zipper being carefully close only now his suit supported a tail. Of course he didn’t know this but damn he knew something big was in his ass.

“I will take that out when it is time for you to be leaving.” She told him. He felt her hands around his head then what ever was keeping him in the dark was removed so he could see. He realised then that they were not alone. No the girl he had fucked was in the room staring down at her feet. Slut written across her ample cleavage. The pup known as Butch completely naked no rubber like him. In the begging position his cock on full display. His ringed tits exposed for all to see. Butch was as young as he was at least, maybe even younger. The girl Alisha looked at him with pity in her eyes. “Alisha knew what would happen to you, if I found out about your little dip into her cunt… yet she did it anyway. Now you are paying the price for her mistake.” She said to him. Alisha was a beautiful blond headed girl, pretty and with a big busted chest. He’d liked that about her, he had wanted her from the first time he had seen her.

Their was a third boy in the room, this one was chained against the wall. White 6ft 2” Escort Bayan in height about a 180lbs give or take. He was shaved from head to foot except for his eye brows and lashes. They had let him keep that. His cock was relatively small… poking out from his muscled body… but the most disturbing thing about what he was seeing about this boy was that he had no balls… he was completely without testicles.

“Jerome the boy you can’t help but look at, is the very first person who tried to sleep with my little girl. He didn’t get to fuck her. I found them before it could get that far. If you play by the rules, if you do as I tell you when I tell you. I will allow you to keep your balls… if you refuse I will make it so that you lose those balls Jake… I will have you watch them remove them. Then I will make you eat the damn things with some spaghetti and tomato sauce. You will know what you are eating.” She said to him he whimpered making her laugh. “Jerome disobeyed my rules and tried to get me arrested for keeping him as a sex slave, this is the reason he is like this. Jerome cannot get sexual pleasure himself, the two things that could bring that pleasure are no longer there and his prostate has been exorcised to the point that he finds it impossible to get a hard on. So that tiny pathetic penis is useless. If you disobey me just once Jake, what I did to your boy Jerome over there will be a piece of cake compared to what I do to you.” She said cupping his chin and forcing him to look at her. “Do as I say and when I say it, and you will be allowed to fuck all the pussy I want you to… you will be allowed to fuck Jerome here as often as I wish it. Most of all though, I will take that device of your cock. But all of this must be earned, until then you are the fuck buddy of Butch here, if he wants sexual gratification then you will give it to him on demand. At the end of the weekend, I will let you go it will be your first among many tests. If I get a knock on the door from the police I will know it was you and I will know what I must do to you next… if you make it through the week without spilling your guts to anyone. You will report back here on Friday for your next training session.” She said to him caressing his head. “Only I have the key to that padlock, so if you want it removed you will have to come to me or risk serious injury.” She said to him.

“Please.” He started and she slapped him hard across his face because of it.

“Puppy’s don’t talk.” She snapped at him. “Do I need to punish you some more boy?” She demanded. He shook his head thinking better of saying no. “Good boy, see that wasn’t so hard was it. One bark for no two for yes.” She said to him he did nothing. “Be a good boy and tell me you understood that command puppy.” She growled at him as did Butch.

Finally he barked twice making her smile with delight.

“Excellent… time for your caging I think, we’ve had enough excitement for one day.” She said to him. “Alisha put his tail back in then put him back in the cage. No talking if you talk I promise you I will make your life a living hell for the next month.” She screamed at her daughter. “And put Jerome back in his fucking diaper and in his room, I am sick of the sight of that tiny cocked eunuch. One word out of anyone of your mouths and I will cane the fucking lot of you.” She snarled at the room at large.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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